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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session Cleantech & Agritech on October the 13th at 5:00pm by META
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session organized by META will be held online on October the 13th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 cleantech companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Here is the list of the 7 deeptech companies:

AgTech / SpaceTech
We enable precision irrigation globally for 10% of the cost of current solutions. The company delivery high-resolution surface temperature data globally with daily updates via a microsatellite constellation. Winner of Copernicus Master ESA 4.0 Challenge – 3rd Price at ESA Start-up Competition 2020 – Publicly funded space mission in 2021 – Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer – Falling Walls Finalist 2020 – One of the Winners of Digital Founders Competition – Winner Innovation Challenge Paris Space Week 2020 | 3.0 M€ sought – Germany
IT / Energy / Smart Grid
We help power utilities integrate more renewables and EVs in the electricity grids while maintaining a high quality of service for their customers. Won 8 client projects - €2M revenues – Winner of New Energy Challengers/Future Grid – Awarded by Solar Impulse Foundation – World's top 36 energy startups in Free Electrons Competition – SET100 list | 4.0M€ sought – Switzerland
IoT and Smart Building Solutions
We make any building smart through the design and development of universally compatible smart home and building automation sensors and actuators with a focus on delivering enhanced comfort, security and energy savings of up to 33% to its end users. Unique proposition of devices with LoRaWAN connectivity offering superior range (up to 15km), long battery life (10+years), simple public or private infrastructure and low investment requirement for B2C and B2B projects. Endeavor company selected in 2017, NDAs and TSs signed by leading EU telecoms and utility partners for pilot projects in Finland, Germany, France and the UK | 3M€ sought – Bulgaria  
AgTech / Precision Irrigation
A plug&play solution based on IoT and Machine Learning for the revamping of existing irrigation systems. Farmers don't need to change their irrigation systems and, by integrating our solution, they can reduce the use of water, energy and fertilizers. On-going contracts with 3 top Italian wineries and with Philip Morris International. Selected for EIT Climate-KIC "Water Scarcity" programme. In July 2020 we received the EU Seal of Excellence. | 0.5M€ sought – Italy
Automotive / Railways / Radar Positoining System
The company has patented and developed a disruptive Radar Positioning Sensor (RPS) for locating trains and cars with 1cm accuracy in a reliable, secure, safe and low cost manner. Siemens, Hitachi, Bombardier, CAF, Renault, Altran, UN, DG MOVE are paying attention to RPS. 4 seals of excellence, best UPM startup, finalist LAcomotion Autonomous Driving category. 0.6M€ IPR investment. | 4M€ sought – Spain
IoT/ Smart Grid
The B2B IoT company digitizes 36+ billion water-based assets off radar today such as water treatment systems, sanitary ware and appliances to remotely monitor them, predict their maintenance, extend their lifetime and reduce water and energy wastes. We have among our customers & LOIs, leading water treatment systems vendors such as Pentair, Kurita, Fileder, Ayor and awarded among the 50 best swiss startups to invest in 2020 by Bilan Magazine. 1.1M€ sought - Switzerland.
Biotech/Ocean/Health tech  
We protect surfaces against microbial, viral and fouling growth, from aquaculture and ship hulls to everyday life surfaces. The company is already developing pilots with major aquaculture companies and Manager of public spaces, like the Lisbon Municipality. Technology proven and scalable and pilots running with major companies in the sector | 3.1M€ sought – Portugal


Tuesday, October 6th 2020

We are very pleased to announce you the fifth e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation on October 8th at 17:00 CEST. This session will present solutions around SDG11 - Sustainable and Smart Cities.

The fourth E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 5 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here.
Here is the selection:



CANADA – Cleantech/Construction – Energy Efficiency Simulation Software 
The start-up has developed an AI-powered simulation software that allows home builders to access all possible energy solutions for their home, as well as ensuring their design will meet energy regulations. The solutions also provide a detailed analysis of construction costs. The software reduces GHG emissions on average by 3 tons per year per design and is partnered with 6 local municipalities. 
6 local municipalities as clients; Government contracts for retrofit development | TRL: 9 | TAM: $9B USD | Next Step: Market Expansion | Amount to Raise: €320K 

PORTUGAL - Cleantech/Energy – Thermal batteries for buildings efficiency improvement 
Founded in the technological environment of excellence in the University of Aveiro, the start-up developed a thermal battery using phase change materials that provide self-adjustable power output matching the cooling or heating specific needs of a system. The first solution presented to the market solves the problem of waiting for hot water in buildings being the only available solution in the market that combines water and energy efficiency. Recently, the team made a successfully proof of concept combining the thermal batteries with a heat pump system. The results show that the technology can improve the efficiency of a conventional heat pump for heating/cooling and domestic hot water by up to 40%.  
1 patent pending in EU and US | distribution agreement with a large manufacture for US | >300 paying customers | TRL 6 | TAM: 20B€ | Investment case 1M€ (50% go-to-market/ 30% scale-up / 20% R&D) 

FRANCE – Cleantech/Energy - Alternative breakthrough ecological heat pump  
The startup with a long and unique background in its discipline, is developing a breakthrough ecological acoustic heat pump for domestic applications (first market: renovating home heating solutions). This game changer Heat Pump with comparable performances as classical ones has strong competitive advantages : 50 years lifetime, no maintenance, CO2 emissions cut by 90% vs boilers, no  greenhouse gas, TCO 45% less than HP and 15% less than boilers, no brainer for consumer, high profitability. Ongoing discussions with major players of the value chain. Time to market 2 years. 
6 patents worldwide; | TRL: 6 | TAM: €93bn | Next step: design the product, Define the best BM to spread the innovation worldwide | Amount to raise: €5m 

NETHERLANDS - Cleantech - Sorbent Filter that cleans indoor air and improves battery efficiency starting in the Automotive industry
The ESA born company uses patented carbon dioxide filters to recirculate better air in enclosed spaces for health, safety, and improved efficiency. The inaugural product for the electric car protects the driver and passengers from harmful pollutants, pollens, and fumes while enabling a 40% increase in HVAC efficiency. A prototype was successfully demonstrated with an automotive partner in 2019.
x3 patents | 3 R&D contracts closed with different OEMs | TRL 7 | TAM: 528M EVs by 2040 | Build integrated version into OEM concept car and secure pre-orders before end of 2021 | Current funding sought: €5.5M 

SLOVENIA - Cleantech/Energy/Mobility - A leading provider that develops and manufactures advanced interactive charging stations and charging management software
With +10 years in operations, the Company is the European champion of interactive charging, and the sole independent market player combining hardware (“HW “) and software (“SW “) solutions in its product offering. The Company is the only independent European market player in the EV space with both solutions, well positioned to become the leading provider of integrated charging solutions for electromobility. 
Market presence in over 50 countries | Out of CEE region ‘s 10bn revenue companies, 15 are the company's clients | TAMEU 19-30 €80bn |Amount to raise: €10m 

Friday, October 2nd 2020

ESA, EBAN Space, and EuroQuity join forces and will present the first edition of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum, which will be held online on October 12 at 17:30 CEST. In addition, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at the European Space Agency, will introduce the session with a short presentation about “Earth observation, the next frontier of space commercialization”.

Join the first Space Now Virtual Investor Forum with ESA next October 12 at 17:30 CEST
Once the prerogative of public entities, space exploration is now an open gate to new business opportunities for private companies. Moreover, space technologies are enabling new services in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to health.

Thus, EuroQuity invites you next October 12 at 17:30 CEST to witness the first session of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum, organised by EBAN SpaceEuropean Space Agency  and Euroquity, in which we will present 4 space-tech companies looking to scale up. You can register now.

Three other sessions will be organized, and the winning company of each forum will be invited to pitch at the ESA Investment Forum on December 9, held during the European Space Week in Germany. Each Virtual Investor Forum will be opened by a keynote speech from an ESA Director. 

On October 12, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at ESA, will introduce the session with a short presentation about "Earth observation, the next frontier of space commercialization". Then, four companies will be pitching in front of investors and will be evaluated by a jury. 

Register now:  

France - Marine Robotics / Drones
This company wants to become the first ocean data provider in Europe by deploying multiple constellations of Autonomous Surface Vessels

We design, manufacture and operate multiple constellations of SphyrnaALV (Autonomous Laboratory Vessel) in order to collect oceanic mega-data. Similar to satellites in the sea, the SphyrnaALV are 15m long, remote-controlled vessels, which each have an operational autonomy of 10 months thanks to solar and wind energy production. SphyrnaALVs can carry up to a ton of measuring equipment and make it possible to collect no less than 50 different types of data, transmitted in real-time, for a cost divided by 50 compared to “classic” scientific vessels.

Austria - Farm Management Information Solution / AgriTech / Soil Health
Satellite enabled soil moisture analytics and precision farming

We are a web/mobile predictive analytics platform for farmers and agribusinesses that want to improve field profitability and gain better field health, offering affordable and accurate field level satellite enabled soil moisture analytics, crop monitoring and simple to understand field management recommendations with up to 10 days forecast.

Germany - Satellite Imagery / Machine Learning / Incident Prevention
Global knowledge on a local scale - what if Google Earth was weekly up-to-date?

Our mission is to replace helicopters in pipeline monitoring with a cheaper and more efficient satellite-based system. In the long run, we are building a neural net with a massive database of diverse training data, that will be the best in the world in detecting and classifying any changes on earth's surface - for energy, agriculture, real estate, insurance and government markets. 

France - Mapping platform / Hardware / Cloud / Smartphone application / Agritech
Service provider of high accuracy geolocation in connected maps

We develop high-tech services to address today and tomorrow's challenges. We design, develop, and create three products to provide high accuracy geolocation in connected maps. Our mapping platform, which combines high accuracy positioning and embedded vision, is a miniaturized hardware of all the equipment deployed on a Google car. The geotagged data collected by our platform receivers are sent wirelessly to a cloud database for image processing via machine learning algorithms. Finally, a smartphone application is provided to our customers to visualise the digital map and its associated key performance indicators. Precision viticulture, through our brand, is our first market by providing digital solutions for workforce management, vines supervision, and vineyard management.
Cooperation agreements have been reached with 5 customers for an experimentation in 2021. We received French and European awards. ׀ TRL 6 ׀ Next step: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment  1M€ sought - France


Register now:   

The next sessions will be held on:

  • October 27th;
  • November 19th;
  • and December 3rd.
Join us and learn more about how ESA is leading the new space era and discover 16 new high-tech investment deals.

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Tuesday, September 29th 2020
Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session Digital on October the 6th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on October the 6th at 5:00 PM CEST.
6 Digital companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Here is the list of the 6 deeptech companies:

AI Platform
The company makes core corporates Business Processes smarter by automating operational excellence (audit, monitor & anticipate) for any processes in few seconds. The company firstly delivers an AI platform for process optimization in banks & insurances market. Winner of Hack Audit Challenge – Selected by French Assurtech Accelerator - Recognized by Gartner as Major contender in Process Mining | 2.5M€ sought – France

ML & Big Data / SaaS / B2B/ DeepTech
The  system is a cloud-based B2B platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases across a complete range of goods and services. Our machine learning, and mathematical optimization algorithms calculate the optimal solution for the best prices, quantities, discounts, costs of ownership, supplier quality rating and other buyer and supplier constraints to minimize purchasing costs and complexity.  Finalist of the 2019 London Tech Week (UK) and the International B2B Software Days hosted by Enterprise Europe Network in Vienna (Austria). US Patent No. US202000118183A1 (Digital method for purchase centralization, optimization and negotiation) | 1M€ sought – Portugal

IoT/critical infrastructure sectors, Risk and performance-based customers
Delivering Hyper-Secure ‘People-Process-Technology’ Integrity Framework (ZEUS) for complex and highly distributed (edge) IoT critical assets and infrastructures, systems and operations.  Future ready, end-to-end, multipoint, distributed, decentralized, ledger-based cybersecurity platform, that protects complex and interconnected systems, providing customers with full visibility to attack vectors, anomaly alerts and security credential management.  3 US/Patent Cooperation Treaty issued, 3 new patents planned in 2021, New High-Pedigree Management Team | 1M€ sought – Poland
Big Data / SaaS
SaaS to help brands and marketing agencies increase their performance on Amazon. Thanks to our amazing and super useful features our customers can save up to 80% of time optimizing and increase sales by 2,3 times. CAC 180€ - LTV 568€ - Trial to customer 27% - Techstars Company – Amazon Partners – Winners of different awards and grants – European Seal of Excellence | 2M€ sought – Spain
Supplier Discovery/ IT/SaaS
The company has developed the world's biggest supplier database with > 6 million supplier profiles. We provide digital and holistic supplier information by using customs data, AI and web crawling. This empowers purchasing departments of multinational companies to identify all relevant suppliers that fit to their requirements within a few minutes. We already have > 70.000users/ month and work together with industry leaders such as MAN, Roland Berger and Sport 2000 | 1.5M€ sought – Germany
Data Mobile Communications
In our daily life, we all rely on the communication infrastructure. But what should we do in the case that this infrastructure is not available? Our solution is a revolutionary, easy-to-use Ad-Hoc (MESH) networking technology that enables voice and data mobile communications. where other communication systems fail. It does not need any Infrastructure, each device has built in repeater, to extend the range of the network. Our solution is used by first responders and safety services, as well as businesses with critical infrastructure | 3M€ sought – Austria
 > Register here

Tuesday, September 29th 2020
Join the next Belgian E-Pitch session on the 24th at 5:00 PM CEST
The next EuroQuity Belgium pitch session will take place on Thursday, September 24 at 5 p.m. These sessions allow selected companies looking for capital to present their growth project. Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation. Together, the five companies of this session are looking for €10M. If you would like to attend, register now

The selection is as follows:

Industry | Artificial Intelligence 
The company closes the industrial gap from sample-based to 100% quality inspection. Their AI-based “Accelerated 3D Xray Inspection” is image-based and fully automated for use on the production floor. Their ambition is that their technological breakthrough will become the new Quality 4.0 Inspection standard for Automotive, Medical/Pharma, Additive Manufacturing & Critical assemblies. 
Next Step: market entry and industrialization | 2,75M€ sought 

HealthTech - Redefine Patient Surgery 

Medical Device company and Software editor transforming and improving patient treatment for musculoskeletal pathologies. The company provides healthcare professionals, surgeons, patients, and medical device companies with a state-of-the-art clinical decision and surgical simulation support platform a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). The company ensures healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Their ambition is to transform and optimize patients’ healthcare in orthopaedic surgery by improving quality of treatments.
Incubated by 3Dexperience Lab (Dassault Systemes) | Next Step: market validation | 3M€ sought

Urban Mobility - Smart City 

The startup enables businesses and cities to monetize their own data and make data based decisions through exchanging mobility data and services in a cloud platform offering 2 services: a B2B Data Marketplace that facilitates the exchange of mobility data & a B2G City Terminal that helps cities take control of their data and make data-driven decisions. 
Prototype ready, integrated 15 data providers | Next Step: 10 platforms paying participants, a conservative MRR of 20,000€ by March 2021 | 0,4M€ sought

Cleantech/waste treatment – Mycoremediation of complex soil contamination
With about 2.8 million contaminated sites in Europe and annual expenditures of €6.5 bn, soil pollution represents a major economic and environmental concern for industrialized societies. Relying on an innovative biotechnology platform that converts low-grade green waste into a bioremediation medium. We introduce an efficient, competitive (> 50% cost reduction), impactful (-70%CO2 emissions) new way to treat heavily contaminated soils. Driven by an impact mission our soil mycoremediation approach has been awarded with the Solar Impulse Sustainable solution label.
Strong industrial partnerships | Next Step: upscaling of the technology carried out in collaboration with market-leading industrial partners | 0.2M€ sought (1.4M€ secured) and a 3M€ Series A foreseen in 2021-2022.

NanoTech – IOT 

Development and commercialization of ultra-low-power selective micro-sensors with on-board intelligence allowing dynamic measurement of gas concentrations, fine particles and volatile organic compounds for Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 networks (LPWAN, Bluetooth, etc.). This disruptive solution considerably reduces operating and maintenance costs, while offering a high level of autonomy, selectivity and sensitivity.
Scientific & technical partnerships with Sirris, Materia Nova, Certech, CETIC, ... | Next step: pre-scaling | 2,1M€ sought 

Only registrants will receive via email:
  • The day of the pitch: the access link
  • The day after the pitch: the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.
We look forward to seeing you all on September 24 at 5 p.m.

Have a great week-end  !

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Monday, September 14th 2020

We are very pleased to announce you the fourth e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation on September 8th at 17:00 CEST.

The fourth E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 6 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here.

Here is the selection:

TURKEY - Cleantech / Energy – Biogas & Organic Fertilizer from Paper Mill Sludge

The start-up has developed a paper production waste disposal technology, which enables the use of paper mill sludge in biogas/renewable energy and organic fertilizer production. Our technology is used in pretreatment of paper mill sludge and making it ideal for the biogas process. It helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint. The solution has already been successfully tested with the largest paper producer in Turkey.

10+ patents worldwide; First contract | TRL: 7 | TAM: €1.5bn/year | Next Step: Construction of first commercial plant | Amount to raise: €8.5M

GERMANY – Cleantech / Circular Economy – B2B marketplace for circular plastics

Born out of the Entrepreneur First Ltd (UK) talent investment program, the start-up is developing a global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock on the backheels of sweeping new regulations (e.g. EU Plastic Tax) forcing brand owners to use more recycled plastic in all of their products. It connects the plastics value chain from end-to-end starting. By integrating logistics, testing, trade finance, credit insurance and certification, the start-up significantly lowers the transaction costs for recyclates and leverages AI to create a solid business case for the plastic industry to become more sustainable.

Launched on March 2nd |390 active companies from 49 countries – GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) on August 1st: €412 |TRL: 7 | €34bn |Next step: logistics integration | Amount to raise: €2m

FINLAND - Carbon removal / Circular Economy - High purity, conductive, functional biocarbons from waste
Commercialising a breakthrough technology in the carbon conversion domain. The patented technology has the ability to process a multitude of biomass waste in a semi-modular facility designed to be rapidly deployable on site. The resulting biocarbons are remarkably stable, high in fixed carbon and conductive, which is increasingly understood as a potential key to bacterial processes. They have €1m+ in LOIs and they are focusing on pre-sales now with still limited production capacity, as the team looks to scale up the production in 2020-2021 to meet growing demand from environmental remediation (water, soil, toxins) and novel materials.
TRL: 6 | TAM: €10+ bn | Next step: Building a deep demonstration of the technology and entering large scale pilots with customers  | Raising: €2-5m

FRANCE – Cleantech – The first substitute for gold

Spin-off from a French laboratory of excellence, the start-up has developed innovative materials and processes, which can both reduce gold consumption and open up new ways of using gold. The solution decreases the environmental impact of gold mining and is an alternative to the rising price of gold. The technology has firstly been successfully deployed on high end luxury and the start-up works now to implement it on the broader jewelry market. In the long term, this technology conceals other development opportunities in high value-added markets such as the biomedical and chemical industries.

4 granted patents worldwide; 15 paying customers | TRL: 8 | TAM: €20bn | Next step: industrialization | Amount to raise: €1m

FRANCE – Greentech / Cleantech – Recycling of plastic nets with an eco-friendly process
The start-up has developed a technology that allows the dry cleaning and recycling of plastic nets and fibers. The technology is patented and certified by an ETV (Environmental Technology Verification). The pilot made it possible to produce the world's first agricultural nets from recycled material in closed loop. The start-up has secured its upstream supplies and has pre-sales agreements for its PCR (Post-Consumer Recycling Resin).
Unique recycling solution worldwide – 1.75tCO² saved per ton of plastic | TRL: 7-8 | TAM (total addressable market): €1.95bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: €4m

MEXICO - BioFabricated Materials - BioFabricated Leather-like material
We are creating leather from agroindustrial food-waste in one of Mexico's most important industrial corridors. This BioFabrictaed leather-like material is Animal Free and Plastic Free. Our solution has been awarded by MIT, Mass Challenge, Dow Chemical Company and INCMty. We have successfully launched a pilot plant and are negotiating agreements with international luxury, apparel and shoe brands. We are finalizing our Seed Round to scale our operation into a 15,000 sq.ft industrial facility that will allow us to deliver the first batches of the material.
3+ patents; 3 more to come by late 2020. 14 LOI´s from Luxury, Apparel, Shoe and Automotive Companies. | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: €45bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: €3.5m

Wednesday, September 2nd 2020
BlueInvest and EIPP join forces and will be introducing green shipping and ocean clean-up solutions next 15th of July at 3:00 PM CEST
BlueInvest and the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) are delighted to present the second edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will be held online on Wed 15 July at 3:00 PM CET. If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register to have access to the recorded session.

This session features European companies with innovative and sustainable technologies for ports, green shipping and ocean clean-up.

BlueInvest  is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy, by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The European Investment Project Portal  is an EU matchmaking portal, enabling EU-based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. It is a free service offered by the European Commission and is part of the Investment Plan for Europe, which aims to mobilise investment, boost economic growth and create jobs across the EU.
We hope to see you on Wed 15 July, 3:00 PM CET.
If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Chumacero .

Ocean clean-up
A solution for two huge problems regarding the marine environment: excess of water recovered during Oil Spill Recovery Operations and recovery of micro-plastics. This innovative project is based on a patented device that will be an essential tool to protect the marine environment and to promote the blue economy. This project will address a business opportunity related to the reduction of seaport management costs by reducing drastically the amount of water recovered by the existing oil recovery machinery, improvement of the marine activities and removal of tiny plastic debris that are being eaten by fish and consequently by humans. Recipient of the EC Seal of Excellence. Market classification: Pre-commercial, construction started | Next step: Commercialisation | € 1.7m sought – Spain
Green shipping
Autonomous navigation powered by artificial intelligence considering real time maritime traffic and weather conditions. We have developed an artificial intelligence that combines Copernicus data and maritime traffic conditions to optimise the journey of ships, saving them time and fuel on local and international routes. This solution can be offered to all kinds of fleet operators shipping cargo, including tankers, consumer goods, plus fishing fleets, ferries, and cruise liners and also small maritime operators and sailors. A revolutionary technology selected by the European Space Agency. Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 1.3m sought – Germany

Green shipping
This modular electro-chlorination Ballast Water Management System provides a unique and safe solution giving greater flexibility on installation, overall reduced costs and energy consumption. A combination of two methods of treatment is used, giving optimum results in a marine environment. Both Solutions meet current and future legislation in our changing world. The first by using a low energy frequency Sea Water Conditioning Unit on the main ballast water fill line eliminating the need for filtration. The second through the production of concentrated sodium hypochlorite from seawater using a high capacity electro-activation cell.
Market classification: Mature, ready for commercialisation | Next step: Commercialisation | € 7.5m sought – Cyprus 
Green construction for marine environments
High-performance building material that will be one of the first of the Carbo-Negative materials capable of replacing cement, concrete, steel, wood and aluminium. Its carbon footprint is 90% smaller than cement, steel, aluminum and many other materials in virtually all forms of building and infrastructure projects. Manufacturing for this versatile, revolutionary material is CO2-free. Material is corrosion-free and will cut installation times by a factor of 2 or more. Applications include granite that bends, railway sleepers that outlast testing equipment, marine vessels that won’t rust, roofs, domes, dams, bridges and ports with biblical longevity.
Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 7-15m sought – France
Ocean waste management
Plastic Cleanup System designed to be easily replicated to be suitable for scalability. The package currently includes an Impact Picture the helps the contributor envision the impact that is created via the ocean-bound plastic waste collection where most of his/her purchase is channeled. The contributor receives a Process Picture for envisioning the process how plastic is collected and recycled to have a better overview of the actual collection activity.
Market classification: Pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 0.25m sought – Hungary
River clean-up
The most effective and affordable River Plastic Interception technology. 100% Collection effectiveness, 20% ROI.
Market classification: Commercial | Between EUR 0.5m-3m sought – UK

You can register here:   

Tuesday, July 7th 2020
We’ve got some exciting news… We are proud to introduce you the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) on EuroQuity!
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is a governmental body whose objective is to develop innovation and entrepreneurship. Long story short: in line with EuroQuity, that’s why we offered them to create a label and join us. 

The PARP on EuroQuity Label is eager to create a group of high-potential Polish companies with smart business models and looking for series A investment.

This new label will present the growing Polish SME ecosystem and its high-potential startups to private investors all around the world.
Indeed, the PARP on EuroQuity Label has the ambition to identify and promote companies whose development is based on an innovative vision of the market and its problems, a suitable solution supported by a well-defined strategy and led by talented and enthusiastic teams.

Moreover, the PARP support Polish SMEs in their willingness to design, develop and place their innovative products on the global market through various instruments, i.e.:
  • Acceleration Programs,
  • Start-up platforms schemes,
  • Go-Global type of actions.
To find out which startups are part of PARP Label, click here.
For more detailed information about PARP:

Wednesday, July 1st 2020

We are very pleased to announce you the third e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse foundation on July 7th at 17:00 CEST.

Join the Solar Impulse e-pitch session on July 7th at 5:00pm CET
The third E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 6 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here

Here is the selection:

Switzerland - Cleantech/New Materials - Healable and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity
Spin-off from a Swiss University after 12 years of thorough research in the field of self-healing composites, the startup delivers for the first time an efficient smart and bio-inspired solution for extending the life-time of composite structures. Their patented solution is preimpregnated textiles integrating a typical chemistry and compatible with existing production lines. These new materials enable repeated damage healing, usage as resistant and lightweight materials, easier recycling at the end-of-life. After successful proof-of-concepts, the startup is now setting up 5 engineering projects with clients in the marine and sport industries for summer 2020.
Production scale-up de-risked, 5 applications settlement | TRL: 7 | TAM: €16bn | Next Step: market industrialization | Amount to raise: €1.4m

FRANCE – Agriculture/Sustainable Development – Increasing soil/plant knowledge for better farming practices using low-cost technology
Started in 2016, the company has designed and commercialized a low-cost high-quality system to measure soil and leaf parameters to allow farmers to make informed decisions about their production practices. Commercialized since 2018, 250 systems are currently active in France with new orders coming in.
10 clients/60 users | TRL 9 | TAM 2018 750M€ | Amount to raise: 300K€

SPAIN – Cleantech/Mobility - Using wind power as a complementary propulsion system for the shipping industry
Delivering of an automated wind-assisted propulsion systems that harness renewable energy (wind) as a turn-key solution to all shipowners looking to decrease their fuel-related costs and pollutant emissions, saving up to 30% of the fuel consumption. The patented technology, successfully tested on ground, is in a phase of expansion, with 4 contracts already signed for product deliveries in 2020/21.
4+ patents worldwide | 4 contracts for 2020/21 | TRL: 6 | TAM: €66bn | Next Step: first deliveries for current customers, validation to TRL 9 and starting commercialization | Amount to raise: €5m (€1.5m already committed)

US & India - Cleantech/ Consumer Products/ Healthcare Product - Sustainable Menstruation Product good for body, community and environment.
A UN-recognized, 100 Best Time Invention List sustainable consumer products company. Manufacturing world's first 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads from banana and bamboo tree fibre. Patent pending technology to convert agri-waste fibers into absorbent material. Addressing three challenges; chemical based sanitary pads, lack of access to sanitary pads in rural areas, and plastic waste produced by commercial sanitary pads.
1 Patent Worldwide | TAM: $550M USD market in India (only 18% of women currently have access to sanitary pads); $20.5B USD worldwide | Expansion Plan: Scale-up  and launch in Northern America and Europe| TRL: 9 | Traction: 5+ countries  | Amount to raise: € 2.2 m in equity and € 2.30 m in debt 

FRANCE - Cleantech/Energy – Energy storage solutions with fast ROI, to build an as-a-service energy transition.
Developing affordable HVAC systems with battery storage, to be installed with photovoltaics inself-consumption. Their core product is based on a multi-patented architecture, allowing the reusing of bike batteries. 
Licensing agreement with Stelpro (North America), partnership with Engie and Butagaz to develop as-a-service offer, project with La Poste to reuse batteries from 10 000 rental e-bikes | SeriesB into preparation  | Amount to raise: € 30M in equity and non-dilutive

FRANCE – Cleantech/Energy – Tidal stream Energy
Tidal stream energy is a renewable, clean, and predictable source of energy offered by the ocean. With two field-tested tidal stream turbines, including the first French grid-connected device, the company stands out as a pioneer in this innovative field. Deployed on the seabed and totally immersed underwater, tidal turbines are deployed in arrays and produce sustainable electricity. The technology credo is inherited from the Oil&Gas and maritime sector: simplicity and ruggedness shall guarantee reliability of underwater equipment for continuous power production.
Main customers: utility or project developers | TRL: 7-8 | TAM: 160 GW | Next Step: commercialisation of pilot tidal arrays |2 EPC contract in France and 1 overseas under negotiation | Amount to raise: €5m

Tuesday, June 30th 2020
Save the date for the next Belgian e-pitch Session on the 9th of July!

The next Belgian e-pitch session will take place on thursday July 09 at 5 p.m.
These sessions allow selected companies looking for capital to present their growth project.
Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation. 

The five companies of this session are active in #MedTech and #HealthTech. Together they are looking for €12M

If you would like to attend, register now

The selection is as follows:
MedTech – Prevention of scars
Therapy device designed to help prevent or improve scars resulting from incisional surgeries– researched, developed and launched. CE Mark and US FDA registrations achieved. First €3M in contract sales signed in 10 countries.  Earned 4 product awards in France, UK, and USA. Complementary product pipeline with IP,  >€60 billion market size. Teamed with Dupont-Dow and UCL-Université catholique de Louvain. Strong and efficient USA-EU experienced management team.   USA subsidiary established and ready for growth.
Seeking funds to fuel sales growth in the USA - our largest market | €2 M lead investor sought to match Noshaq and SRIW.
MedTech | Dissection of pathological tissues
Medical device which makes the selective mechanical dissection of pathological tissues possible, without damaging sensitive tissues and organs.
The proof of principle is supported by clinical trials with more than 1,000 patients in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. Commercial launch in 14 key countries realized in 2019 (open surgery, expanded to include minimally invasive surgery applications) | €4.2M thought, €1.6M already secured.
MedTech | Patient specific bone graft for facial reconstruction
A 3D printed bone implant for facial repairing that allows bone reconstruction without taking the bone from the patient. The solution is scalable and can be used around the world. It's already on the market with very good clinical results. The product is supported by key opinion leaders in facial surgery.
Fully controlled process and material validated in term of biocompatibility. ISO 13485 - 2016 accreditation at SGS | €2.3 M sought.
MedTech | World’s first inflatable positioning supports...
... a breakthrough in patient care, hygiene and ergonomics in hospitals. Patented technology to position and move patients with compressed air. Our first innovations are for the operating room (e.g neurosurgery) and intensive care units (e.g COVID patients). We design and produce inflatable positioning devices, which enables healthcare workers to position patients quickly and safe without manual power (avoiding work-related musculoskeletal injuries and sick leave). Our solution can save 25% on personnel in surgery rooms and enable 5% more surgeries daily. The optimal positioning “on air” will avoid complications for patient and enable a revolution in surgical procedures.
Best Tech invention award 2019. European Seal of Excellence 2020. CE mark and launched in June 2019. 350.000€ sales in 2020. Sold in 6 European countries. | €1.5M sought, €750k already secured
Social Distancing Smart Device
We’ve designed and built a small wearable device making social distancing easy and allowing GDPR proof contact tracing. Our goal is to ensure business continuity for our clients and help companies become ‘future pandemic proof’. The demand for our devices comes from companies with local and global footprint, looking for solutions to avoid costly lockdowns or quarantines and making sure to provide adequate prevention and detection measures for all their stakeholders.
We’ve setup a distribution network and production process. | €1M sought.

Monday, June 29th 2020
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