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Join the Taftie E-Pitch session on March 24 at 05:00PM CET

Meet eight high potential companies selected by the European Innovation Agencies - Taftie - on March 24 at 05:00 PM CET

We proudly present the seventh edition of the Taftie e-pitch session that will be held online on March 24 at 5:00 PM CET. If the schedule does not fit you, register anyway, so you will still be able to watch the recorded session.   
This session will feature companies in biotech/medtech, sustainable energy, RetailTech, cybersecurity and Music Industry looking for tickets from 0.9 to 15M€.

Companies were selected in collaboration with Taftie, the association that gathers all innovation agencies of European countries. This is a unique opportunity to discover from your office high-potential profiles from all over Europe and to ask them questions by registering here.

See you next March the 24th at 5:00 PM CET. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Cristina Chumacero.

Here is the program:

CleanTech / Hydrogen
We developed an innovative solution to facilitate hydrogen (H2) transportation, by charging and releasing hydrogen in a unique liquid carrier (HydroSil). Our breakthrough innovation has the potential to remove all barriers hindering the deployment of hydrogen solutions by tackling safety, regulations and supply chain issues. Solar impulse foundation labeled solution, supported by Shell GameChanger program, Winner of EDF Pulse 2018. | TRL: 5 | TAM: $60B | Next step: Industrialisation |15M€ sought - France
Healthcare / MedTech / Medical Devices
We are focused on global commercialization of innovative and potentially disruptive therapeutic technology to treat a broad range of urinary tract disorders. Our patented drug-delivery device, dtb-instilla™ minimizes the negative side effects of conventional systemic forms of treatment by dispensing the medications directly into the bladder, direct-to-bladder (dtb) therapy. > $2 Million in Seed Funding - 4 US and Multi-National Patents Granted – ISO 13485:2016 Certified - Exclusive R&D partnership with University of Wisconsin and WARF – Joint Venture, LLC in Q1 2020 | TRL: 7 | TAM: $2B  Next Step: Design validation and regulatory process for commercialization | Series A, 9M€ sought – UK


Sustainable energy 
We develop a technology and equipment for full sustainable and full continuous generation of energy, by contacting flows of water with different salinity; per example where rivers flow into the sea. The potential is to generate up to 15% of the world power demand, at cost effective level. Our pilot plant (TRL7) is ready for upscaling into TRL8 and full implementation. Winner of the Dutch National Icon, appointed by the full Board of Dutch ministers. | Next step: Demonstration TRL8 at 1MW plant |15M€ sought - The Netherlands

IT / Retail / AI Video Solutions
The Retail Market is rapidly digitizing and thanks to our in-house developed Cognitive AI Video Technology Solutions, we provide Global Retailers solutions for Loss Prevention, increased Customer Experience and Workforce Management. With more than 30.000.000 shoppers analyzed during their shopping experience we are a leader in Real Time and High Accurate AI Video Solutions. Finalist of ECR’s innovation workshop “Frictionless” SelfCheckout | TRL: 7-9 | TAM: $10+B | Next Step: commercial acceleration | 2.5M€ sought - Belgium

No more hacks, exploits, constant security updates, passwords, phishing or insider threats. Excalibur provides a fundamental cybersecurity breakthrough by cloud-based netflix-like real time interactive streaming of all your existing apps, services and websites - however insecure they might be - wherever they might be running - on-prem or in cloud - attacking them is no longer possible. Already deployed at a large bank – awarded Top Supplier of the Year by Tatrabanka (RBI group), several other POCs running, secured 1M+ euro in contracted revenue already, multiple industry recognitions by organizations such as Deutsche Telekom, Kaspersky etc. | TRL: 8 | MRL: 6 | TAM: $100B | Next step: global scaling | 2.5M€ sought – Slovak Republic 

Portable, non invasive and automated device (therapeutic collar) for the temperature management of patients after TBIs. It reduces the complexity of the treatment and improves ease of use unlike total body cooling. We aim at placing our kit in every public place just like the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to empower bystanders to immediately react in case of an emergency. 8 patents, Winner of Startup Europe Awards (Cat. HEALTH). First-in-human pilot trial successfully completed with the enrollment of 4 patients (Cambridge University Hospital, Neurocritical Care Unit, UK). Developed a sport-related application to deliver the most effective safety solutions in every dynamic sports for the improvement of cognitive performances. | TRL: 7 | TAM: €4.3B (in 2025) | Next step: complete the clinical research and validation process, industrialization and regulatory clearance to be able to access the market by 24 | 3M€ sought – Italy

IT / FinTech / Music Industry
By positioning ourselves as the bridge between the Music Industry and the Capital Markets, we’ve created the first true stock exchange for music royalties. We sustain the market of music rights and open the music industry to external investments. Winner of 2019 BIME PRO Startup Competition - Representative office at Music Innovation Hub in Milano  - Finalist of the 2020 CES Las Vegas Village Francophone pitch competition - $83 M value of catalogues on sale | TRL : 6-7 | TAM : €27Bn | Next Step: full commercial out roll | 2.5M€ sought – Luxembourg

Biomedical / Wearable Tech / Sports Science
Wearable sensor design to prevent injuries and optimize the training efficiency of players by tracking the muscle activity during the training session. Invested by HAX Acc. which is the world’s biggest hardware accelerator – LOIs & Pilot trials with top level clubs such as Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fenerbahçe and Atletico Madrid – Partnership with industry leaders such as Decathlon and BVSports. | TRL: 7 | TAM: $9B | Next Step: industrialization 0.9M€ sought – Turkey

You can register here:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Rédigé par Cristina Chumacero le Wednesday, February 26th 2020
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