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Join the Energy & Sustainability E-Pitch session on February 21st at 02.00 PM CET

Meet five energy & sustainability startups scouted by InvestEU Portal and Euroquity on February 21st at 02:00 PM CET

The InvestEU Portal and EuroQuity join forces and proudly present one e-pitch focused on Energy & Sustainability solutions, that will be held online on February 21st at 02:00 PM CET.

InvestEU Portal is a programme of the European Commission. It is the online "marketplace" connecting EU-based startups across all economic sectors to investors worldwide. It provides greater visibility and options for entrepreneurs to reach out to investors and finance their projects. 

Interested? Join us online on February 21st, at 02:00 PM CET  and don’t miss your chance to discover the promising Energy & Sustainability projects in the InvestEU portfolio. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact 

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Clean Tech/Prop Tech
We digitize analysis, planning and financing of energy renovation for real estate. We are among the top 50 Startups for "Digtial Innovation" of the award of the Federal Ministry for the Economy and Climate protection. We both won the professor of building physics & the dean of the buidling economy department from the renowned Technical University Berlin as advisors. Woman Founder | TAM: EUR 10.8Bn| SAM: 3.9 Bn | Pre-seed | Next step: Proof of Scalibility | B2C & B2B | EUR 1.3 Mn Sought - Germany

Renewable energy/Real Estate

The technology developed generates 10x more energy than solar roofs on medium to high-rise buildings and it saves the real estate owners the challenge of sustainable legislation and high energy costs. The technology is based on a modular, integrated wind and solar energy rooftop making use of advanced aerodynamics, increasing solar output by 40% and wind output by 400%. The company, lead by a strong management team, has received 33 awards in the EU and US and delivered 5 installations (805k€ in 2021). Customers: 17 | TRL: 9 | TAM: EUR 114 Bn| SAM: 1.1 Bn | Serie A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration & Industrialisation | B2B | EUR 15 Mn Sought - The Netherlands

Renewable energy/Blueconomy
Powerful floating solar technology, installed on the water, that saves land space and provides cheaper electricity in comparison from the grid. Woman founder | Customers: 5 | TRL: 7 | TAM: EUR 12 Bn| SAM: 126 Mn | Seed | Next step: Proof of scalability | B2B | EUR 2 Mn Sought - France

Energy/Circular economy
The company was established in 2016 as a result of 20 years of research and development. It produces crystalline silicon nano-powder which effectively increases the Li-ion battery capacity. It meets the following EU sustainable goals: circular economy, secure critical raw materials and renewable energy. The company is financially supported by public institutions and private investors. It has a factory with several employees and has received an approval to expand to a production area up to 60 000 M2. Customers: 5 | TRL: 8 | Next step: Industrialisation | B2B | EUR 40 Mn Sought - Norway

Software/Food & Beverages
The SFDR, EU Taxonomy & CSRD pressure enormously organisations to gain insights in the supply chain (Scope 3) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This data is not available today. Thus this SaaS sustainability platform was built for organisations to easily collaborate with their suppliers on real GHG emissions. With more than 50 companies connected today, the platform expands its open GHG emissions infrastructure to the European market. 
Customers: 3 | MRR: EUR1,000 | TRL: 6 | TAM: EUR 9.6 Bn| SAM: 300 Mn | Seed | Next step: Proof of Scalibility | B2B | EUR 2 Mn Sought - Belgium

Rédigé par Etienne Pebrier le Tuesday, February 21st 2023
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