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Join the Africa Next E-Pitch session on January 12!

Africa Next is very pleased to invite you to its e-pitching session on the 12th of January at 11:00 AM UTC +2!

12th of January digital event at 11:00 AM UTC +2 
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Africa Next is bringing a completely new approach to connect the most promising African start-ups with African, European and International VCs and CVCs.
It is a service for top African VCs and Accelerators to select their best portfolio companies for co-investment opportunities. 

Africa Next is an initiative by Bpifrance Euroquity and Digital Africa with AfricInvest, Antler, Attijari Invest, Co-Creation Hub, EchoVC, First Growth Ventures, Flat6labs Cairo, Flat6labs Tunis, Greentec, Grow in Africa Fund, Knife Capital, Lateral Capital, Partech Africa, Proparco, Sawari Ventures, StartupBootCamp, Saviu Ventures, Timon Capital, 22OnSloane.
7 companies selected by First Growth Ventures, Growth Capital Fund, Grow In Africa, Proparco, Saviu Ventures, Sawari Ventures and StartupBootcamp will pitch along with their investors and are coming from Ivory Coast, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria. 

Here is the selection: 

France/Ivory Coast - Ecommerce / Logistics / Fintech - Bridging Africa and the World - Selected by Saviu Ventures.
In these social distancing times, picture an e-commerce start-up that not only multiplied revenue by 5 in 2020 but did so by growing in over 150 countries globally. Even better, this start-up processed over €8M+ with just €800k+ euros raised and 13 person staff.  
Efficiency and growth met in this start-up selling a marketplace and a SaaS subscription to fintech and logistics services for anyone transacting from and with Africa. Finally, the company behind this is based between France and Ivory Coast, and was distinguished by Jack Ma as one of the Top10 entrepreneurs in Africa last year. 

200k+ users, 100K+ transactions in 150 countries for $6M revenue this year | TRL: 9 | TAM: $20bn | Next Step: Scaling | Amount to raise: $3M.

Egypt – Video Content Analysis with AI and Deep Learning – Scalable real-time Video Analytics for safety, security, and business intelligence - Selected by Sawari Ventures. 
Founders are all ex-Tech-giant Intel corporation, winner of best AI start-up at CES in Vegas; this software company provides rich portfolio of video analytics products. Our customers include banks, smart cities, technology parks, retail & large manufacturing facilities. We believe we need to shift from on-premises deployment to SAAS model to establish direct customer relationship and go global. We understand the challenges involved and we would like to become the standard for customer video crawling on the Internet. 
Commercial project pipeline exceeding $3.5M & signed contracts $1.1M | TRL: 8 | TAM: $20bn | Next Step: Scaling globally | Amount to raise: $1.5M - Bridge towards Series A.

USA - Started in Ivory-Coast – Fintech-Insurtech / Reinsurance / Insurance Digital ERP - Fully integrated and cloud-based InsurTech platform to incumbent insurance companies - Selected by Startupbootcamp.
Built by former Telecom and Insurance Executives, the start-up is currently upgrading incumbent reinsurance companies from the Excel and Email age by processing holistically, efficiently and securely millions of policies through cutting-edge cloud-based platforms powered by ML. The start-up is even doing the same for Insurance companies by connecting them to 500 millions people who are currently uninsured. Our live platforms and services are currently being used by close to 170+ companies spanning 14 countries in West and Central Africa. The IP is US Patent pending. We are currently scaling up and will add more AI and Block chain layers to build underwriting and actuarial tools capabilities
Main customers: //| TRL: 9 | TAM : $10bn | Amount to raise: $2.5M. 

Nigeria - Edtech / ERP - Digitized learning and management software for K-12 Private Schools - Selected by GC Fund.
Solving systemic challenges of Education in Africa, the start-up has digitalised the operations of Schools to address inefficiencies in management and tracking learning evidence. The solution automates processes and enables customisation to fit the various curricula in line with learners' needs. Having achieved post-MVP through pruning from direct feedback from users, there is a plan to reach the $1M ARR.
623 Schools in Nigeria & Ghana | Partnered with MTN Ghana and 9MObile Nigeria | TAM: $2B | Amount to raise: $0.5M. 

South Africa – Education – Affordable International Schools Offering IB curriculum - Selected by Proparco.
Our vision is to increase drastically access to quality international education for K12 learners in Africa. Our schools offer IB curriculum and diploma at a fifth of the average cost of other schools offering similar curricula on the continent. Since our inception, 70% of our graduates have enrolled in top universities. With 9 schools in 9 countries, we became the largest group of IB schools in Africa and are the only education player able to effectively address the middle class with a pan-African reach. 
3200 learners, USD 9mn of School Fees | TAM : $26bn | Next Step: develop our online school model and start 24 more schools | Amount to raise: $4M. 

Nigeria - Fintech - One-stop-platform providing financial services to underserved consumers and micro-entrepreneurs in Africa - Selected by Seedstars.
We started in 2017 as a digital lending mobile application. Using Machine Learning, we’re building an intelligent mobile product that expands on digital lending’s core expertise to build a one-stop financial platform that tackles financial inclusion in Africa. We enable our customers to have easy access to payments, investments, savings, debit/credit cards, cash back rewards, and a marketplace to directly buy high-value items from their smartphone app.  
$500k EBITDA since January 2020, 130k customers, enabled Jumia to provide financial services to their customers | TAM: 200m population just in Nigeria | Next Step: Transform from a successful digital lender into a full-featured financial platform | Amount to raise: $4M.

Egypt - Healthtech -Teleradiology platform solving the problem of radiologists shortage and high latency in medical reports - Selected by Grow In Africa Fund.
We are addressing a pan-African health inequality challenge which is the shortage of qualified radiologists, for instance, Cameroon has a ratio of one radiologist to 500,000 people and 1 radiation oncologist per 5 million people. Our AI-assisted tele-radiology platform delivers accurate and timely medical reports. The service is on-demand and operates around the clock so that emergencies can be handled in time. We developed an AI model that can detect COVID-19 in CT Scans and orders the radiologists' workload based on COVID-19 diagnosis to ensure that positive cases are reported quickly.   
Current markets: Egypt, Kenya, and DRC | Current expansion: Central and West Africa | 60 active scan centers & hospitals supported | Amount to raise: $2M.   

le Thursday, December 24th 2020
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