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Register to the next European Startup Festival in Malmö in September

In 2017 Adriano Travaglia, a lawyer and entrepreneur, and Christine Michaelis, Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach, saw that there is something missing in the European Startup Ecosystem. An organisation that is working on a European level from the bottom up – not just on an institutional level, including all the relevant stakeholders such as start-ups, investors, public agencies, cities, accelerators, incubators, event organisers etc.
They have founded the European Startup Asssociation and now create a borderless, collaborative European Startup Ecosystem. They celebrate the community with their annual European Startup Festival. To capture the different audiences and stakeholders, the festival is moving around countries across Europe – and so is Christine. This way they get to know the start-up ecosystem in each country much quicker and better and build lasting relationships.
The first European Startup Festival in Turin was a big success. This year’s 2-day festival is using a similar programme structure but also adding new thing on. They will have interactive panels on topics like innovation, well-being, marketing and communication, team building, sustainability and funding. In addition to that participants can go to as many masterclasses as they like on specialised topics, run by the expert speakers.

The festival is hosted by a British comedian, has a magician and rapper to ensure that it is not only valuable networking and knowledge transfer but also a lot of fun. An evening reception in the old city hall as well as a party and a walking tour through Malmö ensure further networking opportunities for companies, investors, startups and all other participants.
Leading up to the European Startup Festival, they also have 6 Pitching Matches across Europe where start-ups meet investors. These are not public events and can only be participated in by applying as a pitching start-up or judge.
The main European Startup Festival is happening in Malmö, Sweden, this year on the 20th and 21st September. Easy flights to Copenhagen will get you there in no time!

Tickets are only 140 Euros including all the panels, masterclasses and the evening reception. Join to expand your network on a European level, learn new things, inspiration and have a lot of fun!

You can get your tickets here.

Rédigé par Baptiste Baudouin le Wednesday, June 12th 2019
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