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Four Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next May 5th at 5:00 PM CEST.

Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on May 5th at 5 pm CEST
For the May epitch session, 4 startups selected by EuroQuity Belgium will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €6M.
ClimateTech |  HardWare | HealthTech | Urban Mobility

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session! 

CLIMATE CAMP | ClimateTech | Decarbonizing Food & Beverages supply chains. Faster. 
First, the company makes breweries net zero. 70% of the CO2 emissions originate in the supply chain, the famous “scope 3 emissions”. Today food & beverage companies have no easy way to obtain Carbon Footprint data of the raw materials they buy. Today’s alternatives work either with averages or don’t provide the scale and speed to solve this problem. Our company is building an open carbon infrastructure towards the net zero economy for food & beverage companies.  Suppliers and their businesses can sign-up within 5 minutes and start sharing data. 
International Team of 7 (ex-NxtPort ex-Accenture) from Belgium and Luxembourg.  Graduating from Start it @ kbc.  Part of Microsoft for Startups | Partnership with KPMG and CO2Logic. Co-build a prototype with AbInbev. First piloting breweries now being onboarded.  MVP-ready | Fundraising of €900k (seed round).

FLINE | HardWare | Alcohol testing made available 

The problem of drinking and driving is well known in Belgium. The company was created to solve this problem, it wants to offer the possibility to anyone who drinks alcohol at an event to test their alcohol level. The company is the first to have linked a highly accurate breathalyzer to a software to make them take the shape of an interactive breathalyzer terminal. This allows the users to have access in a breath to their alcohol level and access many advice and services such as the time before going back under the legal limit, the risked fine or even alternatives to driving. In order to offer access to its terminal to as many people as possible, the company sells its device to event organizers who can in turn exploit this responsible tool by renting it to their customers.
Team of 5 with business and tech profiles already working with big player in the event sector and secured soft committed for more than 60K€ in sales. Campaign with the government agency Brussels Mobility and  now working on a 5 months contract with the Walloon Government |Graduated from Yncubator and now part of Start it @KBC | Next step:  based on the experience with  6 prototypes, the company is now embarking on an industrial development that will aim to deliver the first 100 terminals by late 2022 (Equivalent to 500K€ in sales). Then attack the rest of Europe where the problem of alcohol is also present | Fundraising of €300K.

SAY IT LABS | HealthTech | Speech Recognition based Video games for people with speech disorders

SAY IT Labs BV is a Belgium based start-up that is developing proprietary artificial intelligence-based speech recognition technology designed to support and treat people with a range of speech disabilities. Say It Labs leverages its technology in several capacities. First, by creating and developing speech recognition-based video games as the main vehicle to interface with clients with speech disabilities in the context of delivering therapy, and second by collecting objective data to help monitor client progress. Fluency Friends, set to be released in April 2022, aims to support children who stutter speak more fluently.
First video game to motivate children with their fluency practice | Spin-off imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Proprietary Speech Recognition Technology Tailor-made for Pathological Speech | International Network Of Experts | Next Steps: Commercial deployment in US and Benelux and New Product Development | Fundraising of €2.5M.

YODA | Urban Mobility

Company dedicated to urban mobility. It is building the first monthly subscription service focused on light electric mopeds (weigh no more than 21kg) in cities available for minimum 79€/month. The moped is connected and can be ridden by people with or without a driving license. 
Product industrialization and team ready | Next Step : Launch Brussels and Paris as first cities | Fundraising of €1M (seed round), €250k commitment.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on May 05 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

In the meanwhile, stay safe and take care ...

EuroQuity Belgium is pleased to invite investors interested in innovative ideas, to join e-pitch session on May 19th at 4pm.

Join the next E-Pitching session on May 19 at 4:00 pm CEST
For the next e-Pitch session of our Partner EuroQuity Belgium, selected 6 disruptive start-ups. Together, these 6 companies are looking for more than € 6,5M.
Each entrepreneur will have 8 minutes to convince the investors. If you want to discover more, register now for the session and give these startups the opportunity to meet their suited investors!
The program is as follows :

SaaS for automated document handling
The company launched a SaaS platform to allow corporates to digitalize and automate the full document exchange during the onboarding process of employees and clients. Instead of having many emails with numerous attachments or even still paper documents, the clients can automate the full flow of document collection, automated validation, data extraction, document/form completion and signing in one simple process with an optimal user experience. Client can save between up to 80% on the administration cost and are 35% more productive. The company focuses today on a few verticals with monthly license fees of € 5k for staffing and HR companies and € 3k for hospitals. The company succeeds in growing the existing clients’ ticket size over time as well.
+100% growth in MRR 2021 vs 2020 | Company stage: product in market | Turnover FY21 of € 220k | MRR € 23k | Next step: scaling-up | € 1,2M sought

FinTech unlocking value for stock (options) owners
The solution developed by the FinTech offers a new way for founders, employees and other shareholders to sell some of their shares to a large pool of qualified buyers rapidly, securely, and at a fair price. It helps fast-growing companies retain their key talent as well as recruit new employees by providing liquidity for equity and rights holders. By using this technology, scaleups can avoid the cost and burden of a traditional secondary transaction and instead focus on building their business.
Next step: create traction by focusing on business development & key partnerships| Sought : € 300k

e-commerce – plants – brand
The company turns plant ownership into a positive and rewarding consumer experience. It helps customers find, get and care for high quality repotted living plants. It has sold more that 45K plants in France, the UK and Belgium since its creation in 2019.
€ 1M in sales in FY21 with only 2.2 FTEs | 200% Webshop growth in FY21, sustained in FY22 | € 0.4M raised to date | Next steps: accelerate our growth to establish as category leader in France and the UK

HealthTech - Smarter assistive communication and therapy software
1 in 6 people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. If they survive, half of the time, they will remain disabled in some way from motor or communication impairments. Walking issues can be relatively easily compensated for using a wheelchair or a cane, but communication is more problematic. The current tools are too slow and complicated to be used in everyday situations, and they are not incorporated into the rehabilitation process. The company enables people with communication disorders to be active participants in their rehabilitation, by integrating innovative compensatory aids and smart rehabilitation activities (both at home and during speech therapist sessions), thus improving their chances to reclaim lost abilities, increase their quality of life, and expand their autonomy in their daily lives.
Functional prototype, 5 ongoing experiments I €70 k grant awarded by Innoviris I Next step : Development of the marketable product & market fit & CE-mark MD class 1 I  € 2,5 M sought to finance the next 24 months

Lifestyle Tech – Smart Living

More and more people are looking for flexibility, autonomy, wellbeing and freedom when they think about the way they want to live and work. The company is developing a marketplace that brings together a community of remote workers and a curated selection of hotels fit for work and leisure. The membership gives access to a digital one-stop-shop for professionals (entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees) in need of places to work, to meet, to stay and to relax. The objective is to build a solid network of hotels throughout Europe as a way to enhance mobility and attract B2C and B2B2C customers.
Member of Digital Attraxion, Hub.Hospitality, Start-it KBC I Team of 4 co-founders and 3 free-lance developers I Pre-revenue I Raised: pre-seed € 350k raised for 12 month runway for product release and first revenue I € 500k sought for seed round I Looking for investors and contacts in the smart-living and hospitality industry
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) - Data Solutions
The company has developed a unique AUV combined with a dedicated data suite providing the ultimate end-to-end solution for underwater monitoring in a manner comparable to the aerial drone industry. It outperforms current solutions in a more cost-effective manner. The blue economy will double by 2030 (OECD) and the company is ready to be a disrupting force. The company foresees production and mass market entry at the end of 2022.
Innoviris Starters Award 2020 | Offices in Brussels and Alicante| Technology validated & Market traction | Next steps: growth sales and data team, production & market entry | € 2M sought


Register here

We look forward to seeing you all on May 19 at 4pm!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get back to us by email

Wednesday, April 27th 2022
Join the EIC ePitching on Space and Transport and help companies take off to new investment rounds

The European Innovation Council (EIC) is looking for investors to join the first e-pitching under its new EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support programme. The online event will take place on April 27 and feature seven EIC projects from the Space and Transport area. Don't miss this opportunity and register now!

Finding investors as an EIC-funded project can be a challenge. These are high-risk, high-reward endeavours breaking ground in their sectors, and need to attract bold, specialized investors to develop their solutions. Does this sound like you?

If so, the EIC wants to introduce you to some of its most innovative beneficiaries in the Space and Transport area! By registering for this event, you will get to hear from seven promising EIC companies operating in these sectors.

Save the date: April 27 will be your chance to learn all about the EIC-funded projects ready to touch the sky in the Space and Transport area.

Register for the event via     

Applications are open until 25 April 2022.


Who can apply?

The EIC is looking for qualified investors within the Space and Transport area. Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and others are encouraged to apply. 

Make sure you have signed up to the EIC Co-Investment Platform  to make the most of the event.

Daze Technology  is elevating electric and sustainable mobility through DazePlug. Ailing from Italy, the start-up has developed the first totally autonomous conductive charging system to automate recharge for Electric Vehicles. Daze Technology is on a series A fundraising, looking for EUR 4M of a total of EUR 8.2M.

AVILOO is an Austrian company seeking to revolutionize the used car market for electric vehicles through the AVILOO Battery Test. By using this product, customers can get a more accurate idea of the health of a vehicle’s battery, which renders the process of purchasing and selling used electric cars much more transparent. Aviloo is on a series B fundraising stage, looking for EUR 3M to EUR 5M.

ONO is a Berlin-based e-mobility company focusing on environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions. Their ONO E-Cargo Bike combines the flexibility of a bicycle with the capacity and durability of a van, being able to move food, flowers, and even furniture. ONO is on a Series A fundraising stage, looking for a total of up to EUR 15M.

Avy  is pioneering a fully-integrated drone network, which customers can quickly deploy on a subscription basis. Fully autonomous and emission-free, their self-flying aircrafts can be used for humanitarian, life-saving, and professional purposes, and are certified to fly within the European airspace. Avy is on a Series A fundraising stage, looking for a total of up to EUR 10M.

Limatech is designing and producing certified lithium batteries for the aeronautics and defence sectors. The French company wants to contribute towards replacing the current heavy and polluting technologies used in these areas with smart, sustainable solutions. Limatech is on Series A fundraising stage, looking for EUR 5M of a total of up to EUR 20M.
Nimesis  is a French company designing, developing and producing actuators, temperature safety mechanisms and smart devices. They are a leading player in the field of smart space actuators, with solutions for a variety of different industries, including the aeronautic and automotive ones. Nimesis has raised EUR 2.4M and is currently on a Series A fundraising stage.

Xsun  is a French company producing autonomous, solar-powered drones with applications in a variety of sectors. Their SolarXOne solution was designed to maximize the use of solar energy and ensure a safe and stable flight. Xsun is on a Series A fundraising stage, looking for a total of EUR 7.8M, from which is it has already secured EUR 4.8M.

Wednesday, April 20th 2022
The Bpifrance DeepTech Program will showcase 6 french deeptech companies on Thursday, April 21st, at 5PM CEST.

Register here

Medtech - Advanced sleep apnea screening with a smartphone 
A product of the PSL ecosystem, Apneal offers a solution that enables a sleep test to be carried out with a device limited to the use of the patient's smartphone, placed on the chest during the night. The analysis of the smartphone's sensors enables the reconstruction of cardiac and respiratory activity and certain ventilatory polygraph tracings. The solution is currently undergoing clinical trials in APHP centres. It is positioned on the care pathway between the clinical examination, the screening questionnaires and the in-depth sleep examinations, while being prescribed by the doctors. The solution is of great interest to the medical community, and the start-up has won several prizes and trophies at medical conferences and trade fairs. Interesting perspectives on other pathologies (cardiac, respiratory) with the same examination. 
3 patents | TRL: 5-6 | TAM: 17 Bn€ | Next Step: launch of first product, MD | Amount sought: 1.5 M€

Deeptech/Telecom - Stay Online Indoors 
30% of mobile phone users complain about the quality of indoor communications. The main reason for thisn is the accelerated use of thermally insulated windows, imposed by the energy transition, which strongly attenuate the propagation of radio waves and the introduction of 5G. A product of the Linksium incubator, Lichens is developing a passive solution for mobile operators. It restores the quality of communications by applying a transparent plastic film printed with a repetitive conductive pattern to the glass, at an affordable cost for commercial buildings under 8,000 metres. 
1 patent worldwide | POC validated: interest from mobile operators | TRL: 5 | SAM: 1.5 Bn€| Next Step: seed - Amount sought: 625K€

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology – Novel cancer therapeutic 
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence, Kairos Discovery will develop innovative therapeutic solutions, in priority in oncology. With its first drug candidate, the company is targeting pancreatic and brain cancers, representing unmet medical needs and resistant to current therapies. This – orally bioavailable – therapeutical strategy allows for a better chance against resistance phenomenon, which is currently a major obstacle to the most powerful chemotherapies used in the clinic. Proof of concept has been achieved in various translational mouse models and demonstrates potential efficacy and a more optimized safety profile than its competitors. This innovation is protected by a European patent application and a PCT extension whose exclusive exploitation rights will be transferred to the start-up as soon as it is created. This start-up aims at achieving clinical proof of efficacy after Phase 2 trials for the drug candidate before licensing it to a major pharmaceutical company by 2028.
1 Patent worldwide I TRL: 4 I TAM: $6.4Bn by 2026 I Next Step: Preclinical regulatory studies I Amount sought: 1.34 M€

Telecoms - User mobility and promotion of a new communication channel
Hopcast is the outcome of several years of fruitful cooperation between a leading university and a leading multinational company. It offers an innovative and patented content distribution solution exploiting user mobility and promoting a local and sustainable communication channel. Consequently, it reduces carbon footprint and provides a more inclusive Internet. The solution is being deployed in an African university to distribute video courses while avoiding the cost of cellular data. Applications of our technology are currently being discussed with several partners. 
1 EU patent, Advanced discussions with 3 partners | TRL: 5 | TAM: $15B | Next Step: Demonstration in an operational environment | Amount sought: 500 K€ 

Cleantech/Energy - SaaS smart remote inspection tool for solar power plant 
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence, Heliocity has developed a cloud-based analytics toolbox, allowing to translate readily available data from solar installations into diagnostics and action recommendations. Operators and owners thereby gain insights into the health of their installations and the possible remedial actions to correct the losses duly identified and quantified by cause. They can then make informed decisions to maximize (financial) productivity and reduce operating & maintenance costs. The solution has already been successfully tested over 15 different site setups with a dozen of French operators. In the commercial launch phase, the start-up is in advanced discussion with a major French operator of more than a thousand solar installations. 
IP worldwide exclusivity license, Technology validated (15 PoCs) | TRL: 8 | TAM (2030) : 4Bn € | Next Step: commercial launch | Amount sought: 1.2 M€ 

Healthtech - Disrupting the diagnostics market by analysing the patient conditions 
Manitty pushes the boundaries of diagnosis and connected health for professionals, providing the monitoring information that users really need and enabling accurate interpretation of patient conditions. Our innovation is the result of work by the CNRS and the Ecole Polytechnique and consists of an all-in-one solution; a miniature device capable of collecting multiple body and brain data, connected to a deep learning platform, to generate intelligent indexes. The solution has already been successfully tested in the laboratory and in business conditions (TRL 5), in collaboration with a major international group. Manitty's mission is to translate our physical and mental state in real time by generating reliable indicators to improve human and animal well-being.  The technology will make body language understandable anywhere, anytime and to anyone. 
Exclusive worldwide license/ patents pending | TRL 5 | TAM : 154 Bn€ | Next Step : industrialisation | Amount sought : 1 M€.







Tuesday, April 19th 2022

Meet five entrepreneurs scouted by InvestEU Portal and EuroQuity on April 26th.

Join the InvestEU Portal E-Pitch session on April 26th at 02:00 PM CEST
The InvestEU Portal and EuroQuity join forces and proudly present one e-pitch focused on digital solutions, that will be held online on April 26th at 02:00 PM CEST.

If the schedule does not fit you, register anyway, so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.

InvestEU Portal is a programme of the European Commission. It is the online "marketplace" connecting EU-based startups across all economic sectors to investors worldwide. It provides greater visibility and options for entrepreneurs to reach out to investors and finance their projects. 

See you next April 26th at 02:00 PM CET. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Doggies in Town - Pet Tech, Marketing Tech, Tourism        
Building the world’s most advanced ecosystem to help dog owners discover, buy & book from the widest range of dog friendly businesses        
Community of +6.000 dog owners / app downloads; Over 1.500 clients (hotels, restaurants, stores, dog product & service businesses); Secured €75K in funding from investors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Spain & The Netherlands; Collaborations with multiple city councils in Spain and France; Selected by Nestlé UNLEASHED Purina's as Top Pet Tech Companies to join EU Startup Summit Event in Barcelona
| Women (co)founder| Customers: +10000 | TRL: 9 | TAM: $ 93B | SAM: $ 2.3B | Seed | Next Step: Commercial Acceleration, Proof of Scalability | B2B2C, B2B | EUR 0,75 Mn sought- Spain        
EcoSteer Srl - Retail banking, energy, mobility.
Decentralize data access control, giving it back to consumers and turning privacy laws from an obstacle into a new data monetization opportunity for companies in ‘traditional’ sectors.        
Patents granted in US, Canada, South Korea; notice of intention to grant received from the EPO. Patent applications filed in Japan and Singapore. Initial Clients in the retail banking and energy sectors. Signed partnership agreement with major system integrators. Awarded the 2021-2022 WomenTech EU prize | Women (co)founder| Customers: 3 | EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform is now at TRL 7 (system prototype demonstration in operational environment). We have demonstrated the system’s functionalities within a Client’s IT infrastructure | TAM: €50Bn connected IoT devices in 2030 globally | SAM: Initial targets: banking, energy in EU; €243M energy meters and €392M banked in EU | Turnover 2021: €140,000.00 | pre-Serie A | Next step: Proof of Market | B2B2C | EUR 2,8 Mn sought - Italy                
BIM6D Consulting & Performance SL - Construction, Real Estate, Engineering, Industrial, Logistics, Healthcare, Infrastructures        
DigitalTwins for Smart Buildings and Cities. BIM6D is a digitalization company based in Barcelona, providing BIM services and specialized in Digital Twins software development for Building Performance.
We obtain clients with marketplaces of Autodesk / Microsoft / Siemens and now (2022) we count with Telefonica as tech partner so they are offering POWERBIM as Smart Building solution for all their clients, this will be a game changer together with the top project we are starting with POWERBIM as DigitalTwin official platform for Distrito Castellana Norte project in Madrid, the largest urban regeneration project in all of Europe. | Customers: 45 Some top clients: Zalando, BMW, Distrito Castellana Norte, Adif, Ferrovial, CatSalut, Telefonica, Tersa, Rey Juan Carlos University, Government of Catalonia… | TRL: 7 | Turnover 2021:  €447,646.00 | MRR: €50,000.00 | Seed | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | B2B | EUR 2,0 Mn sought - Spain

Overcast HQ
- Artificial Intelligence, Platform,  Machine Learning, Video
Overcast is a storage and collaboration video platform designed to help content owners manage their video content easily and securely. We achieve serious cost reductions and operational efficiencies by making it possible for everyone to securely manage video – from less-technical marketers to highly technical IT administrators.  | EUR 1,7 Mn sought - Ireland

Greece - Construction Technology / Property Technology / Smart Building
Vertliner is a field robotics company specializing in the construction sector, developing autonomous robotic systems for the precise indoor assessment of building assets. The company delivers the ‘as-build BIM’ (Building Information Model) through a custom-build autonomous UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) and a cloud-based platform acting as a marketplace for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) contractors and suppliers. Finalist of the 2019 MIT Enterprise Forum competition – 3rd place in the CEEC Chapter of SME Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global 2021 Contest of China – Qualified Member of the National Startup Registry of Greece – Winner of the Greenathon 2021 contest – Awarded EU Grant in Robotics for Inspection – Awarded EU Grant in Cyber-Physical Systems for Robotics - Qualified in Korean Startup Challenge 2021 | TRL: 6 | TAM: €146B | Pre-Seed | Next Step: Step up from MVP to Commercial Product | EUR 450K sought.

Monday, April 18th 2022

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day during the conference Growing Together.

Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on April 4th 10:00 CEST

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join Growing Together InnoAgora Investing Day, our hybrid event on Monday 04/04/2022, at 10:00am CEST.
InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.


The program is as follows:

BibeCoffee Limited | Transforming coffee machines into smart connected terminals
A great percentage of people cannot imagine surviving a day without coffee. A good quality cup of coffee at their favourite café sounds like the perfect getaway. Thus, coffee machines “work” hard to deliver high quality coffee daily. Nevertheless, the question is if the coffee served is the best one it can possibly be. According to BibeCoffee almost half of the branded coffee is being diluted by Coffee Shops as coffee machines are frequently not properly maintained. To resolve this, BibeCoffee has created a platform which allows the user to monitor all coffee machines anytime and has plenty of features to optimise the coffee experience, such as device remote management, sales forecast, and automatic ordering to coffee roasters. Their vision is to become the one-platform-aggregator
Approved by the Biggest Coffee Machine Manufacturers Worldwide | Trusted by Coca–Cola | award-winning | TRL9 | €3,5M sought to achieve commercial acceleration

InSyBio | Biomedical Data-Analysis and Biomarkers
Pharma and Nutrition companies need methods to research on and personalize their products, differentiate them from the competition, increase their sales with more targeted products and get informed-marketing and -sales decisions. Moreover, Pharma companies spend millions on data analyses and biomarkers discovery process following a fragmented and inaccurate approach which requires high amount of resources. InSyBio Suite is a machine Learning-based Software offered over the cloud to streamline the biodata analysis and generate patentable biosignatures, trained prognostic / diagnostic models, comprehensive FDA and scientific journal data analysis-compatible reports and ongoing support. Unique offering for personalizing drugs and nutritional products allowing the identification of responders’ profiles and their usage for clinical research to speed up product time-to-market and target marketing to increase sales.
Revenue generating company, technology and business model proven in projects with high-caliber customers | award-winning | 11 paying customers | Trusted by Philips and Siemens |TRL9 | €2M sought to get proof of scalability
Brite Hellas | Producing transparent solar panels optimized for use in greenhouses and Agri-PV systems to help sustainable food supply
Agriculture consumes 14% of energy globally and almost all of it is based on fossil fuels. Brite’s technology product will provide clean energy in agriculture and thus will reduce CO2 emissions drastically and have a positive impact on climate change. Brite’s low carbon energy solution is a unique, patented solution that combines nanomaterial coating with regular solar cells to deliver a semi-transparent solar panel targeting agricultural applications. Their technology can render greenhouses energy autonomous, and it can be used in Agrivoltaics to produce clean energy while protecting crops against adverse environmental conditions.
Red Herring one of the Top 100 Winners 2021 | Finalist Nominated for the GreenTech Award 2020 |Brite’s Solar Glass has been labeled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution in 2021|14 paying customers | TRL8 | €4,8M sought to get Commercial Acceleration and Industrialization
PD Neurotechnology Limited | High-tech medical device company
Continuous Objective Monitoring of patients with Parkinson’s Disease in order to achieve telemedical disease management and prompt and proactive interventions, leading to improvement of Patients’ Quality of Life vs the existing treatment paradigm and cost savings for the Healthcare System. Sale as a combination of capital sales and data management subscription models targeting Hospitals, Homecare companies, Major Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device companies with treatment solutions, Healthcare systems and private payors and patients themselves.
Fully certified medical device company | Strategic agreements with major MNCs | In Sales in 8 countries | TRL9 | €5M sought to get Commercial Acceleration

Loctio | Democratizing precise location capabilities for IoT devices
IoT is moving from hype to reality and there are not doubts that billions of connected devices will change industries and influence our lives. Precise location capabilities for IoT devices are key for enabling, managing, and operating such applications and services. Nevertheless, IoT localization is a very complex matter. This is where Loctio steps in. Loctio is a deep-tech provider aimed to disrupt the value chain in IoT devices positioning by leveraging Cloud/Edge processing to furnish Location as a Service frameworks. Technology licensing (recurring revenues) to Module makers & IoT solution providers IP licensing to Chipmakers. Their competitive advantages are that their software requires 20 times less power consumption, it can be positioned even indoors, it is ready to go on existing hardware and it is edge based.

Partnered with a Chipmaker (Goodix) | Partnered with an LEO PNT infrastructure and service provider (Xona) | TRL8 | €4.2M sought to get proof of scalability

Centaur Analytics | Leading provider of turnkey IoT SaaS solutions for quality and abundance of agricultural products
Centaur develops the Internet-of-Crops®, a sustainable supply chain & waste mitigation technology with traction in 30 countries. Clients include Cargill, AB InBev, Heineken, Riviana, CBH, Growmark. We achieved cash flow positive with 60% CAGR 2020-21, on seed funds alone, and are now raising our Series A. Centaur wrapped up 2021 with a bang, closing a 7-figure contract with a leading international grain company for one of the largest scale IoT deployments in Agriculture. Overall, they recorded a 2x YoY increase in booked business. About 40% of the 2022 projections comprise recurring platform fees and backlog, and they are confident they will meet and exceed.

Traction in 30 countries | Some of the awards won are “Farming Innovation”, “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” and the “Invivo quest EuroTour 2020-2021” | 70+ clients | TRL9| €10M sought to get Commercial Acceleration

PaloServices | Web & social media intelligence
The volume of Social Media data generated every day is staggering and is expected to grow exponentially. Companies, organizations, public figures need to listen & analyze on how they are perceived in the digital universe.  Social media analytics helps brands / companies to improve their digital footprint and achieve better ROI in digital marketing. Palo’s vision is to create innovative services into the digital marketing intelligence market globally. Specifically, it helps Brands/Companies to analyse their products digital performance and have access to real time data and analytics better, faster, accurate.

Market leader in Greece & Cyprus with a market share in 2021 of >60% | 2021 revenue was €400Κ with a growth >30% | 10+ development years of the SaaS platform offering web & social intelligence | Invest Horizon Accelerator by EU | TRL7 | €3M sought for Business Development and Technology Development

RTsafe | 3Dprinting, Radiotherapy, Radiation Dosimetry
RTsafe is addressing the uncertainties of radiotherapy treatments for brain cancer patients. Besides killing the cancer cells, radiation may kill the surrounding healthy brain tissue, causing severe side effects and ineffective treatment. This problem results in slow ROI for the clinics' SRS investments and significant losses for the reimbursement systems.
To resolve this problem, RTsafe simulates the Radiotherapy treatment on a 3D printed replica of each patient's head, ready to detect the radiation effect, before applying it to the actual patient. So, the medical team can confirm or refine the treatment plan in a totally safe environment. The clinics boost the use of SRS investments achieving better financial results (reducing costs and increasing revenues). The Reimbursement systems save the side effects treatment cost (usually as high as the cancer treatment itself. As a result, the patients gain a better outcome. The physicians gain more confidence in their treatment plans.
Medical Device already developed | ISO13485 certified | Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence awarded  | Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence awarded | 50 clients |TRL8-9 | €3M  sought to achieve commercial acceleration

Monday, April 4th 2022

Meet 5 european deeptech companies from the EIC Scaling up programme.

Join the first EIC Scaling Up E-Pitch session on March 29th at 10:00am CET - Sustainability
We are pleased to present the first EIC Scaling Up e-pitching session that will be held online on March the 29th at 10:00am CET. 
This is a unique opportunity to discover, from your office, high-potential profiles from all over Europe in the sustainability field and to ask them questions by registering here .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings with the companies of their preference.

AEINNOVA - Cleantech/Energy – Self-powered battery-less industrial IoT
Based in Barcelona with a clear focus on energy transition and Industry 4.0, AEInnova has developed a Self-powered IoT solution for the Industry, eliminating the device's high contaminant and expensive lithium batteries. The required power is self-produced using thermoelectric technology, converting the waste heat from machinery and processes into clean and sustainable electricity. The data management SaaS has also been developed as part of the solution. The IoT devices have been tested in more than 15 PoC’s in industrial plants in the chemical sector, oil&gas, paper production, and manufacturing, among other sectors. We have LoI’s from all the potential clients. The focus is global in a fast-growing market .
1 patent accepted, 3 more ongoing and +27 awards; | TRL: 9 | TAM: 40 B€ | Next Step: Industrialization and sales| Amount sought: 5 M€

EPISHINE AB - Sustainability/Cleantech/Energy – Printed Organic Solar Cells
Epishine is on a mission to be at the forefront of printed organic solar cells and, in a series of phases, to offer the world's most scalable, resource-efficient and affordable solar cell. The first product was launched mid-2021 and is optimized for harvesting energy in low light indoor environments and is printed on recyclable plastic and is easily integrated into wireless products. The product is already successfully used in several different end products on the market generating electricity from ambient light.
Next Step: Scaling up
| Amount sought: 15 M€

LANCEY - Cleantech/Energy – intelligent electric heater with embedded storage
LANCEY Energy storage has developed in five years the first electric heater with integrated storage. Its intelligent Energy Management System and the capacity of the battery makes this product a key element in a house, to reduce energy consumption, manage electricity bill and optimize photovoltaic production.  The solution, already developed and certified, is currently industrialized in a French factory and has found numerous of customers.
The solution has already been successfully tested, with a proof-of-concept unit operated in September 2020 for the biggest French Social Landlord (Neolia-Groupe action logement). 11+ patents worldwide; 25 contracts for 2022| TRL: 8 | TAM: 600 M€ | Next Step: commercialization/internationalization/new business development | Amount sought: 15-20 M€

PHYSEE - Coatings, solar, and sensor technology
PHYSEE is the first company in the world to succeed in developing facades that provide both energy and data, optimising the energy efficiency of buildings. The primary technology developed by PHYSEE, called SmartSkin, makes buildings up to 30% more energy-efficient, and at the same time, significantly more comfortable for its users. Notably, the company has developed three products – the SmartSkin facade, the PAR+ coating, and the POWER+ coating. The SmartSkin technology is a combination of sensors, solar cells, and battery system integrated into the window frames. This technology analyses data, such as temperature, light, and air quality, using a self-learning algorithm that independently controls the building’s climate installations (such as sun blinds, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Tuesday, March 29th 2022

Eight Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next March 24th at 5:00 PM CET.

Join the EuroQuity Belgian Pitch Session on March 24th at 05:00pm CET
For the March epitch session, 8 startups having all benefited of a support from an acceleratorAmplitude+, Imec.Istart and WSL will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €11M.

HealthTech | Saas | HealthTech | WineTech | MarTech | SaaS | ChemTech | HRTech

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session! 

The program is as follows : 
HealthTech | The most complete and data driven employee mental health platform
Employee stress levels increased significantly due to COVID-19 and this is a lead indicator of higher absence leave. At the same time HR managers are disconnected with their colleagues due to increased hybrid working, leading to reduced insights on how people are doing. This makes mental health a top challenge for HR managers in 2022. The company provides well-being responsible with a digital platform to provide accessible mental health support within their company.
The product is in market with some revenue and proven traction: 11.000 employees in scope / 33k monthly revenue / + 4000 consultations | Imec.istart member, Best win award Start It @KBC | Team of 6 (ex-Collibra, ex-Datacamp) | Next step: adding new products to the platform and scaling in BeNeLux | Fundraising of €1,0 M (seed round)

SaaS | Metadata Management Software
Data continues to become a more and more ubiquitous and strategic asset in organizations of any size and industry. With over 60 years of combined experience in data & analytics, the founders of the company experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by analysts and decision-makers in easily finding and understanding data spread across the organization in many different systems. The company offers a user-centered, simplicity-first SaaS tool to make data accessible, understood and governed, putting business users back in the driving seat while alleviating the burden on IT.
Currently a team of 7 with 3 paying customers (€30K ARR each), 3 partnerships and a number of promising POCs ongoing. Supported by imec.istart and dFund | Next step: speed up the growth | Fundraising of €1M to 2M (seed round)

HealthTech | Optimizing human capital health

Today, in companies, more than 8% of employees are absent from work. Health and well-being solutions must be implemented. The company’s objective is to improve the health and well-being of employees through a digital solution in a fun way. In addition to gamification, employees will be able to measure their level of fitness and become aware of the importance of their health at work.
In partnership with occupational health organizations, the company wants to measure the economic impact of employees' shape in the company.
The first studies will start with the Attentia group | WSL member | Fundraising of €750k to finance the objectification of the impact of the solution

WineTech | IoT beverage solution

In the hospitality sector, up to 50% of all wines are now sold by-the-glass; a market representing up to 10 million glasses every day in Europe. 
The company offers a brand-new all-in-one solution for professionals of the hospitality industry and is the most advanced IoT beverage solution devoted to professionals of the hospitality sector. It reduces wastage, increases revenue, simplifies service, and monitors sales.
Used by 100 companies | Mature technology | Ready for scale up | Next step: Commercial deployment over Benelux, France, and Germany | Fundraising of 3M€ (current shareholders are participating)

MarTech | Combo of human expertise and AI for design decisions

New platform that allows you to predict the visual impact of any type of communication material (packaging, ads, OOH, TV, etc.) and thus facilitate decision making through objective metrics based on neuroscience, artificial intelligence and our expertise.
Our customers are mainly brands, a few Creative agencies and Market research companies in different markets: FMCG, Insurance, Telecommunication, Banking, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, etc. 
Product market fit with the first big customers (Nestlé, BPost, La Poste Française, Orange Fr, Filorga, AG Insurance, Qualiphar) | Next step: further develop marketing, communication, sales and technical team | Fundraising of €750k

SaaS | No code solution

80% of European SMEs in Logistics, Production or Retail (TAM 1.2M SMEs) are still counting on inefficient workflows including paperwork and transcription work. SMEs explain this status quo because of the lack of technical skills internally and poor flexibility of their current ERP solutions. Today, SMEs can count on a mobile and web solution that allows anyone to digitize processes and create powerful forms and databases in self-service mode, following the no-code trend. Our clients are looking to optimize the operational processes within their teams and with third parties quickly and flexibly (ROI after 1 month). 
Team of 4 – Growing client base to 20 enterprises since go-to-market in 2021, including Facq, The Barn and La Croix Rouge (MRR from €200 to € 3K in 12 months) – Graduated from Start it@KBC and Laureate from Amplitude+ | Next step: extend the team with the right skills and capitalize on the good market traction to grow the business continuously | Fundraising of € 650K sought

ChemTech | Self sanitising surfaces, the next step in infection control

In previous centuries humanity had to face a pandemic every 100 years. Since the beginning of 21st century, we have been faced to 6 major pandemics. Recontamination is constant / decontamination doesn't last / Modern technology can help solve this problem. The company has developed an innovative transparent coating from the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
This unique solution  was tested and approved in the laboratory and patented. This innovation has already received attention from large industrial players resulting in the signing of manufacturing contracts. 
Scientific and industrial partnerships, Product launched in March 2022 with first signed customers | Member of WSL | Next steps: production, sales  and marketing optimization to scale | Fundraising of €1,5M (500K already secured from Pre Seed investor)

HRTech | Talent acquisition made easy

The company provides easy access to high quality candidates for your vacancies; the saas solution lets you publish targeted social media marketing campaigns in less than 25 minutes on multiple social media platforms, and continuously optimizes these campaigns for you based on proprietary algorithms, leading to higher ROI (x5). 
1.1 mio € turnover in 2021 (x3 vs '20) – profitable | Next step : international scaling | Fundraising of €2M 

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing many of you on March 24th at 5:00 pm CET

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

Thursday, March 24th 2022

Meet eight high potential companies selected by the European Innovation Agencies on March 22nd.

Join the 13th Taftie High Potential E-Pitch session on March 22nd at 02:00 PM CET
We are pleased to present the 13th edition of the Taftie High Potential e-pitching session that will be held online on March at 2:00 PM CET. 
Eight companies were selected in collaboration with innovation agencies of European countries - members of the Taftie network. This is a unique opportunity to discover, from your office, high-potential profiles from all over Europe and to ask them questions by registering here.

See you next March 22nd at 02:00 PM CET. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings with the companies of their preference.

We will publish more companies' short teasers here: 

Digital Health - The smartest medical interview on the planet 
Today, health care professionals often collect incorrect and unreliable patient information, during a time-consuming and frustrating anamnesis, followed by additional administrative work. Our solution ask the right questions in advance using the most accurate AI and most complete interview builder for better care at a lower cost with better outcomes for patients and practitioners. 
Reached 90% diagnostic accuracy | Trusted by 500k patients | Customers: 5 pharma, 15 hospitals, 750 doctors | TRL: 9 | TAM: USD 350.0 Bn | SAM: USD 10.0 Bn | Next step: commercial acceleration | Serie A | B2B | EUR 8.0M sought – Belgium 

Wind Energy - Transform drag to dollars 
We provide individualized solutions in wind engineering, focusing on problems related to the operation of wind turbines and the improvement of their energy efficiency. The nature of the wind, local environmental conditions and varying energy prices combined with the characteristics of the turbine require an original approach. Precise analysis allows the best use of both wind resources and turbine potential - the two most important factors generating profits for the owner of a wind park. 

Accelerated in EIC Climate KIC; Incubated in S5 Accelerator; Accelerated in S5 Accelerator; MIT Enterprise Forum CEE – won the main prize – a trip to Boston, MA in June 2022 to start talks with US partners and investors, acquired business partner MCX Systems/Enerco with 150 wind turbines; Partnership with City of Summerside, PEI, CA, owns 10 turbines; Key partnerships: IWES Fraunhofer, DE, German institute for studies in on-shore/off-shore wind; Ericsson, PL, Polish daughter company of the telecom giant,- Ilika Technologies, UK-based manufacturer of high tech solid state batteries | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 1.8 Bn | SAM: EUR 222.0 Mn | TRL: 7  | Next steps: Proof of scalability and industrialization | Serie A | B2B | EUR 4.5Mn sought – Poland 

SAAS tech startup helping business 
Today, offline events industry is fairly unsustainable and in need of digital options. We provide a planet-friendly, virtual alternative/companion to high scale, in-person gatherings. This contributes to save money, time and the planet by helping reduce CO2 emissions. Clients from 40+ countries from La Trobe University in Australia, to the UN, Beiersdorf, Generali Insurance etc | Women (co)-founded | Clients: 100+ | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 90.0 Bn | SAM: EUR 200.0 Mn | Turnover: EUR 0.5 Mn| Next step: Proof of scalability | Seed| B2B | EUR 1.5M sought –  Serbia 

Medtech - A new type of intelligent soft exoskeletons
Millions of people worldwide struggle from lack of strength or pain in the hand. These problems have a very high negative impact in these peoples’ lives and general wellbeing. This is why Nuada developed a new type of exoskeletons for the hand that allows users to hold objects up to 40kgs with the hand completely relaxed.
+30 clients | Issued patents in EU and USA | Awarded several international innovation awards | Financed by the European Commission SME Phase 2 Program | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 267.0 Bn | Next steps: Industrialization and commercial acceleration | Pre-Serie A | B2BC | EUR 2.5M sought – Portugal

Medtech - Free your movement
Quickly pro is a wearable device, with integrated platform designed to for walking rehabilitation in people with walking problems such as Parkinson’s disease that touches more than 5 million people each year.
+6 clients | Patent issued | Clinical trial approved | Successfully raised 210k | Next steps: Commercial acceleration | Serie A | B2B | EUR 2M sought –Italy

Deeptech - Human Perception AI
A Human Perception AI with proprietary head, face & eye tracking. It aims to make our interactions with devices and with other people ever increasingly faster, intuitive, and useful. We create proprietary Perception AI software, including eye tracking, to enable billions of devices to adapt to us.
18 patents from 10 unique inventions | International coverage in Europe, USA, Japan and China | Partnership with AMD
TAM 4.9 B | Next steps: Commercial acceleration | Serie A | B2B | EUR 5M sought – Switzerland

Health and Care - Unique solution in dementia therapy
It's going to be  the only solution on the market to offer both personalizable multimodal training as therapy and tools for the diagnosis of dementia.
Product version finalized and first licenses sold | 4 funded research projects (on national and European level) | Successfully raised +1.6M | Gained several care organizations as paying customers (e.g Red Cross) | Solution in 5 languages (German, Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Serbian) | Next step: Proof of market | Pre Serie A | B2B2C |– Austria

Energy - Platform for solar business
A fully integrated online platform divided into 4 modules, each one covering one step of the value chain of the solar business: Lead Generation; Sales & CRM; Design & Engineering and After Sales. The platform optimizes all the resources needed to sell and install residential and commercial photovoltaic installations.
With more than 5,5M€ of accumulated revenue in last years | 8 big customers as ENGIE, Total, Repsol, | 65% revenues | 55 employees in 4 countries | 6 subsidiaries in the holding | Raised €2M for software development | Next steps: Software and technology improvements | Serie A | B2B & B2C | EUR 5.0Mn sought – Spain


Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day

Meet the most innovative Greek companies |  InnoAgora Investing Day by Hellenic Development Bank

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on Thursday 17/3/2022, at 02:00pm CET.

InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The e-pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors.

Register now

The program is as follows :

Bespot | Location Fraud Prevention and Location Analytics solutions
Bespot is an AI and analytics-enabled company that develops deep location intelligence solutions for the retail and hospitality industry, satisfying the needs of both small stores and larger facilities. The company offers location-based white-label mobile services and a location positioning SDK that uses machine learning techniques to accurately determine users’ location in indoor and outdoor environments. Bespot SDK achieves world-class indoor location accuracy, close to 100%.
Raised 1M euros in seed funding | Deployed indoor location fraud prevention solution in over 3.600 venues | Key Clients: OPAP, Masoutis, City of Athens | Solution Awarded in Mobile Excellence, Business IT, HIFA | TRL 9 | €8M sought for commercial acceleration
InAccel | Application acceleration made simple
Today, speed is one of the main requirements in anything we do. This is especially portrayed in the need for faster processing. Computing power need to carry out machine learning neural networks is doubling every 3.5 months. CPUs cannot keep increasing the performance as in the past. This is where InAccel steps in. InAccel uses an integrated framework for easy deployment and utilization to help companies speedup their ML applications by using accelerators (FPGAs) seamlessly (ML as a Service) with an Integrated Accelerated Machine Learning/DNN Platform. Specifically, to reduce road accidents they have developed SafeDisplay, which automatically recognizes if motorbike riders wear helmets and display the information on the panel to encourage the use of helmets.
Winners of the Open Hardware Contest | Pre-seed funding 500k euro from Marathon VC | DeepBlue Cup International A.I. Science and Innovation | TRL 8 | €300,000 sought for Proof of Market
Irida Labs | Powering edge Vision AI solutions
Billions of embedded cameras are producing an enormous volume of visual data, fuelling the 51bn dollars industry of computer vision. To take advantage of these, Irida Labs is powering vision based AIoT sensors and solutions by bringing computer vision and AI at the edge – helping companies around the world develop scalable vision-based solutions. Their end-to-end AI software and services platform,, unlocks myriads of computer vision and AI applications by enabling scalable vision solutions for people, vehicle and object detection, identification, tracking, and 3D pose estimation in a wide range of markets such as Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Spaces and Retail.
Trusted by Intel, Renesas, Hikvision | Βusiness’ global footprint spans from Northern & Central Europe to North America and Asia | 8 Patents Secured (USPTO) | TRL 9 | €3M sought for commercial acceleration
PCN Materials IKE | Photocatalytic materials for indoor applications with depollution and disinfection attributes
Some numbers concerning our health are quite alarming; 20% European population has asthma or allergies, 400,000 premature deaths in EU each year due to air pollution and 160,000 deaths due to respiratory diseases in US in 2019. To tackle some of these problems, PCN Materials is producing novel visible light activated photocatalytic materials for combined depollution, disinfection and self-cleaning. Their photocatalytic nano materials do light induced destruction of pollutants & pathogens. New technology producing modified TiO2 materials with disinfection, depollution & self-cleaning features.
Successful validations on a number of matrices | Accreditation tests from labs in Greece, Ireland and China | Prospective clients from Health care, hospitality and construction sectors | TRL 7 | €1M sought for Industrialisation
Prometheus Technologies Inc. | Personalizing Asset Management
According to SPIVA and BCG reports, 80%+ of active funds underperform and only wealthy have access to high-quality products. Prometheus aims to solve this problem by enabling their partners to offer scalable, accessible, institutional grade investing to their retail customers. More specifically, it enables fintech platforms to unlock personalized, high performing systematic strategies for their clients by providing a plug & play institutional grade investment suite.
Very strong pipeline for strategic partnerships | Patented IP | Raised $1.2mln @20% discount SAFE | €1M no dilutive funding through Malta Enterprise | TRL 8 | €5M sought to achieve Proof of Market
Trimsignal | Unlocking untapped hardware performance in digital IC design
Trimsignal aims at achieving higher compute capacity/energy efficiency from given silicon real estate. To achieve that, the Trimsignal team has developed Intellectual Property that makes that possible not by packing more transistors into a smaller space - but by adjusting clock frequency dynamically whenever and wherever possible.  The simplicity and ease by which Trimsignal achieves that across different ISA and process technologies, allow a broad spectrum of IC designers to integrate the patented and patent pending technology as staple digital IC design features in all future IP cores of all sizes and types.
Has secured patents in the USA and are in the national phases since 2019 in Europe, Japan, China, and India | TRL 5 | 500.000€ sought to prove scalability and achieve industrialisation

Thursday, March 10th 2022
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