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ScaleUp Factory Creative Impact e-pitch sessions - 3rd December 2021

ScaleUp Factory, OneCreation, Bpifrance and EuroQuity are pleased to invite you at the Creative Impact e-pitch session, which will take place on December 3rd, 2021 starting at 2:00 pm CET
Don’t miss keynotes from upcoming European giants and discover hand-picked future European Scale-ups in Creative Tech only (AI, creative industries, media tech, lifestyle and digital). 
In the afternoon, these startups have been divided into 2 pitch sessions dedicated to Interactive and Audiovisual+ sectors. Following a 6 min pitch + 3 min Q/A format. Most of them are closing their financing round by the end of the year, so it is the last opportunity to hop on board! 
The program is as follows and don't forget to register:

ScaleUp Factory Creative Impact e-pitch sessions - 3rd December 2021
3rd session: Interactive (Play, Learn, Thrive)
3rd December at 2 pm CET

Keynote of Basile Fattal (CEO of Timo, screenless audio player for kids): paths to lean hypergrowth:
  • CyborgNest (humanizing the metaverse)
CyborgNest is a Neurotech AR company dedicated to creating new human senses, allowing our brain to expand our perception of reality. Our senses communicate with the vital and most flexible parts of the brain, training it with new information or enhancing the existing one. Our technology allows to humanize the metaverse by providing the users with the sense of direction, emotional tactile communication and heart beat synchronisation. CyborgNest has been featured in articles around the globe, received vast recognition from the scientific community as a thought leader in the new emerging tech world, has generated revenue with two of its products and receives interest for many collaborations | 0.75M£ sought – UK
  • Advenworks (gaming, remote mobile gaming multi-studios) 
Advenworks creates and self-publish high-quality mobile games for everyone by fostering & empowering the best video game talents across the world. Founded by two former seniors from Ubisoft, the studio distinguishes itself by its pioneering positioning in the new key Hybrid-Casual segment currently experiencing very strong growth, and its innovative game factory technology and data-driven creative process that accelerate development and limit greatly the production risks. +335% gross revenue y-o-y - 6M downloads on launched games - 3 Games featured by Apple - Games with remarkable metrics (up to 48 min daily playtime) - An international team of 20 people in full remote - Partner at Station F - Accélérateur Jeux Video Bpifrance-CNC | €3.5/4M sought – France
  • Nolej (edtech AI, interactive courseware) 
Based in Hauts de France, Nolej has developed a B2B SaaS authoring tool, using Natural Language Processing (NLP / AI) to automatically transform passive course material (text, audio or video) into an enriched and interactive course. This course can then be easily installed on all e-learning platforms on the market (academic and corporate). 
Nolej has just signed 2 paying pilots for the autumn and will launch the commercialisation of its authoring tool at the beginning of 2022 in the Anglo-Saxon market, taking advantage of the strong growth of AI in EdTech (CAGR of more than 45%). The start-up has been awarded the Young Innovative Company label, is a member of the Réseau Entreprendre and is supported by BPI France for its Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) program. TAM = 2.68B$ | SAM = 160M$ | SOM = 10M$ | CA2020 = 103K€ | Next Step : Seed Funding for commercialisation | €0,5M sought – France
  • Sensae (preventive e-health: automated stress management, personalized haptic feed-backs)  
Developing a haptic technology enabling to communicate to the brain through touch and interface with emotions.
GTM - Mental Wellness focus to validate the technology. The first product is a wearable that provides active biofeedback by combining key bio-signals from the user (heart rate variability, perspiration, blood oxygen level, temperature) with advanced Machine Learning/AI to Proactively apply personalized vibrotactile touch stimuli to prevent stress build-up and provide tailored coaching enhanced by affective haptics. MVP released - Patent pending on touch personalization - 200 people in beta program - traction with Therapist and Coaches B2B2C + strong interest with Corporate Wellness platforms B2B. Winner DTU Startup Day Copenhagen 2021 | €2.5M sought – Denmark
In partnership with Level-Up


ScaleUp Factory Creative Impact e-pitch sessions - 3rd December 2021
4th session: Audiovisual+ 
3rd December at 4 pm CET

Keynote of Utopia Music: the emergence of new data-driven European giants! 
  • (B2B AI for film & adtech) provides data-assisted intelligence to the audio-visual industry with the proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success. Our powerful AI engine has a cognitive pattern understanding system from video, audio, and text. The system converts these cognitive patterns to meaningful insights for the movie producers, writers and distributors. | Best Start-up at 67th San Sebastian Film Festival, Berlinale Horizon Start-up 2020, Top 100 Start-up Switzerland, Slush Top 15 Start-up 2019 | 100+ B2B Customers | €3M sought – Switzerland
  • Qwest TV by Quincy Jones (OTT, TV 3.0, music in video) 
Based in France and co-founded by a legendary American music producer, Qwest TV is part of the explosion of the global video streaming market. Offering 3 thematic music TV channels and 1 subscription-based replay platform with 2,000 hours of programming (concerts, documentaries and original productions), Qwest TV is in a B2B expansion phase. It has started to deploy with 5 of the world's largest operators (Samsung, Comcast, Roku, Huawei, LG) in more than 50 countries, already reaching more than 11M unique viewers each month. With its dedicated education offering, it has also convinced more than 220 universities including Harvard, Stanford and Yale. Post-revenue / YoY growth: 2.5X TAM: $5B / SAM: $500M / SOM: $50M. Next Steps: 18 contracts in the pipeline for 2022, support growth by strengthening technical team and ensuring US business development | €3M sought  France
  • Synchronized (AI video adtech for OTT)
Synchronized In-Video Intelligence platform transforms linear video into ‘Smart-Video’ making videos as flexible and powerful as hypertext. A machine learning turnkey solution, central hub for all in-video auto-generated time-coded metadata, objects and assets for broadcasters, OTT and video content owners. Our AI engine understands the content and context of a video and enriches it with metadata. This allows clients to automate workflow from linear-tv to digital offers, deliver rich & personalised end user-experiences and fast-track promotional content creation as well as benefiting from an unprecedented level of granular data around their video content. Synchronized is one of the ten first companies worldwide to be awarded AWS AI/Machine Learning Competency by Amazon Web Services and to be selected as AWS Media Intelligence Global Solution launch partner. Synchronized is also Media Partner of Atos and Ateliere with clients like French broadcasters TF1 and M6 | €750k sought – France & UK 
  • Mod Devices (music phygital platform, creative coding) 
MOD Devices drastically improves the lives of forward-thinking musicians by creating a platform for live audio processing that embraces the digital mindset to empower the musicians' creativity, while making their lives easier at the same time.  The company has a hybrid business model divided into sales of hardware devices and commission on sales of 3rd party software via the platform Plugin Store. | Winner of Wallifornia Music Tech Prize. Winner of the Belfius KIKK Prize. Finalist of Sonar+D Start-up competition | Product funded on Kickstarter in 19 hours | Currently part of Top 3 best sellers on Thomann - Europe's biggest online musical instruments retailer | Used and praised by top-tier musicians like Modeselektor | ARR €600K in 2021 | €0.5M sought  Germany
In partnership with Level-Up


ScaleUp Factory Creative Impact e-pitch sessions - 3rd December 2021

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