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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on June the 8th at 5:00pm

Our next InvestHorizon pitch session organized by EuroQuity will be held online on June the 8th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 deeptech companies will be presented.

All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Braincapture MedTech / AI / Automation 
Portable and affordable EEG device that connects to a smartphone and is EU approved as a medical device. Cloud connectivity enables telemedicine and AI-interpretation of EEGs, which reduces the cost of EEG scans. First target is the EEG services market related to epilepsy in Low and Middle-Income Countries, where a lack of trained professionals and traditional EEG machines creates a significant market need. Subsequent AI interpretation plugins include aphasia, sleep, and attention. Eurostars award winner, LOIs signed with potential state and private customers in SSA, close relationship with Danish AI research ecosystem and new AI centre | €1M Sought

Digital Health
A voice-guided protocol adherence application that improves quality and standardisation of healthcare. CoNurse supports staff by providing step-by-step, institution-specific guidelines for clinical protocols and workflows for difficult or non-routine procedures as well as emergency situations. Philips Healthworks 2018, Draper University and UNDP Impact Healthtech Accelerator 2020 finalist, InvestHorizon 2021, Scale Up 4 Europe 2021| 3M€ sought – Estonia

Excitus Life Science / Medtech / Emergency Care
We will deliver a disruptive emergency airway suction device for paramedics. This will save thousands of lives and reduce costly hospitalization for hospital owners and health insurers. In addition, our patented design will reduce risk of cross-contamination for e.g. COVID-19. Winner 100 Start-ups Healthcare Prize (2016) - Winner of 37 Degrees Start-up Award (2017) – Development partnership with Norwegian Defense – LOI signed with major global Medtech distributor – Four times receiving Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence | 2.5M€ sought – Norway

MedTech / Disruptive Technology/ Prosthetics
Hy5 aims to give more mobility to more people. We have developed the world’s first hydraulic hand prosthesis. We are leveraging technology to disrupt and expand in the value chain for upper limb prosthetics by creating value-add solutions for both patients and clinicians. Hy5 has a flexible business model for global scalability. Regulatory approvals and Patents in place |  Distribution contracts signed in USA and Germany | Recipient of H2020 grants - | 10-15M€ sought – Norway

We cannot make cancer disappear in our society, but we can detect it and treat it in early stages. Therefore, at InLine-Med GmbH we develop medical disposables and software solutions based on the concept of GPS navigation to assist physicians with needle guidance, increasing its efficiency, safety and accuracy while minimizing hospitals’ expenses. Innovative and interdisciplinary team including physicians - NDAs and LOIs signed by leading MedTech manufacturers - Strong partners in industry and research | 2M€ sought – Germany

We are revolutionizing oxygen therapy to patients at hospitals and now want to move the technology home to patients. We are doing it by using existing sensor technology and combining it with our unique double closed & open loop oxygen delivery system, using our AI algorithm to establish the optimum therapeutic oxygen flowrate based on measured trends without limiting the patients´ routines, automatically delivering the needed oxygen. We are working with the largest oxygen suppliers in the world, and we have won Danish innovation award for grand solution project 2020 from Innovation Fund Denmark and provided Seal of Excelence | 3,2 M€ sought - Denmark


Rédigé par Valentin Marin le Tuesday, June 8th 2021
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