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Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions on October 26th 14:00 CEST

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions.

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day on ICT solutions, our online event on Wednesday 26/10/2022, at 2:00pm CEST.
InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.

FINaplo - Machine Learning & AI | A B2B solution provider in payments & open banking for the Digital Transformation of the Financial industry

In just 7 years, the company has 4 products in two main sectors of the financial industry. Payments and Open Banking. Today they are installed in 60+ clients. Many of them are Technology and Financial giants (JPMorgan, CITI, Credit-Suisse, NEC, IBM, Temenos, etc).

60+ customers in 25 countries | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 200Bn | SAM: € 2Bn | B2B | €2Mn sought for commercial acceleration 
Pobuca - AI | Measure, design, and improve Customer Experience
Connect with your customers at any time, on any device, and at any point in the customer journey. Pobuca offers a customer data platform & CRM for brands and retailers that helps them improve Customer Experience (CX) and achieve the key objectives of increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. With Pobuca you can engage your customers and empower your people in sales, marketing, and customer service.
Customers: 187 | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 15Bn | SAM: € 3Bn | B2B | Serie A | € 5Mn sought 
RADEFY IKE - Mobile App and IoT | Smart Hospitality Service Provider
Smart Hospitality Product & Service have been developed, tested, and commercialized.
Digital Concierge is in production and is expected to be available in the Greek market initially in June 2023.
Customers:  50 Corporate accounts, 350 apartments & Hotel rooms, and 15.000 Tourists/Travelers | TRL 9 | €1.5Mn sought for commercial acceleration 
Ovida - Machine Learning/Video Analysis | Future of work, leadership development, training
We are helping grow coaching by using machine learning to enhance coaching skills, elevate the coaching experience, and accelerate results for coaching clients.
Achieved milestones: developed and launched platform (Aug 2021 - Jan 2022). More than 5 major global organisations in pilots/plans for pilots. Hundreds of professional users for feedback. First paying clients (October 2022).

Customers: 8 | TRL: 7-8 | TAM: $43B | SAM: $25B | B2B | € 1,3Mn sought for Proof of Scalability 

Throo Payments Europe, UAB | Fintech, Retail

Throo is a pioneering cardless payments ecosystem where consumers use wallets to pay at merchants while gaining valuable cashback while both sides enjoy financial benefits, ultimate security, privacy & UX.
TRL: 7 | TAM: € 320Bn | SAM: € 33Bn | B2B2C | € 2Mn sought for the Proof of Market 

EV PLUS - Software | eMobility

eVplus is an innovative e-mobility software, hardware, and service provider with a 360o, hassle-free, B2B solution that allows significant margins to businesses and unique distinctive route planning possibilities to EV drivers, powered by AI.

Customers: 4 | TRL: 9 | TAM: € 281Mn | B2B2C | € 1,5Mn sought for commercial acceleration 

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