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Join the first Space Now Virtual Investor Forum with ESA next October 12 at 17:30 CEST

ESA, EBAN Space, and EuroQuity join forces and will present the first edition of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum, which will be held online on October 12 at 17:30 CEST. In addition, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at the European Space Agency, will introduce the session with a short presentation about “Earth observation, the next frontier of space commercialization”.

Once the prerogative of public entities, space exploration is now an open gate to new business opportunities for private companies. Moreover, space technologies are enabling new services in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to health.

Thus, EuroQuity invites you next October 12 at 17:30 CEST to witness the first session of “Space Now” Virtual Investor Forum, organised by EBAN SpaceEuropean Space Agency  and Euroquity, in which we will present 4 space-tech companies looking to scale up. You can register now.

Three other sessions will be organized, and the winning company of each forum will be invited to pitch at the ESA Investment Forum on December 9, held during the European Space Week in Germany. Each Virtual Investor Forum will be opened by a keynote speech from an ESA Director. 

On October 12, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at ESA, will introduce the session with a short presentation about "Earth observation, the next frontier of space commercialization". Then, four companies will be pitching in front of investors and will be evaluated by a jury. 

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France - Marine Robotics / Drones
This company wants to become the first ocean data provider in Europe by deploying multiple constellations of Autonomous Surface Vessels

We design, manufacture and operate multiple constellations of SphyrnaALV (Autonomous Laboratory Vessel) in order to collect oceanic mega-data. Similar to satellites in the sea, the SphyrnaALV are 15m long, remote-controlled vessels, which each have an operational autonomy of 10 months thanks to solar and wind energy production. SphyrnaALVs can carry up to a ton of measuring equipment and make it possible to collect no less than 50 different types of data, transmitted in real-time, for a cost divided by 50 compared to “classic” scientific vessels.

Austria - Farm Management Information Solution / AgriTech / Soil Health
Satellite enabled soil moisture analytics and precision farming

We are a web/mobile predictive analytics platform for farmers and agribusinesses that want to improve field profitability and gain better field health, offering affordable and accurate field level satellite enabled soil moisture analytics, crop monitoring and simple to understand field management recommendations with up to 10 days forecast.

Germany - Satellite Imagery / Machine Learning / Incident Prevention
Global knowledge on a local scale - what if Google Earth was weekly up-to-date?

Our mission is to replace helicopters in pipeline monitoring with a cheaper and more efficient satellite-based system. In the long run, we are building a neural net with a massive database of diverse training data, that will be the best in the world in detecting and classifying any changes on earth's surface - for energy, agriculture, real estate, insurance and government markets. 

France - Mapping platform / Hardware / Cloud / Smartphone application / Agritech
Service provider of high accuracy geolocation in connected maps

We develop high-tech services to address today and tomorrow's challenges. We design, develop, and create three products to provide high accuracy geolocation in connected maps. Our mapping platform, which combines high accuracy positioning and embedded vision, is a miniaturized hardware of all the equipment deployed on a Google car. The geotagged data collected by our platform receivers are sent wirelessly to a cloud database for image processing via machine learning algorithms. Finally, a smartphone application is provided to our customers to visualise the digital map and its associated key performance indicators. Precision viticulture, through our brand, is our first market by providing digital solutions for workforce management, vines supervision, and vineyard management.
Cooperation agreements have been reached with 5 customers for an experimentation in 2021. We received French and European awards. ׀ TRL 6 ׀ Next step: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment  1M€ sought - France


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The next sessions will be held on:

  • October 27th;
  • November 19th;
  • and December 3rd.
Join us and learn more about how ESA is leading the new space era and discover 16 new high-tech investment deals.

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