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Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on October 21st at 5:00 PM CEST

Five Belgian cooperatives will be pitching in front of investors next October 21st at 5:00 PM CEST.

Do you want to discover 5 Belgian Cooperatives looking for funds? 

For the first time, EuroQuity has selected in partnership with Financité 5 cooperative companies looking for funds. They will present their projects with a particular focus on the social impact as well as the possible returns for you as investors.

| GreenTech | Real Estate | FoodTech | Smart City |

Together these 5 cooperatives are looking for € 7,400,000. Want to join their adventure? Will you be the next cooperator?


Energy cooperative since 2013, Champs d'Energie offers a business model where citizens jointly own and participate in renewable energy or energy efficiency projects. We finance, set up and manage photovoltaic plants, wind turbines and biomass facilities locally while increasing awareness of students, teachers, citizens. As a member of the REScoop EU federation, we believe that wind, sun and renewable resources are common goods and that they should be kept in the citizens hands.
>800 shareholders | 3,6 MW electrical installed capacity | € 960K of financial capital  CNC and Finance Solidaire certified | 1,3M€ sought.

Fair Ground Brussels is a social real estate cooperative that offers a lasting housing solution to low income and homeless people. It also provides spaces to organizations active in the non-merchant sector in Brussels. The FGB guarantees the social and affordable destination of its investments over the very long term by dividing land- and home ownership and managing the land as common good. 
Founded at the end of 2020, FGB has already invested in 13 apartments and 2 associative premises for a total amount of 2M€ | 5M€ sought. 


In a unique place located in the Marolles, Mazette will combine the production of breads, beers and food to share in a typical Brussels spirit! Everything produced at Mazette will be served exclusively on site. Concerts and small cultural events will also liven up our beloved space. The cooperative organization brings together customers, inhabitants of the neighborhood, our economic partners and the workers of the coop. We have a strong commitment to respecting social and environmental standards. After more than a year of lock downs and isolation, we believe that it is essential to re-engage in relationships and face-to-face exchanges, while accelerating the transition to a sustainable future and a worker centered business model. 
165k€ raised from almost 700 cooperators | Followed by "Village Partenaire" | 100k€ sought.


We are Novacitis : a cooperative company of creative citizen & entrepreneurs network that aims to help entrepreneurs to start and grow their sustainable businesses. We build a business center and a professional food production space, a vast network, and direct opportunities to push the status quo towards a positive impact.
390 cooperators | 500k€ sought.


Launched 3 years ago, Urbike is a cycle logistics cooperative positioned as an accelerator of change in urban logistics. Its mission is to transform mobility and quality of life in the heart of cities by stimulating the replacement of vans and light trucks with cargo bikes for the last mile deliveries. The startup wants to make cycle logistics innovative and competitive through the deployment of efficient distribution models, adapted to urban constraints and integrated into the various logistics chains. Supported by a cooperative and innovative business model, urbike shows that it is possible to combine logistical innovation, operational efficiency and the guarantee of respectful working conditions that generate meaning, pleasure and pride for all. The proof of concept phase has been completed with positive conclusions on the market needs and the relevance of our solution.
Elected as “Logistic Project of the Year 2020” in Belgium | 300 cooperators for a capital of 400k€ | Next step : Go-To-Market | 500k€ sought.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on October 21st at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

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