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Bring forward your fundraising - 08/07/2018

After successfully completing your personal profile and your company’s profile you may wish to raise funds. Here is how to perform this operation....

Take a proactive approach by contacting investors ! - 08/07/2018

Waiting for investors to contact you is good... but contacting them yourself is better ! Don't forget that the investor search function (central bar...

Introduce your equity research - 08/07/2018

Fundraising and Executive Summary   Once registered, you will be able to declare a fundraiser and complete the related information. To access...

Enhance your company profile - 08/07/2018

 1. Fill in the left cartridge by clicking on the pencil:

Target your search with EuroQuity - 08/07/2018

The new version of EuroQuity allows you to make the most of the resources available of the financial sector. You can discover the companies,...
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