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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on December the 8th at 5:00pm

Our next InvestHorizon pitch session organized by EuroQuity will be held online on December the 8th at 5:00 PM CEST.
8 deeptech companies will be presented.

All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

MedTech/ Assistive Technology  
Smart glasses for visually impaired people to improve mobility and personal autonomy. Biel Glasses’ advanced technology combines 3D vision, AI and mixed reality, forming the only solution for low vision patients, that utilizes their remaining visual capacity. Raised more than 450k in R&I, awarded with several start-up and technology prizes, such as “Tech for Good” at GITEX Technology Week Dubai - recognizing the start-up with the most significant achievement of the last 12 months | 3M€ sought – Spain 

GreenTech/ Solar Energy / Floating solar
We are building innovative floating systems, which help solar panel producers to reduce construction costs of power plants, to increase efficiency of solar panels and to unlock new market opportunities. Partner with the number of solar panel producers - Winner of the Most Innovative Solar Generation Solutions, 2019, France - Winner of the 4th Shanghai- Yangpu Star of Startups Global Contest, 2019, China - Founder is the winner of the Women in GreenTech Award, 2018 |1.3M€ sought – Portugal

MedTech / Biotech / Cancer Diagnostics 
Disruptive in vivo immunoassay platform technology merging photonics, molecular biology, chemistry and biomedical engineering in a single microprobe to provide real-time, in vivo, numerical based diagnostics results for cancer biomarkers, infectious disseases and several other scale-up clinical targets. Technology validated in the pre-clinical stage, kicking off clinical trials with c.a. 200 Patients in H1’21. One of the biggest ever SME Instrument Horizon2020 co-funded project, 2020 EC Innovation Radar Prize for “Women-led Innovation” | 5-10M€ sought – Poland 

AI/ML digital solution 
We have developed an intelligent decision-support solution for boats and small vessels that continuously monitors the motions, speed and environment of a vessel, processes the data and makes predictions to provide operators with the right insights to improve decisions to optimize speed and heading to ensure that each trip is safe, comfortable and efficient. Connected to a fleet management system where all trips are monitored and logged to keep track of when, how, and by whom each vessel is operated. Partners with the Icelandic Coast Guard, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, and Norwegian Sea Rescue Society. Case study project ongoing with Google Coral, PerceptiLabs and the Icelandic Coast Guard | Selected as startup participant in the PortXL Rotterdam accelerator program 2020 | LOIs and pilots in place with leading commercial operators and insurers | 2M€ sought – Islande 

Hybrid (home & school-based) K12 education system supporting teachers both in curriculum delivery and in professional development. Our mission is to give children play & learn experience of the 21st century combining manual hands-on projects with programming, 3D design, robotics and 3D printing. USP lies in proprietary software making play & learn methodology, modular brick system, programmable robotic designs, and patentable 3D printing solutions all working together. Our tech is scalable via integration with virtual classroom management solutions and external 3D printers.
Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe (9th place) 2020 Raising Stars, finalist of the Global Education Startup Awards the most prestigious competition for EdTech startups. | 1M€ sought – Poland

Embedded software / Automotive and Gaming / New softkey behavior
We make a new behavior for “virtual” softkeys in touch screens that feels like real buttons and makes it possible to perform tasks in touch screens without looking at the screen. Suitable to any existing touch units, only depending on the vibration engine standard in most touch units. The company delivers to existing touch interfaces in the automotive, maritime, Industry 4.0 and mobile gaming. Signed partnerships with TOP 3 global software contractors to Maritime and OEM´s touch screens respectively - Finalist of the 2020 the "Maritime Stars" award by Marcod and Danish Industry-body and awarded the EU's HorizonInvest2020 "Seal of excellence" – granted US patent | 2M€ sought – Denmark

IOT / AI / SMART CITY - The new Internet 5.0
We are launching tools for developers so they can reduce costs by 10/1 when developing online services and industrial applications. The company is disrupting the web linking technology and enabling monetization of the IOT value chain among domain and network owners. Data can be shared in real time horizontally and opens a new blue ocean market for better data exchange. Pre-qualified for the largest airport project in the world in Dubai. Awarded Seal of Excellence from EU Horizon 2020. Winner of Seed Forum achievements award – 400K in pre-launch revenue and customer on waiting list | 2.M€ sought – Norway

We provide traceability marking technologies across industries where source of origin, traceability, authenticity, brand protection, security and quality process have a strong added-value. Our tracers are bio-nutrient marking intrinsically livingstock and plants and are irrefutable even after manufacturing processes. Development of a portable Laser reader to provide real-time authenticity - EIC 2020 Seal of Excellence – 2 World patents – LOI signed with major Food (premixes, food additives) and Luxury (leather and gold) companies . 4.2M€ sought – France


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