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The most promising European companies raising capital - from 0.3 to 20 M€ | Bucharest June 20th

For the Romanian Presidency of the EU, the European Commission organizes in Bucharest from June 19th to 22nd the key event on innovation funding.

EuroQuity will be there on the 20th, in charge of a pitch session featuring the best European companies that were awarded with the Seal of Excellence label.

The Innovative Enterprise Conference will take place in Bucharest at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (UPB) Campus.
EuroQuity organizes a pitch session with 20 of the best potentials awarded with the Seal of Excellence, on June 20th at 2 pm. 
All our partners and colleagues investors are cordially invited, including to watch the live webcast  (registration here ).

Here is the Seal of Excellence program:

IT - IoT - Robotics - Cybersecurity - Fintech

Cybersecurity / Deception Technology
We succeed where cybersecurity prevention struggles. We operate from behind the firewall and acts as an additional layer of protection and extension of the existing security systems.
Partner with 20 top resellers in Europe and 10 in RoW - Awarded to MOST PROMISING COMPANY by global cybersecurity jury - Winner of the BORN GLOBAL CHAMPION - Winner of the Go Silicon Valley program 3M€ sought – Austria

IT / Blockchain
We are digitizing the $4.5Trillion commodity trading, commodity finance and commodity supply chain market, making it more efficient, green, sustainable and faster by deploying emerging technology such as Cloud, AI, IoT and DLT. We are a product ready and revenue generating company growing 100% YOY since 2017. Winner of several innovation awards | 3M€ sought – UK


One stop shopping finance platform for SME. Invoicing - dunning - instant payments -fx-hedging - lending - factoring - investments - and more. Everything for the management of working capital at one place. Fully integrated, simple & fast.
Partner with people’s bank in Germany, Seal of Excellence Holder of Horizon 2020 Project from European Union, Cooperation with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Blockchain Center, Cooperation agreement signed with one of Germany’s biggest e-invoicing companies, 10+ Customer LOIs signed | 2M€ sought - Germany

IT Infrastructure / Cloud management

True Private Cloud platform that manages your resources intelligently across cloud providers, private servers and individual nodes, all behind a single API & UI. We consolidate local data centers into a coherent international network to provide automatic compute resource brokerage. Platform deployed on top of 2 data centers in Estonia and currently on-boarding next ones in Jakarta. Secured ca 1MEUR including Enterprise Estonia grant (355 K€)1.5M€ sought – Estonia

IoT / Consumer Products / Ed-Tech
Children can code robots before the even read. We developed and patented tangible coding language that is LEGO compatible, and transforms the world of coding into a playful experience. Production line recently established.
Signed 5M€ distribution agreements, received 1M€ in orders, signed 2M€ distribution LOIs, distribution in 50 countries via 170 franchisees | 1.5M€ sought – Israel

Cybersecurity / Identity and Access Management

We strive to create easy-to-use, comprehensive digital authentication solutions that support reliable and convenient endpoint identity and access management. Our flagship product is a multi-purpose wireless security key. It has encrypted storage with consolidating different authentication tools - password storage, One-Time-Password generator, Fido token, Blockchain signature for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and also RFID/NFC key for physical access.
Sold 5k units - Alumni Mach37 Cyber Security Accelerator - Integrated and partnership with two global access management platform - Winner of the Vernadsky Challenge Award - Winner of the UVCA Challenge. |1.5M€ sought – Ukraine

Robotics / Machine Vision / Smart Manufacturing
We develop a vision guidance system for robotic arms making robots smarter with a unique adaptive vision control. The device will improve robot’s precision and reactivity, taking on new manufacturing challenges and guaranteeing a genuine collaboration between humans and robots.
Partner with First Collaborative Robot Manufacturer Universal Robots (Italy) – Jury Award at the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest 9.0 – 2nd Ranked at the Best Practices Innovation Contest Confindustria | 350K€ sought – Italy

IT / Automotive / Smart Building / Smart Cities / AI
We're making an infinitely scalable / module multi-sensor AI camera system for the next generation of computer vision-centric cameras running AI on the edge. 1st product is a 12K camera for mapping.
Already 1.5 years in development based on 8 previous years of experience in camera design; 1st version of hardware finished, revenue from customers today, loved by Google & BBC1.5M€ sought – Czech


Plastic Recycling / Circular Economy
A unique technology able to de-ink surface-printed film and therefore can deliver high quality post-consumer recycled plastic avoiding the actual down-cycling.
Finalist of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019 in “Product Technology Innovation of the Year”- Winner of the “Flex Pack Recovery Challenge” from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition | 2M€ sought - Spain

Machinery / Energy / IoT
We democratize levitation technology and make it available for any industry. We provide high-speed electrical machine design and serial production of active magnetic bearings for original equipment manufacturers. Our solution lowers lifecycle costs by 35%.
First paying customers attracted – NDAs and LOIs with European OEMs of compressors, blowers and generators – Part of the consortium developing cooling system for the DEMOnstration unit – Member of Cleantech Finland and Solar Impulse Foundation – Finalist at Slush and Arctic 15 – Accelerated by European Institute for Innovation and Technology Climate-KIC, Accelerace and EnergySpin | 1.5M€ sought – Finland

Energy-Efficiency / Flexibility / Storage

An award-winning Norwegian Technology company that has developed a novel Thermal Battery technology to help customers across the entire energy system maximize the value of their energy. We help reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by cutting use of fossil fuels and support the increased share of renewable energy by flexibilization of power plants and enabling 24/7 solar energy.
Winner Nordic Cleantech Open 2017, WWF climate solver award 2017, SME-1 p.2 grant in 2019 | €20m sought – Norway

Renewable Energy /
Plastic Recycling
We are tackling two of Europe’s biggest issues: air pollution and eradicate unrecyclable plastics, worn tires and toxic waste for a good profit. Vision: Produce a zero-emission transport fuel (H2) and stop sending waste to landfill and turn waste into revenue.
Received Horizon 2020 “Seal of Excellence «certificate, NDV-GL verification NDAs and LOIs signed by leading industry companies (ENGIE, ENEGAS, TOYOTA OSHUA)9 M€ sought – Romania/UK

Water purification
We developed a ground-breaking plasma-based solution for the complete purification of waste water from Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).
Partner with Scottish water - Winner PwC Local to Global Award - Seed4Start selection - First Prize World Green Design Forum Yangszhou - Eureka Label - Second Prize Changchun Overseas Talents Competition - Seal of Excellence - First clients signed up in UK, China | 3M€ sought - Belgium/Luxembourg

Renewable Energy / wind energy
We develop a new system aimed to gather faster and more powerful altitude wind energy, providing affordable renewable energy on a wider scale. Our technology can trigger energy transition to renewables, without the need of public incentives, particularly windy sites and large dedicated areas.
Winner of IMD prize, De Vigier Prize, Imagine IF Prize, European Space Agency BIC-CH incubatee, winner of Venture Kick CH and supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy | 3M€ sought – Switzerland

Renewable Energy / Storage / Industrial Process Heat

The first worldwide concept about a Photovoltaic (PV) Plant with thermal cogeneration, based on a hybridization of standard PV plant with a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower by means of patented optical light selective filters. Cost of storage 10 x more effective than current batteries and 2x more economical than CSP technologies. Production of heat 2x cheaper than average price of Natural Gas.
Project awarded by Spanish Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial under INNTERCONECTA 2016 and 2018 calls. 2M€ raised previously. Partnership with the major Technological Centre in Spain. Selected by the most important CSP Developer worldwide as technological partner for this new solar plant concept2-5 M€ sought – Spain

Medtech - Agtech

Biotech / Organ-on-chips
We propose an innovative solution for screening drug toxicity and efficacy, with the final aim to improve drug discovery pipeline (DDP) and lead to a more efficient, faster and less expensive launch of drugs into market. Our solution is based on human beating organ-on-chips platforms that create preclinical models featuring an unprecedented and realistic resemblance to human native organs (i.e. heart) and disease (i.e. joint degenerative pathologies).  
Winner of the Termis Business Plan Competition 2018 – Finalist of the 2018 EIT Headstart competition - Winner of the 2018 Switch to Product Competition promoted by Politecnico di Milano – Winner of StartCup Lombardia 2017 – Finalist of 2016 Bioupper competition promoted by Novartis and Fondazione Cariplo | 0.7M€ sought– Italy

Medtech / Cardiovascular
Novel navigation system to guide cardiovascular interventions, high-end pacemaker treatments and ablation procedures in particular. Currently, 30% of patients have no benefit.
Clinical proof-of-principle achieved, CE mark obtained and product to be launched in Q3, 2019. Initial partnership with one of the big 4 companies in the pacemaker market established |1M€ sought - Netherlands

BioTech / Healthcare
We develop a unique bioactive coating that solve three main challenges for dental implants; better stability, avoiding infections and better aesthetics. This groundbreaking technology will open new markets by enable implants in difficult patient groups and the dental product serve as a proof of concept before entering the 10 times larger orthopaedic market.
Seal of Excellence May 2019 in Horizon 2020 – Vinnova MedTech4Health 2018 – Vinnova “Runner up SME instrument 2017”–Winner of the SKAPA “Best innovation” 2010 | 1.6M€ sought – Sweden

Biotech / Agtech

Using pharma production technologies, we are bringing quality at costs to crop-yield enhancing bioactives. Our first product Arbuscular Endomycorrhizal Fungi (AMF), conveys yield increases and water saving effects to plants. Our proprietary bioreactor design allows, for the first time, cost efficient production of AMF to help farmers world-wide to grow more with less.
Science 2 Business Award 2017, Mercur Award 2017, 2018 Top 500 DeepTech StartUps World Wide, 2019 Finalist Industrial Biotech Startups Europe, Pre-existing investors from seed industry (BayWa, RWA, Mauthner) | 2.5M€ sought – Austria
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