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Save the date and join the Solar Impulse e-pitch Session on May the 7th at 5:00pm

We are very pleased to announce you the very first e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse foundation on May 7th at 17:00 CEST.

What to expect?

  • Prior to the Pitch’Conference, Pascal Lagarde - Executive director in charge of International, Strategy, Studies and Development at Bpifrance and Bertrand Piccard - Solar Impulse Foundation Chairman, will do a keynote introduction.
  • The first-ever E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
    Witness the 5 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here

Here is the selection:

Blue-Green Tech/Construction Tech – Building resilient coastlines & increasing ocean health (Israël)
Developed to bridge the gap between the ever-growing need in coastal development and the need in sustaining marine ecosystems and resources, this scale-up brings concrete infrastructure to life through a patented win-win solution. The technology platform can help transform barren concrete based coastal and marine infrastructure like seawalls and breakwaters into a thriving habitat. The concrete solution has been successfully applied in 30 locations across 8 countries and 7 seas. Currently, the company is actively negotiating licensing the technology to key industry players.   
Global patents & TM | TRL: 7 | TAM: €30bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: €2m

ML/IoT/Water/PropTech/InsurTech - Non-intrusive and real-time leak detection with proven ROI for insurance companies and building managers (Belgium) 
1 in 3 buildings present costly leakages, increasing water bills between 10-60% and costing european insurers 12 billion €/year in damages. By combining a patented, non-intrusive IoT sensor and proprietary machine learning, the service helps organisations cut water bills by 20% and nearly halve water damage claims. The technology has been recognised internationally by insurance companies and is already helping major belgian real estate owners save over 1M€ annually with a 12 month payback time. The start-up is looking to expand its business model and technology across the european property market and prepare its first roll outs with insurance companies.
Proven B2B sales to over 50 organisations | Paid pilots with EU insurers | TRL : 8 | TAM : €30bn worldwide | Amount to raise : €1.5m

Cleantech/Energy - Clean and innovative chillers based on magnetocaloric effect for cooling and wasted heat purposes (France)
French based start-up, develops magnetic chillers based on the magnetocaloric effect for the refrigeration and the air conditioning. These systems use no refrigerant gas, limiting the impact on global warming and consume up to 50 % less energy compared to gas compressors. Has also recently designed a breakthrough conversion device of wasted heat sources (<100°C) into electrical energy. With world renowned experts in this field, several prototypes tested in real life conditions and a strong intellectual property. Also, recognized as a leader in the magnetocaloric industry.
200+ patents worldwide; A breakthrough innovation | TRL: 7 | TAM: € 5bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: € 6m

Cleantech/Chemicals - Sustainable and cost-competitive materials production (Switzerland)
Spin-off from a Swiss University, the start-up has developed a technology to efficiently isolate each fraction from biomass with unprecedented selectivity and yields. A chemical stabilization strategy suppresses degradation pathways to access, for the first time, high-value markets such as cosmetics, fragrances or biodegradable polymers. The technology has been scaled to the kilogram and the market has been de-risked.
3 patents worldwide ; 9 ongoing projects | TRL: 6 | TAM: €300Mn | Next Step: Demonstration | Amount to raise: €2.5m

Biotech/Agriculture – microalgae derived bio-inputs to sustainably increase agricultural yields (Spain)
Pioneering and multi-awarded biotech company devoted to microalgae with extensive research history and network, reputed shareholders/managers and state of the art technologies. Its unique microalgae-based solutions for agriculture are providing a fast growth globally, in terms of revenues, customers, contracts, attraction of top talent, awareness, research proposals and public awards.
8 commercial subsidiaries worldwide | >1 million final end-users | commercial contracts with market leaders | MoUs signed in 2020 | TRL: 9 | TAM: €64bn – SAM: €7.4 bn with 15% CAGR| Next Step: boost expansion| Amount to raise: €15m


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