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Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on September 29th at 5 pm CEST

Six Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next September 29th at 5 pm CEST.

Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on September 29th at 5 pm CEST
For the for this back-to-school epitch session, 6 startups selected by EuroQuity Belgium will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €8M.
LifeSciences |  FoodTech | SaaS | ChemTech | HrTech | HealthTech

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session!

LifeSciences | Biomedical Nanotechnology for Arthrosis
Lifesciences company designs and develops breakthrough biomedical nanotechnology for the treatment of osteo arthritis. The product is an injectable soft implant device using nanotechnology. The company successfully completed its POC, showing clinical safety and efficacy in-vitro and in-vivo (animal models), and outperforming competition in benchmarking studies. The technology is patented. Founded by an experienced management team and flanked by world-class advisory board, it is determined to achieve its market-leading potential with a SOM >€1B. The company is raising 2M in equity as part of a 5M finmix to finance the preclinical studies.
Injectable nanotech for arthrosis treatment | Clinical safety and efficacy POC complete | Next step: pre-clinical studies | Fundraising: €2M equity.

FoodTech | The ready-to-eat food box

The startup provides several ready-to-eat meals in one go, so that you don't have to cook during the week anymore. Weekly subscription-based model. Healthy, fresh, local, seasonal meals that can be kept for seven days thanks to our long shelf life process. Eco-friendly packaging. Typical customer is a family with 1 or 2 kids. Already 2 Launched on the market in 2019 in Brussels, the company already has 30 recurring customers with monthly revenues above €40K. €260K raised through crowdfunding before 2021 | Next step: scaling-up (expansion in Belgium and Europe)| Fundraising of €500k.

SaaS | The largest B2B social network dedicated to cinema & audiovisual professionals

Unique B2B platform for audiovisual professionals like producers, sales agents, distributors, directors and crew, film funds, and film commissions. Anyone working around movies and series will find an interest in the company. It proposes them a social network (automatically generated), an AI-powered database and collaboration tools. Unlike other social networks, you do not have to create your page or profile and fill in your filmography and further details. Thanks to its unique approach and AI's help, you already exist on the platform. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly platform for three main reasons: it facilitates paperless events, “declutter” the web by opening the data back to its users and enable them to rely less on emails. The market is big, and the monetization opportunities are multiple: advertising, news, automatic website creation, data sales, industry insights and expansion of the platform to other industries, to name a few.
About 5,000 users and 1,500 companies registered companies (spread over 30 countries) | Current ARR of €45K | Recently awarded an “Innovative Tools” | Subsidy (€500k) from MEDIA Creative Europe | Next steps: boost the growth and develop new features requested by the market | Fundraising: €850K (€350K already secured).

ChemTech | Innovative and Efficient Small Organic Manufacturing Process
As a consequence of COVID pandemic, the raw material, energy and labor cost have dramatically increased leading to global shortage of molecules with Biotech and Pharma company’s interest produced and developed outside the EU. Those molecules are generally manufactured using Fed-Batch mode and enzymatic reaction leading to a long and inefficient process. The startup aims to present an alternative manufacturing process to produce those molecules with a high efficiency and reliability as well as cost reduction process. This innovative process will be an alternative to existing manufacturing processes and be in line with market expectation and global view of sustainability.
Strong Partnership had been developed with Liege University for the development phases and advising on the next phases | Commercialization of the first product is aiming to happen in Q3 2023 with big distributor names | Scientific Partnership and research done, Walloon subside allowance Onging | Next step: development of first products for commercialization | Fundraising: €500K.

HrTech | Payroll solution for European SME's

Hiring and paying employees across Europe is a real pain for employers: in each country where you open new business, you have to work with a different payroll solution. As your company grows internationally, you end up with a whole series of different vendors and with a patchwork of many different systems that each require a learning curve and a different approach.  But more importantly, you lose the overview, and you are not able to have aggregated reporting across all your European countries.  The startup has come up with an innovative integration approach and just received an important subsidy of Vlaio (the Flemish Institute for Innovation & Development) for its software.  The software allows an employer to run payroll in up to 30 European countries with only 1 tool.  The benefits are huge: only 1 tool to master, no more manual aggregating of hr kpi's, economies of scale, fully digitized payroll processes etc.  Benefits like these have only been within reach of big multinationals, the company brings them within reach of small & medium sized companies in Europe.
€400K Bootstrap | 21 countries covered with partnership | MVP ready by End of Oct ’22 | First customer | N°1 SEO for European Payroll | Innovation subsidy awarded by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship of €323K | Next steps: MMP ready by Jan ’22 | Ramping up development, sales & marketing efforts | Fundraising: €750K Equity (€465K already secured from 12 investors).

HealthTech | Platform making mental health therapy accessible & comfortable
In France and Belgium only, 15 millions of people between 24 and 40 years old face mental health issues. They cannot find help in the existing mental health offer (long waiting lines, traditional format of therapy not adapted, too generic apps …). Therefore, 90% of them do not consult with huge consequences for them and society. After a free personalized matching with the adequate therapists, the platform provides therapies + Daily check-up with top-notch licensed therapists. Anywhere, Anytime. It fills a gap in the market: the company has already convinced thousands of new patients (88% had never consulted before) and hundreds of therapists.
Product is in market with some revenue and proven traction: €15k monthly revenue / + 4000 consultations | Next step: scaling in France and signing new partnerships with health insurance and mutuality’s | Fundraising: €200k.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on September 29 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

In the meanwhile, stay safe and take care ...

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