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Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on digital & AI solutions on July 6th 15:00 CEST

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on digital & AI solutions.

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on digital & AI solutions, our hybrid event on Wednesday 06/07/2022, at 3:00pm CEST.
InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.


AI in eCommerce
Convert group | Becoming the global standard on how retailers and brands collaborate through an advanced data platform in eCommerce
Retailers & brands in global eCommerce collaborate through csv’s or spreadsheets for their market shares, transactional info & marketing joint business plans. Convert group’s B2B SaaS platform, eRetail Audit Marketplace, provides data & insights in the eCommerce channel such as, Market Shares, Basket Analytics, Marketing Effectiveness & Digital Self Analytics to brands. At the same time, it creates a revenue for Retailers that are sharing their data to brands. The revenues come from 3 main markets: GR (60%), ES & IT (25%) while the rest from countries like Romania, Egypt, Slovakia, Bulgaria, etc. Convert Group’s SaaS metrics include €1.7Μ ARR, x2 YonY growth '20-'21 (the same projected for 2022) and a 112% NRR.
130 SaaS contracts from 85 clients, amongst them 15 out of the 20 top FMCG and Consumer Healthcare brands (Bayer, J&J, GSK, L'Oréal, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, RB, etc). | TRL9 | €5M sought to achieve
AI in Healthtech
HERADO | Radiation Protection Transformed Tomorrow's Technology for Today
The increased demand for more coherent systems in radiation protection due to the new recommendations that mandate a gradual and prudent period for government, organizations, hospitals, and companies to invest in more innovative radiation dosimeters create a great opportunity for Herado. Herado produces a patented, fully licensed, and accredited innovative real-time active dosimeter, ALMAR with unique features, which is the certified official dosimeters used by NASA, DLR to protect astronauts and Jeff Bezos Blue Origin. HERADO technology has been validated by top experts in the field, prestigious laboratories, and hospitals. According to top market experts, their active dosimeters, due to the leading technology and desirable cost-effective solution, have the potential to replace all the existing technology in a massive market of $58 billion. The team also provides the ability for complete and instant reading and data management SaaS with maximum security through the HERADO platform. We also collaborate with major hospitals in Europe and the USA. We have attractive (hardware and SaaS) and asset-lite business model
Herado’s dosimeters will be used as the official dosimeters in NASA's Artemis-1 Moon Mission | Distribution agreements with hospitals in 11 countries | Seal of excellence as one of the top startups in the healthtech field.  | TRL9 | €5M sought to achieve commercial acceleration
AI in Smart Cities
Inteligg | Smart solutions to the cities! They rocket energy savings!
40% of energy in EU consumed by Buildings (and 36% CO2) with 50% savings demonstrated to come with automation. c-BEMS (cloud-Building Energy Management Systems) is a unique self-learning/adjusting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool for Building energy management system (BEMS) using Artificial Intelligence that supports multi-zonal control of HVAC & lighting systems for higher energy savings of 40% in buildings based in the latest and more advanced ‘Cloud Technology’.
Seal of Excellence (EU SME Instrument 1) for SmartBox4U | IP4SME – Patent Funding from EU (3 times) | H2020 projects (OI2LAB, GAZELLE, E-DRIVETOUR) | Completed 8 Pilots/7Piltos in 4 countries (GR, BE, LU, ES) | Sign contract with Tridium, USA to create finally c-BEMS | Contract with Large Municipality (15 Buildings, 14,000m2) | TRL 8 | €850K sought to achieve commercial acceleration
AI in Healthtech
JadBio | User-friendly Machine Learning without Coding Equipped with Powerful Knowledge Extraction tools
Life Science researchers need to identify the right drug targets (biomarkers) and the pattern(s) that diagnose a disease. In early/basic development, researchers start with thousands of compounds and millions of possible molecular targets. Reducing both quantities as early in the process as possible, significantly reduces the time (12–15 yrs) and money (up to $2.8B) required for de novo drug discovery. JADBio’s target group is twofold. First, they target Research Institutions like PIs, PostDocs and Data Curators Medical Schools, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Genetics Depts. Secondly the company targets Biotechnology Companies like Research, AI, Analytics Leaders Biotech, Pharma, Clinical Research, DNA Analysis, Drug Discovery & Repurposing, Data Processing.
1300 registered users & 7352 analyses performed | Its 1-click analysis won "Spinoff of 2021" in Greece | Trusted by numerous biotech companies | Also offer JADBio as a service on the Amazon Marketplace | Have raised €1.9M in angel investments and grants. | TRL 8-9 | $2.5M sought to achieve commercial acceleration
AI in HR
SmartCV | A modern AI-powered SaaS recruitment software that helps companies of all types and sizes discover and hire the best talent in less time.
When a company posts a job ad, it receives on average 150 applications and need to spend time screening the candidates in two stages. First, the team needs to filter out the irrelevant candidates and second to do phone-screening interviews with the shortlisted candidates. This process is very tedious and time-consuming. This is where smartCV steps in, offering the world’s best recruitment software in screening candidates. Specifically, some of smartCV’s features include intelligent resume scoring, powerful candidate filtering on 15+ criteria and one-way (async) video interviews. Furthermore, it offers automatic recommendations of archived candidates, automatic detection of the candidate's geographic location and custom candidate filters.
28 paying customers & 509 active users | 9 active users per customer on average & 87 active users on biggest customer | Trusted by companies like OTE Group, Cosmote eValue, Saracakis Group, Autohellas Group, Eurolife FFH, Interamerican, Olympic Brewery, Euronav, Kyklades Maritime, Kafkas, Flexopack, Epsilon Net | 120K angel investment | TRL 9 | €500Κ sought to achieve commercial acceleration

AI in Cybersecurity/ Data analytics
Logstail ML-AI powered analytics and monitoring that  turns data into actionable insights

Logstail was founded in 2019 to provide a Log Management platorm alongside with cyber security services. Today the company serves its customers / Community Users in 17 countries globally.
In 2021 expanding its log management platform capabilities, Logstail launched a cloud SIEM to help users collect, correlate, and analyze data, detect anomalies and respond to security threats in real-time.
+38 paying customers |+17 countries | TAM €10B | MRR €20K | TRL 9 |$15M sought to achieve commercial acceleration and industralisation

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