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Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions.

Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions on October 26th 14:00 CEST
Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions, our online event on Wednesday 26/10/2022, at 2:00pm CEST.
InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.

FINaplo - Machine Learning & AI | A B2B solution provider in payments & open banking for the Digital Transformation of the Financial industry

In just 7 years, the company has 4 products in two main sectors of the financial industry. Payments and Open Banking. Today they are installed in 60+ clients. Many of them are Technology and Financial giants (JPMorgan, CITI, Credit-Suisse, NEC, IBM, Temenos, etc).

60+ customers in 25 countries | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 200Bn | SAM: € 2Bn | B2B | €2Mn sought for commercial acceleration 
Pobuca - AI | Measure, design, and improve Customer Experience
Connect with your customers at any time, on any device, and at any point in the customer journey. Pobuca offers a customer data platform & CRM for brands and retailers that helps them improve Customer Experience (CX) and achieve the key objectives of increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. With Pobuca you can engage your customers and empower your people in sales, marketing, and customer service.
Customers: 187 | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 15Bn | SAM: € 3Bn | B2B | Serie A | € 5Mn sought 
RADEFY IKE - Mobile App and IoT | Smart Hospitality Service Provider
Smart Hospitality Product & Service have been developed, tested, and commercialized.
Digital Concierge is in production and is expected to be available in the Greek market initially in June 2023.
Customers:  50 Corporate accounts, 350 apartments & Hotel rooms, and 15.000 Tourists/Travelers | TRL 9 | €1.5Mn sought for commercial acceleration 
Ovida - Machine Learning/Video Analysis | Future of work, leadership development, training
We are helping grow coaching by using machine learning to enhance coaching skills, elevate the coaching experience, and accelerate results for coaching clients.
Achieved milestones: developed and launched platform (Aug 2021 - Jan 2022). More than 5 major global organisations in pilots/plans for pilots. Hundreds of professional users for feedback. First paying clients (October 2022).

Customers: 8 | TRL: 7-8 | TAM: $43B | SAM: $25B | B2B | € 1,3Mn sought for Proof of Scalability 

Throo Payments Europe, UAB | Fintech, Retail

Throo is a pioneering cardless payments ecosystem where consumers use wallets to pay at merchants while gaining valuable cashback while both sides enjoy financial benefits, ultimate security, privacy & UX.
TRL: 7 | TAM: € 320Bn | SAM: € 33Bn | B2B2C | € 2Mn sought for the Proof of Market 

EV PLUS - Software | eMobility

eVplus is an innovative e-mobility software, hardware, and service provider with a 360o, hassle-free, B2B solution that allows significant margins to businesses and unique distinctive route planning possibilities to EV drivers, powered by AI.

Customers: 4 | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 281Mn | B2B2C | € 1,5Mn sought for commercial acceleration 

Wednesday, October 26th 2022

Six Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next September 29th at 5 pm CEST.

Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on September 29th at 5 pm CEST
For the for this back-to-school epitch session, 6 startups selected by EuroQuity Belgium will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €8M.
LifeSciences |  FoodTech | SaaS | ChemTech | HrTech | HealthTech

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session!

LifeSciences | Biomedical Nanotechnology for Arthrosis
Lifesciences company designs and develops breakthrough biomedical nanotechnology for the treatment of osteo arthritis. The product is an injectable soft implant device using nanotechnology. The company successfully completed its POC, showing clinical safety and efficacy in-vitro and in-vivo (animal models), and outperforming competition in benchmarking studies. The technology is patented. Founded by an experienced management team and flanked by world-class advisory board, it is determined to achieve its market-leading potential with a SOM >€1B. The company is raising 2M in equity as part of a 5M finmix to finance the preclinical studies.
Injectable nanotech for arthrosis treatment | Clinical safety and efficacy POC complete | Next step: pre-clinical studies | Fundraising: €2M equity.

FoodTech | The ready-to-eat food box

The startup provides several ready-to-eat meals in one go, so that you don't have to cook during the week anymore. Weekly subscription-based model. Healthy, fresh, local, seasonal meals that can be kept for seven days thanks to our long shelf life process. Eco-friendly packaging. Typical customer is a family with 1 or 2 kids. Already 2 Launched on the market in 2019 in Brussels, the company already has 30 recurring customers with monthly revenues above €40K. €260K raised through crowdfunding before 2021 | Next step: scaling-up (expansion in Belgium and Europe)| Fundraising of €500k.

SaaS | The largest B2B social network dedicated to cinema & audiovisual professionals

Unique B2B platform for audiovisual professionals like producers, sales agents, distributors, directors and crew, film funds, and film commissions. Anyone working around movies and series will find an interest in the company. It proposes them a social network (automatically generated), an AI-powered database and collaboration tools. Unlike other social networks, you do not have to create your page or profile and fill in your filmography and further details. Thanks to its unique approach and AI's help, you already exist on the platform. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly platform for three main reasons: it facilitates paperless events, “declutter” the web by opening the data back to its users and enable them to rely less on emails. The market is big, and the monetization opportunities are multiple: advertising, news, automatic website creation, data sales, industry insights and expansion of the platform to other industries, to name a few.
About 5,000 users and 1,500 companies registered companies (spread over 30 countries) | Current ARR of €45K | Recently awarded an “Innovative Tools” | Subsidy (€500k) from MEDIA Creative Europe | Next steps: boost the growth and develop new features requested by the market | Fundraising: €850K (€350K already secured).

ChemTech | Innovative and Efficient Small Organic Manufacturing Process
As a consequence of COVID pandemic, the raw material, energy and labor cost have dramatically increased leading to global shortage of molecules with Biotech and Pharma company’s interest produced and developed outside the EU. Those molecules are generally manufactured using Fed-Batch mode and enzymatic reaction leading to a long and inefficient process. The startup aims to present an alternative manufacturing process to produce those molecules with a high efficiency and reliability as well as cost reduction process. This innovative process will be an alternative to existing manufacturing processes and be in line with market expectation and global view of sustainability.
Strong Partnership had been developed with Liege University for the development phases and advising on the next phases | Commercialization of the first product is aiming to happen in Q3 2023 with big distributor names | Scientific Partnership and research done, Walloon subside allowance Onging | Next step: development of first products for commercialization | Fundraising: €500K.

HrTech | Payroll solution for European SME's

Hiring and paying employees across Europe is a real pain for employers: in each country where you open new business, you have to work with a different payroll solution. As your company grows internationally, you end up with a whole series of different vendors and with a patchwork of many different systems that each require a learning curve and a different approach.  But more importantly, you lose the overview, and you are not able to have aggregated reporting across all your European countries.  The startup has come up with an innovative integration approach and just received an important subsidy of Vlaio (the Flemish Institute for Innovation & Development) for its software.  The software allows an employer to run payroll in up to 30 European countries with only 1 tool.  The benefits are huge: only 1 tool to master, no more manual aggregating of hr kpi's, economies of scale, fully digitized payroll processes etc.  Benefits like these have only been within reach of big multinationals, the company brings them within reach of small & medium sized companies in Europe.
€400K Bootstrap | 21 countries covered with partnership | MVP ready by End of Oct ’22 | First customer | N°1 SEO for European Payroll | Innovation subsidy awarded by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship of €323K | Next steps: MMP ready by Jan ’22 | Ramping up development, sales & marketing efforts | Fundraising: €750K Equity (€465K already secured from 12 investors).

HealthTech | Platform making mental health therapy accessible & comfortable
In France and Belgium only, 15 millions of people between 24 and 40 years old face mental health issues. They cannot find help in the existing mental health offer (long waiting lines, traditional format of therapy not adapted, too generic apps …). Therefore, 90% of them do not consult with huge consequences for them and society. After a free personalized matching with the adequate therapists, the platform provides therapies + Daily check-up with top-notch licensed therapists. Anywhere, Anytime. It fills a gap in the market: the company has already convinced thousands of new patients (88% had never consulted before) and hundreds of therapists.
Product is in market with some revenue and proven traction: €15k monthly revenue / + 4000 consultations | Next step: scaling in France and signing new partnerships with health insurance and mutuality’s | Fundraising: €200k.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on September 29 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

In the meanwhile, stay safe and take care ...

Thursday, September 29th 2022

Meet five women entrepreneurs scouted by InvestEU Portal and EuroQuity on September 27th at 02:00 PM CEST

Join the Women Entrepreneurs E-Pitch session on September 27th 2022 at 02:00 PM CEST
The InvestEU Portal and EuroQuity join forces and proudly present one e-pitch focused on solutions (co)-founded by women entrepreneurs, that will be held online on September 27th at 02:00 PM CEST.

InvestEU Portal is a programme of the European Commission. It is the online "marketplace" connecting EU-based startups across all economic sectors to investors worldwide. It provides greater visibility and options for entrepreneurs to reach out to investors and finance their projects. 

See you next September 27th at 02:00 PM CEST. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Since 2017, we have been developing a fully implantable biventricular cardiac prosthesis, giving patients a better quality of life. Only 3% of patients with heart failure waiting for a transplant find a compatible donor. This is a global health issue, and yet there is only one artificial heart available on the market, using technology developed 40 years ago. Our solutions aim to make technological innovations available to patients with heart failure and other basic needs not being met.| Customers: 129 000 patients - potential worldwide | TAM: EUR 16 Bn | SAM: EUR 500Mn - 1 Bn | Pre-seed | Next step: Proof of Market | B2B2C | EUR 7Mn sought - France

Using small extracellular vesicles (exosomes) obtained from Umbilical Cord Blood as a therapeutic tool, our solution is developing a regenerative hydrogel to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds. The lead product under development, Exo-Wound, is a hydrogel that stimulates skin wound healing. The ultimate aim of this project is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Exo-Wound in human chronic wounds, strengthening its position for future licensing as a Wound Care player. Leveraging on the strong regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory properties of the vesicles, we are enlarging its pipeline with products for other skin and autoimmune diseases. Customers: 3 | TRL: 6 | pre-Serie A | Next step: Commercial acceleration, Proof of Concept | EUR 5Mn sought - Portugal

We are developing two medical devices at the moment. The BrachyDOSE for cancer treatment quality control and PIOAS for non-invasive COVID- 19 patients monitoring at home. BrachyDOSE was awarded by Horizon 2020 and EIT Health InnoStars Awards Grants. The PIOAS project was also supported by the Lithuanian Innovation Agency and EIT Health RIS Innovation funding. For BrachyDOSE we are preparing for the first human clinical trials at National Cancer Institute in Lithuania. While PIOAS is a younger project, we work on proof of concept with Santaros Clinics and Vilnius University. The BrachyDOSE startup was the winner of the Kaunas Startup Accelerator and participated in EIT Health and Roche-funded program. We are not on the market yet, but we already have first adopters in Heidelberg University Hospital, North Estonia Medical Centre, and National Cancer Institute in Lithuania. We are also partnering with Medicen Paris Region and Cubex startups incubator in Germany.
| TRL: 6 | TAM: EUR 2Bn | SAM: EUR 500MN | Pre-seed | B2B | EUR 2,8 Mn sought - Lithuania

Biotech, Pharma, drug discovery, preclinical models
BiomimX® is leveraging technology  to unlock in vitro preclinical models reflecting clinical complexity, towards the design of treatments tailored for patient. - Innovative Startup, Spinoff of Politecnico di Milano, established in 2017. 
- >725k€ already collected in non-dilutive money (3 H2020 projects, Seal of Excellence in EIC Accelerator, 7 national grants).
- Two key technological assets patented and proprietary: uBeat® (EP3289065B1, granted by EPO in 2019, by USA&China in 2021 and by India in 2022) and uSense (EP3620508B1, granted by EPO in 2021). Registered trademarks: uBeat® and BiomimX® in 2020. BiomimX is already on the market with its qualified models of complex diseases having successfully completed three pilots with Pharma/Biotech (>100k€ in revenues). 
Customers: 10 | TRL: 8 | TAM: EUR 200Bn | Turnover 2021: €25,000.00 | Seed | Next step: Commercial acceleration, Industrialisation EUR 5,0 Mn sought - Italy

Retail banking, energy, mobility
Decentralize data access control, giving it back to consumers and turning privacy laws from an obstacle into a new data monetization opportunity for companies in ‘traditional’ sectors.        
Patents granted in the US, Canada, and South Korea; notice of intention to grant received from the EPO. Patent applications filed in Japan and Singapore. Initial Clients in the retail banking and energy sectors. Signed partnership agreement with major system integrators. Awarded the 2021-2022 WomenTech EU prize 
| Women (co)founder| Customers: 3 |  TRL 7 (system prototype demonstration in operational environment). | TAM: €50Bn connected IoT devices in 2030 globally | SAM: Initial targets: banking, energy in EU; €243M energy meters and €392M banked in EU | Turnover 2021: €140,000.00 | pre-Serie A | Next step: Proof of Market | B2B2C | EUR 2,8 Mn sought - Italy  


Wednesday, June 22nd 2022
Call for Investors – Scaling Up with the EIC event with Bpifrance: Your chance to invest in the future of sustainability and tech
The European Innovation Council (EIC) is offering investors a unique opportunity to access the most promising green innovators in its portfolio with the “Scaling Up with the EIC: Investing in the Future of Sustainability and Tech” event, taking place in Paris on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Organized with the support of Bpifrance and under the high patronage of the French Presidency of the European Union, this event is the fruit of a unique collaboration between the most prominent European leaders. If you register to our event, you will grab the chance to hear from the most promising sustainability companies and start investing in the innovators leading Europe through the green transition!

This conference aims to highlight the best sustainability startups selected out of 3000+ in the framework of major European Innovation Council projects. It will represent an unmissable opportunity for investors to get to know unique investment opportunities, as well as address the financing and industrial partnership needs of European companies.
What you can expect: several pitch sessions with selected, high potential startups, high-level insights and panels with C-level speakers from Fortune 500 companies and unicorns, 150+ qualified investors and corporate representatives, networking sessions with the opportunity to book one-on-one meetings, and expert roundtables.

 Spaces are limited so we encourage you to apply early!

For applications, please contact:

Who can participate?

The EIC is looking for qualified investors within the Sustainability/Tech areas. Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and others are encouraged to apply and hear from the growing companies already hand-picked by the EIC.
Which investors will be taking part?
“Scaling Up with the EIC: Investing in the Future of Sustainability and Tech” will count on an impressive jury, featuring representatives of some of the most promising European Venture Capital firms. 
Get to know the jury members:
  • Laura McGinnis - Balderton CAPITAL
  • Elisabeth Kuester - ETF Partners
  • Ellen Smeele - SET Ventures
  • Emily Meads - Speedinvest
  • Ulrich Kruse - Trumpf Ventures
  • Youssef Mawad - JCI
  • Lara Nuchowicz - Planetfirst Partners 
  • Sylvie Lemaire - WA4Steam
  • Georgina Pillement - Alter Equity
  • Cristina Moyano - Amadeus
  • Marc Leduc - BASF Venture Capital
  • Vincent Ruinet - Future Positive capital
  • Gema Sanchez Dominguez - Iberdrola
  • Eric Marty - Demeter
  • Ines Mertens - Inventures
  • Mercè Tell Garcia - Roca Group Ventures
  • Yvette Go - Capricorn
  • Micol Chiesa - Five seasons Venture
  • Veronique de Brujin - ICOS Capital
Interested investors can send an email to


Thursday, May 26th 2022

A dozen startups searching for funds, a bunch of investors looking for great projects, a pitch walk and a matchmaking lunch to connect !

Join the EuroQuity Pitch Walk on 10th of June at 10.30am
EuroQuity is happy to invite you to its Pitch Walk on June 10th 2022: an original event for startups and investors to meet and connect. Investors can enjoy a walk in the magnificent forest ‘Bois des Rêves’ while discovering investments opportunities. Entrepreneurs will pitch their project to the investors, in the shadow of the trees, surrounded by gorgeous flora, little streams and small valleys.
The walk will be followed by a Matchmaking Lunch. A perfect setting to talk more deeply about these investment opportunities with the startups / investors who match you.

Register here

What’s the schedule ?

  • 10:30 am – Welcoming the investors
  • 10:45 am – Departure for the Pitch Walk
  • 12:30 pm – Drinks, Matchmaking Lunch & Networking
How to participate ?
  • Entrepreneurs : Apply now, up to the 10th of May. Candidates will be confirmed around the 15th of May.
  • Investors : Book your place now. When the pitchers have been selected, you will receive a matchmaking form to ensure you relevant meetings.

Pratical information

  • Address : Domaine Provincial du Bois des rêves - Allée du Bois des Rêves 1, 1340 Ottignies
  • Parking : 2€, in front of the park
  • Walk : around 2,5 km with frequent breaks to listen to the pitches.
  • Weather : the organizers will danse to bring the sun, nevertheless bring clothes according to the weather. A postponement is possible for bad weather conditions.
  • Cancellation : In case of cancellation, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. The entrance is free but we reserve the right to charge €20 if you are registed and do not attend the event.

Any question ?
Contact us by mail at

Wednesday, May 25th 2022

The Bpifrance DeepTech Program will showcase 5 french deeptech companies on Wednesday, May 25th, at 11AM CEST.


The Bpifrance DeepTech Program will showcase 5 french deeptech companies on Wednesday, May 25th, at 11AM CEST.

Register here


Midgard.Ai  - Artificial Intelligence / GovTech - From Imagery to Operational Analysis 

The start-up has developed a decision support tool for civil security actors. This control center enhanced with images helps the user to centralize, manage, geolocate and automatically analyze images thanks to Artificial Intelligence modules, to make the best decision during an emergency intervention. It allows remote broadcasting of video streams and the organization of actions on a specific map by intervention according to field data. The solution has already been tested successfully on emergency situations with firefighters from 3 french departments and a military unit. In expansion phase, the start-up has signed several contracts for product deliveries in 2022 in France and abroad. 

3 contracts for 2022 | TRL: 7 | TAM: 42 Mrd€ | Next Step: Structuration of commercialization and R&D | Amount sought: 2 M€ 


TechnoCarbon - Cleantech/Energy - Low-carbon material for construction and industry decarbonization 

 Co-founded by scientific computing and aerospace experts, the start-up has developed sustainable, high-performance materials to replace metallic alloys and other materials manufactured using high-GHG-emission processes. Thanks to patented technologies and specific know-how, natural stone slices and layers of carbon fiber are combined to produce a sustainable composite material with optimal performance, using less energy and raw materials. The adoption of this disruptive technology on a large scale is a solution to reduce GHG emissions by a factor 10 in building and infrastructure sector.  
The first products have already been successfully tested in national labs (CSTB, IFREMER) and on customer sites. Accelerated by CleanTech Open, CSTBlab, CEREMALAB and EVOLEN'UP, the start-up has sent several quotations to major  construction and industry groups for product deliveries in 2023 in France and abroad. 

5+ patents worldwide; 3 sales contracts slated for 2022 | TRL: 6-7 | TAM: EUR 500 bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount sought: EUR 4500k 


Teratonics - Industry 4.0/Quality Control – inline control of dimensions and internal structures  
The start-up, which emerged from a French laboratory of excellence, transforms the industrial quality control by providing immediate insight into every produced part. The automated equipment can be directly deployed on a production line to perform 3D measurements and to detect internal defects in cycle time. Bad parts can be sorted out and the production process itself can be optimized to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy, and time. This transformation of QA/QC is enabled by an internationally patented technology that uses the last part of the electromagnetic spectrum now emerging towards industry - the Terahertz frequency range - allowing non-contact analysis, without the need for radioprotection: the breakthrough is based on the reduction of the data acquisition time by ~10 000 000 times compared to the state of the art of pulsed THz.  
The start-up has signed contracts with technology leaders representing target sectors (automotive, aerospace, plastic industry…). The first product line has been validated as system in industrial environments, also inline, during production.  


15+ patents worldwide | TRL: 8-9 | SAM: 1.8 B€ | Next Step: accelerate market introduction and scale up | Amount sought: 2 M€ 


TwInsight - Deeptech/Medtech – Software components to generate orthopedic digital twins 

To enable personalized orthopedic surgery, medical devices manufacturers need to support their surgeons by providing 3D model, landmarks and measures to each patient anatomy. OrthoTwinAS is a SaaS solution, enabled by AI, guaranteeing a customized and scalable solution which can be integrated into their workflow. 

POC successfully demonstrated during recent int’l events (AAOS, Chicago; ESSKA, Paris). Several interests from medical devices manufacturers (implants and/or technology) and leads follow-up in progress.  

10y of research 100% owned; Successful POC demonstrations (Q1-2022); 2021 revenues : 67k€ | TRL: 5 | TAM: 30 B€ | Next Step: Development | Amount sought:  700k€ (Seed) 


Mecabotix - Robotics for Logistics – Ant-like poly-robots for sustainable future warehouses 

Coming from the French public research, the start-up has developed modular robots capable to aggregate into a poly-robot for transporting and lifting a variety of payloads in the warehouse: pallets, boxes and single products. This innovative poly-robot is highly re-configurable and improves robot use rate in varied transporting tasks for intra-logistics or industry. It also uses a compact structure and a patented device for lateral stacking of pallets in narrow aisles, saving 30% of surface for additional storage in existing warehouses. The system is also more stable than existing lifting trucks and allows higher lifting speeds. Prototype is under development for a first customer with real-size testing in an urban warehouse by the end of 2022. 

2 patents worldwide; 1 European cascade funding project for 2022 | TRL: 5 → 7 | TAM: 100 M€ in 2026 | Next step: Testing and industrialization | Amount sought: 500 k€ 

Thursday, May 19th 2022
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