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Discover the 1st live webinar replay for the Turkey, France, United States partnership for the strengthening of technology transfer activities in Turkey.

Discover the live webinar "Management of IP within agreements with industrial partners”
The project TTA Turkey Advisory Services and Networking is financed by EIF and Turkey. The partners involved are TTGV in Turkey, Bpifrance in France and Venture Well in USA.
This project is focused on Technological Transfer in Turkey. 

The objectives  are:
  • To reinforce the skills of TTOs by trainings, twinning and mentoring activities including webinar sessions.
  • To bring about and improve the deal-flow for the Seed and Venture Capital Turkish Funds recently created,
  • To benchmark national best practices for TT public support designed by TUBITAK. 

This first webinar was about: 



Discover the live webinar "Management of IP within agreements with industrial partners”

Tuesday, February 28th 2017
Discover the 12 winners of the French Tech Transfer Invest 2017

A firs edition and already a complete success.
The startups of the French SATT (TTO) have impressed European investors by the level of the technologies presented on all fronts: biotech, cleantech, medtech and digital.
Your next partner may be among them. 

BrainVectis is committed to developing gene therapy programs to treat neurodegenerative disorders - first Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease - by restoring brain cholesterol metabolism, which is impaired in neurodegenerative conditions.

Micropep replace  Agrochemicals by a New Generation of Smart Biostimulants & Bioherbicide using Natural Peptides Regulating Plant Gene Expression.

Syndivia is a biotechnology company that provides best-in-class bioconjugation technologies for the development of Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Antibody-Drug.
    Digital Tech

Algodone has developed a patented technology for the generation and exploitation of hardware licenses. On the principle of the software license in a circuit, this allows a strong break to modify the economic models of the semiconductor.

Nanolike is an innovative company specialized in nanosensor manufacturing for industrial IoT and sensors market

Voxaya is specialized in 3D micro-analysis, developing software solutions to explore the interior of your material samples in a non-invasive and non-destructive way.

Diam Concept is the only European startup to manufacture diamonds of very high purity in the laboratory, thanks to the CVD process. A path that respects the environment.

Kemwatt develops an innovative technology of redox flow batteries for the world market of stationary energy storage. A typical application is the storage of renewable energy (solar, wind), either off-grid for micro/mini-grid, or for grid services.

Solgelway is the leader of thin films coating via the Solgel method. Our technologies are key for numerous, breakthrough applications: Energy, cleantech, LEDs, IOT We already work with leading industrial partners. Contact us for a cooperation.

Bonetag gathered in 2014 a team of orthopedic surgeons and electronic engineers in order to conceive an electronic device to enhance surgical knee arthroplasties.


Laclarée is a start-up company developing novel eyewear solutions for presbyopia correction. So as to address current limitations of multifocal lenses, Laclarée proposes electronic eyeglasses providing clear vision at all distances automatically.


VitaDX develops a non-invasive solution for the early detection of bladder cancer based on cell fluorescence analysis.



Discover the 12 winners of the French Tech Transfer Invest 2017

Tuesday, February 21st 2017

InvestHorizon is the continuation of the European Investor Gate project.

What is InvestHorizon?
InvestHorizon is the continuation of the European Investor Gate project.

European Investor Gate was a program dedicated to bring results of European research projects to the market and to make ICT researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or first-time entrepreneurs to be investor ready.
European Investor Gate was a successfully completed project which ended in September 2015.
Here are the most important achievements: 1700 companies trained, 300 pitches, 230 investors.
InvestHorizon is a program designed to increase investments made in Innovative European SMEs through investment readiness development and investor sensitization.
The project will assist start-ups and SMEs by providing investment readiness training.
The goal is to maximising entrepreneurs chances of successfully obtaining funding, through training and direct access to european investors.
Goals and objectives
For companies
  • De-fragment SME investment market
  • Increase number & quality of investments
  • Identify better investment readiness programmes & policy practices
  • Coach & benchmark SMEs towards investment readiness
  • Match the investment-ready SMEs with specialised and active investors  
For investors
  • Improve knowledge about innovation sectors and investment models  
  • Have access to pre-screened and investment-ready quality deal-flow
If you would like additional information or would like to discuss the role further, please contact Corinna at

Monday, October 19th 2015
Hot Deals Meeting at Bpifrance, June 26th
The Hot Deals Meeting is dedicated only to companies which currently have an ongoing financing round and have secured a part of the investment needed. The goal of the event is to find co-investors for the companies present and to foster concrete deals. 

The Hot Deals Meeting is managed by European Investor Gate. EIG offers hands-on services for researchers, founders and start-ups.

The event took place in Bpifrance Boulevard Hausmann in a gorgeous new floor called "le Hub".  (See picture above)

The schedule of the day was : 

11:30 - 13:00 Networking lunch for investors & companies
13:00 - 14:45 Presentations by companies (8 minutes pitch + short investor speech and Q&A) 
15:00 - 16:15 15Networking break - Coffee
16:15 - 17:45 Presentations by companies (8 minutes pitch + short investor speech and Q&A) 

Here is the list of companies :

Hot Deals Meeting at Bpifrance, June 26th

Wednesday, July 1st 2015
Inneon community
The INNEON community for eco-innovation investment has recently joined Euroquity in order to boost pan-European deals between eco-innovative entrepreneurs and investors. It has a specific focus on promoting high growth businesses with eco innovative propositions that are relevant across a range of industrial, commercial and domestic markets.
INNEON community welcomes any eco-innovative business idea that clearly demonstrates its contribution towards a more sustainable Europe. The contribution to sustainability can be not only environmental (more efficient use of resources, reduced environmental impact) but also social (e.g. benefiting weaker societal groups) or economic (such as related to Corporate Social Responsibility).
Any company or entrepreneur proposing an innovative business opportunity dealing with eco-innovation can benefit from INNEON services:
  • Customised coaching support for creating a compelling value proposition for eco- and socially innovative products and services.
  • Matchmaking with potential investors servicing different segments of the capital market: business angels, venture capital and corporate investors.
  • Connections and networking with other selected fellow innovators and with investors with a specific interest in eco-innovation, allowing for an exchange of ideas, information and advice through an online matchmaking platform and/or during tailor-made events such as e-pitches.
In order to benefit from these services, companies shall follow the INNEON procedure:
  1. Fill in an application form on the INNEON site.
  2. The INNEON team (selected experts from a pool of professional evaluators specialized in innovation management) analyses the information provided.
  3. Companies showing a great potential will benefit from the support of a coaching team to make the company investor ready.
  4. If a quality threshold is met after the coaching period, the Company will be considered as “investor ready” and will be granted access to INNEON Community and to the rest of INNEON services.
On the other side, Investors with an eco-investment focus or interest may benefit from:
  • Access to a pool of “ready to market” innovation business ideas with high quality and added value.
  • Access to professional eco-investors offering potential exit opportunities from existing portfolio companies.
  • Syndication opportunities with like-minded investors from across Europe.
In addition, those investors registering on the INNEON site ( will benefit from advanced services as:
  • First access to selected companies
  • Direct contact with INNEON team members coaching the targeted companies.
  • Possibility to set up a meeting with the company with support of the INNEON team
Thanks to the support of EuroQuity INNEON aims at becoming a reference pan-European forum in the field of eco-innovation.
For more information, check the INNEON Community Adhesion Letter on EuroQuity or contact INNEON partners at

Friday, June 19th 2015
Paris Region Entreprises is organizing a TechMeeting in Paris on Smart Transportation
Want to meet with key players in Smart Transportation in Europe? 
Book your place now for our "Smart Transportation TechMeeting Paris" on March 3rd, 2015.

Concept and Format

A one day event in Paris  to meet key Smart Transportation players from the Paris Region, Israel, Europe & California.
5 minutes pitches (for selected companies), networking lunch/breaks and B2B meetings.
Who is attending

The event is aimed at decision making level, and will include major transport and fleet operators, parking managers, communication groups etc… such as Aéroports de Paris, GDF SUEZ, Le Groupe La Poste, Orange,  SNCF, SYSTRA, Vinci Park, Ville de Paris, the competitiveness clusters etc…
Main Objectives

Give innovative technologies and startups exposure to large corporations and organizations; foster technological partnerships and business.
Give large corporations the opportunity to present their expectations, needs and challenges; and acquire relevant technologies.
When and Where

March 3rd at our Paris Region Entreprises Office:  11, rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris.
Places are limited, apply for a pitch and B2B meetings, register !
Free of charge for Paris Region Entreprises Members / Fee for non PRE members / Special Fee for the SME members of Advancity, Mov’eo, Systematic & Ecomotion. 
More information about PRE membership and special fee for SME members of Paris Region Competitiveness Clusters :

Wednesday, February 18th 2015

14th Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2015, 19th and 20th May 2015 - Smart data

Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2015 - Smart Data
The 14th Heidelberg Innovation Forum – the matching platform for early innovation phases – is looking for your business ideas or R&D results with high market potential!
Apply and find your partners for (start-up) financing, development and licensing of your technologies or business ideas in Heidelberg.
The closing date for applications is 23rd February 2015. The application form can be found here.
Start-ups and researchers: Present your “Smart Data” business idea to investors!
“Smart Data” will be the focus of this year’s Heidelberg Innovation Forum.
We look for concepts using secure, profitable and high-quality data management to generate new business models. Ideas from various sectors such as life science, creative industries, smart production, security, logistics or mobility are eligible for submission. Further information about the topic “Smart Data” is available here.
If your submission is convincing, you will get the opportunity to present your business idea to investors and market actors in a six-minute pitch. In the generous matching breaks there will be time for talks with decision makers, experts and investors at your meeting point.
EIG Coaching Day
Benefit from the EIG coaching day at the forum:
Pitching companies receive training and individual coaching from international experts the day before the forum to improve their business model as well as their presentation skills. The coaching day is organized by the EU project European Investor Gate which aims at bridging the gap be tween public funding and private equity investment.
This event is free of charge for researchers and founders.
The Heidelberg Innovation Forum will take place on 19th and 20th May 2015. Organisers of the event are bwcon GmbH and the European Media Laboratory.
For further information:
Please contact Corinna Voss (+49-711-18421 645, ) for all questions related to the event or the call for proposals.

Wednesday, February 18th 2015

On 4th November EIG's 50 "most investable" European start-ups presented their business ideas to more than 30 investors at the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp. Seabery, a company providing augmented reality solutions for training from Spain, won the cash prize of 5000 Euro. To give you some impressions the Dublin Business Innovation Centre has collected the highlights of the event, enjoy!

Here’s  some highlights of the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp, hosted by Dublin BIC as part of the European Investor Gate project.  The event welcomed 50 tech entrepreneurs to Dublin for a day event which included a tour of Google, IBM & PayPal followed by pitch battles and entrepreneurial workshops.
Rory Caren (IBM), John Phlan, Tara Beshoff (DBIC) Pady Flynn (Google)
Rory Caren of IBM and Paddy Flynn of Google launch the event with Dublin BIC team members John Phelan and Tara Beshoff
Getting ready for the event
Getting ready for the event
The steps to Google
The steps to Google
 Paddy Flynn, Google & John Phelan (DublinBIC)
Paddy Flynn, Director Product Quality Operations at Google with John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership
 John Phelan (DublinBIC)opens the event
John Phelan of Dublin BIC opens the event
 Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout
Tony Corrigan of Tenderscout enjoys the Google session
 DublinBIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of Dublin BIC
Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche with Rory Caren of IBM and John Phelan of the Halo Business Angel Partnership
 John Phelan (DublinBIC) enjoys the tech expo at IBM
The IBM Tech expo gets off to a good start
 Alexandra Rudl of bwcon leading the business modelling workshop for entrepreneurs
Alexandra Rudl and Corinna Voss of German incubator bwcon, lead the an entrepreneurial workshop on business modelling
 Victor De Witt from Recipay  enjoys the IBM tech expo
Victor De Witt of Luxembourg startup Recipay engages with the tech expo in IBM
 Anthony Rafferty (PayPal) & John Phelan (DublinBIC)
Anthony Rafferty of PayPal prepares to present “The Future of Money”
 Patrick Rahme of AllSquare pitches to investors
Patrick Rahme of All Square, a golfing platform, pitches to the audience
 Judging Panel - Conor Carmody(DublinBIC),Gilles Le Cocguen (BPI France) Brigitte Baumann (Go Beyond)
Gilles Le Cocguen of BPI France participates in the judging panel with Conor Carmody of Dublin BIC and Brigitte Baumann of Go Beyond
 Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix
Lucas Pedretti of Qymatix, a German sales analytics company, smiles for the camera.
Joana Soares of IPN and Heidi Corr of Dublin BIC moderate the pitch sessions
Heidi Corr from DublinBIC moderates the pitches with Joana Soares of Portuguese Innovation organisation Insituto Pedro Nunes.
Catherine Delevoye of Technoport leads the Deal Flows & Exit Strategy workshop
Catherine Delevoye of Luxembourg innovation agency Technoport, leads the group workshop on “Deal Flows & Exit Strategies”
 Nadir Benouali -  Medicadose -  Final Pitch Battle
Nadir Benouli of French startup Medicadose presents in the final pitch battle.
Frank Devisme of Hanakai, a french startup in the creative sector, listens attentively.
Paul Quigley of Newswhip gets interviewed
Newship’s CEO Paul Quigley gets interviewed
 IBM Case studies Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factory and Ronan Rooney of Curam
Tom Morrisoe of The Now Factoy and Ronan Rooney of Curam present as case studies to the event participants
 True Pivot engages with the IBM Q&A session
An entrepreneur engages with the Q&A session
 Gianluca Ferranti of Vivocha pitches to investors
Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Ferranti engages the audience to pitch his company Vivocha, recent winner of the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Europe, 2013 IBM SmartCamp and White Bull and IAB competitions.
 Paolo Anselmo (IBAN), Chris Dial (Microsoft), Desmond Fahey CEO DBIC, Sean Beirne -Angel Investor, Alex Hobbs -AIB Seed Fund -Final Judging Panel
The judging panel decide the final winner – Paolo Anselmo, president of Italian Business Angel Network is joined by Chris Dial of Microsoft, Des Fahey of Dublin BIC, Sean Beirne of Halo Business Angel Partnership and Alex Hobbs, fund manager for the AIB Seed Capital Fund.
 Desmond Fahey (CEO, DublinBIC) Welcomes participants in the  Gravity bar
Desmond Fahey, CEO of Dublin BIC welcomes the participants to the networking dinner
 Fosca & Romain Sanviti relax at the networking dinner
Entrepreneurs from Italian startup PostGol enjoy the view of the city from the Gravity Bar
 Tara Beshoff (DublinBIC) with Dhinakar Subramani of Bizbase
Tara Beshoff, the event project manager with Dhinakar Subramani from Bizbase
 DublinBIC Chairmen Frank Roche, David Varian & CEO Des Faheywith members of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation - Padraig Hennessy and Wendy Grey
Wendy Grey and Padraig Hennessy of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation join Guinness Enterprise Centre board member David Varian together with Dublin BIC chairman Frank Roche and CEO Des Fahey for the networking dinner.
 Event winners Seabery enjoying a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar
Pitch battle winners Seabery enjoy a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar.
 Desmond Fahey, CEO DublinBIC, congratulates the event winners Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Seabery
Alejandro Villarán Vázquez & Basilio Marquinez of Spanish startup Seabery get presented with the prize!

Friday, November 28th 2014

EIG is selecting the 50 “most investable” companies until 20th August 2014

Selection for EIG Bootcamp

All EuroQuity community members are automatically eligible and currently evaluated.
In an ongoing selection process the EIG consortium chooses the best 50 community members for the EIG Silicon Stroll Bootcamp – be selected as one of the 50 “most investable” start-ups across Europe!

If you are selected for the bootcamp, you will receive an official invitation by the EIG consortium.

If you have a special interest and would like to join one of our e.pitches or Investment Forums, please send an email to Perrine Hamon: .

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

Application deadline: 31st July, 2014

Develop attractive lending and investment products for the audiovisual industry

You are interested in understanding how to create new and innovative funding products for the European audio-visual sector? You are an investor, business angel, manager of a venture capital fund, a banker, or a financial intermediary, wanting to make more educated financing decisions and to minimise your investment risk?
Apply today for ENTER Europe and get the unique chance to:
Join an intensive specialised one-day workshop in Paris or a workshop customized to support your product development if you are an organisation.
Participants will get the chance to work with experienced financing experts on the development of their own innovative financing tools. The focus of the training lies on modern risk mitigation strategies to better assess the credit-worthiness of SMEs in the CI and their actual profit-margins, on dealing with 'intangible assets' such as intellectual property rights, and on understanding how to use the EU’s new Loan Guarantee Facility.
Furthermore, it will introduce the participants to investment leverage opportunities like European, national, and regional funds and tax schemes as well as to new lending models bringing together lenders, investors, and guarantors.
The program is complemented by a 6-week individual online training, by online access to a collection of expert data and insider publications and a high-level networking event at the Film London Production Finance Market.
Apply for ENTER EUROPE – the professional training for financiers of the European audio-visual industry, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
Don´t miss this opportunity and apply now at
Application deadline: 31st July, 2014.
Please find here our full press release for further information.

Friday, May 23rd 2014
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