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Pssssst …. We have some exciting news ! Introducing the Innovation Fund Serbia label on EuroQuity!
The Innovation Fund  of the Republic of Serbia  … does the name ring a bell? It’s a Governmental agency aiming to foster the development of high-value products and services and promote innovation entrepreneurship. Interesting isn’t it? Well that’s what we thought too and so we invited them to join the EuroQuity family. Through the Innovation Fund  Serbia Label , the Innovation Fund Serbia is striving to promote high-potential Serbian companies with smart business models, looking for series A investment.

The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia  wishes to give a better overview of the booming Serbian ecosystem and its high-potential startups to private investors. Therefore, this label is looking to promote companies whose development is based on the innovative approach of problem solving, with a well-defined roll out strategy led by talented and enthusiastic teams.
Overall, the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia support Serbian SMEs in their efforts to design, develop and place their innovative products on the global market through various financial instruments:

Mini Grants Program : a seed program intended to help early stage startups to complete their R&D phase and create a sustainable go-to-market strategy.

Matching Grants Program: stimulates further knowledge-based development of innovative enterprises and encourages establishment of liaisons with international partners or investors.

Collaborative Grant Scheme Program : grant scheme intended for joint projects of SMEs and R&D organizations to create new products and services as innovative technologies with significant future impact and high market potential.

Technology Transfer Facility Program: support for RDI researchers to bring their research to the market.

Proof of Concept Program : financial and mentoring support for RDI researchers to test their ideas that could lead to marketable products and services.

Innovation Vouchers : simple financial mechanism that enables SMEs to use the R&D services of the RDIs.

To find out which startups are part Innovation Fund Serbia Label, click here
For more detailed information:

Tuesday, May 12th 2020

5 top solutions to help fight Covid-19, selected by VC partners.

European entrepreneurs presenting solutions for managing COVID - 19th of May at 17:00 CEST
The selection of 5 companies was made from various sources of European programmes involving innovative startups, and shortlisted by VC partners, all these entrepreneurs are  looking for funding from  1.5M€ to 30M€ and they will be pitching for 8 minutes each next Tuesday, May 19th, at 5 pm CEST.

This session is dedicated to diverse industries such as HealthTech, MedTech, AI and BioTech, check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.

Don’t miss it!

Medtech / Respiratory Diagnostic-COVID
We are an industry leader in respiratory monitoring for our patented wearable. A novel and quickly adopted clinical decision support tool identifies patient deterioration 6 or more hours earlier than the standard of care. It has shown to be a highly sensitive marker of deterioration, being 99% accurate when abnormal blood chemistry is present. It is an essential tool for patients at risk of Respiratory Compromise and especially for COVID-19 positive patients. Presently our patented wearable is being used in 40 beds with 200+ beds being implemented across the next 6 weeks in Ireland and the UK. The emerging serviceable market opportunity is in excess of €2.5Bn. PMD is seeking €3.5m of equity funding of which €1.4m has already been committed. The use of funds is to scale market awareness and establish reimbursement coding which will bring the company into profitability. | Capital sought: €3.5m - Ireland

Biotech/ severe Covid-19
We develop a peptide drug, for severe cases of Covid-19, namely those with a generalized inflammation of the endothelium affecting lung, heart and kidneys and leading to multi- organ failure. The drug has anti- inflammatory efficacy and prevents edema formation by “sealing up” the damaged inner layer of small blood vessels i.e. the endothelium. FX06 has a very benign safety profile and might – beyond Covid-19 patients – be an effective treatment option in other severe diseases associated with capillary leak and inflammation.
First Covid-19 patients have been treated with FX06 and a ph II controlled study will start in June Capital sought: 1.5M€ - Germany, Austria, France, Italy

Biotech / repositioning EMA-approved drugs for COVID-19
We are leaders in therapeutic target discovery and drug repositioning. We implement computational AI-driven drug identification to an accelerated therapeutic validation technology to more efficiently reposition EMA-approved drugs. In applying this novel approach, we have identified clinical and pre-clinical drugs capable of maintaining cell viability and function in the face of toxicity-induced cell death. The drug candidates we have identified specifically prevent two key aspects of COVID19 disease progression, namely the amplification of viral particles and cell death, and the induction of tissue hyperinflammation leading to adverse outcome and death in patients.
H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 winner (2.42M€) and a JLABS resident company, we have developed a rich pipeline in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Cardiotoxicity, Heart failure & Rare Disease, with our first compounds (10M€ partnership deal) - to enter Phase 1 clinical trials in 2021 Capital sought : 4.6M€ (1.1M€ for simultaneous in vitro / in vivo studies, 3.5M€ for subsequent Phase 1/2 clinical trials) - Germany 

Medtech / Bio-decontamination
Delox developed dryVHP, a solid formulation of hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water). Besides highly effective (eliminating 99.999% of the microorganisms), safe, and environmentally friendly bio-decontamination agent, it simplifies the design of automatic bio-decontamination devices, outstripping currently marketed equipment by being compact, robust, and energy-efficient. Our mission is to deliver bio-decontamination to everyone, everywhere.
We have raised €175k of non-dilutive funding (European Space Agency, EIT Health and SME Instruments I), and €300k from VCs. So far, we have filed two patents, and executed 3 successful field tests with the Portuguese Army and Decontamination Specialty Equipment Inc, PA, USA. In the next three months, we are developing two bio-decontamination chambers to decontaminate protective respirators allowing their reuse by healthcare workers, and we are also working with bio-decontamination experts to pilot our solution in compounding and hospital pharmacies in the USA. Capital sought: €1 M – Portugal 

Digital Health / AI
Our digital health assistant helps you understand what might be wrong if you are feeling unwell. Simply state your symptoms and answer questions to find possible diagnoses. It is based on 14 years of scientific research by medical doctors and data scientists to help patients receive their right diagnosis and treatment.
Today, it is the most used symptom checker worldwide among both doctors and patients with millions of users and searches per month. Its diagnostic accuracy is raising the bar in its industry and has been validated in internal, external, and peer-reviewed scientific publications comparing up to 107 symptom checkers worldwide where it clearly ranked as #1. The company is operating at a profit. Capital sought : 30M€ - Austria

Tuesday, May 12th 2020

We are very pleased to announce you the very first e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with BlueInvest on May 26th at 05:00 PM CEST.

Join us for the first edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session on Tuesday 26th at 05:00 PM CEST
We are proud to present the first edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will be held online on Tue 26 May at 5:00 PM CEST, you can register here.

This session features European companies with sustainable technologies for the Blue Economy, in ICT, Robotics, Blue renewable energy, Aquaculture and Blue biotechnology.

The companies were selected in collaboration with BlueInvest, an initiative of the European Commission to promote innovation and access to finance for SMEs and start-ups with sustainable technologies for the Blue Economy.

We hope to see you on Tue 26 May, 5:00 PM CEST. If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register to have access to the recorded session. 

If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Chumacero,

Aquaculture / Blue biotechnology
We offer a smart urban farm that grows and provides sustainable, fresh, local, tasty and healthy fish and vegetables to urban consumers, using our own developed Hi-Tech Aquaponics integrated solutions. Experienced knowledge in RAS; highly efficient hydraulic and filtering design with additional water savings and improved waste management; higher food safety and productivity; better real time monitoring and control; lower maintenance requirements. It is a scalable urban integrated system which successfully uses aquaponics in a natural, sustainable and transparent way to consumers.
Market classification: On-track to commercialisation | Next step: Commercialisation | € 0.5 - 3M sought – Portugal

We developed a fish cage that enables aquaculture operations at sites that are currently not feasible, in a manner that enhances safety, reduces disease and eliminates environmental impact. Salmon producers would buy this product to access new production capacity opportunities. Our solution allows safe and competitive fish production at new geographic locations for which aquaculture licenses will be more readily available. Capital costs of our structure are an order of magnitude lower in comparison to rival proposals for exposed locations. We have also focused on eliminating the need to depend on the incumbent offshore supply vessel and port infrastructure to ensure global applicability of the solution. Our solution reduces / eliminates the impact of effluent from fin fish aquaculture by operating at highly dispersive sites. We are in a technology demonstration in JV with a customer.
Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | € 0.5-3m sought – Ireland

Robotics / Underwater drones
We support explorers, scientists, and industrial innovators with intelligent underwater robots. In 2020 we are planning to release a high capacity hybrid underwater vehicle capable of both autonomous and remote operation. It enables autonomous navigation and an automatic report generator. Our underwater robots are super easy to use, modular (new features can easily be added in the future), with a competitive Total Cost of Ownership.
Market classification: Successfully commercial | Next step: Global scaling | € 0.5 - 3m sought – Spain
Blue renewable energy
We have a turn-key solution for electricity production and desalination (potable water) based on wave energy. It is a scalable and non-intrusive system – does not spoil the view and has low environmental impact. Competitive cost of energy and water. Our technology reduces carbon emissions and increases use of renewable energy. In first step we focus on small islands and coastal communities to replace diesel generators as a main power supply, being able both to produce electricity and potable water.
Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation (2022) | €3 - 7m sought – Denmark

ICT for maritime
We are a new-maritime company known for having developed Waze for the Sea. We have developed IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to enable an unprecedented understanding of ocean dynamics. We have an own technology applicable to the maritime and space sectors. We also have dedicated team that provides professional services to Oil & Gas companies, Department of Defense and Space agencies. Our solutions to protect the environment, drive down costs, improve safety and deliver new growth.
Market classification: Prototype, pre-commercial | Next step: Commercialisation | France

Monday, May 11th 2020

We are very pleased to announce you the very first e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse foundation on May 7th at 17:00 CEST.

Save the date and join the Solar Impulse e-pitch Session on May the 7th at 5:00pm

What to expect?

  • Prior to the Pitch’Conference, Pascal Lagarde - Executive director in charge of International, Strategy, Studies and Development at Bpifrance and Bertrand Piccard - Solar Impulse Foundation Chairman, will do a keynote introduction.
  • The first-ever E-pitch exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
    Witness the 5 of the finest startups pitching to you directly online.
You can register by clicking here

Here is the selection:

Blue-Green Tech/Construction Tech – Building resilient coastlines & increasing ocean health (Israël)
Developed to bridge the gap between the ever-growing need in coastal development and the need in sustaining marine ecosystems and resources, this scale-up brings concrete infrastructure to life through a patented win-win solution. The technology platform can help transform barren concrete based coastal and marine infrastructure like seawalls and breakwaters into a thriving habitat. The concrete solution has been successfully applied in 30 locations across 8 countries and 7 seas. Currently, the company is actively negotiating licensing the technology to key industry players.   
Global patents & TM | TRL: 7 | TAM: €30bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: €2m

ML/IoT/Water/PropTech/InsurTech - Non-intrusive and real-time leak detection with proven ROI for insurance companies and building managers (Belgium) 
1 in 3 buildings present costly leakages, increasing water bills between 10-60% and costing european insurers 12 billion €/year in damages. By combining a patented, non-intrusive IoT sensor and proprietary machine learning, the service helps organisations cut water bills by 20% and nearly halve water damage claims. The technology has been recognised internationally by insurance companies and is already helping major belgian real estate owners save over 1M€ annually with a 12 month payback time. The start-up is looking to expand its business model and technology across the european property market and prepare its first roll outs with insurance companies.
Proven B2B sales to over 50 organisations | Paid pilots with EU insurers | TRL : 8 | TAM : €30bn worldwide | Amount to raise : €1.5m

Cleantech/Energy - Clean and innovative chillers based on magnetocaloric effect for cooling and wasted heat purposes (France)
French based start-up, develops magnetic chillers based on the magnetocaloric effect for the refrigeration and the air conditioning. These systems use no refrigerant gas, limiting the impact on global warming and consume up to 50 % less energy compared to gas compressors. Has also recently designed a breakthrough conversion device of wasted heat sources (<100°C) into electrical energy. With world renowned experts in this field, several prototypes tested in real life conditions and a strong intellectual property. Also, recognized as a leader in the magnetocaloric industry.
200+ patents worldwide; A breakthrough innovation | TRL: 7 | TAM: € 5bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: € 6m

Cleantech/Chemicals - Sustainable and cost-competitive materials production (Switzerland)
Spin-off from a Swiss University, the start-up has developed a technology to efficiently isolate each fraction from biomass with unprecedented selectivity and yields. A chemical stabilization strategy suppresses degradation pathways to access, for the first time, high-value markets such as cosmetics, fragrances or biodegradable polymers. The technology has been scaled to the kilogram and the market has been de-risked.
3 patents worldwide ; 9 ongoing projects | TRL: 6 | TAM: €300Mn | Next Step: Demonstration | Amount to raise: €2.5m

Biotech/Agriculture – microalgae derived bio-inputs to sustainably increase agricultural yields (Spain)
Pioneering and multi-awarded biotech company devoted to microalgae with extensive research history and network, reputed shareholders/managers and state of the art technologies. Its unique microalgae-based solutions for agriculture are providing a fast growth globally, in terms of revenues, customers, contracts, attraction of top talent, awareness, research proposals and public awards.
8 commercial subsidiaries worldwide | >1 million final end-users | commercial contracts with market leaders | MoUs signed in 2020 | TRL: 9 | TAM: €64bn – SAM: €7.4 bn with 15% CAGR| Next Step: boost expansion| Amount to raise: €15m


Wednesday, April 29th 2020
Join the next Belgian e-pitch Session on May the 7th at 4:00pm
Our next  belgian e-pitch session will be held online on May the 7th at 4:00 PM CEST.
5 companies will be presented. selected 5 innovations looking to raise between 200K€ to 3M€ and working to build a more digital and sustainable world. Each entrepreneur will have 8 minutes to convince you to invest before you submit questions.

Register here

Digital therapies for higher efficiency of care
A secured platform that enables hospitals to implement digital care pathways that optimise patient flow and increase quality of care. The solution guides, monitors and coaches patients from before hospital admission up until the end of their recovery. Data driven techniques insure that patients get the correct advise at the correct time, and that care is provided in the most efficient way.
The solution is active in orthopaedics, bariatric and Covid-19.  It is used by 10+ hospitals in Belgium and expanding in UK, NL and FR, and has contracted with 3 medical device companies | 3 M€  sought of which 1 M€ committed
Organic Food that brings me back to my roots
Our productions are organic, local, seasonal and handmade: jams, tapenades, chutneys, preserved lemons…excellence in glass jars that are making use of different preservation processes.
Old fashioned?  Indeed, we make it slow…following the rhythm of Mother Nature, our jams are gently heated over 2 days. We have a simple ambition: making you feel this extra touch of soul and pleasure every day, around the clock.
Distribution in Organic stores and delicatessen stores in Belgium. Exported to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Japan | 300k€ sought of which 130k€ already raised
Eco building : turning construction waste in material
The construction sector is the most polluting sector in the world: responsible for 30% of global waste, 1/3 of air pollution, and up to 40% of the carbon emissions. We use one of these 'waste' streams, excavated earth, to transform them into healthy and beautiful circular building materials, such as rammed earth, clay plasters and compressed earth blocks. Currently, we are  the first and only operational circular building material producer with excavated earth in Europe. Our products are a CO2 neutral alternative for 14% in weight of the current building materials market. Target: all building professionals (building companies, contractors, architects, project developers and public clients) | 300k€ sought
Healthcare for children
A platform of apps and games reducing the stress and pain of children at hospital as well as the associated costs. 2 out 3 children are stressed during hospitalization. As a result, the experience is painful for the children and parents. An early bad experience will continue during the whole life and is expensive for the hospital. With our app, you can reduce the number of stressed children by 2 as the costs associated to the contention of the children.
280 k€ sought 
Fashion Tech / Influencer Marketing
Our mobile app allows users to scan barcode of apparels in stores to see all influencers wearing them, to read and write reviews and save a shopping session. It is a complete fashion social and shopping network, that connects brands, users and influencers through a curated technology that allows influencers to post pictures of their outfits and tag their clothes so that users can buy them. Users and influencers that generate content on the app are rewarded through affiliate marketing.
Partnership with Marie-Claire and Elle Belgium ; 20k+ app users  | 200k€ sought

Monday, April 27th 2020

EuroQuity selects the best eight European companies that have recently received a Seal of Excellence certificate.

Eight Seal of Excellence companies will be pitching next 12th of May at 5:00 PM CEST
A selection of 8 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from  1M€ to 15M€ will be pitching for 5 minutes each next Tuesday, May 12that 5 pm CEST.
All Seal of Excellence companies were certified by the European Commission thanks to their high potential innovation business plan that passed the threshold of selection of SME Instrument call (only 7% get financed).

This session is dedicated to diverse industries such as HealthTech, IoT, FoodTech, CleanTech, New Materials, Smart factories, check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.

Don’t miss it!

New materials / Chemistry / GreenTech
We make graphene-based formulations for protective coatings. Our goal is to partially or totally replace chromium and toxic metals in all industrial coatings. Our first markets are the building/infrastructure industry as well as the aeronautic industry. 20 contracts with several global industrial companies in the field of aeronautics, buildings, automotive, electronics and space industries. Winner of the ILab2019 award and the ESA BIC award. Winner of the CETIM Innovation challenge. Finalist of the 2018 JEC World Startup challenge & 2019 Industry of future challenge | TRL : 6-8 | TAM : €16B | Next Step : industrialization | 2.5M€ sought – France

HealthTech / PseudoPatient
The first FDA-cleared, patient-specific, anatomically-exact model of human head and brain tissue, offered to Radiotherapy clinics for simulating radiation therapy for each patient ahead of actual treatment in a totally risk-free environment, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness. This solution is also sold to RT equipment manufacturers for machine-testing purposes (contracted with Elekta A.B.). R&D 100 Award winner 2019, 1st prize MIT Enterprise Forum |TRL: 6-8 | TAM: €6B | Next step: commercial acceleration | €3M sought – Greece    

MedTech / Antimicrobial / Coating
A unique and universal antimicrobial coating to prevent healthcare-associated infections with the use of medical devices. Drug and metal-free technology reducing the risk of promoting bacterial resistance.
NDA and MTA signed with major manufacturers of medical devices (turnover of $4bn - $9bn) – License and joint development agreement under negotiation - Awarded grants from the Swedish Innovation Agency four times. | TRL : 6-8 | TAM : $1B (CAGR 14%) | Next Step : industrialization | 2M€ sought – Sweden

We developed a new cooling technology - Dynamic Air Cooling and construct cold generators which do not use any chemical or water refrigerants and have neither thermal nor CO2 emissions.  
Winner of KyivTechHub Startup Competition- Winner of European Startup Festival (Pitching Match London)-Winner of a Poland Prize Program – Winner of Sustainable Fast Track UK Award by Department of International Trade of UK. | TRL : 4-5 | TAM (beachhead only): $7,2B | Next Step: trials with customers | 2.7M€ sought – Poland

Automotive / Zero-Emission Propulsion / Hydrogen 
We convert conventional combustion engines to zero-emission hydrogen engines for OEMs with a combination of modular hard- and software components. Our technology can then be integrated into the OEMs series production line fast and cheaply. The technology is manufacturer independent and can thus be scaled almost indefinitely.
Pilot projects with three renown European engine manufacturers – Winner of the German Innovation Award’18 – #SET100 Certified Top 100 energy start-ups 2020 | TRL : 6-7 | TAM : $35B | Next Step: industrialisation & scale-up | 15M€ sought – Germany

Smart factories / Agility in production
We have developed and marketed a programmable robotized flexible fixture for manufacturing processes such as welding, assembly, it adds more flexibility in change over in production and agility to react quickly to market demand.
One of our clients,  testing the solution, is a major German automaker and we are discussing with a Spanish automaker. Finalist of European funding program DIH2. Next steps: finalize development and commercialisation at a higher level. | 1M€ sought – Denmark

CleanTech / AgriTech
Our solution recycles used agricultural geotextiles through an innovative dry recycling process. Respectful of the environment and saving resources, this technology enables the production of high- quality polymer granules (rPP & rPEHD) that can be reused in closed loop. 
Selected by WIPO to exhibit at COP21 - ETV in 2019 - Seal of excellence H2020 SME2 in 2019 - Solar impulse label in April 2020 -
TRL : 6-8 | TAM (total addressable market) : 1.95 B€ | Next Step : industrialization | 1.8M€ sought – France

Medtech / Healthtech

The first affordable medically relevant and comfortable wearable device that enables the mass detection of sleep apnea.
It drastically reduces diagnosis costs from € 1’500 to € 100 and, waiting list from 1 year to 1 day.
Bilan 2019 top 50 Swiss startups winner, EarlyMetrics score 71/100, Innosuissse Award and, EU Seal of Excellence Award.
TAM € 5B; SAM € 100M / year; Next step: CE Marking. € 500k to € 1M sought. - Switzerland

Thursday, April 23rd 2020

On the 28th of April ZABALA invites the European startups and entrepreneurs to participate in the webinar #StartupsKillTheVirus. The event will join all the resources at their disposal to achieve funding opportunities and services, helping to battle this crisis with innovative solutions. Representatives of the European Innovation Council, DG Connect of the European Commission, Startup Europe or the Big Data Value Association will offer their expertise and knowledge. Registrations are open.

#StartupsKillTheVirus: Online event to support tech innovators in time of COV19 crisis
#StartupsKillTheVirus is the new meeting point for all the European startups interested in the resources launched recently by the European institutions and initiatives to battle the Coronavirus outbreak with innovative solutions. ZABALA Innovation Consulting has organized an online event the next 28th of April aimed at the entrepreneurs and organizations that want to have access to these funding opportunities and other support services.

The approach to the different fields of the startup innovation ecosystem will be offered through four different sessions:

The first one will be dedicated to the EIC Accelerator, the programme lead by the European Innovation Council that supports the European top-class innovations. The main features of the EIC Accelerator and its state of play will be explained by Luis Sanchez Álvarez, representative of the DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission (European Innovation Council). Furthermore, Luis Guerra – from CDTI (Spanish Delegate H2020 SME and Access to Risk Finance Programme) will present the ACCESS2EIC and the role of National Contact Points (NCPs) to support SMEs in their way to success.

The second session will be devoted to SMEs and startups contributing to a more human-centric internet under the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. Stefano Foglietta, the officer of the NGI Unit (European Commission, DG Connect) will present the details of the initiative and how startups can take advantage of the resources of this initiative.

Startup Europe and the future of disruptive technologies like Blockchain and topics focused on Artificial Intelligence will be the topics of the third session, with the participation of Bogdan Ceobeanu, European Commission - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Unit. 

The final panel will situate SMEs at the forefront of Data economy and cyber-physical systems, with the opening by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), and the support programmes in this area: Data Market Services Accelerator, European Data Incubator, HUBCAP and DIGIFED.


Session 1: EIC Accelerator, what to know about the instrument that supports top-class innovations, by the European Innovation Council – Register here.

Session 2: SMEs and startups contributing to a more human-centric internet under NGI – Register here.

Session 3: Startup Europe and the future of blockchain, led by SMEs – Register here.

Session 4: SMEs at the forefront of Data economy and cyber physical systems – Register here.

Participants in the webinar will receive a booklet with all the open calls and services launched by the different initiatives. Likewise, the collaboration in the definition of next actions will be encouraged with a survey that may be completed by the attendees.

Click here to get more information about the sessions
#StartupsKillTheVirus: Online event to support tech innovators in time of COV19 crisis

Monday, April 20th 2020
The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Tuesday 21st of April at 2pm CEST !
Next Belgian e-pitch session will take place on  Tuesday April 21 at 2 p.m. 5 companies active in #foodtech, #cleantech, #IOE, #media and #healthcare IT are looking for just over € 7,000,000 for their growth.

Curious to know more, attend the EuroQuity epitch #COVID19 next Tuesday > Sign up.


The selection is as follows:

FoodTech | Food Robotics & AI to make healthy eating evident.
Unique opportunity to invest in EU frontrunner Food Robotics and AI group: our Smoothie & Soup robots make healthy, personalised and contact-free food production 24/7 a reality at work, retailers, schools or the gym. Sold approx. 40k smoothies automatically and gained unique market experience and catering partnerships. Recognized as one of the worldwide frontrunners. Product ready to scale through local manufacturing. AI personalised nudging techniques to guide (potentially) 70m people daily to a healthier diet with top-3 worldwide food service provider, are being developed with EIT Food. Funds will be used to grow Belgian market + launch first regional franchise in Paris. 
Just launched a robot in hospital for caretakers dealing with COVID-19, can we make a deal during COVID-19?
EU Seal of excellence, patent approved, TechTour bronze medal, Best International Start-up Gitex Dubai, World's Best Food Innovation Award London, first customers for > 1 year and avg. €100k ARR and preparing to scale | 2M sought, 3,15M found. 

A sensor-enabled smart routing solution for waste management in cities. We produce cost-effective smart sensors for municipal waste pickup. Our smart sensors prevent overflowing bins keeping cities clean and collect data enabling route optimization for waste pickup trucks. This means less heavy traffic, less CO2 emissions, and greener cities. Our solution can save up to 40% of the costs on waste pickups. 
2.000 smart sensors deployed in Sheffield UK. Total of 4.000 deployed in 10 countries. 274.000€ revenue in 2019. Strategic partnerships with Cisco Systems and AWS | 3M€ sought.

AI | FlattenTheCurve: Helping the task forces battling pandemics
In Flatten the Curve, the company is developing rapid scaling mechanisms for the DE4Bios SARS-CoV-2 data-driven bio-surveillance system being used by the top regional task forces and more than 10.000 front-line doctors to manage the COVID-19 epidemic (SARS-CoV-2) covering 11 million people in Italy today. The rapid scaling mechanisms consist of AI-based automation techniques and a data harmonization ledger that will enable the company to scale up any mission-critical solution faster than anybody else.
Partnership with OASC who have more than 150 cities in more than 30 countries and access to global decision centres (EC, UN, WEF, G20, etc) | 1,7M€ sought.

An inspiring but uncompromising 100% video/audio media on the joys and difficulties of the entrepreneur journey. To 1) Enable everyone to start a business by having access to the insights and best practices of the best entrepreneurs, 2) Boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
300K commited, looking for 200K.

Healthcare IT
The startup has developed unique and innovative patient-centred tools enabling a more personalised and participatory medicine. Their tool is used by diagnosed cancer patients to receive personalised information enabling them to take better part in their treatment choice in a Shared Decision-Making environment, as well as further monitor their health status during and after treatment to provide them and their care team with actionable insights. Furthermore, the tool can ease trial participant recruitment through trial Patient Decision Aids with a first screening of admissibility as well as remote monitoring of participants. The tool is envisioned to leverage, inter alia, the power of predictive models to propose individualised information to the patients. 
The first client is a clinical trial that takes place in multiple European hospitals enabling them to generate early revenues and receive feedback from a first userbase. Interest from UZ Gent, CU St Luc, the Bordet Institute, UMC+ Maastricht and UCSF | Looking for 200K€.


Friday, April 17th 2020

The next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on April the 16th, at 5PM CEST. Seven European startups are looking for funding.

Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on April the 16th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on April the 16th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.
Register here

Here is the list of  the 7 deeptech companies:

HealthTech / Predictive Remote Monitoring

We disrupt pediatric healthcare sector by combining remote medical solutions and predictive digital analytics to bring peace of mind to parents while providing physicians with unique data to improve treatment efficiency and anticipate complications. Partner with 3 leading hospitals in Belgium - Supported by Johnson & Johnson (incubated into the JLABS) - NDA and LOIs signed with wholesalers - ISO13485 - 1 patent pending | 2.5M€ sought – Belgium

Agrotech IoT Supply Chain

Online platform for the remote monitoring of the feed stocks stored in the livestock farms' silos and the optimization of their replenishment logistics. Thanks to our groundbreaking sensor, we are providing for the first time to the large feed suppliers a cost-effective solution to manage the inventories of their customers and cut logistic costs. Winners of the 1st IoT Global Call, CommeBiz Awards and SME INstrument Phase II. First contracts with large EU feed suppliers that manage more than 40.000 silos in total. | 1.5M€ sought – Spain  


Several types of documents are still paper based due to the absence of a viable solution to prove a digital original document. That problem is solved by using our patented solution trace:original. Negotiable instruments and documents of title can now be fully digitalized. The solution is not a club or a consortium, but simply freely transferrable digital original documents. Solution live with paying customers, several pilots ongoing Appointed Gartner Cool Vendor, Recognized by ICC, Joint Project with, Seal of Excellence Horizon 2020, Invest Horizon Finalist.| 5M€ sought – Sweden


IT / VR / Education

Developer of Industrial and Professional VR/AR applications. The company has supplied industrial VR/AR training solutions to major industrial companies and governmental institutions, including European Space Agency, and other large industrial and governmental actors. We are building an online marketplace for VR hands-on training for trade schools and the enterprise, making the remote education tool everyone wants today. Next steps: book pilot customers for learning platform, produce first package of training modules | 3.0M€ sought – Norway

Big Data / Smart Cities
We Believe Data is the new oil, but Big Data analytics remains a luxury good. Kido Dynamics democratizes Big Data, with the most advanced insights to boost the data-driven economy. We leverage mobile phone data, the most accurate proxy to understand people’s mobility. Companies, governments and public institutions can now make faster, smarter and better-informed decisions. Operating in 8 countries across 3 continents – 25+ paying customers – Bilan 50 2020 Start-ups to invest in – H2020 SME Grant award Award | 1.2M€ sought – Switzerland

Industry 4.0
We enable decentralized, real-time AI at the edge. We enabled machines do not need to send data to the Cloud. They can be trained locally, incrementally and in real-time. We solve the key issues of Cloud-based AI. With Cogito, it’s easy and fast to build accurate models even from limited data, it’s easy and fast to update the models for continuous improvements and all decisions are explainable. Data stays local, therefore protecting sensitive IP, saving bandwidth and reducing dramatically the carbon footprint of AI.
We were winner of the 2018 TechTour contest, the 2019 Venture5i contest and recently won the Inno4Good prize. We have 2 active InnoSuisse programs with Geneva university and industry leaders.| 5M€ sought – Switzerland

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Digitalization of energy Management for commercial buildings utilizing IoT and AI solutions. Facility managers, premise owners can mitigate errors resulting from human errors, have cash-saving up to 15% with automating the usage and reduce CO2 reduction. Serving for 98 customers in 5 countries and in 6342 commercial buildings - Sold to BNP Paribas, BBVA, IKEA, Zara, H&M- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella defined us 1 of the 3 IoT companies disrupting IoT Industry in EMEA in the future | 6M€ sought – Turkey,UK



Monday, April 13th 2020

In the current context, innovators, start-ups and makers of all sorts in Europe are working to develop innovative solutions to be deployed in the short-term to alleviate the negative consequences of the corona crisis. We can identify five areas as targets for these innovative solutions Health & Medicine, Business Continuity, Social Cohesion, Protection of Risk Groups, and Education.

EU United Against the Virus -Hackathon #EUvsVirus

We all know about supplies problem in health materials from respirators to masks, students who had to move into e-learning without any transition phase or economic issues in many European Member States. Those few examples illustrate well the need in term of urgent short-term solutions that only innovators of all kind and start-ups can provide quickly and efficiently.

What’s next?
Since the beginning of March lot of online hackathons have been organised across Europe (Estonia, Finland, Poland, Italy, Belgium…). However, as we need to act together, the first pan-European hackathon will take place between the 24th and 26th of April to address the very acute problem of COVID-19.

The Pan-European hackathon #EUvsVirus is a joint event between the European Commission and actors from similar national initiatives from Member States on whose experiences the EU hackathon is building. That is the opportunity to act together by participating to a common organizational and technical framework in which the participants can get involved online and develop working prototypes and solutions for technically, politically and socially relevant issues regarding the corona crisis. It aims at commonly developing innovative solutions, e.g. high tech, low tech, hardware, software, etc., using biotech, digital tech, societal science and other innovation domains.


The event is opened to the entire European Community of innovators (start-ups, makers, retailers, public and private buyers, end users …) as the overarching purpose is to match-make and connect innovators, partners, buyers across Europe for the benefit of addressing imminent corona crisis issues and across various technological fields.

Teams will be composed of individuals from several EU Member States and others where the participants will come exclusively from one MS.
#EUvsVirus hackathon will be structured around 7 categories of problems that need short term solutions in relation to coronavirus. Each category will be split into 5/6 specific challenges that help the teams to focus their projects and ideas. Eventually, each challenge will be split into 5/6 tracks. Each track will describe a very specific problem that needs to be solved. As the main difficulty will be to make an efficient follow-up on the best projects, they will provide avenues for uptake by end-users or follow-up development

What after?

The best solutions will be invited to join the European Innovation Council (EIC) Community Platform that will facilitate connections with end users (e.g. hospital) and will also provide access to investors, foundations and other funding opportunities from the EIC and other EU financial support mechanisms. It will also be a starting point of a much longer collaboration between the European Commission and the ecosystems of innovators, makers and start-ups across Europe in relation to the corona crisis

To participate to the pan European Hackathon: click here

Tuesday, April 7th 2020
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