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Join the Africa Next E-Pitch session on April 14!

Africa Next is very pleased to invite you to its E-Pitch session on April 14 at 4:00 PM CET!

April 14 digital event at 4:00 PM CET

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Africa Next is bringing a completely new approach to connect the most promising African start-ups with African, European and International VCs and CVCs.
It is a service for top African VCs and Accelerators to select their best portfolio companies for co-investment opportunities. 

Africa Next  is an initiative by Bpifrance Euroquity and Digital Africa with AfricInvest, Antler, Attijari Invest, EchoVC, E4E Africa, Energy Access Ventures, Flat6Labs Cairo, Flat6Labs Tunis, Greentec Capital Partners, Grow In Africa Fund, Growth Capital Fund, Imperial Venture Fund, Investisseurs & Partenaires, Knife Capital, Mobility 54, Novastar Ventures, Lateral Capital, Partech Partners, Proparco, Saviu Ventures, Sawari Ventures, Seedstars Africa Ventures, StartupBootcamp, Timon Capital, 22OnSloane.

7 companies raising between 1 and €22M from various sectors (Saas, E-commerce, AgTech, Logistics, Cleantech, Proptech) and countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, DRC, Kenya) selected by our first circle investors (Attijari Invest (MITC Capital), Energy Access Ventures, Flat6Labs, Grow in Africa Fund, Novastar Ventures, Proparco, Saviu Ventures)

MOROCCO - IT/ Digitalization of real estate assets - Software publisher and integrator for digital transformation in construction business processes. 
The company has developed a solution to integrate the entire lifecycle of real estate asset management. The startup initially adapted its solution to the Moroccan market, which enabled it to finalize its solution and starting establishment by opening in 2019 a branch in Bahrein to address GCC countries.
20 local key accounts to its credit | 80% local banks adopted the technology | 50% increase of operational efficiency | TRL:9 | TAM: €8Bn | Amount to raise: €1.5M

CONGO – Cleantech/ Energy – Distributed renewable utilities in eastern Congo
At least 70 million people in the DR Congo lack access to energy. The sector is liberalized and private actors can generate and distribute energy. We are the first company to deploy solar hybrid minigrids in the country and deployed, in February 2020, the largest off-grid metrogrid in Sub-Saharan Africa. We develop and execute commercially viable distributed utilities in urban Congo powered by renewable energy. Our vision is to bring 5 million people renewable energy by September 2024. Our model is renewable generation with high performing battery storage powering a world-class distribution grid serving smart metered clients.
Main customer segments: Commercial and industrial anchor | Clients: Household and PME clients | Served over 750 C&I and retail clients and are on track to 100% utilization of our first two sites by the end of Q2, 2021| TRL : 9 | TAM: $1Bn | Next step: Scale up | Amount to raise:  $22M

TUNISIA - Energy/ IoT - Smart Energy Management Solution
Smart Energy Management solution designed to help companies and households optimize their energy consumption in order to cut down cost and reduce their carbon footprint. The solution gives our users the possibility to manage in real time, their energy consumption and production, through a user friendly dashboard powered by our own AI engine, to identify anomalies as they happen and thus reduce maintenance cost. It’s a uniquely integrated, versatile and easy to install solution.
16+ corporate customers | 60% repeat customers | TRL 9 | TAM : $18.2Bn | Amount to raise : $1.5M

EGYPT - Climate Resilient Agriculture/ Biotech/ Agri-waste management - Organic fertilizers from plant-based agricultural waste
An agri-tech start-up that is contributing to the resilience of agricultural systems to climate change and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from nitrogen-based fertilizers. In the quest to end hunger and reduce poverty, our products in the market increase land fertility, agricultural yield and are helping farmers to increase their profitability, maximize the efficiency of agri-waste management, reduce excessive use of chemical fertilizers, at minimal usage of water resources. The solution has already been successfully tested and has been on the market since 2018. We have managed to recycle so far more than 100k tons and aim to reach 500k tons by 2025. 
200+ paying customers; 3 big contracts for 2020 | TRL: 9 | TAM in Egypt: €0.85Bn | Next Step: replication & expansion | Amount to raise: €1.5M 

KENYA - Hometech/ Consumer Durables/ Green Value Chain – Digital Home + Living Brand for the African Mass Market
Kenya’s fastest-growing home + living brand is disrupting the country’s billion-dollar furniture industry.  Early growth stage company has built a resilient, digital D2C model, doubling gross profit despite COVID headwinds.  The business leverages a network of designers, manufacturers and distributors with its own in-house capabilities, delivering affordable, modern furniture and world-class customer service.  Impact: quality employment, green supply chain using recycled materials, reducing inequality.
Products in >40,000 homes; $6 CAC per $23 profit contribution; $9M annual revenue @70% CAGR | TRL: 9 | TAM: $20Bn | Next Steps: Product range extension, brand investment, geographic expansion | Amount to raise: $5M

KENYA - SaaS/Mobile CRM - Solving the customer experience data management pain point for businesses in Africa to drive business growth
90% of businesses in Africa struggle to grow into bigger businesses due to lack of understanding of their customers, inefficient business processes to manage their customers, and challenges in finding new customers. These businesses make up a $220B market in Nigeria alone. Paystack with 60K businesses was purchased for $200M. Our products manage customer experience within the payment and transactional ecosystem increasing commerce for growth.
Distribution partnership with MTN | Solid infrastructure with customers/partners for growth: Safaricom, NCBA, FBNQUEST, Standard Chartered, KCB, and Airtel | +2,000% growth since launch | Current ARR: $1.1M | TRL : 9 | TAM : $20Bn | Amount to raise: $8M

SENEGAL - Logistics - Helping independent fleets to grow and organizations to reduce costs and make profit through smarter logistics
From a call center to a company offering end-to-end logistics solutions for businesses, the start-up is transforming this sector in West Africa by introducing a strong technology that gives clients a best in class service and allows couriers to improve their work experience. The platform enables to manage storage, picking and preparation, pickup and deliveries, reverse management, cash collection, route optimization and tracking. With a completely asset light model, the startup has established a multi-modal transportation fleet as the solution to deliver packages faster, more efficiently & more securely in all senegalese territory corners.
200+ B2B clients served and 300+ fleet partners | Numbered of delivered packages in Senegal in 2020: More than 1.5M | 2020 annual revenue : €1M | TRL: 9 | TAM: €2.7Bn | Next Step: expansion | Amount to raise: €4.2M

le Wednesday, April 14th 2021
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