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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session on April the 27th at 5:00pm

Our next InvestHorizon pitch session organized by EuroQuity will be held online on April the 27th at 5:00 PM CEST.
7 deeptech Cleantech companies will be presented.

All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Energy Data Analytics
The company develops and applies large-scale AI/ML methods to smart metering data to generate the most value for end consumers, retailers & DSO’s. Making available advanced self-learning algorithms, in a Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) approach, we aim to promote energy efficiency while reducing churn rates and delivering new revenue streams to energy utilities & DSO’s. Present with commercial partnerships in 4 countries with partners that jointly surpass the provision of energy services to more than 3M clients, we are currently seeking a Series A to advance our international expansion. | 1.5M€ sought – Portugal

ConTech / Energy Efficiency / Circular Economy / Smart Building

A new top-class in energy-saving frames for windows made from biobased polyurethane (bioPUR) inspired by solid wooden frames, offering superior performance, decreased C-Footprint and improving recycling. Winner of regional, national, and European funding programs (LBDF, Startup Capital, Neotec, SME Instument, Interreg, NMBP) - 3rd prize Best Chemical Startup at ChemCologne 2019 - 3rd prize SME of the year 2020 at Barcelona International Club  | 2M€ sought – Spain

Clean Aviation / Aeronautics
We develop sustainable flight solutions for today & tomorrow because Cleaner Aviation can’t wait. We are designing Atea, a viable, environmentally friendly, alternative to the helicopter that reduces carbon emissions by 80%, and noise by 4, while offering long range performance thanks to Sterna, our unique modular hybrid propulsion technology that will also be leveraged as a stand-alone product to empower aircraft manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their future aircraft generations. Selected as a Partner by ADP/RATP and Paris Region for the Re.Invent Air Mobility initiative in France to fly for the 2024 Paris Olympics - i-Lab laureate in 2019 - Seal of Excellence H2020 from European Commission in 2020 - 1 prototype already flew with 2 more prototypes currently under assembly - Involved as a partner in the new regulations writing at Europe level - First LOIs under signature with future helicopter customers  | 10M€ sought – France

Blockchain / IoT / Greentech
We decentralize and incentivize environmental monitoring worldwide. We cooperate with local residents to deploy dense urban sensor networks and deliver “Smart City as a Service” solutions with advanced data management and analysis. The only blockchain company in the world to be a Spin-off of CERN - Over 600 sensors sold - Over 260k€ turnover in Q1 2021 with signed contracts worth an additional 580k€ | 3.5M€ sought – France

Energytech / Sustainability / Consumer Market
The company valorises smart meters for consumers in Europe, by taking care of bill-optimization and personalised decision making on energy related issues. Company nudges consumers towards sustainable energy with services such as automated contract swapping and sale of energy related products and services. ( such as PV, home batteries, .. ) 3 years commercially active / patented technology / 40k MMR / strong B2B2C partnerships in Belgium en Europe / Already saved more than 4 mio € for our customers / Breakeven by EOY  | 1M€ sought – Belgium


Rédigé par Valentin Marin le Tuesday, April 27th 2021
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