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Join the EEN Web3 & IA e-pitch on 27th June at 11:00AM CEST

The EEN e-pitch will showcase 8 french web 3, digital & gaming companies on Tuesday 27th June at 11am CEST
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Company 1: Tailor
Specialized platform for fan engagement. Experience unforgettable fan experiences! With Tailor, step into a new era where your involvement with your favorite communities is truly rewarded.
Pre-Serie A | B2B - B2B2C | Next step: commercial acceleration | TAM:  120Bn | SAM:  30Bn Amount sought: € 0.50Mn

Company 2: Ternoa 
By harnessing the power of Blockchain technology, Ternoa will enable you to transfer personal data to recipients of your choice in a secure, immutable, anonymous, and decentralized manner.
TRL 9 | Serie A | B2B - B2B2C - B2G | Next step: commercial acceleration | TAM: $ 1.15Tn | SAM: 4.67Bn Amount sought: € 10Mn

Company 3: Oxya Origin
Fostering a gaming ecosystem through innovative Web3 experiences, high-quality gameplay, premium design, thoughtful storytelling, and financial incentives. All supported by a strong and sustainable game and a clean model.
TRL 8 | pre-Serie A B2B - B2C - B2B2C Next step: commercial acceleration | TAM:  500Mn | SAM:  2Mn Amount sought: € 3Mn

Company 4: Metafight
Collect your favorite MMA fighters. Metafight is a multiplayer platform in which players can make their NFT Fighter cards encounter between them in leagues.
Seed B2C - B2B2C Next step: commercial acceleretion + proof of market | TAM:  700Mn | SAM:  3Bn Amount sought: € 4.5Mn

Company 5: Gamifly
Gamifly is a tech startup specializing in fan experience and fan engagement. The SaaS platform enables sports, esports, and entertainment stakeholders to quickly deploy gamified and personalized activations to animate, engage, and monetize their audiences.
TRL 7 | Seed B2B - B2B2C Next step: commercial acceleretion | TAM:  250Bn | SAM:  47Bn Amount sought: € 1Mn

Company 6: Raremind
Raremind is a mobile chess application. Play chess on any platform and earn rewards.
TRL 4 | pre-Seed | B2C Next step: proof of market | TAM: $ 100Mn | SAM: $ 20Mn Amount sought: € 0.43Mn

Company 7: Droon
Droon provides blockchain-powered software solutions for data protection, collaborative processes, electronic voting, and NFTs.
TRL 6 | Seed | B2B - B2G | Next step: proof of market + proof of scalability | TAM:  110Mn | SAM:  15Mn Amount sought: € 0.40Mn

Company 8: Beewant
Beewant accelerates the development of AI applications across industries. Manage, curate and annotate your training datasets in a single Platform leveraging powerful collaboration tools, a dedicated annotation team and automation capabilities.
Pre-Serie A B2B - B2B2C Next step: commercial acceleretion | TAM:  120Bn | SAM:  30Bn Amount sought: € 0.50Mn

Rédigé par Valentin Marin le Tuesday, June 27th 2023
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