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The next DeepTech pitch session organized by Bpifrance & EuroQuity will be held online on January 20th at 5:00 PM CET.
5 french deeptech companies will be presented.

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Biotech – Therapy targeting persistent cancer cell metabolism to fight relapse & metastasis
Spin-off of a French laboratory of excellence, SideRos has developed a family of small molecule enabling to disturb iron metabolism in persistent cancer cells, leading to their death. Those cells are not eliminated by conventional therapy and are responsible of relapse and metastasis. The solution can address liquid and solid tumors. The lead candidate has been identified, already manufactured in industrial environment and the efficacy, i.e. decrease of tumor volume or increase of survival rate, shown in three different animal models. The start-up has planned to launch toxicological activities, manufacturing of clinical batch and regulatory discussion with EMA and FDA in 2022, to start phase 1b/2 in 2023, leading to expect proof of concept data in patients in 2025.
5 patents granted worldwide; exclusive licenses; Freedom to Operate; | TRL: 6 | TAM> 1b € | Next Step: IND | Amount sought: 10 M€ (of which 8 M€ secured)

CleanTech - BioTech polymer & graphene / Decarbonization – Ultra-light, multi-resistant & multi-application material. 
ICE is a cleantech creating valuable, sustainable, profitable materials for transport & construction. Laureate of 7 competitions [eg: MIT, Impact hub, Paris&CO sustainable cities], ICE is accelerated by Starburst Aerospace & Defense and currently in a test campaign in ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab. Starburst valued the company at 2.1 M€ without any TO. The startup develop a material which is ultra-light, multi-resistant, dissipate vibrations and shocks. ICE offers a cost-effective, low-carbon, depolluting technology through different successful POC. The French DOD [air, sea, land] want to test the products so among other things, the startup is ready to build rockets, drones, part of aircraft / navy ship / vehicles and also military / space camp with temporary / modular buildings.  
1 patent / FR licensing estimation for 2022 > 500 K€   |  TRL: 6  |  TAM: 1,900 Bn€. SAM: 188 Bn€. CAGR: +27% [2021-26]  |  Next step: scale-up   |  Amount sought: 1.18 M€ 

Deeptech Biotech - First in class ATC M09AX06 Disease Modifying OsteoArthritis Drug
Regulaxis is a french Biotech company incepted in 2013 in Paris with over 25 years of research. So far, the company has patented over 86,000 innovative chimeric peptides for human and vet  with new mechanisms of actions and has developped an intra articular injection of fully chemically synthesized peptide in the knee synovial cavity. Regulaxis is the only Biotech worldwide with 3 preclinical animal models validating the efficiency of its mechanism of action. The startup is about to initiate First in Man clinical I & IIa combined in Europe. Regulaxis have had face to face meetings with FAMPH Belgium FDA and consultation of European Medicine Agency in 2019. In addition, the company has already 3 peptide API GMP batches suitable for human clinical trials with 99.0 % purity: Peptidic IGF-I pathway, cartilage regeneration by regulating in-situ proliferation and differentiation of chondrocytes.
21 patents worldwide (10 issued and the others under review); contracts : none | TRL: 7 |  TAM: 5.9 bn€ in 2020;  8.8% CAGR from 2021 to 2030 | Next Step: EU Clinical Phase IIa and Clinical Phase I in Japan | Amount sought: 5.7 M€

Medtech - Device for breast reconstruction
Dreamer is a french medtech which was created back in 2019 and is now developing a solution  inspired by a breast pump, it sits on the reconstructing breast, exerts a kind of suction at the precise points. It works under negative pressure, stretching the skin tissue outward. A red-light therapy is added to regenerate and heal breast tissue, the skin become flexible and elastic. The tissue relaxes and the scar stretches. This medical device is looking for funds to do mandatory clinical studies to obtain CE approval and marking.

PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) filed / TRL : 6 / TAM : 593,61 M€ / Industrialization / Amount sought : 2M


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