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Join the next Solar Impulse & EuroQuity E-pitch "Electrification in a Decarbonised World" on January 21st!

We are very pleased to announce you an exclusive e-pitch session we are organising in collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation and Schneider Electric on January 21st at 17:00 CET.

Once again, this e-pitch is exclusively for Solar Impulse Labelled Solutions.
Witness 5 of the finest startups pitching directly to you online.
Register by clicking here.

Here is the selection:

FRANCE - Cleantech/Energy – Ambient Light Energy Harvesting technology 
Energy is a key issue, billions of IoT with their batteries are predicted in the coming years.  To power these electronics, our disruptive technology is a green solution using again and again one of the only tangibles and limitless energies that exist: light. Our technology can be used, indoors, outdoors, for sensors, for IoT,… for tracking, in Smart homes, in Powered Cards, and in Packaging applications.  After 9 years of deep R&D and tests in different fields, we are now ready to release our 1st production batch for a customer application and we have 2 major projects under evaluation. 
6+ patents worldwide; 1 contract for 2021 | TRL: 7 | TAM: € 80bn | Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: € 5M 


The Netherlands – Cleantech/Energy – Ocean Energy 
The company offers power generating solutions and is the inventor and manufacturer of the most widely used tidal turbines. The solution has been successfully tested and validated at the world’s largest tidal array. The driver for tidal stream power generation is combatting climate change by reducing the CO2 emissions with a 100% renewable, 100% reliable and 100% predictable energy source. 
20 patents worldwide; weighted sales funnel 28m | TRL: 8 | TAM: 53bn annual market| Next Step: industrialization | Amount to raise: € 2M 


USA - Cleantech/Energy - PV-Coupled Energy Storage Technology  
Austin based energy storage startup that has developed a panel-level energy storage technology that directly PV-couples to solar panels on rooftops. Their decentralized approach aligns with the macro trend of module level power electronics (MLPE) and locates the energy storage at the point of generation. Their PV-Couped architecture eliminates the uncertainty of where to site the energy storage system, at higher efficiency and at a lower cost than competing technologies. Further, directly buffering the sun’s energy into the battery can push the DC to AC ratio above 2 which reduces the amount of solar inverter and electrical balance of system by 40%. At 1kWh per unit, the form-factor is ideally suited to high volume contract manufacturing which they are currently ramping with the global leader. Enabling this format is their patented passive thermal management design that prevents the lithium ion batteries from exceeding 40°C directly underneath solar panels which has been validated at NREL.  
C&I Solar Market | TRL: 7 | TAM € 13.9bn | Next Step: Volume Manufacturing with CM | Closed € 4.2M SEED in Q3, 2020; Targeting € 10M+ Series A in 2021


Israel - Cleantech/Smart Infrastructure- Highly Efficient, Natural, Day-Lighting System 
In a perfect world, our homes and work places would have been lit by natural sunlight throughout the day, yet we spend over 90% of our lives under unhealthy energy wasting artificial lighting. Seeking to remedy this situation we had developed a patented, highly efficient, yet fully static sunlight harvesting system, enabling Lighting Designers, Architects, and Urban Planners to effectively utilize natural sunlight for adaptable illumination of previously poorly lit spaces, in both existing and new buildings. Delivering full spectrum natural light with adjustable heating, at zero energy costs, for wellbeing and energy efficiency.  
4 Patents Worldwide; 3 large projects 2021 | TRL: 8 | TAM: 35 B € | Next Step: Scaling Up| Amount to raise: € 2M

Africa - Fintech - Cleantech/Energy - Revolutionising Social Elevation in Africa  
Founded by 5 senior serial entrepreneurs with African roots, the start-up aims fixing the main infrastructure issue in Africa, electricity, which is stil non pervasive, unstable, unaffordable to more than 50% of African people (600M).
The start-up has built-up a decentralised mobile app services, powered by Blockchain, for involving stake-holders across the world for Financing, Deploying autonomous digital Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Africa and Empowering local African customers' business (households and  SMBs) through  a e-marketplace with an embedded mobile money & crypto payments.
The startup will open 4 subsidiaries in 2021, Madagascar, Togo & Benin in Q1 and Nigeria in Q4.

Exclusive SHS distribution agreement with a global mobile telecommunication operator | TRL: 8 | TAM: + $50B | Amount sought: € 1M

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