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Join the next E-Pitching session on November 9th at 4:00 PM CET

Join the next E-Pitching session on November 9th at 4:00 PM CET
​For the next EuroQuity e-Pitch session, selected 6 innovative start-ups with impact on planet and people. Together, these 6 companies are looking for € 6M.
Each entrepreneur will have 8 minutes to convince the investors. If you want to discover more, register now for the session and give these startups the opportunity to meet their suited investors!

GreenTech | AI for biodiversity preservation
Biodiversity is a hot topic, but all actors have difficulties to obtain indicators and advice for their sites, especially if there are many. The company already offers a unique nature-based solution which collects precise data and metrics on local biodiversity as well as agricultural and industrial pollution. The solution is used in +10 countries in EU and US by major private and public entities. Based on this unique data, the company is willing to develop an AI platform that will assess any given site in terms of biodiversity and pollution without having to analyze samples, place sensors nor carry out a local survey. 
Solar Impulse Solution and many prizes | Partnership with 2 major players for the AI project | 15 FTEs | Sales > € 1M | Next step: develop the AI platform and related tools | € 1M sought

GreenTech | Driving energy consciousness and green investment 

This start-up aims to engage and incentivize users energy consciousness, and help cities and companies achieve climate goals in a collaborative manner. This greentech developed three products: a peer-to-peer energy trading platform, a mobile application helping users to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint, and a digital platform helping households and companies to invest in solar energy.
Tested and received first positive market traction | € 3M granting from EU Horizon2020 | Next steps: product and marketing optimization to scale up | € 1M sought

Green Tech | Ecofriendly mobile car wash App

The company developed 4 platforms to order an ecological car wash at home or at work in one click: one for B2B customers (+30 companies), a second for B2C customers (+600 users), a third for washers (10 washers) and an admin platform to manage everything. 70% of sales comes from B2B and 30% from B2C without having invested in any advertising. The company is already leader on its niche market ; the ambition is to be number 1 on the Belgian and Luxembourg market in the next 18 months.
Sales projections of € 100k in 2021 and MRR of € 15k | Next step: raise € 500k from which € 200k already committed to conquer Belgian and Luxembourg digital ecofriendly mobile car wash market

FemTech | Wearable breast pump

This start-up developed a discreet, wearable, and reliable breast pump to disrupt with the unpleasant breast pumping experience for breastfeeding mothers. The device uniquely combines the reliability of a hospital grade product into a smart, compact, and concealable device that allows mothers to pump wherever and whenever they want with peace of mind. Proof of concept achieved in September 2021, concept validated with 20 mothers, > 60 hours of interviews with 70 mothers, 10 health care professionals and 6 distributors, 250 mothers surveyed.
Winner of the Mind & Market startup competition of April 2021 | € 165k already raised | € 70k grant awarded by Innoviris | Proof of concept achieved | validation from early testers | Next step: market fit | € 700k sought

MedTech | E-health | Same-day delivery of medicine

This startup aims to transform and challenge the biggest tech giants and the pharmacy industry. Based on a last-mile delivery model and an online marketplace, it disrupts the existing digital pharmacies and relaunches the debate around online sales of prescribed medicine. It does not only innovate in a traditional market but offers a more local, social, sustainable and responsible approach to order and get your drugs delivered at home. After an intensive experimentation phase during the covid pandemic, the focus is to further build the team, manage a significant fund raising and accelerate the business growth.
Product launched in January 2021 with first paying users acquired | € 100k sought in Q4 2021 and € 2.5M in 2022

LegalTech | Easily accessible personalized legal advice platform

A recent report commissioned by the Paris Bar Association shows that more than 80% of all legal needs aren't dealt with. This start-up developed an easily accessible personalized legal advice platform built in a cost-efficient manner. The solution saves you precious time consuming search and directly targets the right needs for you. It allows you to talk quickly to a lawyer near you as from only 29 €.
MVP launched in May 2021 | MMP launched in July 2021 | More than 100 active lawyers | 70% MoM Growth | Trustpilot score : 4.6 | Over 21K followers on social media | Over 1M views of our content since August 2021 | Next step: Full automation & strategic partnerships | € 150K sought

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