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Join the Africa Next E-Pitch Session on December 3!

Africa Next is very excited to invite you to its E-Pitch session on December 3 at 4pm (CET)!

December 3 Digital Event at 4pm (CET)

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Africa Next is bringing a completely new approach to connect the most promising African start-ups with African, European and International VCs and CVCs.
It is a service for top African VCs and Accelerators to select their best portfolio companies for co-investment opportunities. 

Africa Next is an initiative by Bpifrance Euroquity and Digital Africa with AfricInvest, Angaza Capital, Antler, Attijari Invest, EchoVC, E4E Africa, Energy Access Ventures, Falak Startups, Flat6Labs Cairo, Flat6Labs Tunis, Global Ventures, Greentec Capital Partners, Grow In Africa Fund, Growth Capital Fund by CcHub, Ingressive Capital, Investisseurs & Partenaires, Kalon Venture Partners, Knife Capital, Lateral Capital, Launch Africa Ventures, Middle East Venture Partners, Mobility 54, Newtown Partners (Imperial Venture Fund), Novastar Ventures, Partech Partners, Proparco, P1 Ventures, Saviu Ventures, Sawari Ventures, Seedstars Africa Ventures, StartupBootcamp Africa, Timon Capital, The Baobab Network, VestedWorld.

8 companies raising between $600k to $10M from various sectors (InsurTech, PropTech/MarkTech, CleanTech, FinTech, HealthTech, RetailTech/Logistics, Hardware, Fashion, Marketplaces, E-commerce) and countries (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa) selected by our first circle investors (Antler, Falak Startups, Growth Capital Fund (by Cc Hub), Kalon Venture Partners, Lateral Frontiers VC, Novastar Ventures, Sawari Ventures, Seedstars Africa Ventures).

Amanleek - EGYPT – Insurtech / Digital insurance platform
Amanleek digitalizes insurance purchase and management, simplifying insurance and making it more accessible and hassle-free through a seamless digital experience & data-driven innovation of exclusive products. The company acquires clients on our platform or through an API that embeds insurance offerings within partners’ digital channels.
10+ insurance partners onboard covering various types of insurance (Medical / Motor / Travel); 60k+ insurance offers are instantly generated on our platform | TAM 2020: $2.5B (Egypt and overall) & $10B (North Africa) | TRL: 9 | Next steps: Expand customer acquisition - Tech product development - Sign new partnerships
Raising $3M


LifeBank - NIGERIA - HealthTech / Healthcare-as-a-Service
LifeBank is a platform that delivers medical supplies to hospitals in Africa using technology and a multi-modal distribution platform. The company delivers critical medical supplies faster, cheaper, and safer to our patients and brings efficiency to our hospital partners. LifeBank impacts vulnerable communities in urban, peri-urban, and rural Africa by delivering to the very last mile.
1100 hospitals & 62k+ healthcare facilities using LifeBank across 12 cities in 3 countries (Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia) | TAM: $4.1B | Next Steps: Expansion into new markets (Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Tanzania, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Raising $5M


Omnibiz – NIGERIA – E-commerce/RetailTech/Logistics / B2B platform digitizing traditional trade and helping retailers stock their shelves
Omnibiz is a B2B marketplace for CPG goods. By offering products from 30+ manufacturers, Omnibiz serves over 50k retailers across 6 cities in Nigeria. Instead of creating parallel trade, we remain asset-light and efficient by collaborating with existing trade players, digitizing them, and automating processes. Omnibiz also helps retailers scale through working capital loans and financial inclusion for their customers.
Grew 20x in the last year; Monthly GMV: $5.3M (Oct 2021) | TRL: 9 | TAM: $30B (West Africa) with 1.2M retailers | Next steps: Pan West Africa expansion - New category expansion - Product development
Raising $7M


Tulix - KENYA - FinTech / Cross-border C2B payments mobile app
The Tulix app makes possible instant, direct payments to businesses in migrants’ home countries through mobile money without ever needing to send cash to an individual. Another key feature of the app launching soon is the ability to add users’ beneficiaries on Tulix to make payments using ‘allocations’ - ring-fenced funds for different spending needs without ever having to withdraw the cash. The solution facilitates for-purpose remittances for senders and their beneficiaries because current channels are slow, expensive and complex, often requiring an individual back home to fulfill the payment.
Month 1 TPV: $4000; 20k+ captive customers through established partnerships | TRL: 7 | TAM (Africa inflows): $86B | Next step: Public launch
Raising $600k


Flow Living - SOUTH AFRICA - PropTech/MarkTech / Go-to platform that democratizes the real estate industry’s flawed operating models, enabling estate agents to access hyper-connected consumers
Flow is a platform that connects real estate agents with buyers, tenants, and sellers in the digital space. The platform automates the creation of ads from agents’ listings and profiles, and targets them on social media, and provides a way to retain control of the transaction via an exclusive portal environment and digital profile.
25% MoM growth since August 2020; 1500 clients in 2022 pipeline | TRL: 9 | TAM: $100M (SA); $1.7B (AUS - the next region to roll out) | Next Steps: Increase growth rate and deepen traction in South Africa - International expansion (Australia) - Double down on product rollout.
Raising $8M


SureChill – UK, KENYA & HONG KONG – CleanTech/Hardware / Off & weak-grid refrigeration technology
SureChill is a NatureTech company delivering sustainable and affordable cutting-edge cooling technologies, applications & services through patented natural “energy storage” solutions in emerging markets to medical, home, and small business ecosystems with no or limited access to power.
Countries – worldwide with a focus on Sub-saharan Africa | TAM: All off & weak-grid populations (2M people) | TRL: 9 | Next steps: Scaling up of Home & Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa, 50k+ units a year
Raising $9M


Kountable - USA/KENYA - Enterprise/Marketplaces / Digital procurement and merchant banking
Kountable’s platform digitizes global supply chains using data for measurement and accountability to match products with purpose. In the world’s fastest growing markets, enterprises and governments rely on local suppliers and distributors (SMEs) to buy and sell. Kountable connects MNCs with SMEs to grow net sales and enter new markets, removing bottlenecks that prevent completion of impactful projects.
Current unfulfilled pipeline from enterprise customers: $150M of GMV; Capital pipeline: $141M+ | TRL: 9| TAM: $78B | Next Steps: Work the pipeline and hire talent
Raising $10M


Brantu - EGYPT - E-Commerce / Fashion e-commerce platform
Brantu is on the mission to build the most integrated fashion operating system by digitizing the fashion demand and supply chain; connecting brands, retailers, and manufacturers in frontier markets under a single technology stack. 
Users: 300K+; Brands: 250+; Retailers :100+; Social Sellers: + 70 000 in Egypt; GMV: 6X in 2021; LTM (2021): $1.8M | TAM: $1B (MEA) & $12B (Africa) | Next Steps: Market Scaling - Regional B2B Expansion
Raising $10M

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