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Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on February 9th at 5 pm CET

Five Belgian startups will be pitching in front of investors next February 9th at 5 pm CET

Join the next Belgian E-Pitching session on February 9th at 5 pm CET
For this first epitch session of 2023, 5 startups selected by EuroQuity Belgium will present you their innovative project and funding needs. Together they are looking for €5M.
HealthTech | GreenTech | SportTech | AI | FinTech

Join us for their pitches and find out if you are the one to help them scale.

Together with the founders, we hope many of you will be attending and enjoying the session!

SAAS | HealthCare | Radical Innovations in wound care management
Due to the rise of diabetes and elderly people, wound prevalence is becoming a serious challenge for medical institutions which lack the sufficient expertise to manage the various ulcers affecting their patients. Poor treatment coordination leads to delayed healing time and very high costs on the healthcare system (prolonged hospitalizations, unnecessary change of wound dressings, higher nurse time occupation and substandard pathology codification…). The startup equips hospitals and healthcare organizations with the right tools to manage complex wounds and optimize patient flow through the digitalization of wound care.
SAAS platform launched in Sep. 22 | €40k revenue | Proven traction from hospitals, clinical trials and Pharma companies | Commercial partnership with French MedTech in 2022 | Next steps : Belgium market development and international partnerships, certification of medical imaging device, AI development | Fundraising of €1,5M (seed round).

GreenTech | The revolutionary indoor composter that makes composting easy

Currently, there are too many obstacles for composting: people have odors, flies, leaking municipal organic waste bags... The product developed by the company is a major innovation in the field that makes composting accessible to everybody. Thanks to our smart, odorless and design composter, households (and tomorrow B2B clients) can transform their organic waste into a resource in their own kitchen. There’s no need to be an expert thanks to the sensors that analyze the compost and inform the user in real time on a mobile application to ensure high quality compost in 2 months. It helps municipalities and companies (in employees’ collective kitchens) to answer to the new legal obligation of sorting organic everywhere in Europe, a solution must be found by the end of the year. Patent registered on the innovative technology with the possibility of extending it internationally. 
BeCircular laureate + Start It@KBC graduated | Turnover of €55k in 1 month with pre-sales (162 presales customers)|Next steps: production (CE-marking, molds, …), commercial deployment over Benelux and France and team recruitment for sales | Fundraising of €550k.

SportTech | Mobile app for University Sport

Universities & Colleges are always looking for new ways to keep their students engaged and promote sport on Campus. They also understood after Covid that digitizing all their sport program is now a must, not just a luxury. On one hand, the app is a private social network for university sport, it helps students to connect based on the sport they have in common, allowing them to create spontaneous sport activities, join groups and teams. They can also book the sport sessions and courts proposed by their university directly via the app. On the other hand, the university sport team has a dashboard via computer to manage their sport facilities: including a booking system, target communications tool, detailed statistics, and other features to keep students engaged in Sport life.
The product is in market with early revenue (€25.5k yearly recurring revenue) and proven traction: 6 universities and 14 colleges as clients, +64.000 students download the app organically, +300.000 bookings made so far, and +70.000 private invitations were exchanged among students to meet in real life around a specific sport | Imec.istart member and previously [] member - Winners of the Arizona State University Global Sport challenge |Next steps: focus on sales in the US and improve the app| Fundraising of €200k (bridge before Serie A).

Corporate Venturing I An AI-powered innovation scouting technology (NLP)

Partnerships between large companies and startups are growing exponentially, encouraged by key drivers such as climate change, sustainability requirements, competitive pressure and the new generation entering the workplace - all this requiring a new ‘corporate thinking’. However, finding the right startup to partner with is like finding a needle in a haystack, and startup databases are made for investors, not innovation professionals. The company has built a proprietary matching technology capable of understanding complex corporate needs and of identifying the most relevant startups worldwide matching those needs - in real time. The company works with large corporations in Europe, United States and Middle East (Total Energies, European Commission, Engie, Volvo, Rabobank, PwC, Orange, Etex, etc.), with a with a recurring and scalable pricing model. 
Ready for scale up : recurring and scalable pricing model, 37 corporate clients, 230% growth in 2022 I Fundraising of €1M (half of it already committed).

Fin/Paytech | Merchant Super App

Nowadays, 40% of European SMEs faces consequent issues when looking for funds and 20% of SMEs have liquidity issues. Likewise, while the Belgian government has mandated most companies to offer electronic payment method to their customers since July 2022, card payments take a considerable time to reach bank accounts. In order to tackle these issues, our company aims to provide merchants a mobile application embedding financial and payment services within a unique and integrated ecosystem that will allow third part (API) integrations to fulfil every merchant needs.
€1.7M turnover in 2022 (Avrg 14% growth/year since 2020) based on Payment solution advising & brokerage activities – profitable | 5 partnerships | Member of Fintech Belgium | Next steps: production, sales and marketing optimization to scale | Fundraising of €1M to 2M (seed round).
Only registrants will receive via email the access link and, just after the pitch session, the EuroQuity links of the companies that pitched.

We look forward to seeing you all on February 09 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get back to us by email 

In the meanwhile, enjoy your week-end

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