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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on March the 19th at 5:00pm

The next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on March the 19th, at 5PM CET. Eight European Healthcare start-up are looking for funding.

Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on March the 19th at 5 PM CET.
8 Healthcare companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.
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Here is the list of  the 8 deeptech companies:

Digital platform for collaborative care for neurodegenerative diseases 
Connecting People with Parkinson’s disease with their care team for a better quality of life at lower cost. We use patient-centric, smart and non-intrusive technologies in motion capturing, patient reported outcomes, voice analysis and wearables to collect data and detect specific events and disease progression.  
Consortium with academic hospitals and technology partners in Belgium - US patent granted – Collaborative Research Agreement with Texas A&M and Northwestern Medicine Chicago signed- MVP marker-less motion capturing tested in clinical trials and Quality of Life application for patient and caregiver ready to pilot – Semi-finalist Polsky ANVC (Chicago) – Chicago Innovation Mentor member at MATTER and Polsky member | €1M to 3€M sought  – Belgium and US.  

MedTech / AI imaging
We provide a patented 3D pre-operative planning system for orthopedic surgeons, which aims to help young surgeons to achieve the best outcomes as more experienced surgeons, connecting pre-op with robotic surgery and implants inventory management. We are FDA cleared, CE marked, ISO 13485:2016 approved and running a pilot with a TOP 3 of the Implant Manufacturers market | TRL: 6-8  - TAM: €2B - Next step: Commercial Acceleration | €4M sought – Portugal

we are developing the first ever fully implantable device to actively and continuously treat systemic fluid overload and keep chronically congested heart failure patients balanced at home. Horizon 2020 SME-II Beneficiary, Top-25 Medtech Innovator Emerging companies of 2018, ICI Innovation Award, TCT Shark Tank Top-3 - TRL 6-7  - TAM : $6B - Next step: Pilot clinical trial | €4M sought – Israel 

MedTech / Tele-Rehabilitation
We have developed a solution to continuously monitor stroke patient’s mobility and rehabilitation progress. Our technology is embedded in shoes and enables us to perform gait analysis. It helps stroke patients to re-learn how to use their extremities by assisting them by haptic feedback. We offer the only solution which can be used at the clinic and consecutively at home without further preparation. Clinical trials started at prestigious neuro-rehabilitation clinic - LOI received from clinics to sell our product to their patients - Received 3 Eurostars projects, Pioneer Fellowship by ETH Zurich Foundation, Venture Kick Stage 2| 1.5M sought - Switzerland

Medtech/Medical device
Our goal is to allow the use of interventional oncology whenever possible. We have developed an Augmented Reality needle guidance system and a Software of images for the microscopical assessment of the outcome of the procedures that make this mini-invasive tumor treatment technique easier, more precise and affordable for everyone. Winner of the 2015 Innovits Gymnasium, 2015 UnicreditStartLab award, 2016 Everis Award, 2016 IBM Smartcamp. Finalist of the 2016 Marzotto Premio per l’impresa prize TRL 8 |TAM €3B | Next step: commercial acceleration | €2.8M sought - Italy

Medical device / MedTech / A.I. 
We have developed a non invasive device that is inconspicuous and portable, able of registering brain activity and epilepsy crisis, besides being able of producing an alert of incoming crisis before it happens. 3.3 M€ Fund raised - ISO 13485 – Clinical Trials successful - Technology patented - Winner SME Phase II - Winner DLab Programme MWC 2017 - Winner Vodafone Foundation Award 2018 - Winner Mapfre Foundation Award 2018 - First prize at Silicon Valley Funding Summit - 2n prize at Innovation World Cup - TRL: 6-8 - TAM: $84B - Next Step: industrialization | €4,5M sought – Spain

Predictive medicine / A.I.
We develop predictive algorithms to calculate the risks of different severe diseases, in the field of personalized and predictive medicine. These algorithms help to target at-risk populations and to set up early detection and/or prevention strategies with health professionals. Our first launch is a melanoma predisposition algorithm. IP is guaranteed by patents and exclusive license exploitation. NDA and partnership signed with a leading International Laboratory (CerbaHealthcare) for distribution and marketing. Five other algorithms in R&D. | €5M sought – France

Predictive IVD diagnostic in oncology
A clinical-stage medtech company specializing in high value predictive IVD diagnostic in oncology. The first company product is a RNA based molecular diagnostic test which identifies pancreatic cancer patients who are most likely to benefit from gemcitabine treatment. Based on liquid biopsy (noninvasive whole blood test), this CE marked IVD diagnostic is able to support physicians in tailoring the treatment to the patient needs aiming to increase patient quality of life as well as supporting patient social life and reducing the cost of the treatment. This diagnostics will be launched on the EU market first quarter of 2020. International Patents, CE Mark .TRL7/8 -200 millions per year- Next Step: next step is to partner with a distributor for the French/EU market market and to launch the product on the european market in T1 2020.|€3M sought - France

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