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The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 12 September, from 5 to 6 PM CEST !

The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 12 September, from 5 to 6 PM CEST.  Register here.
5 companies have been selected for tickets from 500 k€ to 4M€. Discover those companies below. If your schedule is too busy, register anyway, so you will receive the link to watch the recorded session.   
Companies will each have 8 minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. The company profiles and their pitch deck will be uploaded on the EuroQuity platform, so don’t miss to sign up.
The selection is the following :

Immersive marketplace for new real estate
Throughout an available marketplace thanks to virtual reality headphones, we connect buyers and sellers of new real estate and furniture. We help them increasing their financial profitability by reducing their marketing costs by half.
Alreday several clients | 112k fundraising in 2018 | Amount required :  900K
AI & Autonomous drone solution
The company offers a "turnkey" solution including artificial intelligence and autonomous drones to automate inspection and security tasks. Acknowledged as the market leader by NATO for the autonomous drone aspect and General Atomics for the artificial intelligence aspect, the company's portfolio of government and private clients is constantly growing. Several strategic partnerships are already established with key accounts, with a clearly defined product line and development strategy.
Amount required : €4M in order to penetrate the american market and strengthen its market position.
Nutraceutical start up having developed and started commercializing a range of innovative drinks  for the health made with spirulina. This is the very first drink which is naturally blue and antioxidant.
Customers: DELITRAITEUR (Belgium) and Auchan (France) | Requested amount: €1,25M for commercial development
Music tech
Music rights holders must be identified in order to get paid for the use of their works by streaming platforms. The problem : the way ownership data is transmitted throughout the value chain is unreliable. Our solution directly connect the data with the audio file  thanks to its cutting-edge technology.
On-going discussions with major streaming platforms, technological actors and labels | Requested amount: €500k
E Mobility stations 2.0
A shared mobility start up is partnering with a wind energy developer in order to create a brand new network of solar stations and to propose an offer combining mobility and energy as a shared service for residents.
Partners: municipalities - citizen cooperatives (energy production - mobility) - energy company | Requested amount : €500k (including €100k already funded)

If you wish to attend, register now... only those registered will receive via email:
  • The day before the e-pitch: the access link
  • The day after the pitch: the video of the e-pitches session and the EuroQuity links of the companies
We look forward to have you all online on Thursday at 5:00 p. m.!


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