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Join the E-Pitch Session of the INVEST’I Community on May 28!

INVEST’I is very pleased to invite you to its 2nd e-pitch session on May 28, 2021 at 11 am (CET).

May 28 2021 at 11 am (CET)

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On November, 2020, the first Tunisian community INVEST’I was launched on the Bpifrance EuroQuity platform with the vision to build a tool to connect promising Tunisian start-ups that have high potential for internationalization and growth with national and international investors. 

We have selected 5 Tunisian high-growth startups to pitch on May 28.

Discover our selection 


TUNISIA / NETHERLANDS | Aerospace / Interiors / IT – Aircraft Interior asset management, configuration and collaboration platform.

An aeronautics online digital platform with advanced engineering, compliance and certification capabilities. Its interconnected modules address the specific needs and priorities of the different industry stakeholders while allowing a project based live and intuitive collaboration.The solution’s proprietary asset management technology allows industry standard accuracy and unprecedented (3D) design and configuration capabilities. The platform reduces by 80% the cost and time of an aircraft configuration project thanks to the instantaneous access to all assets needed.

Pilot project launched, customer acquisition has started in Q3 2021 | TRL: 8 | TAM:€6.5bn | Next Step: Pre series A, Series A | Amount to raise: €2M

TUNISIA | EventTech - The Simplest way to create exciting and engaging hybrid and virtual events.

Covid-19 has impacted severely and for long term the event market. After major losses in 2020, event planners switched to hybrid and virtual events, but “engaging attendees” remain a crucial element. Our vision is to help event organizers create exciting and engaging events for inclusive communities anywhere, anytime. With a complete, simple backstage toolbox for event organizers and a participant centered interface, our platform helps create rich visio-conferences, live streaming and video content and effective participants’ matchmaking.

+100 events in < 6 months | +20000 Visitors | +10000 Subscribers | International Contract with Expertise France covering 160 events in 2021 | Board composed by major players in the Tunisian event industry | Next Step: Global Scale-up | TRL: 9 | TAM: €65bn | Amount to raise: €1.25M


TUNISIA | Logistics – Automated Inventory Management for SMEs

Founded by 3 Supply Chain Management Software consultants in 2019, the start-up developed a software equivalent to the autopilot for Inventory Management. The SaaS platform can be used in less than one minute by an SME manager. The platform entered in production in 2020 and customers rely on it for their daily work.

MVP online | 3 customers | €4K ARR | TRL: 8 | TAM : €60bn | Amount to raise: €400k

TUNISIA & UK  | FashionTech / Sustainability - Digital Wardrobe Platform with Clothes Aftercare Ecosystem

Headquartered in London with most of the tech and data team based in Tunisia through a subsidiary. The start-up has developed a unique digital wardrobe platform that instantly collects fashion past purchases with AI powered technology. The start-up mission is to streamline and disrupt the after-care booking experience through an ecosystem of service partners (Repairs & Alteration, Selling, Donation, Rental…). The consumer app has been live for 1 year and has more than 10 service providers. Two B2B pilots are in discussion with large multi-brand retailers to unlock their post purchase experience using the start-up sustainable platform.

More than 35,000 downloads and 24,000 registered users ; 2 B2B pilots in discussion with multi-brands retailers | TAM: €78bn | Next Step: B2B pilots and international expansion | Amount to raise: €1.72M

TUNISIA | BioTech /VR/AR - Revolutionizing the rehabilitation process

The use of technology in therapy is more frequent these days. As Occupational Therapists, we have been using video games as tools to assist us in therapy since 2010. For more than ten years, a great team has developed a new Virtual Rehabilitation tool that will assist therapists, service providers, patients and families in their rehabilitation process. We have a closed beta in trials that we have been experimenting with therapists since 2019 and we are planning to release a public Beta soon.

+20 Therapist in public BETA | Partnered with 3 CHU | Amount to raise: €1.2m


le Friday, May 28th 2021
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