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View again the best Seal of Excellence companies present in Vienna - All raising capital - from 0.5 to 6 M€

The Innovative Enterprise Conference took place in Vienna at the Austria Center Vienna  on the on the 21st and 22nd of November.
EuroQuity in partnership with Access4SMEs, EIPP and TAFTIE organized a pitch session with 20 of the best potentials awarded with the Seal of Excellence. 
Click on companies' name and check out the videos, featuring CEOs introducing  their new technologies! 


MASCARA - Cleantech / Desalination
We developed and patented the world’s first solar powered desalination technology, without battery, to produce emission free and cost competitive fresh water for the growing populations suffering from water stress.
Our pioneering technology for solar powered desalination, acknowledged as the future of the sector, supplies communities up to 20 000 people in any location with drinking water produced from sea or brackish water.
SUEZ Innovation Trophy – Certified Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse Foundation – Performances tested and approved for 2 years in Masdar’s Renewable Energy Desalination Program – 6 projects implemented on 3 continents | 1.5 M€ sought - France

SOLARDRIVE - Cleantech / Solar
We save lives, fuel and money (and reduce pollution) by replacing traditional power generators with our patented plug&play solar power generator for ISO shipping containers. 
Tested and approved by the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATEC/FCT). Huge market for both military and civil applications.| 1.5 M€ sought - Denmark

LIGHTHEAT - Cleantech / Energy
Robotic concentrated solar thermal collector with Fresnel lenses, brings the power of the big solar power plants on the roof of every building, and effectively reduces the fuels used for heating (40% of Europe’s total energy consumption),  in a practical and cost effective way.
Top-ranked climate solution in the European Commission’s  “World You Like Challenge”, winner in the Climate Colab’s competition “MIT Climate Mitigations Solutions”. | 2.0M€ sought – Greece


MULTIPLEX DX - Biotech / Cancer
Innovative platform aimed at eliminating cancer misdiagnosis and becoming the worldwide standard. Our cross-validation approach creates a precise, 100% accurate cancer profile for each patient, allowing oncologists to suggest specific, personalized cancer treatments better able to save patients' lives.
StartUp Awards 2016, 2017 “New Europe 100” Challengers, JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur 2018, Biotech Standard of Excellence WebAward 2018, Health Hub Vienna accelerator 2018, €176K€  grant from the Slovak Ministry of Education 2018, CESAwards 2018 | €1.95M sought – Slovakia

HIBERGENE - Medtech / Healthcare
Rapid, highly accurate and easy to use test platform for human infectious diseases for prompt hospital admission or discharge, accelerate appropriate patient treatment, reduce hospital costs and spread of antibiotic resistance.
CE marked 10 products, backed by Cantor Fitzgerald & Chinese Distributor | €3.5 m sought – Ireland

We fight chronic low back pain by our non-pharmaceutical therapy adapted to the individual needs of the patient. Our product is a wearable stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear, achieving a minimal-invasive, sustainable, and clinically proven pain reduction.
Winner of Pioneers’18, Winner of Techsauce Global Summit 2018, Winner of the Vienna #glaubandich CHALLENGE 2018, Awardee of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Prize 2017, Partner of the largest University Hospital in Europe, the largest Private Hospital and Hospital Group in Austria | 3 M€ sought – Austria

RESPINOVA - MedTech / Drug delivery
Clinically proven and patented device for treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the 4th leading cause of death with over 300M affected patients worldwide.
Strategic partnerships in the US and China - Winner of Chiesi strategic partnering pitch contest - Horizon 2020 Phase I Grantee and Phase II Seal of Excellence - Team with over 100+ years of medical device commercialization experience.) | 6 M€ sought – Israel

EPIGUARD - Medtech
Facing the global threat of widespread epidemics, we have developed a unique transport isolation unit for safe and comfortable transport of patients with highly infectious diseases. The design allows easy access to the patient for intensive care treatment and multiple use leads to lower costs for the operator.
Winner of the DNB healthcare prize 2016 – DOGA Design award 2017 – DIA - Design Intelligence Award 2017| 2 M€ sought – Norway

HANDINSCAN - MedTech / FoodTech
We are  dedicated to the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAI), control of outbreaks and biological contamination. Our device provides technology-based, quality assured solutions that includes hand hygiene education and control – leading to a safer and more efficient operation in healthcare, food industry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals. Fostering technology-induced behavioral change in hand hygiene saves lives on a global scale.
20+ international innovation and business awards, 20+ peer reviewed articles supporting the technology, partners and early sales in 20+ countries | 5 M€ sought – Hungary

MINDTHEBYTE - AI / Personalised medicine

We are an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company developing software for drug development processes. We work hard to help find better treatments for all patients and make Personalised Medicine a reality.
Already 70 platform users and more than 300 projects. Partner of Amazon Web Services. Last year we acquired our main competitor. | 1.5M sought - Spain


DRYGRO - AgTech / Animal feed
Growing system for growing a soy replacement crop for animal feed. Our technology allows us to grow on cost-effectively arid land, 10x faster than soy, using 99% less water. Under this method we can undercut the soy import value chain (~$65 B/ year). Oxford-founded with proprietary technology.
Winner of H2020 phase 1 (2018),  Innovate UK funding (2017), Climate KIC (2017),  European Space Agency funding (2017), Mass Challenge (2016) | 2.3 M€ sought – UK

SYHA - Robotics / AgTech
We build robots to help farmers address workforce shortage and improve their competitivity. Combining vision, robotics and AI, we automate monotonous and repetitive tasks (harvesting, deleafing) in high tech tomato greenhouses.
France Agrimer grant, I-Lab Laureate (grant from French Ministry of Research), LOI letters from main French tomato cooperatives | 1 to 2 M€ sought - France

As the only alternative to toxic pesticides, we developed a fully biological product to combat the "Western Corn Rootworm" (WCR), which is the economically most important corn pest worldwide. Using the mating disruption method, our solution prevents the reproduction of the dangerous WCR bugs in a way that is completely harmless for the environment and other organisms.
Patented solution, innovation award as most innovative SME in Lower Austria and Econovius prize | 1.6 M€ sought – Austria


T4i - Space Tech / Propulsion systems 
We provide the space market with innovative propulsion systems and services and develop new disruptive space technologies to answer demanding aerospace market requests: our mission is to satisfy the need of smart solutions for miniaturized satellites and small rockets. Our key products are electric and chemical propulsion systems for in-space and launcher applications.  
Winner of the Italian Master Startup Award 2018 | 3M€ sought - Italy

NODEWEAVER - IoT / Edge computing
NodeWeaver delivers reliability as a service for any application running at the edge. A flexible virtualization solution that runs VMs, containers and serverless applications requiring zero maintenance and totally autonomic - handling faults, changes in configuration and environment through our AI-based infrastructure, that automate all the tasks that a dedicated system administrator would doPartner with Google cloud, Docker and Tata communication; winner of CorporateLiveWire 2017/2018 technology awards, CRN Emerging Vendor 2017 | 0.5M€ sought - Italy

SCIENTIFIC VISUAL - Optics / Quality Inspection  

Innovative technology to reveal defects in industrial crystals prior to the crystal processing. The automated inspection ensures that only high quality crystals enter the value stream. The current offering includes two fully-built systems that are used in production of industrial sapphire for high volume markets such as LED, watch and touch screen devices.
Swiss Alliance Prize for Innovation (2015). Patent granted. Two scanners sold + service revenue stream. LOI from 4 top semiconductor manufacturers to extend to new market verticals. | 1.8 M€ sought - Switzerland


We provide an intelligent cloud-based platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence and novel pedagogical models, for creation of Virtual Reality (VR) courses for education and enterprise training. The platform integrates behavior and cognitive tracking modules enabling personalized and more efficient learning process in the VR and web based environments.
Received 1st round of funding from Serbia’s Innovation Fund supported by the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), and administered by the World Bank. Seal of Excellence from SME Instruments (Phase I), Horizon 2020. | 0.5 M€ sought - Serbia


An ultralight composite sandwich material panel design, foldable on the one face and rigid on the other.  Flexibility and structural performance in one single fully customizable solution.
Winner of the EIT Raw Materials Startup Booster Program in 2016 ; Finalist at the JEC World Start-up Booster 2018 in Paris ; Finalist at the Mondial Tech 2018 in Paris| 1.1 M€ sought – Italy

FLEXOUND - Electronics / Audio

Our product is based on a path braking acoustical Finnish innovation with international patents granted and pending. The instrument creates balanced high-quality sound and distributed physical vibration in unison which is a hugely pleasurable and immersive human experience. | 5 M€ sought – Finland

Space Tech / Satellites
New generation DSP modules for satellites, fully reprogrammable in orbit, to simplify space exploitation.
Awarded most innovative solution for disaster management at Copernicus Master (ESA / Astrosat) | 2 M€ sought – Spain


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