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The last edition of "Space Now Virtual Investor Forum" with ESA will be held on December 3 at 05:00 PM CET

ESA, EBAN Space, and EuroQuity join forces and will present the last edition of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum", which will be held online on December 3 05:00 PM CET. In addition, Jan Wörner, ESA Director General, will introduce the session with a short presentation about “The role of private investment in space”.

EuroQuity invites you next December 3 at 05:00 PM CET to witness the last session of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum, organised by EBAN SpaceEuropean Space Agency  and Euroquity, in which we will present 4 space-tech companies looking to scale up. You can register now .

This time, Jan Wörner, Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services at ESA, will introduce the session with a short presentation about "The role of private investment in space." Then, four companies will be showcasing their businesses in front of investors and will be evaluated by a jury. 

One company will be invited to pitch at the ESA Investment Forum on December 9, held during the European Space Week in Germany. Each Virtual Investor Forum will be opened by a keynote speech from an ESA Director. 

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Space / Telecommunication / Satellites
We develop telecommunication hard- and software for space and terrestrial applications. Specific products offered are a communication system and patch antenna for small satellites. This antenna is also the basis for a GNSS terminal (navigation) and a Phased Array Antenna (PAA) used in mobility applications and ground stations. INNOspace Masters 2019 3rd place, IGLUNA 2020 Space Award, ESA BIC Bavaria Incubatee, 2 technical research papers published | TRL: 3-8 | TAM: 200M€ | Next Step : Product market entry, in-orbit demonstration mission | 1.2M€ sought – Germany/Luxembourg

Space / Data 
We transform space images into useful insights in order to understand what is happening and what will happen on earth. Our SaaS platform collects images from satellites and applies AI to display information on easy to use dashboards with a zero code approach. - Traction with POCs and paying customers - Second place at the Digital Innovation Challenge of the European Commission | TRL: 9 - Raised almost 1M€ in public grants - Next step: 15 new Municipalities as recurring revenues | Raising 2M€ from VC - Italy

Space / Nanosatellites-cubesats
We are an innovative company focusing on design, development and production of the nanosatellites-cubesats. Our company is a small satellite mission integrator focused on delivering innovative and reliable nanosatellite solution, platforms and components. The company is very strong in the field of design, development and testing of fundamental small satellite and their components, such as an onboard computers, power system units, communication modules, solar panels, etc. The goal is to bring simple and effective solutions thanks to our Plug-and-Play CubeSat platform. | Slovakia

Space / Cloud platform / Satellite operations
We offer a single cloud-based platform for satellite operations and ground station services, allowing to reduce mission budget by 80%. Satellite operations requires both mission control and ground station services, which can can amount to over 2/3 of a mission budget. Most current mission control software is expensive and not scalable since mission control software is developed from scratch for each satellite mission, and Many solutions do not support multi-satellite constellations and require highly qualified expertise.
Current ground stations services do not allow for large radio coverage at an affordable price:

  • A satellite is usually connected to a single ground station network, which provides a limited connectivity,

  • Connection to an additional ground station networks requires high integration costs.

Spaceit’s end-to-end infrastructure operates as a marketplace for satellite operations and ground station services, including satellite operations and Ground station services. | Estonia

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Join us and learn more about how ESA is leading the new space era.


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