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Join the DeepTech E-Pitch on 23/03 at 11:00 AM CEST

The EEN e-pitch will showcase 5 french deeptech companies on Thursday, March 23rd, at 11AM CEST.
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Mobility - Platinum-free fuelcell and its own source of hydrogen
Created in March 2022, the company is developing a unique platinum-free green hydrogen fuel cell technology that generates its own hydrogen. Its technology makes it possible to generate electricity without greenhouse gas emissions, without drawing on the planet's scarce resources such as platinum

TRL: 4-5 | B2B | Next step: Proof of Scalability Amount  sought: € 7.2Mn

AI computer vision​ - Next generation AI for visual quality control in manufacturing

The solution is deployed as an edge software agent, running on compact and cost-effective off-the-shelf hardware. It is compatible with any camera (visual, X-Ray, Infra-Red, microscopic), and detects anomalies for any product (discrete, continuous, bulk and packaged goods).

TRL: 7 | B2B |Next Step: Industralisation | Amount  sought: € 1.2Mn

Renewables, Wind energy - Magnus effect airborne wind energy system

The company proposes "wind power in a box" which generates decentralized electricity, with more productive hours, at half the cost of current solutions, using disruptive cylindrical winged kites.

TAM: € 200Bn | SAM:  6Bn | TRL: 3-4 B2B | Next Step: Proof of Market | Amount  sought: € 0,5Mn

Industry 5.0 - Reimagining Human/Machine interactions through Human Factors

The company develops and sells wireless technology that analyzes the emotional dynamics of industrial operators through remote sensors and artificial intelligence to improve their interactions with machines.

TRL: 4 B2B | Next Step: Proof of Scalability | Amount  sought: € 1Mn

Energy, Chemicals - Novel technology for the synthesis of green chemistry

The company is a technology development company that has designed and industrialized a new paradigm for chemistry synthesis in a green, cost-effective and easily decentralized way. With low levels of Capex and Opex, the company's solutions display a negligible or even negative carbon footprint for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, e-fuels and fine chemicals.

TRL: 7 B2B | Next Step: Commercial Acceleration, Industralisation | Amount  sought: € 15Mn

Rédigé par Yasmine Benkirane le Thursday, March 23rd 2023
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