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Join the next EuroQuity Belgian E-Pitching session on April 1st at 5:00 PM CEST

Showcasing 6 startups located in the Greater Region.

The next EuroQuity Belgium pitch session will take place on Thursday, April 1st at 5 p.m. 

For the first time, EuroQuity Belgium has selected in partnership with Push.GR a panel of European startups situated in the Greater Region. Together, these six companies are looking for €8,75M.  Each leader will have as usual a maximum of 8 minutes to convince you to follow him. You can submit your questions online just after each presentation.

If you’re interested to find out more about them, register now for the session and join the pitches.


The selection is as follows:

IA | Accounting Software
Entrepreneurs want all of their accounting in real time by centralizing their management tools. After 2 years of web development work, the company launched its own automated accounting application from A to Z, from entry to balance sheet their bills to send all the declarations of the tax administration directly. The company is intended to be a complete application with the management of expense reports, treasury, online payments and invoicing to avoid the existing frictions in the current market. The objective is now to enforce the solution directly to entrepreneurs and Chartered Accountants, essential business providers.
Member of France Fintech and French tech East. Team of 17 employees and 3 major partnerships signed for an MRR of 80K € HT / month | Next step: Strengthen their internal skills and deployment of the solution | €4M sought - France

SportsTech | AI-powered personal trainer for endurance sports in an app
AI-based coaching app for ambitious endurance athletes, offering them the opportunity to get affordable, individual and healthy training plus everything they need in and around training. For 3 years, the developments of this algorithm have been funded by an EXIST founders Scholarship (50% EU financed, € 150K) and thanks to a pre-seed funding of €450k. Strong partnerships validated: scientific partnership with German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken, industrial partnerships with Internetstores GmbH, On Running & SP-Connect. Other B2Bs under discussion. Scientific and industrial partnerships, Product launched in February 2021 with first paying users acquired | Next steps: product and marketing optimization to scale | €1,2M sought (€200K already secured from Pre Seed investor - Germany

ArtTech | Social storytelling platform
Storytelling platform for creators of narratives and stories. The company helps creators and authors to publish and monetize them. These stories can reach a global community of readers of half a million readers. Readers can read thousands of stories in many interactive formats, genres, languages, discover new amazing creators and support them. The product is in market with some revenue and proven traction : 650.000 users on board / 201.000+ published stories / 50+ ambassadors (volunteers) / Half a million minutes spent reading every day / 2.500+ paid subscribers and self-publishing services customers / USD/EUR/GBP supported, plus all LATAM currencies including local payments even in cash or in installments / $530 avg. payout to each premium author every month / serving 7 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish), with LATAM being the biggest market.
€500,000 equity-free already raised. Winners of $30k at Demands Solution (Miami 2017). Members of Start-Up Chile, Fit4Start Luxembourg, NexCubed San Francisco | Next step: scaling-up | €1,5M sought - ​Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Big Data | Data driven Fuel Management

Besides personnel costs, fuel costs are the largest and last optimizable cost block for transport companies. To work as profitably as possible, transport companies must analyze and monitor diesel consumption and refueling very carefully. Without monitoring, common thefts could not be detected and the company's liquidity could be jeopardized. Until now, however, a meaningful monitoring was practically impossible, as the necessary data is stored in various independent systems and there are numerous factors influencing consumption that make an evaluation difficult. With the Dieselinspektor software tool, companies can now, for the first time, automatically compare fuel billing data with telematics data from the vehicles and thus check the refueling of the entire fleet with just a few mouse clicks. This allows irregularities to be detected directly and prevented in the future. In addition, with another product called Tankplaner, cost-optimized refueling recommendations can be suggested based on real-time data in order to save money when refueling. Products are currently used by more than 50 customers. Break-even was reached in 2019. Exist Founder Scholarship 2014 received. First place in the 1,2,3 GO business plan competition | Next step: further growth through international distribution and further scalability of the products | €300k sought - Germany

PropTech | Data driven property management platform 
Data driven property management platform for landlords who want to grow their portfolio sustainably. In 2019 it was a mobile application with 20,000 monthly active users who are tenants renting apartments from landlords. 18 months later the company has successfully started addressing the other side of the market, with the landlords that our tenants rent their apartments to. During the lockdown the company has pivoted and is now addressing both sides of the market. Indeed, the Covid has driven landlords who were reticent to use technology to manage their real estate portfolio, to change their habits and adopt their cloud based solution. The goal is to bring the entire rental management value chain together, allowing tenants and landlords to have a seamless experience, to connect the different parts of the market, making them the central hub for rentals. One of the 10 out of 300 startups selected for the Fit4Start program in Luxembourg in 2019 | Seed round of €475k during Covid-19, team of 8 (doubled in one year), paying customers, Strong commercial and tech pipelines | Next step : commercial expansion across Europe | €500k to €1M  sought by September 2021 - Series A of €3M to €5M by end of 2022 - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  

Pharmaceutical Biomanufacturing – Innovative and tailor-made technical and digital solutions
Technological company which commercializes technical and digital solutions that increase the efficiency of the pharmaceutical operations of their clients. Their solutions are innovative and tailor-made, they commercialize a patented voice-guided electronic batch record, tailor-made isolators in acrylic resin and smart biomanufacturing units built-in in containers. After having sold the three solutions in their domestic market in SME companies, they want to expand their commercial development by 2021 geographically in western Europe, by 2022 through strategic partnership and by 2023 with a client in the big pharma sector.
500K€ turnover in 2020 | Next step: commercial development | €1M sought - Belgium

Only registrants will receive via email:
  • The day of the pitch: the access link
  • The day after the pitch: the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.
We look forward to seeing you all on April 1st at 5 p.m. CEST


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