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Pssssst …. We have some exciting news ! Introducing the Innovation Fund Serbia label on EuroQuity!

The Innovation Fund  of the Republic of Serbia  … does the name ring a bell? It’s a Governmental agency aiming to foster the development of high-value products and services and promote innovation entrepreneurship. Interesting isn’t it? Well that’s what we thought too and so we invited them to join the EuroQuity family. Through the Innovation Fund  Serbia Label , the Innovation Fund Serbia is striving to promote high-potential Serbian companies with smart business models, looking for series A investment.

The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia  wishes to give a better overview of the booming Serbian ecosystem and its high-potential startups to private investors. Therefore, this label is looking to promote companies whose development is based on the innovative approach of problem solving, with a well-defined roll out strategy led by talented and enthusiastic teams.
Overall, the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia support Serbian SMEs in their efforts to design, develop and place their innovative products on the global market through various financial instruments:

Mini Grants Program : a seed program intended to help early stage startups to complete their R&D phase and create a sustainable go-to-market strategy.

Matching Grants Program: stimulates further knowledge-based development of innovative enterprises and encourages establishment of liaisons with international partners or investors.

Collaborative Grant Scheme Program : grant scheme intended for joint projects of SMEs and R&D organizations to create new products and services as innovative technologies with significant future impact and high market potential.

Technology Transfer Facility Program: support for RDI researchers to bring their research to the market.

Proof of Concept Program : financial and mentoring support for RDI researchers to test their ideas that could lead to marketable products and services.

Innovation Vouchers : simple financial mechanism that enables SMEs to use the R&D services of the RDIs.

To find out which startups are part Innovation Fund Serbia Label, click here
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Rédigé par Anne Surbled Lubeigt le Tuesday, May 12th 2020
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