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Join the next E-Pitching session on May 19 at 4:00 pm CEST

EuroQuity Belgium is pleased to invite investors interested in innovative ideas, to join e-pitch session on May 19th at 4pm.

Join the next E-Pitching session on May 19 at 4:00 pm CEST
For the next e-Pitch session of our Partner EuroQuity Belgium, selected 6 disruptive start-ups. Together, these 6 companies are looking for more than € 6,5M.
Each entrepreneur will have 8 minutes to convince the investors. If you want to discover more, register now for the session and give these startups the opportunity to meet their suited investors!
The program is as follows :

SaaS for automated document handling
The company launched a SaaS platform to allow corporates to digitalize and automate the full document exchange during the onboarding process of employees and clients. Instead of having many emails with numerous attachments or even still paper documents, the clients can automate the full flow of document collection, automated validation, data extraction, document/form completion and signing in one simple process with an optimal user experience. Client can save between up to 80% on the administration cost and are 35% more productive. The company focuses today on a few verticals with monthly license fees of € 5k for staffing and HR companies and € 3k for hospitals. The company succeeds in growing the existing clients’ ticket size over time as well.
+100% growth in MRR 2021 vs 2020 | Company stage: product in market | Turnover FY21 of € 220k | MRR € 23k | Next step: scaling-up | € 1,2M sought

FinTech unlocking value for stock (options) owners
The solution developed by the FinTech offers a new way for founders, employees and other shareholders to sell some of their shares to a large pool of qualified buyers rapidly, securely, and at a fair price. It helps fast-growing companies retain their key talent as well as recruit new employees by providing liquidity for equity and rights holders. By using this technology, scaleups can avoid the cost and burden of a traditional secondary transaction and instead focus on building their business.
Next step: create traction by focusing on business development & key partnerships| Sought : € 300k

e-commerce – plants – brand
The company turns plant ownership into a positive and rewarding consumer experience. It helps customers find, get and care for high quality repotted living plants. It has sold more that 45K plants in France, the UK and Belgium since its creation in 2019.
€ 1M in sales in FY21 with only 2.2 FTEs | 200% Webshop growth in FY21, sustained in FY22 | € 0.4M raised to date | Next steps: accelerate our growth to establish as category leader in France and the UK

HealthTech - Smarter assistive communication and therapy software
1 in 6 people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. If they survive, half of the time, they will remain disabled in some way from motor or communication impairments. Walking issues can be relatively easily compensated for using a wheelchair or a cane, but communication is more problematic. The current tools are too slow and complicated to be used in everyday situations, and they are not incorporated into the rehabilitation process. The company enables people with communication disorders to be active participants in their rehabilitation, by integrating innovative compensatory aids and smart rehabilitation activities (both at home and during speech therapist sessions), thus improving their chances to reclaim lost abilities, increase their quality of life, and expand their autonomy in their daily lives.
Functional prototype, 5 ongoing experiments I €70 k grant awarded by Innoviris I Next step : Development of the marketable product & market fit & CE-mark MD class 1 I  € 2,5 M sought to finance the next 24 months

Lifestyle Tech – Smart Living

More and more people are looking for flexibility, autonomy, wellbeing and freedom when they think about the way they want to live and work. The company is developing a marketplace that brings together a community of remote workers and a curated selection of hotels fit for work and leisure. The membership gives access to a digital one-stop-shop for professionals (entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees) in need of places to work, to meet, to stay and to relax. The objective is to build a solid network of hotels throughout Europe as a way to enhance mobility and attract B2C and B2B2C customers.
Member of Digital Attraxion, Hub.Hospitality, Start-it KBC I Team of 4 co-founders and 3 free-lance developers I Pre-revenue I Raised: pre-seed € 350k raised for 12 month runway for product release and first revenue I € 500k sought for seed round I Looking for investors and contacts in the smart-living and hospitality industry
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) - Data Solutions
The company has developed a unique AUV combined with a dedicated data suite providing the ultimate end-to-end solution for underwater monitoring in a manner comparable to the aerial drone industry. It outperforms current solutions in a more cost-effective manner. The blue economy will double by 2030 (OECD) and the company is ready to be a disrupting force. The company foresees production and mass market entry at the end of 2022.
Innoviris Starters Award 2020 | Offices in Brussels and Alicante| Technology validated & Market traction | Next steps: growth sales and data team, production & market entry | € 2M sought


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We look forward to seeing you all on May 19 at 4pm!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get back to us by email

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