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The International Business Angels Congress on 7 and 8 November 2019
This November, Business Angels Europe is bringing European Angel investing to the heart of the continent. More than 300 investors, entrepreneurs and decision makers come to Ghent to discuss market trends and crucial ingredients to strengthen our European market.  

Thanks to their special partnership with EIT Health, BAE have a dozen Healthtech startups pitching, next to the 35 startups from Belgium.  

Furthermore, BAE are pleased and proud to receive a large delegation of Moroccan investors through a project managed by Business Angels Europe and funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). This will surely provide interesting opportunities for co-investing and scaling companies into Europe/Africa.  

Finally, the congress will feature the final event of the Early Stage Investor Launchpad   (ESIL) Programme.  

​​Leverage this opportunity for learning and networking. 
Book your tickets now here

Further information:

Wednesday, October 9th 2019

The next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on October 15th, at 5PM CEST. Six European start-up are looking for funding.

Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on October the 15th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on October 15th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Here is the list of  the 7 deeptech companies:


Biotech – Diagnostic Tests
Innovative platform aimed at eliminating cancer misdiagnosis and becoming the worldwide standard. Our cross-validation approach creates a precise, 98% accurate cancer profile for each patient, allowing oncologists to suggest specific, personalized cancer treatments better able to save patients' lives. Winner of StartUp Awards 2016, 2017 “New Europe 100” Challengers, JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur 2018, Biotech Standard of Excellence WebAward 2018, Health Hub Vienna accelerator 2018, CESAwards 2018, Seal of Excellence holder, Member of Oslo Cancer Cluster | €4.5 M sought - Slovakia

Healthcare / Sleep Diagnostics
A better way to screen and diagnose sleep apnea patients - an under-served market of almost 800 million people globally. The company has developed a solution which is easy-to-use and comfortable for the patient and scalable and cost-efficient for the health care sector. Winner of "best of Slush" award 2018. Awarded a grant of 1,75 M€ by Horizon2020 program. | 2M€ sought – Finland

Digital Health – Data Brooker
The company collects and processes pharmacies commercial data to build up a panel. It’s a data broker as SAAS provider for pharmacies, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical labs. The data is accessed for their customers through APIs & self-service apps. They only collect commercial data, excluding any « personal » data. Data are extracted hourly from the pharmacy ERP and are only extracted through an explicit agreement and contract with the pharmacy owner. In these General Conditions, the pharmacy owner concedes the right to collect, process and commercialize the data. They have already deployed the solution on 5,000 point of sales with a steady growth of the panel. | €2.5 M sought - France
The company is actively involved in the fields of physical rehabilitation and sports biomechanics producing precise measuring and training devices for assessment/exercising and follow-up of patients and athletes.
The product is the first centralized solution for functional evaluation and monitoring. It consists of an application and 5 devices to cover almost all the functional work in rehabilitation.
 €360 K turnover; +700 Users | €1.3 M sought - France
Biotech – Transthyretin amyloidosis
A biotech company focused on the design of organ-targeted, high-quality drug candidates for the treatment of life-threatening transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis (ATTR). They work closely with patients and physicians to understand and answer to multiple clinical manifestations of these pathologies which represent unmet medical needs.
The company has succeeded in designing novel and potent TTR stabilizes endowed with physicochemical and pharmacological requirements for the development of two innovative products | €2.5 M sought - Portugal
The company seeks, develops and qualifies innovative biomarkers for the development of diagnostics in the field of neurological diseases. The purpose of the company is to translate new diagnosis methods for various neurodegenerative diseases into products, and to promote the use of these tests in clinical practice. Their know-how is based on the detection of blood biomarkers.
Currently their biomarker R&D program is dedicated to the clinical qualification of new biomarkers and diagnostic tools for the diagnosis and the follow-up of the Alzheimer’s disease | €2.5 M sought - France

Monday, October 7th 2019

Find the next Webinars offered to investors and Business Angels:
- Crowdfunding Platforms and Co-investments - Thursday 3rd of October at 15:00 CEST
- Company Valuation #3 - Monday 7th of October at 13:00 CEST
- Syndicate and Angel Groups #2 - Wednesday 23th of October at 13:00 CEST

Crowdfunding Platforms and Co-investments - Thursday 3rd of October at 15:00 CEST 

This is the 4th and final session of “Crowdfunding Platforms and Co-investments” in this ESIL free webinar series.

Join the webinar and you will learn more about:
  • Angel co-investing via crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding as part of the early-stage investment ecosystem
  • Which crowdfunding platforms work with angels?
  • Business models in equity crowdfunding
  • Government-led co-investments
Register for this webinar here

Company Valuation #3 - Monday 7th of October at 13:00 CEST

Why should you join this webinar?
You have found a company that you like and the Due Diligence outcome seems positive, how much should you get from the company in exchange of the money you plan to invest in? That is the valuation! Learn the basic concepts and how to negotiate it with the entrepreneur.

What will be covered?
  • What are common definitions associated with calculating a share price and the total company value of a startup?
  • What are the different approaches used to determine the value of a startup and obtain benchmarks?
  • How and when is Valuation usually negotiated?
Register for this webinar here

Syndicates and Angel Groups - Wednesday 23th of October at 13:00 CEST

Why should you join this webinar?
Business Angels follow different investment strategies but most of them co-invest with others to reduce risk, how? Learn about the four types of syndicates and how to set up and run a Business Angel Network.

What will be covered?
  • Why do Business Angels invest with others? 
  • What types of syndicates are there? 
  • Introduction to run a Business Angel Network
Register for this webinar here

Tuesday, October 1st 2019
5 steps to scale your start-up and raising series A/B funding
InvestHorizon is organising the third webinar of a larger series, taking place on 7 October 2019 at 4 p.m. CET.

A 60-minute session for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs seeking for practical tips to finance their company's growth. An insightful discussion to learn how to prepare your startup to scale up!

An interactive session for (1) Start Ups through Series A/B, (2) Angel Investors to evaluate and select scalability and (3) Organisations seeking to work with and develop great scale ups.
What will be covered:
  • What are the prerequisites for scale up
  • What to consider before raising the next financing round
  • How to finance the scale up of your company
The webinar will be presented by Michael O’Connor, CEO of CorkBIC (Ireland), EBN Board Member and founder International Security Accelerator & Fund, specialising in high technology or innovative investment projects usually involving international growth. Michael and his team at CorkBIC have an enviable track record of selecting and guiding successful startups over many years that have achieved successful exits. Michael created and runs a regional HBAN business angel network that has completed 80 deals investing over €40m in primary startups. He co-founded and also runs world-class accelerators.

InvestHorizon fosters the investment readiness of Europe’s ambitious high-tech companies. The Investment Accelerator fast tracks the fund-raising efforts and investment relations for selected companies. InvestHorizon is financed and promoted by the European Commission in association with Eureka and delivered by a consortium coordinated by Tech Tour, of which EBN is a key part.

More information here

Register Here

Tuesday, October 1st 2019
Qatar SportsTech Fast Track in Paris next October 3rd
Are you an aspiring Startup working on SportsTech innovation? Are you ready to show what you got? If yes, Qatar SportsTech are inviting you to join us at their FastTrack in Paris on the 3rd of October. You will get face-to-face mentor sessions with industry experts and learn more about the Qatar SportsTech Accelerator program and how to apply.
The event consists of a morning and an afternoon session:
  • Morning Session - 9.00am - 12.00pm
  • Afternoon Session - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Once you sign up, Qatar SportsTech will follow up with you to confirm your time slot.
Who should apply for a FastTrack?
Startupbootcamp FastTrack sessions are open to all SportsTech startups. If you are looking for targeted advice from leading SportsTech experts, this is the place for you!
Any preparation needed for the FastTrack?
Startups should send their introduction presentations at least 2 days prior to event day. It's only a 5 minutes introduction, not a pitch. The purpose of it is to facilitate the chats with the mentors, and to give a good understanding of your solution and the problem you are solving.
Event format:
All you need to know about QST - 10 minutes
Introductions by each Startup - 5 minutes each
Startup-Mentor Rotations - 20 minutes each
Food & Drinks included :)
They are looking especially for startups specializing in:
  • The Athlete and Team - Team Performance and analytics, Sports Medical and Wearable Equipment
  • The Fan - Fan Engagement, Fan Experience, Active Nation and Transformed Media
  • The World Cup - Sustainability, Fan Zones, Travel, Cashless World cup, Venue Management & Optimization

Why apply for a FastTrack?
Startups joining the FastTrack will receive immediate feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, expand your network meeting other startup founders, and meet the Qatar SportsTech Accelerator team.

How to apply for a FastTrack?
Applications close 4 days before the event, so make sure you complete your application by then!

Register here

Friday, September 20th 2019
The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 12 September, from 5 to 6 PM CEST !
The next Belgian e-pitch session will be held online on Thursday 12 September, from 5 to 6 PM CEST.  Register here.
5 companies have been selected for tickets from 500 k€ to 4M€. Discover those companies below. If your schedule is too busy, register anyway, so you will receive the link to watch the recorded session.   
Companies will each have 8 minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. The company profiles and their pitch deck will be uploaded on the EuroQuity platform, so don’t miss to sign up.
The selection is the following :

Immersive marketplace for new real estate
Throughout an available marketplace thanks to virtual reality headphones, we connect buyers and sellers of new real estate and furniture. We help them increasing their financial profitability by reducing their marketing costs by half.
Alreday several clients | 112k fundraising in 2018 | Amount required :  900K
AI & Autonomous drone solution
The company offers a "turnkey" solution including artificial intelligence and autonomous drones to automate inspection and security tasks. Acknowledged as the market leader by NATO for the autonomous drone aspect and General Atomics for the artificial intelligence aspect, the company's portfolio of government and private clients is constantly growing. Several strategic partnerships are already established with key accounts, with a clearly defined product line and development strategy.
Amount required : €4M in order to penetrate the american market and strengthen its market position.
Nutraceutical start up having developed and started commercializing a range of innovative drinks  for the health made with spirulina. This is the very first drink which is naturally blue and antioxidant.
Customers: DELITRAITEUR (Belgium) and Auchan (France) | Requested amount: €1,25M for commercial development
Music tech
Music rights holders must be identified in order to get paid for the use of their works by streaming platforms. The problem : the way ownership data is transmitted throughout the value chain is unreliable. Our solution directly connect the data with the audio file  thanks to its cutting-edge technology.
On-going discussions with major streaming platforms, technological actors and labels | Requested amount: €500k
E Mobility stations 2.0
A shared mobility start up is partnering with a wind energy developer in order to create a brand new network of solar stations and to propose an offer combining mobility and energy as a shared service for residents.
Partners: municipalities - citizen cooperatives (energy production - mobility) - energy company | Requested amount : €500k (including €100k already funded)

If you wish to attend, register now... only those registered will receive via email:
  • The day before the e-pitch: the access link
  • The day after the pitch: the video of the e-pitches session and the EuroQuity links of the companies
We look forward to have you all online on Thursday at 5:00 p. m.!


Tuesday, September 10th 2019

The next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on September 18th, at 5PM CEST. Six European start-up are looking for funding.

Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on September the 18th at 5:00pm
Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on September 18th at 5:00 PM CEST.
6 companies will be presented.
All these Serie A medtech companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Register here  - Do not hesitate to share to syndicate with your colleagues.

Here is the first list of deeptech companies:


Thermotherapy for Treatment of Cancer
The company offers a new approach to thermotherapy for treatment of cancer. It increases efficacy of radio- or chemotherapy up to 50%. Thermotherapy has no negative side effects for patients. They use microwave antennas with precision control through software to heat the tumor. Nearby sensitive organs are fenced off from the heat. Therefore, it can be used on many tumor types, even deep within the body. The patented technology is unmatched in industry.
Patented proven clinical prototype; 70 patients treated; Community of 10 clinics | €6 M sought - Tranche 1: €3.2 M - Tranche 2: €2.8 M
Robotic Assisted Rehabilitation
The company is developing and supplying solutions to the emerging market of robotic assisted rehabilitation (RAR) services, using the most advanced technology in their robotic devices, integrating electronics, mechatronics, informatics and telecommunication technologies. They develop a wearable robotic device for knee rehabilitation. It incorporates “assisted as needed” control and functional electrical stimulation (FES) features, helping to speed-up and to improve the rehabilitation process. 
Preliminary contacts to check market acceptance have been carried out with posi6ve results| €1.5 M sought            
Physiological diagnostics and therapy
The company has participated in several medical instrument development projects and implemented cardiovascular and pulmonological technologies.
The innovation offers integrated solutions in any of the domains of CVD prevention and early diagnostics, remote care and rehabilitation for many people.
Number of customers approx. 60.000 in Year5 | €2.5 M sought
Bio-wearables Health
An advanced bio-wearable company currently working on its innovative technology. This technology will allow the analyze of key physiological markers by simply “tasting” the skin rather than analyzing blood samples.
It will enable a precise and continuous monitoring of systemic glucose level anytime and anywhere.
Excellent results in 1st preclinical animal study, > 99% accuracyPreclinical; CE mark expected mid 2022 | €10 M sought
Biotech – Phenylketonuria
A biotech company aiming to develop novel therapies to treat diseases caused by protein misfolding. Their first disease target is phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disease of metabolism. The development program is based on the company's intellectual property on the screening and development of small molecule pharmacological chaperones with the potential to stabilize/maintain the native structure of the protein involved in the disease.
Promising proof of principle in vitro and in vivo, with line of sight to a de-risked preclinical candidate | €2.5 M sought
Healthtech – Heart Diseases
The company aims to develop biomedical technology (software and devices) for children with heart diseases. Product line includes patented powerless pediatric asset devices and heart valves already tested in patients. The company also provides blood flow design platforms for cardiovascular surgeons tested in patients. These interactive tools allow surgeons to predict the outcome of their intended operations prior to the actual surgery.
50 surgeons had interest | €500 K sought

Register here  !

Monday, September 9th 2019
Register to the next ESIL e-pitch session featuring Slovenian and Italian startups, on September 25th at 5:00 PM CEST
Our next ESIL pitch session will be held online on September 25th, from 5 to 6 PM CEST

Six companies have been selected by our partner, Giacomelli Media, for tickets from 200 k€ to 2M€. Discover those companies below. If your schedule is too busy, register anyway, so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.   

Companies will each have six minutes to pitch, and investors will ask questions via a chat window throughout the pitch. You will be able to see the company profiles and their presentation documents on the EuroQuity platform after the event, so don’t miss to sign up.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to explain you the details.
IT / Telemedicine / mHealth
We make people aware in advance on their health needs through an easy to use app that makes a screening on their health status and connect them, with personalized adds, to the health service provider that better fit with their needs.
30 years of experience in clinical nutrition – 1 year of testing in clinics and pharmacies – deals signed with commercial partners in the pharmacy market – winners of the Global Startup Program – partners of the EU project RepEat with University of Teramo | 200k € sought - Italy
e-waste management / circular economy
We are developing a Data-Driven Material Recovery System which sorts sub-components of e-waste on the basis of their content in different raw materials. Once these components are selected, they are directed to an appropriate refinery in order to extract the raw materials and put them back on the market creating a circular economy in the electronic industry.
The whole process is Patent Pending at the Italian Patent Office. We submitted our SME instrument proposal for UE at the beginning of September raising the interest of 3 e-waste management companies in our region in Italy. | 300K € sought – Italy
IT / Smart Building / Energy management / Smart metering
We are providing communication solutions for energy and water meters. Our focus is in development of communication service for energy distributors, building managers and utility providers. To achieve this goal, we also developed special communication equipment.
SID investment from META INGENIUM Slovenia Fund – Recipient of convertible loan from Slovene Enterprise Fund - Winner of Inno Energy PowerUp in Slovenia 2019 | 1M € Slovenia

Intelligent transportation solutions /  Dynamic Shuttle / Smart Travel 
GoOpti is an innovative transportation platform specialized for airport transfers. Our smart technology of dynamic pricing, pooling and routing with profit risk management can change the future of travelling by encouraging people to make their cars redundant also on medium and long-distance routes.
Winner of the Central European Startup Award – Winner of the Most Innovative Business Model in Slovenia Award – Finalist of the Cloud Innovation World Cup | 2M€ sought – Slovenia

IT Services/Accounting 
We developed the first all-in-one app that helps you and your accountant to track taxes and analize documentation in real-time. It gives an immediate scenario of all deductions through a simple navigation and great user experience. We’re now offering a new platform that works as tax advisor and brings advantages both for customers and accountants.
Winner of “#CallforGrowth: The future of Legal, Tax and Accounting”, a contest promoted by Cariplo Factory, – Winner of “Heroes meet in Maratea” with 35.000€ grant – Winner of “Premio Marzotto”, one of the most important prize in Italy | Looking for a strategic partner to approach Slovenia’s Market

Travel/ Authentic holiday experience in camps on Mediterranean destinations
Web platform in which we sell holidays accommodation in more than 150 camps (mobile homes, caravans, glamping tends owned by individuals and small companies) to final client on European market to provide clients unforgettable camping holiday in one of our enchanting campsites in the Mediterranean destinations. 
Partner of European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and France for the development of sustainable tourism in Europe that offer authentic experiences and allow visitors to explore the rich local tourist offer. | 0.8 M€ – Slovenia

Monday, September 9th 2019

InvestHorizon is a programme financed by the European Commission in association with Eureka to foster investment readiness. The InvestHorizon Accelerator is for selected deep tech companies to facilitate series A funding.

The second call for application is now open!

InvestHorizon - Are you raising an ambitious Series A? Second call for application is now open!
Have you raised at least €250 K in Seed Funding ? Are you raising an ambitious Series A Investment for your  high-tech company? Would you like to validate your business strategy with peers?
If the answers are YES, then you should apply now to join the InvestHorizon Accelerator.
InvestHorizon fosters the investment readiness of Europe's ambitious high-tech companies.

How does it work – simple steps to follow
Each high-tech start-up accepted into the Accelerator goes through the following stages . If you want to be part of the programme (it’s free of charge), check your eligibility here.
How to apply?
For those of you who missed our recent webinar you can find out more about the application process here "InvestHorizon - How to apply?" or download the programme presentation.
With our best wishes for the summer, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, July 30th 2019
EuroQuity is partnering up with the Africarena Tour to present you the best African tech start-ups
According to a survey conducted by Global Tech Media WeeTracker published in January 2019, African start-ups raised $725,6 million in 2018, "a historic increase of 53% in one year". In other words: the African continent is experiencing a boom that is not expected to slow in the near future!

And in this dynamic landscape, the AfricArena Tour will travel across the continent to discover all those promising technological start-ups that will emerge as leaders in the space. Their goal ? Identify the best of Africa for a summit in Cape Town in November to connect these start-ups with international investors and help them scale up.
To support them, EuroQuity will be offering to investors, once again this year, to share exclusive footage of this live tour and thus discover African start-ups at the forefront of innovation.

The next sessions you will be able to see in replay are :
- Kigali 02/05/2019
- San Francisco 07/05/2019
- New York City 13/05/2019
- Paris 16-18/05/2019
- Lagos 06/06/2019
- Abidjan 11/06/2019
- Dakar 13/06/2019
- Casablanca 03/07/2019
- Tunis 05/07/2019
- Cairo 09/07/2019
- Johannesburg 03/09/2019
- Cape Town 11-12/10/2019
You want to access this qualified deal flow? Simple : Log in to EuroQuity and find these companies on the AfricArena label.
For more information visit or send an email to

Thursday, July 18th 2019
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