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Register to the third ESIL e-pitch session, on April 24th at 5:00 PM CEST

We selected five companies dedicated to impact investing. The following sectors will be represented: HRTech, disability, senior healthcare, accessibility, tech4good… from 200 k€ to 2M€ tickets. Some companies are just looking for partners, not funds. That would be appreciated if you could help them with connections.

Come and see them pitching for 6 minutes each next Wednesday, April 24th at 5 pm CEST.
Register here! - Do not hesitate to share it with your members. If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.

Here is the program. You are most welcome to join us! 
Accessibility / Inclusion / Education / eHealth & MedTech & Wellbeing / Artificial Intelligence / Software
We have patented a technology that enables the blind and visually impaired to become digitally sighted. With our technology they can feel pictures and shapes, learn Braille, geometry, draw and much more. Our goal is to build an easily accessible digital marketplace, which will unite all the blind and VI with our content and app developers.
WSA Global Champion 2019 – the best digital content solution in the world; Winner of European Social Innovation Competition 2017; Feelif is the one of the three leading projects on Accessible Europe Forum 2018; listed by UNESCO as the best 150 global innovations that will change the world | 2M€ sought – Slovenia

IOT / Senior / HealthCare

We are building a patent-pending technology to analyze and detect abnormal situations in every senior's hospital room, allowing to alert night caregivers. We would like to provide the only technology that, besides determining the situation in the room, also allows to personalize the alert according to the care path of each patient. 
Winner of a call for project from the Regional Health Agency - Strong partnership with Le Gerontopole des Pays de la Loire and LNA Santé | 200K€ sought  – France

3D printed / Fashion Industry / Disability
We provide an open 3D printed adaptation for Industrial sewing machine for physical disabled people. A new job and training opportunity for a vulnerable group.
Starting August 2018. Partner with Althaia for manufacturing with medical materials. Expanding to Poland with Imago foundation. Schools in Barcelona and Madrid start Sept 2019. Interested organizations in Mexico, Slovenia and Hungary. 1000 units product downloaded in 48h. | Looking for partners to scale and UE funding sought – Spain

HRtech / GovTech
We have the first AI-based digital career advisor that helps job seekers to land a job faster and supports Institutions to digitalize their career supporting services. As a human career coach, we assess users’ CVs, provides recommendations to improve it, delivers job offers or courses and trains for interviews based on the user’s background. 
Clients: 20 Italian Institutions (Universities, Municipalities, Schools) and 3 Portuguese Institutions, serving +15.500 jobseekers. Awards: Winner at DesignScapes, Winner at Marzotto Award, Winner at “Welfare what a business!”; EU Finalist at “Social Innovation Tournament 2018”; EU finalist at “MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge,” + 7 others | 0.5M€ sought – Italy 

Entrepreneurship Education / SaaS / EdTech / Tech 4 Good
We offer online incubation programs that help early-stage entrepreneurs from around the world to develop their projects. Backed with a platform providing a top-notch methodology and a network of mentors, our mission to democratize access to quality entrepreneurial support.
580 teams of entrepreneurs supported in 3 years - Network of 560 mentors - Forbes 30 under 30 – Ashoka Fellows - Our online program is used by clients such as Accenture, BMW, the United Nations, Coca-Cola, Ashoka.... | Looking for new clients & ecosystem builders – Spain
E-pitch is an online pitch session based on a web conferencing system. No installation is needed on your side. 

> Companies will each have 6 minutes to pitch and 2 minutes for answer your questions that you might ask via a chat window throughout the pitch. 
> You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event. 

We will be pleased to explain to you the details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Register here

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