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Save the date for the next Belgian e-pitch Session on the 9th of July!

Save the date for the next Belgian e-pitch Session on the 9th of July!

The next Belgian e-pitch session will take place on thursday July 09 at 5 p.m.
These sessions allow selected companies looking for capital to present their growth project.
Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation. 

The five companies of this session are active in #MedTech and #HealthTech. Together they are looking for €12M

If you would like to attend, register now

The selection is as follows:
MedTech – Prevention of scars
Therapy device designed to help prevent or improve scars resulting from incisional surgeries– researched, developed and launched. CE Mark and US FDA registrations achieved. First €3M in contract sales signed in 10 countries.  Earned 4 product awards in France, UK, and USA. Complementary product pipeline with IP,  >€60 billion market size. Teamed with Dupont-Dow and UCL-Université catholique de Louvain. Strong and efficient USA-EU experienced management team.   USA subsidiary established and ready for growth.
Seeking funds to fuel sales growth in the USA - our largest market | €2 M lead investor sought to match Noshaq and SRIW.
MedTech | Dissection of pathological tissues
Medical device which makes the selective mechanical dissection of pathological tissues possible, without damaging sensitive tissues and organs.
The proof of principle is supported by clinical trials with more than 1,000 patients in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. Commercial launch in 14 key countries realized in 2019 (open surgery, expanded to include minimally invasive surgery applications) | €4.2M thought, €1.6M already secured.
MedTech | Patient specific bone graft for facial reconstruction
A 3D printed bone implant for facial repairing that allows bone reconstruction without taking the bone from the patient. The solution is scalable and can be used around the world. It's already on the market with very good clinical results. The product is supported by key opinion leaders in facial surgery.
Fully controlled process and material validated in term of biocompatibility. ISO 13485 - 2016 accreditation at SGS | €2.3 M sought.
MedTech | World’s first inflatable positioning supports...
... a breakthrough in patient care, hygiene and ergonomics in hospitals. Patented technology to position and move patients with compressed air. Our first innovations are for the operating room (e.g neurosurgery) and intensive care units (e.g COVID patients). We design and produce inflatable positioning devices, which enables healthcare workers to position patients quickly and safe without manual power (avoiding work-related musculoskeletal injuries and sick leave). Our solution can save 25% on personnel in surgery rooms and enable 5% more surgeries daily. The optimal positioning “on air” will avoid complications for patient and enable a revolution in surgical procedures.
Best Tech invention award 2019. European Seal of Excellence 2020. CE mark and launched in June 2019. 350.000€ sales in 2020. Sold in 6 European countries. | €1.5M sought, €750k already secured
Social Distancing Smart Device
We’ve designed and built a small wearable device making social distancing easy and allowing GDPR proof contact tracing. Our goal is to ensure business continuity for our clients and help companies become ‘future pandemic proof’. The demand for our devices comes from companies with local and global footprint, looking for solutions to avoid costly lockdowns or quarantines and making sure to provide adequate prevention and detection measures for all their stakeholders.
We’ve setup a distribution network and production process. | €1M sought.

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