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Join the next Solar Impulse & EuroQuity E-pitch "Waste Valorisation" on February 23rd !

We are very pleased to announce you an exclusive e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation on February 23rd at 17:00 CET.

Once again, this e-pitch is exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 6 of the finest startups pitching directly to you online.
Register by clicking here.
Here is the selection:

THE NETHERLANDS - Cleantech - automated B2B secondary materials brokerage 
The company has combined various artificial technologies with blockchain to identify high value future uses for secondary materials and waste. The solution identifies high value uses through an artificial neural network and various machine learning tools. It has the ability to track and trace materials. It stores information of materials, components and products including financial end-of-life value, environmental impact and social impact. The solution has been successfully tested in a pilot in 2018. They are currently expanding their operations in North-West Europe and are looking to conquer their beachhead market in Europe.   
20 contracts for 2020 | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 0.5 bn 
Next Step: market growth | Amount sought: 2M€
ITALY – Cleantech/waste management –plastic recycling 
Solution to recycle plastic waste to valuable petrochemicals and fertilizer. 
The technology will able waste management companies to raise their profit from activites regarding the most contaminated, colorful mixture of PET plastic waste, even some kind of disposed carpets and textiles wastes by recycling them to valuable petrochemicals and fertilizer, without any sorting and washing. The technology is based on chemoselective process, successfully tested in Pilot scale. Target markets are municipalities & plastic recycling companies.  

1 patents Italy no depth or shared equity | TRL: 6 | TAM: EUR 950.0 mn
Next Step: industrialization Amount to raise: 1.5M€

CANADA – Transportation – Low-Carbon Renewable Fuels 
Our mission is to decarbonize the transportation sector today by providing solutions that can solve multiple societal challenges and are available to deploy now.  Using waste resources as feedstocks, the company will produce low carbon renewable fuels for the aviation sector and others that are difficult to electrify in the near term, such as heavy equipment and marine.  We support and investigate new technologies for the future while ensuring that we take action now.  Our first facility will reduce lifecycle emissions by 80% compared to fossil fuels with strategies to be carbon-negative over time.  
Partnerships with established technology companies | TRL: 7 
Next Step: Scaling up the team to complete site development | Amount to raise: 22M€ for multiple facilities 
LUXEMBOURG - Cleantech/Energy – Reduce agroindustrial waste & Production of clean energy and bioplastic 
The concept of the process is a closed circuit of water and biomass. For this process, only Algamoil strain can be used. Benefits are: to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and to avoid the use of food to produce energy.  
The final result is 50% of the production oil to transform into advanced biodiesel, bioethanol or biokerosene and the remaining 50% raw material to produce bioplastic even biocompostable. 

3 patents worldwide; 1 contract for 2021 | TRL: 8 | TAM: EUR 20.0 bn 
Next Step: Scaling up | Amount to raise: 4M€
FRANCE - Cleantech/Waste treatment 
This start-up as developped a new way of treating non-recyclable solid waste (waste from construction sites, municipality waste, industrial waste) : fossilization. This process transforms the waste into a mineral aggregate that can be used in concrete or road beds, avoiding the landfills or the incinerators. A waste platform using the pilot of the solution will be operational in May 2021. The start-up ends it’s 2M€ fundraise which will allow to produce 12 units for 2022, and seek funds for its next fundraise, for industrialization. 
12 units deployed in 2022 | TRL 6 | TAM : EUR120 bn 
Next step : Industrialization - Amount sought: 6M€
THAILAND/FRANCE – Food Waste Prevention Tech 
8 years of practice encapsulated in an agile tech enabling commercial kitchens to track and reduce food waste and associated costs at multiple locations. 
The solution is composed of a cloud-based food waste data-analytic software and an app running on generic devices, making it the most comprehensive yet affordable system on the market. The latest features were tested with a dozen users since Jan 2020 in various locations and contexts (hotels, restaurants, canteens) 
Number of adopters and favorable national and international regulations are strong signals of rapid growth in the very short run. 

Licensing model in 6 countries. TRL:7 | TAM: EUR 12.0 bn  
Next steps: automation, gamification, AI for data integration with purchasing, storage and points of sales. / Amount to raise: 2M€


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