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Join the InvestHorizon e-pitch Session Digital on October the 6th at 5:00pm

Our next InvestHorizon pitch session will be held online on October the 6th at 5:00 PM CEST.
6 Digital companies will be presented.
All these Serie A companies are part of the European InvestHorizon acceleration program, and are looking for funds to continue their growth.

Here is the list of the 6 deeptech companies:

AI Platform
The company makes core corporates Business Processes smarter by automating operational excellence (audit, monitor & anticipate) for any processes in few seconds. The company firstly delivers an AI platform for process optimization in banks & insurances market. Winner of Hack Audit Challenge – Selected by French Assurtech Accelerator - Recognized by Gartner as Major contender in Process Mining | 2.5M€ sought – France

ML & Big Data / SaaS / B2B/ DeepTech
The  system is a cloud-based B2B platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases across a complete range of goods and services. Our machine learning, and mathematical optimization algorithms calculate the optimal solution for the best prices, quantities, discounts, costs of ownership, supplier quality rating and other buyer and supplier constraints to minimize purchasing costs and complexity.  Finalist of the 2019 London Tech Week (UK) and the International B2B Software Days hosted by Enterprise Europe Network in Vienna (Austria). US Patent No. US202000118183A1 (Digital method for purchase centralization, optimization and negotiation) | 1M€ sought – Portugal

IoT/critical infrastructure sectors, Risk and performance-based customers
Delivering Hyper-Secure ‘People-Process-Technology’ Integrity Framework (ZEUS) for complex and highly distributed (edge) IoT critical assets and infrastructures, systems and operations.  Future ready, end-to-end, multipoint, distributed, decentralized, ledger-based cybersecurity platform, that protects complex and interconnected systems, providing customers with full visibility to attack vectors, anomaly alerts and security credential management.  3 US/Patent Cooperation Treaty issued, 3 new patents planned in 2021, New High-Pedigree Management Team | 1M€ sought – Poland
Big Data / SaaS
SaaS to help brands and marketing agencies increase their performance on Amazon. Thanks to our amazing and super useful features our customers can save up to 80% of time optimizing and increase sales by 2,3 times. CAC 180€ - LTV 568€ - Trial to customer 27% - Techstars Company – Amazon Partners – Winners of different awards and grants – European Seal of Excellence | 2M€ sought – Spain
Supplier Discovery/ IT/SaaS
The company has developed the world's biggest supplier database with > 6 million supplier profiles. We provide digital and holistic supplier information by using customs data, AI and web crawling. This empowers purchasing departments of multinational companies to identify all relevant suppliers that fit to their requirements within a few minutes. We already have > 70.000users/ month and work together with industry leaders such as MAN, Roland Berger and Sport 2000 | 1.5M€ sought – Germany
Data Mobile Communications
In our daily life, we all rely on the communication infrastructure. But what should we do in the case that this infrastructure is not available? Our solution is a revolutionary, easy-to-use Ad-Hoc (MESH) networking technology that enables voice and data mobile communications. where other communication systems fail. It does not need any Infrastructure, each device has built in repeater, to extend the range of the network. Our solution is used by first responders and safety services, as well as businesses with critical infrastructure | 3M€ sought – Austria
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Rédigé par Valentin Marin le Tuesday, September 29th 2020
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