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Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on July 1st at 05:00 PM CEST

Do you want to discover 6 belgian Medtech projects looking for funds?
For this new pitch session , EuroQuity has selected together with BioWin and LifeTech Cluster 6 top projects active in MedTech.

Together they are looking for 21M€. Join us for their pitches and find out if you're ready to help them scale!

BIOTECH |  Molecular Imaging Company
Patients can live healthier and longer lives when disease progression is prevented or delayed. This can only happen if patients get a timely diagnosis, which is then followed by appropriate clinical management. With the apparition of more complex and expensive therapies, the need for better diagnostic tools becomes essential. Disease specific aberrant cells, can be detected via radiolabelled molecules by means of whole body molecular imaging, a method where the whole body is scanned to highlight and locate lesions where the aberrant cells resides. The company's business model is to develop and sell single-domain antibody tracers directly to the hospitals and physicians in the field of oncology, cardiology and immunology. The tracers will be available in the form of cold kits for an easy on-site radiolabelling and patient administration. Furthermore, business development deals with therapeutic companies will be established to use The company's kits in clinical trials in order to monitor the efficacy of their treatment.
€617K already raised from investors, €1.77M grant obtained from the Walloon region with a second tranche of €1.3M which will be obtained after a go/no go decision (08/2022) | Next step: GMP production of material and pivotal clinical trials | €6 to 10 M sought.

DIGITAL PATHOLOGY | Collaborative biomedical image analysis
The company is active in Digital Pathology within the Biomedical Imaging field. The company ambition is to become the leader solution when it comes to sharing, collaborating, and benefiting from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow digital pathology to participate in the war against complex diseases like the cancer.  Company software is a web platform for collaborative analysis of very large biomedical images and semi-automatic processing of large image collections using machine learning algorithms.  Its platform is available anywhere & anytime and hosting a powerful and modular AI engine and an AI store.  Its software is used in teaching (universities), research (CROs, pharma's, etc.) and diagnosis at the hospital.  
Scientific partnerships with academics and industrial partnerships with scanner vendors and AI pure players | Product launched in 2017 with first paying users acquired | Platform framework selected by a large internationally renowned pathology-led consortium (Project Horizon 2020) | Next steps: product and sales & marketing optimization to scale | €1,0M sought (€ 500K already secured from public funds) by summer 2021.

HEALTHTECH | Optimizing the length and quality of your life in a unique way thanks to your DNA
1 person out of 5 is at risk of seeing the quality and the length of their life severely impacted by a disease for which efficient preventive action can be taken today. This health-tech company offers to evaluate your genetic risk, find out about your specific health risks and identify reliable immediate actions tailor-made for you. As science evolves every day, they provide regular updates to your genetic risk profile and new recommendations for a healthier, longer life. The company has validated market traction and has a medical-grade working solution.
Scientific partnership with Congenica, exclusive partner of the UK National Health Service for Genomic Medicine | Received €75k Brussels Grant | Next Steps: Go-to-market validation, scaling & internationalization | €450k sought as pre-seed money

E-HEALTH | "Marketplace” for Digital Therapeutics
The company collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to co-create patient journeys within one smartphone app aimed at changing behaviors & improving treatment adherence. What differentiates the company is the integration of remote blood testing, collection of clinical-grade data, and a connected doctor platform. A compelling USP already generating traction in the fields of cardiovascular health, oncology, and inflammatory diseases for projects across Europe and the US. The company brought in 3,800 testers (CAC 0.23€) with the relevant profiles (over 60 comorbidities recorded), with 760 new registrations per week. Its key milestone to reach its next round of investment planned for July 2022 (€ 8 M) is the launch of the phase 2 studies in Belgium, France, and Germany.
Previously raised € 450k | Strong advisory board with experts in each key verticals, several ongoing conversations with potential investors I €1.2M sought (minimum ticket of € 300k).
E-HEALTH | Science & Data-powered nutrition to improve chronic patients’ health
Healthtech aiming to improve chronic patients’ quality of life & chances of remission through Precision Nutrition powered by Data & Science.  Through its patient platform, patients have access to weekly nutritional advice, personalized recipes & grocery deliveries, continuously adapted to their evolving condition. Today, after having launched the first Cancer platform digitally that showed an amazing patient traction (4-6% CTR, 4€ CAC), the company is looking for partners to boost the “Digital Industrialization” phase and sales with the ambition to become Medical Device.
Data & Science partnerships with ULB & UCLouvain – Supported by Imec.istart & BlueHealth Innovation Fund – Award of Youth Entrepreneurship from AMCHAM- 200k€ pre-seed in September + 60k Brussels grant | Next Step: digital industrialization | € 550k sought.

SKIN HEALTH | The power of skin microbiome
The company uncovers the innate power of the skin and its microbiome. This is a new frontier in health, dermatology, and skincare. After years of intensive research, the team successfully performed the first-ever skin microbiome transplantation. The process transfers a defined healthy skin microbiome onto the skin of those suffering from chronic skin conditions; e.g. acne, eczema or psoriasis. Multiple clinical studies prove the approach works. The company is now commercializing its own product; a system to improve lives of people with acne. At the same time, it is also scaling up its pipeline into other dermatology applications. 
The proven technology has been licensed to multiple global players such as Beiersdorf or DSM | Next step: commercial stage | The company is currently raising EUR 12M Series B round.

Only registrants will receive via email the access link and , just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on July 1st at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email   

In the meanwhile, stay safe and take care ...

The team already wish you a very good week-end!


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