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Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on May 5th at 5 pm CEST

Four Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next May 5th at 5:00 PM CEST.

For the May epitch session, 4 startups selected by EuroQuity Belgium will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €6M.
ClimateTech |  HardWare | HealthTech | Urban Mobility

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session! 

CLIMATE CAMP | ClimateTech | Decarbonizing Food & Beverages supply chains. Faster. 
First, the company makes breweries net zero. 70% of the CO2 emissions originate in the supply chain, the famous “scope 3 emissions”. Today food & beverage companies have no easy way to obtain Carbon Footprint data of the raw materials they buy. Today’s alternatives work either with averages or don’t provide the scale and speed to solve this problem. Our company is building an open carbon infrastructure towards the net zero economy for food & beverage companies.  Suppliers and their businesses can sign-up within 5 minutes and start sharing data. 
International Team of 7 (ex-NxtPort ex-Accenture) from Belgium and Luxembourg.  Graduating from Start it @ kbc.  Part of Microsoft for Startups | Partnership with KPMG and CO2Logic. Co-build a prototype with AbInbev. First piloting breweries now being onboarded.  MVP-ready | Fundraising of €900k (seed round).

FLINE | HardWare | Alcohol testing made available 

The problem of drinking and driving is well known in Belgium. The company was created to solve this problem, it wants to offer the possibility to anyone who drinks alcohol at an event to test their alcohol level. The company is the first to have linked a highly accurate breathalyzer to a software to make them take the shape of an interactive breathalyzer terminal. This allows the users to have access in a breath to their alcohol level and access many advice and services such as the time before going back under the legal limit, the risked fine or even alternatives to driving. In order to offer access to its terminal to as many people as possible, the company sells its device to event organizers who can in turn exploit this responsible tool by renting it to their customers.
Team of 5 with business and tech profiles already working with big player in the event sector and secured soft committed for more than 60K€ in sales. Campaign with the government agency Brussels Mobility and  now working on a 5 months contract with the Walloon Government |Graduated from Yncubator and now part of Start it @KBC | Next step:  based on the experience with  6 prototypes, the company is now embarking on an industrial development that will aim to deliver the first 100 terminals by late 2022 (Equivalent to 500K€ in sales). Then attack the rest of Europe where the problem of alcohol is also present | Fundraising of €300K.

SAY IT LABS | HealthTech | Speech Recognition based Video games for people with speech disorders

SAY IT Labs BV is a Belgium based start-up that is developing proprietary artificial intelligence-based speech recognition technology designed to support and treat people with a range of speech disabilities. Say It Labs leverages its technology in several capacities. First, by creating and developing speech recognition-based video games as the main vehicle to interface with clients with speech disabilities in the context of delivering therapy, and second by collecting objective data to help monitor client progress. Fluency Friends, set to be released in April 2022, aims to support children who stutter speak more fluently.
First video game to motivate children with their fluency practice | Spin-off imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Proprietary Speech Recognition Technology Tailor-made for Pathological Speech | International Network Of Experts | Next Steps: Commercial deployment in US and Benelux and New Product Development | Fundraising of €2.5M.

YODA | Urban Mobility

Company dedicated to urban mobility. It is building the first monthly subscription service focused on light electric mopeds (weigh no more than 21kg) in cities available for minimum 79€/month. The moped is connected and can be ridden by people with or without a driving license. 
Product industrialization and team ready | Next Step : Launch Brussels and Paris as first cities | Fundraising of €1M (seed round), €250k commitment.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on May 05 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

In the meanwhile, stay safe and take care ...

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