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Meet six European entrepreneurs tackling the COVID crisis - June 23rd at 05:00 PM CEST

On June 23rd, we present the second pitch session within the framework of Horizon 2020 in which six entrepreneurs will showcase their solutions to help fight Covid-19.

This session is organized in the frame of the Access2EIC programme.
The 6 companies were selected from the most promising projects submited to the European Innovation Council (EIC) that received the Seal of Excellence.

All these entrepreneurs are  looking for funding from 1M€ to 5M€ and they will be pitching for 8 minutes each next Tuesday,  June 23rd, at 05:00 PM CEST.
This is a collaboration between DG RTD from the European Commission, HI Capital, Deloitte, Dealroom, and EuroQuity.
You can register here 

This session is dedicated to diverse industries such as HealthTech, MedTech, finding solution in Diagnostics & Testing, Therapeutics Technology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Management,  check the program below.

If your schedule is too busy, you will still be able to watch the recorded session by registering.

Don’t miss it!

Therapeutics Technology
We offer a novel therapy for treating COPD patients, can also be used in the battle against COVID-19. Our product uses patented multi-frequency positive air pressure pulsations to directly re-open airways and also facilitates removal of mucus that can block airways of COPD and COVID patients. Our product is a drug-free device which can be used both prophylactically with COPD patients to improve lung health prior to infection, or to treat the lungs of COVID-19 patients directly during or post-infection. 
We have raised $7.5M to date between private seed investors, Series A and an EU Horizon 2020 Grant. Two successful clinical trials in COPD have already been completed and Pulsehaler is being prepared for CE Mark / FDA submissions. We have 15 issued patents and more pending. | Capital sought: $1.5M (SAFE - Bridge to Series B) to test for Covid19, submit to CE/FDA, and launch production - Israel
Diagnostics & Testing
We are a biotech company working in the field of molecular-level detection of trace elements, bacteria, DNA and RNA. We have developed a low-cost, field deployable SARS-CoV-2 RNA test system which completes from swab to result in under 20 minutes (potentially under 10) using technologies from our group of patents . The test is suitable for use in a wide range of non-clinical applications, to get the world safely back to work and avoid a devastating Covid-19 second wave. The market potential is vast, particularly as the technology has wide applications beyond Covid-19.
The test is based on our established technology and requires investment to complete the approvals testing and deploy at scale. | Capital sought: €1M to scale the Covid-19 tests – UK

Diagnostics & Testing

We are building a Point of care testing device (POCT), for infectious disease and cancer diagnosis. it is based on our AI-powered single molecule nucleic acid counting patented technology. it is 20x faster and 40x cheaper than current standard method based on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The cloud connectivity of our device make real-time tracing and tracking of pandemics like COVID-19 possible.
The amount raised until now is a seed financing of €400K in convertible loan. we have 2 patent families filed, 34 paying customers world wide and sold over €100K our device probes. Several pipeline project is ongoing in pathogen detection, cancer diagnosis, and cell therapy prognosis.| Capital sought: €2M for HuluSCOPE prototyping and clinical validation of Covid19 testing – Germany

Diagnostics & Testing

We are a biotech SME with a dedicated line of product and services for genetics and genomics. Our product is an in vitro diagnostics (IVD) medical device specifically designed and prototyped for a disruption in the way COVID-19 is diagnosed, with results shown in under 30 min. With our device, the current practice is reversed: instead of the patient’s sample traveling to the lab, it is the lab that travels to the patient, pairing with his/her mobile phone. The dedicated point-of-care device has been rapidly developed by our company in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently in the process of obtaining CE-IVD marking. Based on the extensive expertise of our device in DNA synthesis and molecular diagnostic assays, the device implements a fast (targeting <30 min to result) RNA amplification and detection assay using a small, robust, and inexpensive (<100 EUR/unit in production volume >1000 units) hardware and inexpensive consumables (4 EUR/test in production volume for >10000 tests). Accordingly, the goal of lab-on-phone  and the targeted area of fast, cost-effective, and easily deployable diagnostic systems are in perfect alignment with the scope of our product line growth, while aiming for a timely impact in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The amount raised until now: 250 k€ from grants | Capital sought: 2 M€ – Portugal

We are developing a platform to inactivate a broad range of viruses and prevent their associated infections from spreading, focusing initially on Covid19 and Influenza.  The compounds already have documented efficacy against H1N1, RSV and HSV2, supporting the potential to develop broad-spectrum antivirals. Further in vivo and clinical studies are required with a high potential for success. The amount raised until now is of $5M secured by the EPFL to focus on Covid19 allowing preliminary results in vitro to be positive | Capital sought: 3M€ - Switzerland

Healthcare Management

We are a leading health technology company in Europe working in more than 50 hospitals and with relevant partnership throughout the world. We developed an advanced IoT process management platform that helps in the planning of the healthcare organisation processes and optimisation of resources in healthcare facilities. The solution can integrate with any HER system in a market of growing dimension and attractiveness for new players. They operate through a SaaS business model with an excellent cost/benefit profile.
The amount raised until now comes from both VC and EU of about €9.9M of equity and grants which has been necessary to develop the product and start building a customer base | Capital sought: 5M€ - Spain


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