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Join us for the 7th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session on April 21st at 04:00 PM CET

BlueInvest and Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG) scouted five European companies that will be showcasing their innovative solutions.

BlueInvest and Marlog are delighted to present the 7th edition of the BlueInvest e-pitch session, which will take place on Wedneday, April 21st, at 04:00 PM CEST. 

If you are interested but not available, you are welcome to register to access the recorded session.

This session features European companies with innovative and sustainable technologies in ICT for Maritime.

BlueInvest is an EU initiative to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs, and scale-ups. It is enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

MARLOG is Denmark’s official cluster organisation for the maritime and logistics sectors, and works to promote Denmark as a sustainable and innovative leading maritime and logistics powerhouse.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, April 21st, at 04:00 PM CEST. 

Delta Cygni Labs - ICT for Maritime
POINTR is a remote collaboration solution for professionals powered by Augmented Reality. It enables companies to transfer knowledge, when and where it is required, to ensure business continuity. POINTR allows communication in the most challenging conditions from open oceans to power plants, even to the International Space Station. Next target is to grow userbase globally | TRL: 9| EUR 1.0 Mn sought (by end of June) - Finland

Notilo Plus - ICT for Maritime
Our products allow our clients to easily collect and process high value and reliable data for maintenance of underwater assets. Our solution is based on an autonomous drone, Seasam, powered by AI and robotics; and a cloud platform, Notilo Cloud, able to exploit the full extent of data gathered according to our clients' needs. | TRL: 8 | Next steps for the project : Industrialization and roll out of our solutions on key markets and R&D to prepare of next stages. | EUR 8.0 Mn sought - France

Scoutbase - ICT for Maritime
Seafarers are the most important asset of shipping companies. But it’s impossible to regularly check in with every crew member across the fleet. This leaves safety and fleet managers guessing about safety-critical issues at sea and how things can be improved. Until now. Scoutbase is the only tool of its kind that collects data on human factors to help maritime companies understand what’s going on with the crew. And what’s needed to create a safer, happier and more productive fleet. First commercial customer with more in the pipeline and are looking to scale in the maritime industry and explore opportunities in offshore Oil&Gas. | EUR 0.5 Mn sought  - Denmark

Sternula - Satellite / smart maritime solutions
Satellite operator providing global maritime IoT-type connectivity using the new VDES technology
The company is the world’s first satellite operator to provide cheap, secure, low-rate connectivity to the global maritime industry using the new VDES standard. Sternula enables a range of new digital services where the cost of onboard installations must be kept at a minimum (a maritime IoT network), while at the same time ensuring a high level of security. VDES is based on the existing AIS technology, which is mandatory under UN/IMO conventions and which is already deployed in 200,000 ships worldwide. Connectivity via satellite can be achieved using cheap onboard VHF antennas. A Danish national R&D grant of Euro 2.7M has been raised to launching the first satellite in 2022. The company is seeking private capital for technical and commercial operations. | TRL: 8 | TAM:500M | Next step: Technical and commercial operations setup | EUR 1.0 Mn  sought - Denmark

Upteko - ICT for Maritime
UPTEKO has developed a completely automated unmanned aerial system(UAS), efficiently solving critical challenges in maritime environments. Be it shipping, off-shore rigs, or wind turbines, UPTEKO’s marine-grade, multi-purpose, long-endurance drone systems are compatible and ever ready to take completely automated missions to inspect, secure, guide, and safeguard operations of any maritime industry. Installing the first system this year and plan to enter the commercialization phase of the company now. | TRL: 7 | Next step:  The capital that we seek is needed to scale the company, do more sales and hire engineers for further development | EUR 0.675 Mn  sought - Denmark

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