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TAFTIE Online Pitch Session - Meet High-Potential European companies next 22nd of October

TAFTIE Online Pitch Session - Meet High-Potential European companies next 22nd of October
The next European startup online pitch will be held next Tuesday, October 22nd, from 5 to 6 PM CEST (register).  

This session will feature companies in: real-time protection from cyber-threats; mobile products development platform; shopping assistant (n.1 on the Appstore in September) ; predictive health ; cardiac rehabilitation ; infertility treatment ; new medical device for conoloscopy and they are looking for 1M to 3M€ tickets. 

Companies were selected in collaboration with different European innovation agencies as part of TAFTIE  organization. This will be the opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles from 8 countries and  ask questions to these companies by registering here

See you next Tuesday 22nd October at 5:00 PM CEST. 
Here is the program:

Biotech / Digital Health
Prediction of treatment efficacy for precision medicine in rheumatology. The Company has developed an online secured software predicting the efficacy of biotherapies in rheumatoid arthritis patients, halting disease progression earlier and saving huge over costs linked to non-response to treatment.* Winner of the I-Lab competition – Awarded by EIT Health Headstart and Innovation-by-Ideas programs - support from 22 rheumatology hospitals involved in ongoing prospective clinical trials / 9 KOLs / AG2R Insurance Company - Collaborations with big pharmas 1.5M€ sought – France

MedTech / Medical Devices
We have developed a unique and universal method for rehabilitation of people with limited physical exercise ability, and a medical device for delivery of this method. Proven clinical effectiveness of the method combined with commercially available, easy-to-use, stand-alone, CE marked medical device allows wide-scale deployment of this novel rehab method in both in- and outpatient settings. Further development will result in a similar portable device for home use.
Project “ReOxy - the game changer for cardiac rehabilitation” has received 2 Seals of Excellence from EC and is patent-protected. | 3M€ sought – Luxembourg

Mobile Shopping Assistant
We empower millions of consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Our app allows its users to scan the barcode of almost every food and cosmetic product in Germany and the USA and to understand if it suits their needs. Ranked No. 1 on App Store in September 2019 | TOP 100 Swiss Startups 2M CHF sought – Switzerland 

We provide a digital health company that uses AI & lab-on-a-chip tools to help fertility clinics reduce their 70% treatment failure rate. We have developed AI-powered sperm analysis device for fertility clinics. It's 5X faster, 2X more accurate and it’s world’s first and only device that can check father’s DNA Quality in sperm. Partner with NVIDIA Inception Program, Winner of BioStartup Turkey 2019, LOIs signed by leading medical device distributors in EU (KOBEMED, Biomedica Polska, Konvels) | 1M€ sought – Turkey 
Cybersecurity / NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) Solutions 
We offer advanced network anomaly detection tools that provide real-time protection from cyber-threats, both known and unknown. Our products offer a unique approach to NTA, which is based on a low-level network protocol inspection. Additionally, we can detect network steganography attacks and personal data leaks (GDPR compliant). Pre-revenue. 3 Proof of Concept processes with positive feedback (1 sales process began, waiting for decisions from other 2 companies); established cooperation with 2 resellers. 1 VC invested, research grants: 2,6M EUR (2016) for the IT solution; 1,1M EUR (2019) for the OT solution. | 2M€ sought – Poland

Disposable class 1 medical device CE Marked to be used on demand as an accessory for colonoscopes. Colonoscopy is the reference procedure for colorectal cancer, however colon exploration is not complete in about 15%. We make colonoscopy completion faster and less traumatic. One M round in 2018 with VCs and a distributor of medical devices. Pilot clinical trial within the end of 2019. Finalist at Premio Marzotto (ITA) and Lifestars Award (UK).3M€ sought – Italy

Gerontechnology / assistive technology / interactive displays
Our company develops giant Android tablets (27"-98") and healthcare applications for seniors and people with disabilities. They're used by by nursing homes, disability centers, and hospitals for rehabilitation and recreational therapy. We are soon launching a new product line to bring this technology to senior's homes with HaaS model combined with healthcare platform. Above all else, we are an innovation company providing also state-of-the-art touchscreen solutions to giant global customers with scalable production in Asia.
We are the largest manufacturer of interactive displays in the Nordics, and have been growing steadily 250% every year for the past 5. Our customer attraction is enormous, our product is being used by all major healthcare players in Finland and growing fastly around Europe. State of Connecticut officially recommends our product as an assistive technology tool. | 3M€ sought – Finland

AI / RetailTech
We provide a new AI-based communication medium for brick-and-mortar stores which connects shoppers, product manufacturers and retailers. Our service makes shopping enjoyable, provides assistance and instant gratification to shoppers, all free of charge. It is the ideal advertising tool for product manufacturers, as it brings the right message to the right shopper, at the right place and in the right moment. For retailers, it improves shopper experience and increase traffic in their brick-and-mortar stores. Minimum viable prototype tested in the field. Ongoing trials with leading manufacturers in beer and soft drinks category. Supported by Innovation Fund Serbia. | 1.5M€ sought - Serbia 

le Monday, October 14th 2019
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