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Join the INVEST’I Community E-Pitch Session on March 26th !

INVEST’I Team is very excited to invite you to its first e-pitch session on the 26th of March, 2021 at 11 AM (UTC+1).

26th of March 2021 at 11 AM (UTC+1)

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On November, 2020, we launched the first Tunisian community INVEST’I on the EuroQuity platform with the vision to build a tool allowing us to showcase the potential of the rising innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem  in Tunisia and to foster its openness to international markets. 

Through INVEST’I, we aim to accelerate the fundraising and financing of promising Tunisian start-ups with high potential for internationalization and growth by connecting them with national and international investors.

INVEST’I is an initiative funded by the European Union through Expertise France as part of the Innov’i-EU4Innovation project and is operated by TunisianStartups.

Following our selection process, 5 amazing Tunisian startups have been selected to pitch on March,26th.

Discover our selection 


Tunisia – HealthTech – Video consultation based on a medical records management system.
We address the medical desert and digital divide in Africa, connecting patients with African doctors. Our solution includes several patient paths and advanced features of virtual offices for doctors, in addition to a complete medical records management system. Tools are designed to suit African specificities. Health professionals from both private and public sectors have already used the platform during the Covid crisis. Important agreements have been signed with medical organizations and universities. Our team combines young engineers and very experienced founders.
27 medical specialities, 1k patients from 17 countries in few months ;  | TRL: 9 | TAM: 1.3b in Africa | Next Step: veterinarians’ video consultations | Amount to raise: € 250 K

Tunisia- PropTech/Maintenance – Cloud 4.0 Building Maintenance Solution
Spin-off from a Tunisian Startup Ecosystem, the start-up has developed a suite of cloud maintenance solutions based in AR (digital twin technology), IOT and AI. The solution enables to store, use, manage all equipments data and building materials since their installation, replacement till their end of live, from any place, any time thanks to the cloud version associated to Mobile App’s (CRM and Technician).
The solution has already been successfully tested, a proof of concept unit was operated in 2021 for two Tunisian Facility management companies. In a phase of expansion, the start-up has just signed 2 contracts in 2021 in Tunisia.

1 patent worldwide (in course of preparation) ; 2 contracts for 2021 | TRL: 9 | TAM: €5bn | Next Step: IOT Integration + AI + EU Subsidiary |Amount to raise: € 500 K

Tunisia – Marketplace/Social Green Impact - Electronic Devices Repair Ops Digital Management for Business and Social needs.
We have been working for 3 years on process optimization and management tools to transform the repair experience in digital services to help particulars and companies with electronic devices or office facilities, using digital platforms with delivery options, customer success and guarantee services. With Covid19, we started a green social impacting action, to collect old devices and e-waste for refurbishing to benefit students and schools with local & international education/ecologic partners using a digital platform to track donation and beneficiaries matching.
5000+ B2C users 100+ B2B users; 2 Draft of contracts with smartphone constructors (30% of local market) | TRL: 6 | TAM: €60bn | Next Step: Scale globally | Amount to raise: € 350 K

Tunisia - Travel Digitalization - Revolutionizing the travel industry
A travel management platform that allows talented content creators and influencers to monetize their passions and connect with their communities of followers in authentic experiences around the world. This serves as a marketing strategy that supports agencies and local guides in the post-COVID rebound. Our trips also enable travelers to live safe experiences with facilitated bookings, payments and pre-trip communication.
Traction 2021: 101k USD | Next Step: Automatisation of the process which includes AI features in our booking process | Amount to raise: € 590 K

Tunisia -  Travel & hospitality / EdTech / AR-VR
Our mission is not only to visualize cultural heritage sites around the world, but also to unveil the truth behind forgotten marvels and jewels of antiquity. In these social distancing times, travel was a fantasy in 2020 but virtual tourism and mixed reality grew. In 2020, 20% of US consumers are using VR. The AR global market is expected to hit $75B, in 2023. This startup built a mobile application that recreates city scale historical sites around the world thanks to mixed reality and artificial intelligence. The product is selected for the launch of the 5G with a telco leader and the automation process will be showcased as a talk session in the next NVIDIA's GTC. In one year and half of existence, this startup raised 50K and built 10 monuments around the mediterranean sea.
4 letters of intents | 3 strategic partnerships | TAM $200B | Amount to raise : € 500 K


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