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On behalf of Hyundai Motor Group, we are pleased to share information of the first global open call to startups from ZER01NE.

Hyundai Open Call to startups for collaboration
ZER01NE ACCELERATOR, an open innovation platform for Hyundai Motor Group (HMG), is announcing its 1st startup open call for 2020. ZER01NE* is Hyundai accelerator in South Korea, Seoul
"Our program is dedicated to create various business opportunities by linking external startups with internal teams within HMG."
Startups that are willing to engage in Open Innovation with HMG are welcome to participate in ZER01NE ACCELERATOR 2020 Program.
For this public offering, the startup incubation team created a virtual organization called “OI Committee”, in which various teams within our company and affiliates participated and collected the internal challenges and needs for startups.

What are the Benefits (Startups may be selected into more than one track) ?
Participate in PoC projects with HMG internal teams (For startups selected by internal teams within HMG)

Participate in HKMC Product Development Fast Track (For startups selected by Product Division of HKMC)

Equity investment opportunity (Seed ~ Series B)

1. Who can apply?
  • Startups who are eligible to participate in collaborative projects with HMG and strategic investment opportunities (Seed ~ Series B)
  • Collaboration Themes : New Automotive USP, Mobility Platform, Smart Factory, Drones & Robots, Marketing Solution, Hygiene
  • Minimum Qualification : Incorporated Startups regardless of previous investment history

2. The schedule for the first global contest is as follows.

- Please note that the open call will be conducted from April 13th to May 10th.
Dates Agenda
4/13 ~ 5/10 Open Call and Startup Sourcing
5/11 ~ 5/22 1st Screening(by ZER01NE & CRADLE)
5/25 ~ 5/29 2nd Screening(by OI Committee)
6/4 ~ 6/5  Interview Evaluations(by OI Committee)
6/12 Final Selections
6/Week 3 Project Workshop
7/Week 1 Project Proposal Submission Deadline
7/Week 2 Contract and Project Kick-off
3. Startups may apply to Hyundai Motor Group program by procedures listed below.

Before this step you need to download the documentation here
  1. Selecting a project from the Open Call Application Guide
  2. Documenting the Startup Application Form (apply project number from Open Call Application Guide)
  3. Submission of Startup Application Form and Company Deck via email ( and cc and

Monday, April 6th 2020

The next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on March the 19th, at 5PM CET. Eight European Healthcare start-up are looking for funding.

Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on March the 19th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on March the 19th at 5 PM CET.
8 Healthcare companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.
Register here

Here is the list of  the 8 deeptech companies:

Digital platform for collaborative care for neurodegenerative diseases 
Connecting People with Parkinson’s disease with their care team for a better quality of life at lower cost. We use patient-centric, smart and non-intrusive technologies in motion capturing, patient reported outcomes, voice analysis and wearables to collect data and detect specific events and disease progression.  
Consortium with academic hospitals and technology partners in Belgium - US patent granted – Collaborative Research Agreement with Texas A&M and Northwestern Medicine Chicago signed- MVP marker-less motion capturing tested in clinical trials and Quality of Life application for patient and caregiver ready to pilot – Semi-finalist Polsky ANVC (Chicago) – Chicago Innovation Mentor member at MATTER and Polsky member | €1M to 3€M sought  – Belgium and US.  

MedTech / AI imaging
We provide a patented 3D pre-operative planning system for orthopedic surgeons, which aims to help young surgeons to achieve the best outcomes as more experienced surgeons, connecting pre-op with robotic surgery and implants inventory management. We are FDA cleared, CE marked, ISO 13485:2016 approved and running a pilot with a TOP 3 of the Implant Manufacturers market | TRL: 6-8  - TAM: €2B - Next step: Commercial Acceleration | €4M sought – Portugal

we are developing the first ever fully implantable device to actively and continuously treat systemic fluid overload and keep chronically congested heart failure patients balanced at home. Horizon 2020 SME-II Beneficiary, Top-25 Medtech Innovator Emerging companies of 2018, ICI Innovation Award, TCT Shark Tank Top-3 - TRL 6-7  - TAM : $6B - Next step: Pilot clinical trial | €4M sought – Israel 

MedTech / Tele-Rehabilitation
We have developed a solution to continuously monitor stroke patient’s mobility and rehabilitation progress. Our technology is embedded in shoes and enables us to perform gait analysis. It helps stroke patients to re-learn how to use their extremities by assisting them by haptic feedback. We offer the only solution which can be used at the clinic and consecutively at home without further preparation. Clinical trials started at prestigious neuro-rehabilitation clinic - LOI received from clinics to sell our product to their patients - Received 3 Eurostars projects, Pioneer Fellowship by ETH Zurich Foundation, Venture Kick Stage 2| 1.5M sought - Switzerland

Medtech/Medical device
Our goal is to allow the use of interventional oncology whenever possible. We have developed an Augmented Reality needle guidance system and a Software of images for the microscopical assessment of the outcome of the procedures that make this mini-invasive tumor treatment technique easier, more precise and affordable for everyone. Winner of the 2015 Innovits Gymnasium, 2015 UnicreditStartLab award, 2016 Everis Award, 2016 IBM Smartcamp. Finalist of the 2016 Marzotto Premio per l’impresa prize TRL 8 |TAM €3B | Next step: commercial acceleration | €2.8M sought - Italy

Medical device / MedTech / A.I. 
We have developed a non invasive device that is inconspicuous and portable, able of registering brain activity and epilepsy crisis, besides being able of producing an alert of incoming crisis before it happens. 3.3 M€ Fund raised - ISO 13485 – Clinical Trials successful - Technology patented - Winner SME Phase II - Winner DLab Programme MWC 2017 - Winner Vodafone Foundation Award 2018 - Winner Mapfre Foundation Award 2018 - First prize at Silicon Valley Funding Summit - 2n prize at Innovation World Cup - TRL: 6-8 - TAM: $84B - Next Step: industrialization | €4,5M sought – Spain

Predictive medicine / A.I.
We develop predictive algorithms to calculate the risks of different severe diseases, in the field of personalized and predictive medicine. These algorithms help to target at-risk populations and to set up early detection and/or prevention strategies with health professionals. Our first launch is a melanoma predisposition algorithm. IP is guaranteed by patents and exclusive license exploitation. NDA and partnership signed with a leading International Laboratory (CerbaHealthcare) for distribution and marketing. Five other algorithms in R&D. | €5M sought – France

Predictive IVD diagnostic in oncology
A clinical-stage medtech company specializing in high value predictive IVD diagnostic in oncology. The first company product is a RNA based molecular diagnostic test which identifies pancreatic cancer patients who are most likely to benefit from gemcitabine treatment. Based on liquid biopsy (noninvasive whole blood test), this CE marked IVD diagnostic is able to support physicians in tailoring the treatment to the patient needs aiming to increase patient quality of life as well as supporting patient social life and reducing the cost of the treatment. This diagnostics will be launched on the EU market first quarter of 2020. International Patents, CE Mark .TRL7/8 -200 millions per year- Next Step: next step is to partner with a distributor for the French/EU market market and to launch the product on the european market in T1 2020.|€3M sought - France

Thursday, March 5th 2020

Meet eight high potential companies selected by the European Innovation Agencies - Taftie - on March 24 at 05:00 PM CET

Join the Taftie E-Pitch session on March 24 at 05:00PM CET
We proudly present the seventh edition of the Taftie e-pitch session that will be held online on March 24 at 5:00 PM CET. If the schedule does not fit you, register anyway, so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.   
This session will feature companies in biotech/medtech, sustainable energy, RetailTech, cybersecurity and Music Industry looking for tickets from 0.9 to 15M€.

Companies were selected in collaboration with Taftie, the association that gathers all innovation agencies of European countries. This is a unique opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles from all over Europe and to ask them questions by registering here.

See you next March the 24th at 5:00 PM CET. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Cristina Chumacero.

Here is the program:

CleanTech / Hydrogen
We developed an innovative solution to facilitate hydrogen (H2) transportation, by charging and releasing hydrogen in a unique liquid carrier (HydroSil). Our breakthrough innovation has the potential to remove all barriers hindering the deployment of hydrogen solutions by tackling safety, regulations and supply chain issues. Solar impulse foundation labeled solution, supported by Shell GameChanger program, Winner of EDF Pulse 2018. | TRL: 5 | TAM: $60B | Next step: Industrialisation |15M€ sought - France
Healthcare / MedTech / Medical Devices
We are focused on global commercialization of innovative and potentially disruptive therapeutic technology to treat a broad range of urinary tract disorders. Our patented drug-delivery device, dtb-instilla™ minimizes the negative side effects of conventional systemic forms of treatment by dispensing the medications directly into the bladder, direct-to-bladder (dtb) therapy. > $2 Million in Seed Funding - 4 US and Multi-National Patents Granted – ISO 13485:2016 Certified - Exclusive R&D partnership with University of Wisconsin and WARF – Joint Venture, LLC in Q1 2020 | TRL: 7 | TAM: $2B  Next Step: Design validation and regulatory process for commercialization | Series A, 9M€ sought – UK


Sustainable energy 
We develop a technology and equipment for full sustainable and full continuous generation of energy, by contacting flows of water with different salinity; per example where rivers flow into the sea. The potential is to generate up to 15% of the world power demand, at cost effective level. Our pilot plant (TRL7) is ready for upscaling into TRL8 and full implementation. Winner of the Dutch National Icon, appointed by the full Board of Dutch ministers. | Next step: Demonstration TRL8 at 1MW plant |15M€ sought - The Netherlands

IT / Retail / AI Video Solutions
The Retail Market is rapidly digitizing and thanks to our in-house developed Cognitive AI Video Technology Solutions, we provide Global Retailers solutions for Loss Prevention, increased Customer Experience and Workforce Management. With more than 30.000.000 shoppers analyzed during their shopping experience we are a leader in Real Time and High Accurate AI Video Solutions. Finalist of ECR’s innovation workshop “Frictionless” SelfCheckout | TRL: 7-9 | TAM: $10+B | Next Step: commercial acceleration | 2.5M€ sought - Belgium

No more hacks, exploits, constant security updates, passwords, phishing or insider threats. Excalibur provides a fundamental cybersecurity breakthrough by cloud-based netflix-like real time interactive streaming of all your existing apps, services and websites - however insecure they might be - wherever they might be running - on-prem or in cloud - attacking them is no longer possible. Already deployed at a large bank – awarded Top Supplier of the Year by Tatrabanka (RBI group), several other POCs running, secured 1M+ euro in contracted revenue already, multiple industry recognitions by organizations such as Deutsche Telekom, Kaspersky etc. | TRL: 8 | MRL: 6 | TAM: $100B | Next step: global scaling | 2.5M€ sought – Slovak Republic 

Portable, non invasive and automated device (therapeutic collar) for the temperature management of patients after TBIs. It reduces the complexity of the treatment and improves ease of use unlike total body cooling. We aim at placing our kit in every public place just like the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to empower bystanders to immediately react in case of an emergency. 8 patents, Winner of Startup Europe Awards (Cat. HEALTH). First-in-human pilot trial successfully completed with the enrollment of 4 patients (Cambridge University Hospital, Neurocritical Care Unit, UK). Developed a sport-related application to deliver the most effective safety solutions in every dynamic sports for the improvement of cognitive performances. | TRL: 7 | TAM: €4.3B (in 2025) | Next step: complete the clinical research and validation process, industrialization and regulatory clearance to be able to access the market by 24 | 3M€ sought – Italy

IT / FinTech / Music Industry
By positioning ourselves as the bridge between the Music Industry and the Capital Markets, we’ve created the first true stock exchange for music royalties. We sustain the market of music rights and open the music industry to external investments. Winner of 2019 BIME PRO Startup Competition - Representative office at Music Innovation Hub in Milano  - Finalist of the 2020 CES Las Vegas Village Francophone pitch competition - $83 M value of catalogues on sale | TRL : 6-7 | TAM : €27Bn | Next Step: full commercial out roll | 2.5M€ sought – Luxembourg

Biomedical / Wearable Tech / Sports Science
Wearable sensor design to prevent injuries and optimize the training efficiency of players by tracking the muscle activity during the training session. Invested by HAX Acc. which is the world’s biggest hardware accelerator – LOIs & Pilot trials with top level clubs such as Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fenerbahçe and Atletico Madrid – Partnership with industry leaders such as Decathlon and BVSports. | TRL: 7 | TAM: $9B | Next Step: industrialization 0.9M€ sought – Turkey

You can register here:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Wednesday, February 26th 2020
The Tech Tour Transfert Invest is back in Paris on February 12th and 13th, 2020
Tech Tour together with SATT (France's tech transfer acceleration offices), BPI France and EuroQuity is pleased to announce the 4th edition of Tech Tour Transfer Invest (TTTI), an event that aims to stimulate investment into French tech transfer spin-offs.
TTTI will take place on 12-13 February 2020 at BPI France in Paris.
This event is the result of a collaboration between the SATT Network, Tech Tour, Bpifrance and its EuroQuity platform. Its objective is to effectively help French technology transfer spin-offs to meet international investors and business partners.
TTTI will present 41 technology transfer spin-offs selected in France, designated by technology transfer acceleration offices including SATT Sud-Est, and selected by investors in the Digital, Biotech, Health and Energy sectors.
To register for the event: click here
You can also send an email to:
For more information :

TTTI at a glance
- 41 selected French technology transfer spin-offs in the fields of digital disruption, biotechnology, medical technology, materials, energy, mechatronics and other advanced technologies.

BioTech CleanTech ICT MedTech - 40+ International venture capital or corporate investors & most French investors active in the new technologies sector
- 1.5-day possibility to develop relations in France’s dynamic tech transfer market
Click here to register for the event

Wednesday, February 5th 2020

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and bpi france and EuroQuity would be delighted if you could join us for a roundtable discussion to learn about Fintech opportunities in the region and how the DIFC can help you navigate a route to the market.

The event will include insightful discussion with DIFC senior executives about critical market dynamics plus an opportunity to meet and network with your industry peers.

About DIFC
Since our inception in 2004, the DIFC has facilitated the development of the largest financial and professional services cluster in the MEASA region by providing a world-class platform to some of the largest and fastest-growing economies of the world.

We have already pivoted towards innovation and our vision is to now drive the future of finance. In 2017, DIFC launched the region’s first Fintech Accelerator – The Hive - and has subsequently built the region’s most comprehensive FinTech and venture capital environment, including cost-effective licensing solutions, forward-thinking regulation, innovative accelerator programs, and funding for early and growth-stage start-ups.

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, 30 January 2020
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
Venue: bpi France, 6-8 boulevard Haussmann, Paris

10:00am - 10:30am: Registration and Networking
10.30am - 10:45am: Welcome remarks, bpi France
10.45am - 11.15am: Sizing the opportunity and DIFC’s model to support tech innovation – Ali Hassan, Senior Representative for Europe and North America, DIFC Authority
11.15am - 12:00pm: Q&A roundtable
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Networking lunch  

Tuesday, December 17th 2019
The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 19 December, from 5 to 6 PM CEST !
The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 19 december, from 5 to 6 PM CEST.  Register here  
Companies will each have 8 minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. The company profiles and their pitch deck will be uploaded on the EuroQuity platform, so don’t miss to sign up.
The selection is the following :

The selection is as follows:

MedTech - Medical prediction solution for young asthmatics
A predictive home monitoring solution that allows early diagnosis and revolutionizes the management of chronic respiratory diseases in children aged 0 to 5 years. The dedicated monitoring tool as well as the connected and predictive analysis platform provides parents and physicians with unique data to improve treatment efficiency and anticipate complications. Supported by opinion leaders in the sector. ISO13485 certification in progress.
The partners: Johnson&Johnson (JLABS) and CHU Charleroi | MVP completed - pre-commercialization | Amount sought: €2.5m

MedTech - What if we could add 7 to 12 quality-adjusted life years to people with Parkinson's disease at a 20 to 40% lower cost?
Our platform captures data and detects events in the daily activities of patients with neurodegenerative diseases using state-of-the-art technologies in motion capture, quality of life surveys, portable systems and voice detection. Using AI, data are analyzed and transformed into objective parameters of disease progression to provide an overview of care pathway adherence, treatment outcomes, drug efficacy and personalized care that can be shared with all stakeholders.
The partners: Multitel, CHU Liège, KULeuven, Texas A&M, Northwestern Medicine, Patient Associations | Amount sought: €3.0m

Medtech - device for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation
Company dedicated to the development and commercialization of a new device for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation by mitral valve repair (minimal invasive procedures). The device will allow physicians to treat mitral regurgitation with a transcatheter procedure commonly used by interventional cardiologists. Launched on the market in mid-2022 with the objective of developing a limited sales network on the European market.
The company has developed a solid IP (global technology rights) and successful preclinical feasibility tests, support from the DGO6 | Amount sought: €691k
Sport tech - The 1st automatic distributor of sports care! 
A vending machine for sports products and its practitioners, installed directly on sports practice sites to facilitate access to this type of care, hygiene, maintenance and even health products!
A real sports parapharmacy accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully automated with up-to-the-minute sales software, the latest payment technologies (no cash), lcd screen with photos and product information videos.
Innovative concept already supported by sports federations, cities, sports centres and professionals in the sector for rapid development on many Belgian and international sites!
+30 sites already signed and 2 machines already installed | Amount sought: 250 k€

Medtech - Shaking up Clinical Research
Advanced ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) platform that assists the Clinical Research industry to efficiently access Real World Data (RWD) and Lifestyle patterns from IoT devices during studies, thus achieving up to 30% in cost savings and accelerating the drug development process for up to 2 years. Further to the advanced ePRO capabilities, this platform is using AI algorithms during clinical studies to predict outcomes based on derived behavioral biomarkers that deliver models of digital twin phenotypes. This pioneering approach will allow Pharmaceutical companies to simulate optimized studies with synthetic data based on previous clinical trials and deliver personalized interventions of high effectiveness.
Target: Pharmaceutical industries and CROs. Current product used by a Top5 Pharmaceutical company and 2 AI-driven studies designed, expected to be launched in 2020/Q1 | 1M€ sought 

Friday, December 13th 2019
Register to the last ESIL cross-border e-pitch session, on December 18th at 5:00 PM CEST
The last ESIL pitch session will be held online on December 18th at 5 PM CET. 

Four companies have been selected by different European BAs, for tickets from 650k€ to 2M€. Discover those companies below. If your schedule is too busy, register anyway  , so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.   

Companies will each have six minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event, so don’t miss to sign up.

If you have any questionS, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to explain you the details.


MedTech/Robotics/Smart Mobility
Revolutionary robotic verticalization mobility system for people with disabilities. We introduce advanced design, mechanical, electronics, AI, IoT and software solutions in the field of Medtech and Medical device industry. 
Received a certificate (Seal of Excellence) delivered by the European commission as the institution managing Horizon 2020, Winner at CESA awards for Best Social Impact Startap Regional and Bulgarian Finale. Annual award for social innovation EFSE Bulgaria (Eight European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship) | 1 M€ sought – Bulgaria

Fintech / Emerging markets / Point of Sale Lending  
Point of sale lending in emerging markets, using alternative data and AI to create credit scores. We connect customers directly with merchants leveraging revenue sharing agreements (same business model as Affirm).
Ex-Affirm CCO has joined as an advisor - Over $1.3M lent, over 250k Users onboarded, relationships with 13 merchants including Kenya Power and Nairobi Water, posted 29.12% growth last month ($22.3k Rev) - Frontline Ventures, ACT Venture Capital co-leading the round, ex head of Stripe also committed  | 1.3-2.2M€ sought – Ireland 

Smart Cities / Healthcare IT / Consumer wearables 
Smart integrated solution (wearable electronic gadget & smartphone App) intended for vulnerable population groups as a means of preventing potential asthma attacks due to exposure to poor air quality. Seal of Excellence award by European Commission – Finalist of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition 2019 – Finalist of StartupNow Forum 2019 – Finalist of Startups d.Day competition / digital economy forum 2019: “Leading Greece to Growth” | 0.65 M€ sought – Greece


We make biobased sustainable and recyclable polymers designed to improve the acoustic insulation of buildings, transport vehicles and industry equipment. We provide a biobased alternative to petroleum based insulation materials and bring a quiet living and working environment in residential and tertiary buildings, in industrial facilities and in transport systems. Winner of the European Greenov Award 2014 | 1.5 M€ sought - Belgium

Automotive / Smart Mobility
We develop a car scanner-robot providing autonomous visual documentation of the car body within 2 minutes. It allows full AI detection of scratches and dents.
We also provide a smart parking enforcement solution, providing 95%+ detection accuracy at speeds up to 70 kph. It is the world’s only system that can localize parked cars with <10cm precision, which can be useful for the detection of free parking spots.
Already deployed across 22 locations in Poland and the UK - PoC with a German sport’s car manufacturer - Won a public tender for three years of enforcement in Warsaw - Accelerated under Nvidia Inception, Samsung Incubator and Microsoft for startups | 2 M€ sought – Poland

Friday, December 13th 2019

InvestHorizon is a programme financed by the European Commission in association with Eureka to foster investment readiness. The InvestHorizon Accelerator is for selected deep tech companies to facilitate series A funding.

The third call for application is now open!

InvestHorizon - Are you raising an ambitious Series A? Third call for application is now open!
Have you raised at least €250 K in Seed Funding ? Are you raising an ambitious Series A Investment for your  high-tech company? Would you like to validate your business strategy with peers?
If the answers are YES, then you should apply now to join the InvestHorizon Accelerator
Cut-off on January 31 - All sectors

InvestHorizon fosters the investment readiness of Europe's ambitious high-tech companies.

How does it work – simple steps to follow
Each high-tech start-up accepted into the Accelerator goes through the following stages . If you want to be part of the programme (it’s free of charge), check your eligibility here.
How to apply?
For those of you who missed our recent webinar you can find out more about the application process here "InvestHorizon - How to apply?" or download the programme presentation.
We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2019

​PwC and EuroQuity are happy to invite you to a webinar in which we will introduce our new community on EuroQuity.

WEBINAR 4th DECEMBER - BlueInvest on EuroQuity what's next ? 
  • Date: 4th December at 4 pm
  • Start-Ups
  • SMEs
  • Corporates
  • Investors
  • Business Angels
  • Venture capitalists
  • Clusters
  • Accelerators
  • Incubators
  • Business Coaches
  • Advisors
BlueInvest is an initiative of the European Commission, and now a community on Euroquity, which aims to promote sustainable growth of the Blue Economy by helping innovative start-ups and SMEs access finance and business opportunities. To do this, BluInvest will:
  • Assist a select group of high potential start-ups and SMEs on their strategic approach, financial and investment readiness, business models and execution capacity through a network of experienced business coaches
  • Provide investors with access to relevant deal flow, high potential portfolio candidates and privileged information on meaningful industry developments and trends
  • Connect innovators, enterprises and investors to accelerators, clusters and other stakeholders for knowledge exchange, partnerships and network-building
The BlueInvest Community will feature events, investment- and market-readiness assistance and a digital academy. Members will receive information on EU funding and grants specific to the Blue Economy.
Register for the webinar click here
Daniela Cedola
Daniela is a Director within PwC Consulting Public Sector. Her focus areas include SME assistance, SME growth strategy, investment readiness, innovation ecosystems, policies for entrepreneurship and businesses and international trade.
Daniela has worked for in different industries and sectors, including Public Sector, Education, Energy and Technology. Working for the PwC’s Accelerator, she specialised in acceleration and internationalisation of SMEs, by providing assistance to CEOs of fast-growing companies on diverse challenges such as strategy, market entry, investments, business plan and business model definition. Daniela is Programme Manager for BlueInvest and she is also Programme Director for the EU Gateway | Business Avenues, the highest funded trade programme in the EU, helping EU companies to access Asian markets.
Catherine Frideres
Catherine is an entrepreneur, business coach and communications specialist with 20 years combined experience in cross-cultural communications, business acceleration coaching and in managing international projects. She has worked in both private and public sectors, engaging stakeholders across different sectors and cultures.

Catherine leads communication activities for the BlueInvest Community and the organisation of BlueInvest events. She also manages acceleration coaching and B2B matchmaking for over 2,500 SMEs across 9 industry sectors for the EU Gateway | Business Avenues programme. She has designed custom training workshops enabling SMEs to gain access to clients, markets, finance and talent.

Friday, November 29th 2019
Register to the next ESIL e-pitch session featuring Croatian startups, on November 27th at 5:00 PM CEST
Our next ESIL pitch session will be held online on November 27th at 5 PM CEST. 

Five companies have been selected by our partner, Zagreb Innovation Centre, for tickets from 200 k€ to 1,2M€. Discover those companies below. If your schedule is too busy, register anyway , so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.   

Companies will each have six minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event, so don’t miss to sign up.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to explain you the details.

IT / Robotic Process Automation
An enterprise grade platform for automating business processes using software robots sometimes referred to as digital workers. We use artificial intelligence to provide more robustness and simplicity in creating and maintaining software robots. Using AI, we are empowering software robots with vision, communication and learning capabilities. Launched product with customers and partners - Winner of the Split Startup regatta – Winner of state grant for research & development | 1.2M€ sought – Croatia

Climate / Bio plastic
Replacing existing plastic products on the market with biodegradable alternatives. Product Spinfly - a biodegradable flying fidget which solves three problems: 1. kids need more movement and development of coordination, 2. businesses are on the lookout for new forms of marketing, branding and innovative business gifts, 3. With 100% biodegradability we bring alternatives to plastic in Croatia and fight plastic pollution and global warming. INOVA 2018 – Golden Medal, Startup Live Zagreb 2018 – Special Winner, Member of Zagreb Innovation Center – ZICER, Partner with Evegreen startup, Slovenia and Nature2need, Germany for development of alternatives to plastic. Award | 0.5M€ sought – Croatia

Hospitality / B2B / Machine Learning
We developed a business intelligence solution in the huge hospitality market of underserved independent bars & restaurants. We serve both sides of the market, food & beverage producers and SME bars & restaurants. Finished TechStars acceleration and have some nice traction, over 400 customers in 5 countries and growing. We have some great things in the pipeline and can reach almost 200k customers by the end of the year. | 0.8M€ seed sought - Croatia
IT / Gaming / Entertainment
A next-generation arcade machine designed for a modern audience, featuring brand new games, and online and NFC connectivity. Easily customizable from inside (hardware) and out (palette swap). Zagreb Design Week Festival 2019 - Finalist, Reboot Infogamer 2018 - Official Selection, Reboot Develop Blue 2019 - Official Selection | 0.5M€ sought – Croatia

 IT / Gaming Industry
Highly realistic remote-controlled tank models in 1:12 scale, with operational possibilities replicating those of real tanks, intended for simulation of tank battles in which players use different tactics and manoeuvres to outplay their opponents, find the weak spots and bring their Health Points to zero. Best Croatian startup by BUG audience in 2018, Winner of the Idea knockout 2019 startup competition in Croatia and a representative of Croatia on CES Las Vegas 2020. | 0.2M€ sought – Croatia

Tuesday, November 12th 2019
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