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Showcasing 6 startups located in the Greater Region.

Join the next EuroQuity Belgian E-Pitching session on April 1st at 5:00 PM CEST
The next EuroQuity Belgium pitch session will take place on Thursday, April 1st at 5 p.m. 

For the first time, EuroQuity Belgium has selected in partnership with Push.GR a panel of European startups situated in the Greater Region. Together, these six companies are looking for €8,75M.  Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation.

If you’re interested to find out more about them, register now for the session and join the pitches.


The selection is as follows:

IA | Accounting Software
Entrepreneurs want all of their accounting in real time by centralizing their management tools. After 2 years of web development work, the company launched its own automated accounting application from A to Z, from entry to balance sheet their bills to send all the declarations of the tax administration directly. The company is intended to be a complete application with the management of expense reports, treasury, online payments and invoicing to avoid the existing frictions in the current market. The objective is now to enforce the solution directly to entrepreneurs and Chartered Accountants, essential business providers.
Member of France Fintech and French tech East. Team of 17 employees and 3 major partnerships signed for an MRR of 80K € HT / month | Next step: Strengthen their internal skills and deployment of the solution | €4M sought - France

SportsTech | AI-powered personal trainer for endurance sports in an app
AI-based coaching app for ambitious endurance athletes, offering them the opportunity to get affordable, individual and healthy training plus everything they need in and around training. For 3 years, the developments of this algorithm have been funded by an EXIST founders Scholarship (50% EU financed, € 150K) and thanks to a pre-seed funding of €450k. Strong partnerships validated: scientific partnership with German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken, industrial partnerships with Internetstores GmbH, On Running & SP-Connect. Other B2Bs under discussion. Scientific and industrial partnerships, Product launched in February 2021 with first paying users acquired | Next steps: product and marketing optimization to scale | €1,2M sought (€200K already secured from Pre Seed investor - Germany

ArtTech | Social storytelling platform
Storytelling platform for creators of narratives and stories. The company helps creators and authors to publish and monetize them. These stories can reach a global community of readers of half a million readers. Readers can read thousands of stories in many interactive formats, genres, languages, discover new amazing creators and support them. The product is in market with some revenue and proven traction : 650.000 users on board / 201.000+ published stories / 50+ ambassadors (volunteers) / Half a million minutes spent reading every day / 2.500+ paid subscribers and self-publishing services customers / USD/EUR/GBP supported, plus all LATAM currencies including local payments even in cash or in installments / $530 avg. payout to each premium author every month / serving 7 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish), with LATAM being the biggest market.
€500,000 equity-free already raised. Winners of $30k at Demands Solution (Miami 2017). Members of Start-Up Chile, Fit4Start Luxembourg, NexCubed San Francisco | Next step: scaling-up | €1,5M sought - ​Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Big Data | Data driven Fuel Management

Besides personnel costs, fuel costs are the largest and last optimizable cost block for transport companies. To work as profitably as possible, transport companies must analyze and monitor diesel consumption and refueling very carefully. Without monitoring, common thefts could not be detected and the company's liquidity could be jeopardized. Until now, however, a meaningful monitoring was practically impossible, as the necessary data is stored in various independent systems and there are numerous factors influencing consumption that make an evaluation difficult. With the Dieselinspektor software tool, companies can now, for the first time, automatically compare fuel billing data with telematics data from the vehicles and thus check the refueling of the entire fleet with just a few mouse clicks. This allows irregularities to be detected directly and prevented in the future. In addition, with another product called Tankplaner, cost-optimized refueling recommendations can be suggested based on real-time data in order to save money when refueling. Products are currently used by more than 50 customers. Break-even was reached in 2019. Exist Founder Scholarship 2014 received. First place in the 1,2,3 GO business plan competition | Next step: further growth through international distribution and further scalability of the products | €300k sought - Germany

PropTech | Data driven property management platform 
Data driven property management platform for landlords who want to grow their portfolio sustainably. In 2019 it was a mobile application with 20,000 monthly active users who are tenants renting apartments from landlords. 18 months later the company has successfully started addressing the other side of the market, with the landlords that our tenants rent their apartments to. During the lockdown the company has pivoted and is now addressing both sides of the market. Indeed, the Covid has driven landlords who were reticent to use technology to manage their real estate portfolio, to change their habits and adopt their cloud based solution. The goal is to bring the entire rental management value chain together, allowing tenants and landlords to have a seamless experience, to connect the different parts of the market, making them the central hub for rentals. One of the 10 out of 300 startups selected for the Fit4Start program in Luxembourg in 2019 | Seed round of €475k during Covid-19, team of 8 (doubled in one year), paying customers, Strong commercial and tech pipelines | Next step : commercial expansion across Europe | €500k to €1M  sought by September 2021 - Series A of €3M to €5M by end of 2022 - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  

Pharmaceutical Biomanufacturing – Innovative and tailor-made technical and digital solutions
Technological company which commercializes technical and digital solutions that increase the efficiency of the pharmaceutical operations of their clients. Their solutions are innovative and tailor-made, they commercialize a patented voice-guided electronic batch record, tailor-made isolators in acrylic resin and smart biomanufacturing units built-in in containers. After having sold the three solutions in their domestic market in SME companies, they want to expand their commercial development by 2021 geographically in western Europe, by 2022 through strategic partnership and by 2023 with a client in the big pharma sector.
500K€ turnover in 2020 | Next step: commercial development | €1M sought - Belgium

Only registrants will receive via email:
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  • The day after the pitch: the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.
We look forward to seeing you all on April 1st at 5 p.m. CEST


We are very pleased to announce you an exclusive e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation and Nestlé on March 25th at 17:00 CET.

Join the next Solar Impulse, EuroQuity & Nestlé E-pitch "Sustainable Packaging" on March 25th !
Once again, this e-pitch is exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 5 of the finest startups pitching directly to you online.
Register by 
clicking here.
Here is the selection:


Spain - Sustainability: Elimination / Reduction of packaging
This Spanish company that holds a unique technology that allows for the elimination of stickers and plastic on fruits & vegetables. The solution reduces a prouct’s carbon footprint by 99.9%, providing a permanent identification and traceability for every item. Their technology is present in several EU countries, the USA, China with 35+ customers. New developments involve the extension of the solution to other food products (already one customer). Parallel to this, they are developing and plan to manufacture a series of new products that come exclusively from 100% vegetal origin and aim at reducing residues and a food item’s carbon footprint. Several patents worldwide | Creating new market
Next steps: scaling up | Amount to raise: EUR 1.
3 mn

United Kingdom - Packaging & New Materials – Reusable Packaging
An experienced developer in the sector of closed transfer technology has applied chemical industry performance requirements to the FMCG sector. This adds value to brands and supports them when incorporating sustainability solutions in their products. A dispense system has been developed that protects the product, retailer and consumer and delivers a self-funded switch from single use disposable packaging to more efficient and lower cost supply chains and more functional and sustainable retail packaging, achieving a 96% reduction in waste. The additional consumer and product data delivers new insight and capability direct to the brand. 15+ worldwide patents: new IP in development | TRL: 8 | TAM EUR 15.0 bn
Next Step: Implement at scale | EUR 3.5 mn

FRANCE – Chemical/Packaging/Sustainability – Paper Coating
Paper coating to ultimately replace single-use plastic in packaging. The company is pioneering the packaging transition by delivering a unique solution that enable CPG companies to make their packaging with fully recyclable and fully biodegradable circular packaging. The coated paper behaves like plastic, but without any plastic content: an unprecedented solution on this gigantic market of over USD 400.0 bn. The solution has already been successfully tested at industrial scale on all the most common coating/printing machinery in late 2020 and early 2021. Currently, in a phase of industrialization, the start-up is going to sign 2 contracts with a tobacco and a food company for product deliveries in late 2021. 2 patents pending; EUR 12K revenue in 2020 | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 400.0 bn
Next Step: Industrialization and scale up | Amount to raise: EUR 7.0 mn

FRANCE | Green Chemistry | Sustainable Packaging: Algae-based plastic alternatives
Plastic production is equal to 350MT per year, 10.0% goes into the environment creating long term pollution. This industrial project is a key for a better environment. The patented process is a new generation of plastics using a pollutant, green algae. The company is PIA ADEME 2017, supported by TOTAL TDR, Paca Region and Bpifrance. The pre-industrial plant is in the south of France. The company raised EUR 6.0 mn in 2020. Patented in 30 countries | TRL: 8
Next steps: scale up production to 20 000 tons of bioplastics | Amount to raise: EUR 30.0 mn

FINLAND – Cleantech/Energy – Smart packaging solution
Current heaters and cookers are heavy, bulky, and expensive, and can cause smoke and fires. Chemical heating pouches are hard to dispose of and have caused explosions. This startup is developing new highly scalable and low emission solar heated packaging technology, allowing various heating applications for safe and easy outdoor use. Solutions offer added value in the consumer and professional markets, especially in the situations where ultra-portable equipment is preferred, or when the sun is the only available source of energy. First industrially manufactured 0-series has built the foundation for scaling up.
 2 international patents | TRL: 6 | TAM: EUR 1.3 bn
Next steps: Piloting and launching | Amount to raise: EUR 250.0 K

Thursday, March 18th 2021
Join our first Deeptech e-pitch on 11/03 at 17:00 CET
Our first DeepTech pitch session organized by Bpifrance & EuroQuity will be held online on March the 11th at 5:00 PM CEST.
6 french deeptech companies will be presented.



Biotech - Saving lives from within, by protecting cells
Spin-off from a French laboratories of excellence, the start-up develops innovative drugs to treat severe pathologies involving regulated necrosis. The activity focuses on the development of drugs inhibiting regulated necrosis, from the selection of the molecule to the proof of efficacy in the patient. The company’s disruptive technology is based on inhibiting simultaneously two kinds of necrotic cell death. It has major therapeutic potential because simultaneous activation has been recently been implicated in acute pathologies that have limited therapeutic options and are notoriously hard to treat. In particular The startup has gotten promising in vivo preliminary results for two indications: acute renal and liver failure. The startup has built a portfolio of over 40 relevant biologically active molecules. The first molecule has demonstrated activity in in vivo “proof-of-concept” models targeting 4 different indications, out of which 2 indications are already in preclinical development. Laureat of I-Lab-2020; 2 patents USA + EU; i-Lab2020 | TRL: 3-4 | Next Step : regulatory development and clinical development | Amount sought: 4-10 M€
Cleantech/Energie – hydrogen for buildings
Spin-off from a French laboratory of excellence, the start-up has developed a reversible electrolysis and fuel cell technology, which can both create hydrogen and produce energy and heat. The modular solution packaged with batteries and driven by a multi-energy management software (storage, power generation and heat) enables building’ owners (> 1500m² floor area) to achieve their energy transition (local energy= reduced energy bills & CO2 emissions). The start-up prepares (i) an acceleration of its sales in Europe and (ii) a scale-up to address larger customer sites (campus, retail, eco-districts, industry).
IP on rSOC technology & proprietary software; 5 signed contracts for 2021 and 2022 | TRL: 7 | TAM:  20 Md€ | Next Step: industrialization | Amount sought : 4 M€

Embedded AI proprietary IIoT technology for specific high value-added data production 
The start-up owns an on-device « EDGE AI Low Power® » technology ensuring the production of high value-added IIoT data at the source. The EDGE AI allows i) processing data from embedded sensors (3D accelerometer, sound, etc.) through Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning techniques, ii) while keeping battery autonomy. The start-up is the only European player in the field of industrial IoT to provide end-to-end services, including devices / connectivity / web application, applied to specific business verticals, using embedded AI technology. Moreover, the start-up customers can exploit these data to generate new revenues (e.g. Nexans, Airbus, Nefab, ...). 3 contracts for 2020 (+8,3k connected objects) and 4 for 2021 (+20k connected objects / 50% signed March, 1st, 2021): GEDINOR, SUEZ, ARTERRIS, NEXANS, AIRBUS…  | TRL: 9| TAM:  10 Md€ | Next Step: European then Asia / USA deployments | Amount sought: 4 M€

HR Tech / - AI Based Jobs Programmatics & CV Parsing solutions 
Founded by 2 former ex-JPMorgan traders, the start-up has developed a financial based approach of HR Programmatics in order to optimize the jobs publications in any digital channel with a portfolio approach. (Digital channels: Jobs-Boards, Display Banners, Aggregators & Social Networks). The solution allows predictive acquisitions costs for any major HR segments in France and beyond with 80% accuracy rate. (Target: 95% accuracy rate). Additionally - and enabling some bricks of the advanced Programmatics above - the start-up provides the most effective CV & Job Parsing solution in French as of today and works on multilingual models for 2021. (80% accuracy effectiveness in Parsing ; any document type – Target: 95% accuracy rate). In a phase of expansion the start-up has accelerated commercial growth in 2021 in a maturing market on Performance sourcing ; especially in the post-covid environment. 12 clients ; 4 additional signed in 2021 | TRL: 7 | TAM: 4M€ Fr – 40M€ Europe | Next step: industrialization and growth sales | Amount sought: 3 M€

Deeptech/Cloud computing - Eco-responsible multi-cloud management platform 
With an innovative technology derived from more than 3 years of scientific research at the French’s National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA), the start-up has developed an end-to-end multi-cloud management platform operating across all layers and accessible to DevOps and “non-experts”. It makes any cloud, public or private, interoperable and will enable users to optimize their environmental footprint in addition to cost and cybersecurity. The MVP is being successfully tested in real environments since December 2020 and validated the technology and the value proposition. Beta testers are ready to sign contracts as soon as the V1 is commercialized in April 2021. Technology transfer acted | TRL : 7 | TAM :  3 Md€ | Next Step : commercialization | Amount sought : 750 k€

Greentech / Deeptech – Biostimulation process & prediction model for soil microbes community
Deeptech spin-off of the INRAE (National Institute for Agronomical Research) and UCA (University of the Cote d’Azur), the startup combines the latest knowledge in the life sciences and technological innovation. This start-up develops patented solutions for the implementation of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMFs) in crops in order to restore durable natural synergies with the plant roots. We targets the booming biostimulant market. Since 2017 MYCOPHYTO has described and executed the natural plant-soil fungi synergies in the Mediterranean agro-systems and sold Pilot project on 4th agricultural sectors : wine, perfume and cosmetic plants, market gardening and fruit trees and signed for 360K€ of contracts in 2020.
In 2019, we award the national contest of innovation project (iLAB Award) and realized a fundraising for 1.4M€ with investors and financial support structure like BPI France. In a phase of expansion, the startup start a second round of capital raising for an ending at the end of 2021.

Lift scientific barriers, accelerate its commercial development and industrialize its production processes with a view to selling a range of finished products; 1 patents worldwide; 2 secret Know-how; 8 news customers in 2020 | TRL : 5/6  | Next Step : industrialization | Amount sought : 7 M€

Friday, March 5th 2021

Meet eight high potential companies selected by the European Innovation Agencies on April 7th at 02:00 PM CEST

Join the Taftie High Potential E-Pitch session on April 7th at 02:00 PM CET
We are pleased to present the 10th edition of the Taftie High Potential e-pitching session that will be held online on April 7th at 2:00 PM CEST. 
This session will feature companies looking for tickets from EUR 0.5 Mn to 7.0 Mn.

Companies were selected in collaboration with innovation agencies of European countries - members of the network Taftie. This is a unique opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles from all over Europe and to ask them questions by registering here.

See you next April 7th at 02:00 PM CET. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Cristina Chumacero.

Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings with the companies of their preference.

Digital/GreenTech/Reuse of Industrial Spare Parts
We are the digital platform for the reuse of industrial spare parts at large scale. Did you know that more than 3B€ worth of dormant maintenance spare parts are aimed to destruction in Europe? But this can change now. Our AI-powered platform makes thousands of references from all industry sectors visible on our marketplace, so that vendors free up their shelves and buyers can extend the life of their equipment. 2019 EDF Pulse selection | 2020 Digital Innovation gold award “e-commerce” by Le Monde | 2020 Ademe i-nov contest award “circular economy” | Signed contracts with Michelin, EDF, Sanofi… | 10M€ inventory identified, 4M€ online for sale | We are looking for investors | TRL 6-8 l TAM: 8B€/year l EUR 4.0 Mn sought – France

Internet of Things / Smart Infrastructure / Smart Farming
We offer an IoT solution consisting of a hardware device, a cloud platform, and a range of compatible sensors. To stand out in this crowded market, we focus on unparalleled simplicity, targeting non-technical end-users. We lower the entry barrier to IoT by offering a plug & play end-to-end solution that is easy to understand, order, and use.
More than 100 customers in Benelux - €600K raised in 2020 - TRL: 8 | TAM: $10B | Next Step: commercial acceleration | EUR 1.0 Mn sought - Belgium

IT / Cloud Computing / Education / Media & Entertainment / Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing
We have developed a global fully integrated digital Workplace Environment that enables real and secure collaboration among distributed teams in a fully flexible way, even for the most demanding tasks. IBM Champion 2021, Vmware Champion, GCloud 12 UK referenced, quoted by Gartner. Working with leading Media institutions (Warner Bros, Playstation), large Construction companies, and Public Entities (Ministry of Defense) in AEC and with Education Institutions in the  US, UK, Spain, France, and LATAM | TRL: 7-8 | MRL: 5-6 | TAM: $11B+ | Next Step: Global expansion | EUR 5.0-7.0 Mn sought – Spain

 SustainTech/Energy Storage/Batteries
We are the battery advanced services company. Did you know that up to 80% of batteries fail prematurely, leading to their early replacement and significant and unpopular excessive capital expenditures? But this can change now. How? E-Vision develops a technology for non-invasive, lost battery capacity restoration, accompanied with AI-powered battery internal health diagnostics. Our proprietary devices can extend the lifespan of a battery well beyond the makers‘ original specifications saving time, money and protecting the environment. 2020 InnoEnergy PowerUp! Slovak national round finalist & public voting winner; 2020/2021 Challenger Accelerator attendee/finalist; Commercial project realised for telecom operator ORANGE; Signed a LoI with Slovak Investment Holding - we´re looking for CO-investor l TRL 6-8 l TAM: $30B/year l  EUR 1.5 Mn sought - Slovakia

B2B SaaS | blockchain | LegalTech | FinTech
Next-generation platform for documents digitisation and management. Powered by its own blockchain, DoxyChain is an innovation that combines electronic signature, workflows optimisation, and enhanced security, which means we are the very first user-oriented holistic digital solution. Oracle, Wolters Kluwer, and ELTA are among our partners - winner of BLOCKROCKET’s German Blockchain Award - European FinTech Hackcelerator ‘20 finalist - winner of the Demo Day Warsaw Reno Startup Lab. | TRL: 8-9 | TAM: €10B | EUR 3.0 Mn sought – Poland

HR Tech / Digital Work Platform
A cloud-based platform that combines in one environment a new organisational model and match-making through project-based activities, a flexible but robust system for regulating labour relations, and an ecosystem of support services for remote workers.
Member of E-pact for skills European Commission. Invitalia Smart and Start Program, Ndas signed by top-level organizations (Terna, Ey, Poligrafico dello Stato, Manageritalia, Leonardo) | TRL: 8| TAM: $3B | Next step: commercial acceleration | EUR 0.5 Mn sought – Italy-Estonia

BioTech / Telemedicine
A clinically validated telemedicine platform that enables 98% of patients with severe sight loss to see clearly again, while, monitoring disease progression in real-time.  Revenue generating, CE Class I reg. devise on the market, $1.5Million Clinical Pilot with Big Pharma in 2 geographies, Manufacturing partnership with SONY | TRL: 9 |  TAM: $3B | Next step: scale-up; licensing with Pharma | EUR 2.5 Mn  sought – France / UK

Food and Feed industry
We have identified tree probiotic strains that exert extreme anti-clostridial activity at livestock and humans. The strains are licensed to Phytonet for global Market. The HiRaDophilus strains can be used instead of antibiotic in the early breading programs of the livestock, thus preventing antibiotic introduction into food chain. Also, clostridial superinfections in human population can be possibly  prevented by using of HiRaDophilus. The Phytonet Company delivers Product formulations and produce finished product that can be used in Food and Feed industry as well as in Food Supplements and potentially Pharmaceutical industry. Company partnered with a top European Institutions for probiotic development and manufacturing as well as with global Market leaders for Feed and Food Supplements. The development of the HiRaDophilus was supported by Collaborative Grant Scheme Program of Republic of Serbia 2017-2019 | TRL: 8-9 | TAM: $20B | Next Step: human clinical trial, manufacturing site upgrading| EUR 2.5 Mn sought - Serbia - Switzerland
You can register here:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

BlueInvest scouted five European companies that will be showcasing their innovative solutions.

Join us for the 6th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session on March 10th at 04:00 PM CET
BlueInvest is delighted to present the 6th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will take place on Wedneday, March 10th, at 04:00 PM CET. 

If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register  to access the recorded session.

This session features European companies with innovative and sustainable technologies in different sectors such as ICT for Maritime, Ocean clean-up, Blue Energy and Aquaculture. 

BlueInvest is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs, and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, March 10th, at 04:00 PM CET. 

Mariabox (Smart Data Buoy Platform) - CY.R.I.C Cyprus Research and Innovation Center LTD & Signalgenerix Limited -  ICT for Maritime
We offer an end-to-end real time environmental monitoring system for the sea environment. The system is scalable and entails the deployment of multipurpose data buoys able to be deployed in various environments and form ad-hoc communication networks for real time environmental monitoring of small or large areas in the sea. According to its mission, each buoy is designed to support easy integration of a vast collection of  commercially available off-the-shelf sensors placed below the sea surface and on the surface, but also novel photonics-technology-based biosensors for the detection of different pollutants and microbiological agents. The system includes a variety of different communication options (3G/4G/Microwave/satellite) which facilitates real time data acquisition, communication, and secure data storage on a dedicated IoT cloud platform. AI-enabled intelligent analytics and interfaces to user software and apps provide in real time early warning messages of an environmental disaster and environmental management analytics extremely important to environmental agencies, coast guards, the offshore industry, and the general public. | TRL: We currently implemented the system in the form of TRL7 and TRL8 and deployed the buoys and system in Limassol/Cyprus and Barcelona/Spain with excellent results. | EUR 3.0 Mn sought - Cyprus

Claim - New Naval Commercial Technical - Ocean Clean-up
In the framework of the CLAIM project, coordinated by H.C.M.R., New Naval Ltd (Greece) has developed an innovative floating boom (floating barrier) and marine litter collection and recovery system, the CLEAN "Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas". This unparalleled, highly-efficient solution manages to collect and sustain litter and macroplastics at river mouths before entering into the open sea and affecting the marine ecosystem. | TRL: 6 - Demonstration - System Launch and Operations (TRL 8-9) | Greece

Wasteshark TM - Ranmarine Technology BV - Ocean Clean-up
RanMarine is building a fully autonomous docking station for its waste & data harvesting ASV’s. The SharkPod is designed to allow up to 5 ASV’s to dock, discharge waste, recharge batteries and upload captured sensor data. Its primary function is to clear pollutants, plastics and other waste material fromwaterways, with a focus on major EU Ports as launching customers in this project. | TRL: 7 – 8 (autonomy as a single ASV) | EUR 1.0 - 1.5 Mn sought -  Netherlands

TiPA - Nova Innovation LTD - Blue Energy
The ground-breaking Tidal Turbine Power Take-off Accelerator (TiPA) project has developed a high reliability, high-efficiency, cost-effective power-take-off system for a tidal turbine. The system turns tidal energy into electricity more effectively than conventional systems using a gearbox and generator. This improves the reliability and efficiency and reduces the cost of tidal energy by 29%. The technology can also be used in wave and offshore wind and can unlock a global market worth €1.3 billion. | TRL: 5 - Demonstration - System Development (TRL 6-8) | UK

AE-FishBIT - Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal - CSIC - Acquaculture 
Researchers have designed a miniaturised tool called AE-FishBIT, to monitor individual farmed fish in a non-invasive manner. The device’s simultaneous measurement of physical activity and respiratory frequency sets it apart from similar devices in the market. AE-FishBIT will be of interest to aquaculture farmers and other end users who can use it to monitor fish behaviour for selective breeding and for fine-tuned adjustment of environmental conditions. | TRL: 7 | EUR 1.0 Mn sought - Spain

Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on March the 16th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session organized by EuroQuity will be held online on March the 16th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 deeptech Digital companies will be presented.

All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

 IT / Cybersecurity / Identification  - Authentication  - Physical Access Control
Orway is building the most easy-to-use and secure authentication and access control solution based on a newly developed disruptive biometric technology – the first in the world that is secure enough to replace passwords and get rid of tedious MFA routine and thus completely eliminating hacking and ID theft losses. Horizon2020 Seal of Excellence | 1.5M€ sought – Italy

International Trade Coordination and Automation
We coordinate and automate all transactions and documents between all participants at import / export operations: importer, exporter, freight forwarder/s, transport, customs, financing, and insurance though blockchain and artificial intelligence. Partner with a TOP Spanish bank and two insurance companies, supported by the National and Intl. Freight Forwarders Association, declared of interest by UN  - Winner of the German Blockchain Award - Finalist at EUTOP50 Awards - Vinci Airport Innovation Challenge – Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award | 2.5M€ sought – Spain

Data Analysis
Ready to market solutions for industrial Asset Tracking and very precise position with powerful algorithms. IIDRE provides data analysis and offers predictive and descriptive analytics scenarios. Absolute and real time localization and communication, indoor using ultra-wideband technology and outdoor (GPS RTK) based on a simply wireless network and large autonomy integrated beacons. ESA Bic Sud France member and French Design Partner UWB cheap provider Decawave/Qorvo | 3M€ sought – France

5G / Industry 4.0 
We deliver self-managed 5G mobile network including devices, base stations, SIMs and all the required Software for deploying private mobile network for factories, construction sites, mining, harbors and other verticals that require own standalone mobile infrastructure for high availability, security and ultra-reliability to control robots and other machinery part of industry 4.0. Partner with a TOP 3 industry players and mobile vendors - Winner of the European Innovation Award 2019, Participating in 6 EU R&D projects leading the development of 6G mobile technologies | 2M€ sought – Finland

Artificial Intelligence / Maritime Logistics / Smart Ports / B2B SaaS
Smart Port and Shipping Platform developed to bring together all maritime actors at sea, ports and land, making port operations more efficient, safe and sustainable. The company enables real-time information sharing, reduced waiting times, faster port calls, better decision-making and highly improved situational awareness. The company delivers a holistic AI-driven software platform, APIs, prediction and optimization models, Smart Port as a Service application and Berth planning solution. Customers are biggest Port Authorities and Terminal operators e.g. in Northern Europe, Baltic States, Western Europe and Oceania – Listed as key player in the Smart Port market by independent market research companies – Selected as National Growth Engine by Business Finland – Built the Smart Port & Shipping Ecosystem of close to 100 partners  – European Space Agency (ESA) awarded funding to develop and pilot Awake Marketplace – Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company Award | 3M€ sought – Finland

B2B / customer experience / consumer products
We transform product instructions into customer experiences.
We offer consumer brands the ecosystem to create insanely simple product instructions, direct consumer connections, new customer insights and direct business opportunities.
Secured funding at state, national and EU level, 1st pilot customer, GTM scheduled Q2/21. 2.5M€ sought - Germany

+1 other SME

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021

EuroQuity selects the best eight European companies that have recently received a Seal of Excellence certificate.

Introducing eight Seal of Excellence companies to investors next March 18th at 5:00 PM CET
A selection of 8 companies among the best European Seal of Excellence companies, all looking for funding from EUR 0.3 - 10.0 Mn, will be pitching for 5 minutes each next March 18th at 5:00 PM CET.

All companies received the Seal of Excellence certification, a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, to help these proposals find alternative funding. These companies were judged to deserve funding but did not get it due to budget limits and received the Seal of Excellence as they passed the SME Instrument  call selection threshold (only 7% get financed).

This session is dedicated to diverse solutions in agritech, aquaculture, biotech, energy, foodtech, healthtech, medtech, observation space, Saas, check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you can watch the recorded session by registering .

Marine aquaculture 
We provide unique feed for marine aquaculture hatcheries, helping reduce mortality, bolster growth and improve quality issues for farmed fish and shrimp. We have a global approach, working with species like shrimp, SeaBream, Seriola, and among others. We entered the market after 15 years of R&D at Sintef Ocean and have already built our first demo production plant in Norway. We already generate revenues and ask for EUR 3.8 mn to extend our production capacity and boost growth for the next 5 years. Seal of Excellence Green Deal, May 2020. | TRL 6-8/ Next step: Industrialisation | EUR 3.8 Mn sought - Norway
Medical Device / Physiologic / Drug Delivery / ExOlin®
We are a worldwide leader in the development of innovative implantable medical devices that change the paradigm of therapeutics' administration. Our solutions aim for a targeted administration of drugs, in a physiologic site, in order to improve disease's management and patients' quality of life. ISO13485:2016 - Ready to enter in clinical trials in France by end 2021 - Patient comity approval to start clinical trial - Manufacturing process upscaled - Seal of excellence by EIC-Pilot evaluators - Winner of the 10000 Start-up La tribune challenge in 2019 | TRL: 6 | TAM: $44B | Next Step: clinical trial | EUR 10.0 Mn  sought – France

CleanTech | Agritech
We design, build and operate the SPRHOUT, a solar-thermal-based energy system to industrial power processes focusing on the horticultural industry. We sell the SPRHOUT as a turn-key solar energy system or via a power purchase agreement (PPA). Partner with a leading greenhouse manufacturer - Finalist of the Shell New energy Challenge - Winner of the Start-up Energy Transition 2018 - Secured EUR 450 k through European and national grants - 15 LOI's signed with potential customers | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: €8bn | Next step: commercial acceleration | EUR 0.5 Mn sought - Netherlands

IoT / Smart Grid / Energy Harvesting
We develop battery-free intelligent IoT devices that can monitor any grid assets, helping distribution and transmission energy companies enhance their smart grid application and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Our patented innovation comes from an energy harvesting technology that allows our devices to be 5x times more cost-efficient and much more flexible than other market solutions. We are a spin-off of IMB-CNM (CSIC) and are supported by InnoEnergy. We also received many awards, such as MIT Technology Review and cleantech camp. We currently have two on-going paid pilots in Spain and New Caledonia. | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: € 11.4B | Next Step: Pilot validation / traction | EUR 0.3 Mn sought - Spain

Air Microbial Monitoring / Clean Tech Manufacturing

Unique self-learning hardware and software platform implementing most modern patented light-based techniques for microbial on-the-fly analysis. In comparison with current methods (5 days to detect contamination) our efficient instruments enable continuous, operator-free, and real-time viable particle monitoring with high precision. Track-record in outdoor monitoring (14 units, multi-million revenue), use of additional funds to develop and scale up production of new indoor monitoring product. On the latter we are already running pilots with major pharma (Roche) and food players (Barilla). TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $7Bn | Next Step : industrialization | EUR 5.0 Mn sought – Switzerland

Bio-Tech/Food Tech
The packtin project is to create a circular and sustainable food industry. Thanks to our technology, we can valorize 100% of any plant-based by-products turning them into natural food products and natural fibers for food and packaging sector | TRL 6-9 |Next step: creation of pilot scale plant to start the production  | EUR 1.0 Mn sought – Italy

Earth Observation / Aviation
SkyfloX turns commercial airline fleets into a platform for Earth observation by mounting sensors on airliners, providing ultra high frequency and low cost data. The company is about to equip the first Boeing 737-800 with an Earth observation payload and perform pilot flights over Europe. Runner-up of NewSpace Conference Luxembourg, receiver of European Commission Seal of Excellence, over 10+ LOIs signed with major international geospatial end-users and data providers | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: $8B | Next step: commercialisation, equipping 40 aircraft over Europe | 8M€ sought – Luxembourg

IT / Digital/ BioTech
Tercen is a software platform that enables Biologists to perform Big Data analytics without having to learn programming skills. This frees Bioinformaticians to focus on developing better scientific analysis tools. Our mission is to radically change the way data analysis is performed in Life Sciences by being faster, more flexible, and more collaborative than anything seen before. Tercen enterprise installed at a TOP 3 pharmaceutical (U.S.), multiple paying customers: BioTech and Academia (Europe), 400+ free users worldwide – Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence | TRL: 7 | TAM: $18.3B | Next step: commercial acceleration | 3M€ sought – Ireland
You can register here:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

We are very pleased to announce you an exclusive e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation on February 23rd at 17:00 CET.

Join the next Solar Impulse & EuroQuity E-pitch "Waste Valorisation" on February 23rd !
Once again, this e-pitch is exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 6 of the finest startups pitching directly to you online.
Register by clicking here.
Here is the selection:

THE NETHERLANDS - Cleantech - automated B2B secondary materials brokerage 
The company has combined various artificial technologies with blockchain to identify high value future uses for secondary materials and waste. The solution identifies high value uses through an artificial neural network and various machine learning tools. It has the ability to track and trace materials. It stores information of materials, components and products including financial end-of-life value, environmental impact and social impact. The solution has been successfully tested in a pilot in 2018. They are currently expanding their operations in North-West Europe and are looking to conquer their beachhead market in Europe.   
20 contracts for 2020 | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 0.5 bn 
Next Step: market growth | Amount sought: 2M€
ITALY – Cleantech/waste management –plastic recycling 
Solution to recycle plastic waste to valuable petrochemicals and fertilizer. 
The technology will able waste management companies to raise their profit from activites regarding the most contaminated, colorful mixture of PET plastic waste, even some kind of disposed carpets and textiles wastes by recycling them to valuable petrochemicals and fertilizer, without any sorting and washing. The technology is based on chemoselective process, successfully tested in Pilot scale. Target markets are municipalities & plastic recycling companies.  

1 patents Italy no depth or shared equity | TRL: 6 | TAM: EUR 950.0 mn
Next Step: industrialization Amount to raise: 1.5M€

CANADA – Transportation – Low-Carbon Renewable Fuels 
Our mission is to decarbonize the transportation sector today by providing solutions that can solve multiple societal challenges and are available to deploy now.  Using waste resources as feedstocks, the company will produce low carbon renewable fuels for the aviation sector and others that are difficult to electrify in the near term, such as heavy equipment and marine.  We support and investigate new technologies for the future while ensuring that we take action now.  Our first facility will reduce lifecycle emissions by 80% compared to fossil fuels with strategies to be carbon-negative over time.  
Partnerships with established technology companies | TRL: 7 
Next Step: Scaling up the team to complete site development | Amount to raise: 22M€ for multiple facilities 
LUXEMBOURG - Cleantech/Energy – Reduce agroindustrial waste & Production of clean energy and bioplastic 
The concept of the process is a closed circuit of water and biomass. For this process, only Algamoil strain can be used. Benefits are: to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and to avoid the use of food to produce energy.  
The final result is 50% of the production oil to transform into advanced biodiesel, bioethanol or biokerosene and the remaining 50% raw material to produce bioplastic even biocompostable. 

3 patents worldwide; 1 contract for 2021 | TRL: 8 | TAM: EUR 20.0 bn 
Next Step: Scaling up | Amount to raise: 4M€
FRANCE - Cleantech/Waste treatment 
This start-up as developped a new way of treating non-recyclable solid waste (waste from construction sites, municipality waste, industrial waste) : fossilization. This process transforms the waste into a mineral aggregate that can be used in concrete or road beds, avoiding the landfills or the incinerators. A waste platform using the pilot of the solution will be operational in May 2021. The start-up ends it’s 2M€ fundraise which will allow to produce 12 units for 2022, and seek funds for its next fundraise, for industrialization. 
12 units deployed in 2022 | TRL 6 | TAM : EUR120 bn 
Next step : Industrialization - Amount sought: 6M€
THAILAND/FRANCE – Food Waste Prevention Tech 
8 years of practice encapsulated in an agile tech enabling commercial kitchens to track and reduce food waste and associated costs at multiple locations. 
The solution is composed of a cloud-based food waste data-analytic software and an app running on generic devices, making it the most comprehensive yet affordable system on the market. The latest features were tested with a dozen users since Jan 2020 in various locations and contexts (hotels, restaurants, canteens) 
Number of adopters and favorable national and international regulations are strong signals of rapid growth in the very short run. 

Licensing model in 6 countries. TRL:7 | TAM: EUR 12.0 bn  
Next steps: automation, gamification, AI for data integration with purchasing, storage and points of sales. / Amount to raise: 2M€


Friday, February 19th 2021

The European Innovation Council and EuroQuity-Bpifrance are pleased to invite investors to participate in our EIC ePitching. This edition will focus on agritech, food and beverages and will take place on 16 Febrary 2021, at 2 PM (CET). Seven EIC-backed SMEs were selected by a jury of investors and will have the chance to present their innovative solutions during an online event to a jury of investors, consisting of representatives from Blu1877 – Barilla Group, LeadXCapital, Faraday Venture Partners, Mitsui, Balderton CAPITAL, Eleven Ventures, South Central Ventures and Five Seasons Venture.

EIC epitching to investors on Agritech, food and beverages powered by EuroQuity on February 16 at 2pm CET
Agriculture remains a vital lifeline for Europe. New innovative developments in agriculture, for example to achieve a more sustainable sector, are on everyone’s agenda’s. In order to keep the EU agriculture sector competitive in todays global market, new advanced technologies are needed. In order to further stimulate the progress of innovation in the European agriculture sector the European Innovation Council and EuroQuity is organising an EIC ePitching to Investors on Agritech, Food and Beverages, together with top-class European investors next February 16 at 2 pm CET.
This will be the opportunity to discover seven EIC-backed SMEs on Agritech, Food and Beverages solutions that will have the chance to present their innovative solutions to a jury of investors – consisting of representatives from Blu1877 – Barilla Group, Balderton CAPITAL, Eleven Ventures, Faraday Venture Partners, Five Seasons Venture, LeadXCapital, Mitsui, and South Central Ventures.  These companies were selected by the jury of investors and they were all funded by the European Commission and are now part of their most exclusive acceleration programme.

Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings with the companies of their preference.
Here is detailed program of the start-ups pitching:

Food Sourcing Specialists, S.L. - Home Compostable Packaging / Healthy Food
We’re developing advanced food-grade, long-life home compostable packaging materials that will reduce the use of fossil-derived plastics. These were originally developed for our new range of healthy sports nutrition products, which provide elite performance using 100% natural ingredients. Voted Best Project by Keiretsu Forum Spain investors – Selected as Ground-Breaking Startup at AECOC Trend Builders | TRL: 6 |TAM: €106B & €1.8B |Next step: business scaling & new packaging R&D | 1.3M€ sought - Spain

3Bee - Software and IT services
3Bee develops Hive-Tech, a DSS for Beekeepers. We use custom IoT devices and AI algorithms to achieve a reduction of bee’s mortality and an enhancement of beekeepers productivity. 3Bee has already acquired more than 2000 customers. Winner of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument phase 1 and 2. | TRL: 9 | TAM: 58 B EUR | Next Step: Scale up in EU. | 3-3.5 M€ sought.

InnovaFeed - BioTech/Agtech
InnovaFeed is a biotechnology company that produces a new source of protein from insect farming (Hermetia Illucens) for animal feed, and more specifically for aquaculture. Its mission is to participate in the development of sustainable food systems by responding to a growing demand for natural, healthy and competitive raw materials. Endowed with the largest production capacity on the market and an R&D center at the forefront of biotechnology research, InnovaFeed has developed an innovative technology and process, guaranteeing the production on an industrial scale of quality protein, at a competitive price. €200M funding secured in debt, equity and subsidies – Off-take contracts secured with tier one players – Winner of “Blue Economic Window” grant led by the European commission (€ 2,1M) – Winner of SME Instrument grant (€1,7M) | TRL: 8 | TAM: $100B (in 2030) | Next step: industrial deployment | €100M sought – France

Brevel - AgTech / FoodTech / ClimateTech 
By providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae based products, Brevel is paving the way for a future where microalgae are a natural part of our life. Brevel’s breakthrough technology unlocks the true potential of microalgae as the ultimate source of sustainable bio-based ingredients, providing for the first time a viable solution for a wide range of industries. Two times winner of Horizon2020 grants (€1.2M) + equity investment under the blended financing pilot (€8.5M). Sustainable Food System Challenge 1st place winner. MassChallenge 2020 Gold Winner. JDA with Givaudan & collaborations with leading food manufacturers (Migros, Thai Union, Strauss, others), LOIs from leading European feed manufacturers | TRL: 9  |  TAM: $28B | Next step : production scale up and market penetration | 8M € sought – Israel

Cellugy - BioTech / Bioindustrials / FoodTech 
Producing advanced bio-cellulose materials using biofabrication. EcoFLEXY is the next generation of sustainable barrier coatings for paper/board packaging that can be used to design mono-material packaging solutions which at the end-of-life are easily recyclable in the existing waste stream. Top 24 winners at the Tech Tour European Venture Contest, Winner of the EIT Food Innovation Prize, Runner-up winner of the Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge, Winner of the Advance Materials Competition, Innovation Award Winner at the Global Innovation Summit. NDAs and LOIs signed with industry leaders | TRL: 6  |  TAM: $102B | Next step: from lab to pilot | 3M€ sought – Denmark
BIOSENS UKRAINE - BioTech / FoodTech 
Innovative biotechnology startup that focuses on development of rapid diagnostic solutions to facilitate food safety. First milestone it's flagship testing device for the rapid detection & prediction webservice to prevent mycotoxins contamination. Our mission is to give people confidence that they eat or produce safe food. We provide the ability for farmers, traders & food processing companies to make accurate and simple on-site testing of mycotoxins in less than half an hour instead of weeks. Winner of Intercontinental Startup Battle in San-Francisco, TOP 100 Global startup of SLINGSHOT 2020, FoodTech TOP-500 world’s first list of the global entrepreneurial talent between food, technology and sustainability, participated in Kickstart Accelerator in Switzerland. Supported by international donors for product and business plan development (e.g. EBRD ‘Innovation Voucher’, Expo Live Innovation Grant (Dubai): one of 120 grantee of 6900 applications from 174 countries). Receive PCT patent registration in EU & 2 patents in Ukraine. LOIs signed by leading grain traders, manufacturers & distributors (Roquette, Agro Smart Lab, OR SELL SPA, Indigo Agricultural, Belagro, Agroprosperis Group) | TRL: 7  |  TAM: $1.1B | Next step: rapid commercialization | 1.3M€ sought – Ukraine 

Novolyze - Food & Tobacco, Construction & Engineering, Machinery, Equipment & Components
Novolyze built novel technologies for Improving Safety and Quality of Food Production Systems while improving their sustainability. Word with 20 of the 30 largest food multinational countries (50% in the US) | TRL: 8-9 | TAM > B50$ | Next step: scale commercially within existing accounts | 10M€ - France & US

You can register here:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Monday, February 8th 2021

Introducing 5 Belgian companies looking for tickets between 0,5 M and 17 M EUR.

Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on February 11th at 5:00 PM CET
The next EuroQuity Belgium pitch session will take place on Thursday, February 11at 5 p.m.

These sessions allow selected companies looking for capital to present their growth project. Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation. If you would like to attend, register now

The selection is as follows:

GreenTech | Generating a positive social and environmental impact by extending the life of smartphones and tablets.
Thanks to a social action during the 1st lockdown in Belgium and having identified the “digital reconnection” as a key lever of our modern society, the company decided to integrate the mission of reduction of the digital divide as a pillar of its business model. The company is active on the market of second-hand smartphones & tablets with a new circular approach focus on integrating the value chain locally, hence lowering procurement cost by collecting second-hand devices at the local level instead of relying on existing supplier operating at global level. This enables it as well to offer a sustainable alternative (traceability, lower CO2 emission, strong positive social impact) to B2C and B2B smartphone & tablet users willing to resell their device to a reliable actor. In short, the startup offers the most responsible solution for company mainly (or individual) that have an unused device or that want to get rid of it in good conscience. 
First B2B partnerships for supply are concluded. Companies from BEL20 trust them already | Next step: push forward on B2B partnership acquisitions and develop operations (smartphone treatment) according to volume | 300k€ sought.

HRTech | Find the right hire, easily & quickly

The company launched in 2018 an all-in-one recruitment platform to simplify the recruitment process for SMEs. It helps companies in their recruitment thanks to automation, matching and video features to allow them to find the best candidates quickly by collecting pre-screened applications simply & efficiently. It offers two main kinds of plans: Subscriptions plans for companies with more than 50 employees (from 1.5k to 25k/year + upsell options) & On-demand plans for companies with less than 50 employees (from 490€/job offer).
The commercial traction and product-market fit are there with +340% growth in turnover (2019 vs 2020), more than 25 clients including fifteen recurring customers from everywhere in Belgium. Company stage: product in market. FY20 revenue 110k€ (+65k ARR) | Next step: scaling-up | 600k€ sought.

BioTech | Bio-based sunscreen product.

Circular Economy Cosmetics Company that wants to reconfigure existing supply chains, by giving a second life to wasted biomass and using the newest trends in biotechnology, transforming it into high-performing cosmetics products. The current focus is to develop a bio-based sunscreen product.
Winners at Start-up Europe Awards for UN SDG 14 Life Below Water, Selected by the European Commission as part of the 1st Blue Economy Accelerator | Next step : bring the product from prototype stage to commercialization | 500k€ sought

MedTech | Eye disease screening with artificial intelligence and robotics

40% of the population is at risk of blindness if they don’t see an ophthalmologist every year. All the diabetics are at risk of diabetic retinopathy and all citizens over 50 are at risk of glaucoma. Only 50% of the glaucoma are currently not diagnosed. Both diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma lead to blindness but can be treated if diagnosed early. The company will transform eye disease screening with artificial intelligence and robotics. Eye screening can be done using a retinal picture, AI has proven to be more performant than a human to diagnose eye disease from retinal images. Unfortunately cameras to take retinal pictures are expansive and need to be operated by a person which make their availability low for the population. Access to an ophthalmologist is not easy and there are long waiting lists. Using robotics the company will allow patients to take themselves pictures of their retina and get a diagnostic within seconds with the AI.
Strong human capital, Academia & industry partnership, Extensive network and credibility, Clinical trial in 3 Belgian hospitals | Next Step: Product ready and market entry | 3M€ sought

Hardware | Innovative electronic chip technology

To tackle the emergence of many new strategic technologies (batteries, hydrogen cells, SiC or GaN power switches, ...), the startup has developed innovative compact integrated circuits tackling all together speed, high-voltage and thermal constraints that meet the “$ per Density” challenge with no such equivalent on the market. this innovation has multiple applications: Automotive, Industry, Aeronautics, etc. The main benefits for the customers are : ability to absorb boost of power demand or severe environmental temperature, relaxed cooling need, possibility of new usages thanks to the compacity, flexibility and power efficiency, all this with a cost reduction at system level.
Prototype available. Patent pending. Academia & Industry partnerships. Extensive expertise, network and credibility | Certifications needed prior to commercialization | Seed round of 500’ – Serie A of 1,5M€ in 2022.
Only registrants will receive via email:
  • The day of the pitch: the access link
  • The day after the pitch: the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.
We look forward to seeing you all on February 11 at 5 p.m.

You receive this invitation because you are registered as an investor on the Euroquity site or because you are in our databases. To unsubscribe, please send a request to 


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