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Join the Access2EIC e-Pitch session on June 6th 16:00 CEST

Euroquity is pleased to invite the investors interested in innovative ideas, to join the Access2EIC e-pitch event with EIC Transition beneficiaries!

The Acess2EIC project and Euroquity-Bpifrance are pleased to invite investors ready to invest in innovative ideas, to join the next Access2EIC e-Pitch session with EIC Transition companies, our online event on Tuesday 06/06/2023, at 4:00pm CEST.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 3-min Q&A with a panel of international VCs investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.

C2C-NewCap - Consumer electronics, Automotive
The startup is manufacturing advanced supercapacitors with tailored specifications for electronic and automotive applications. The supercapacitors are for extreme temperature electronic and automotive applications (P.CAP). The technology has a module with tailored design for plug-and-play application in EU trucks (Go-Start). The company already has a key partnership with a corporate for the distribution of the product and has acquired customers in Portugal and Spain.
TRL: 4 (P.CAP) & 9 (Go-Start) | Customers: 10 | B2B | TAM: 16B | Female founder | Proof of market & Commercial acceleration | Serie A | EUR 1,5M sought - Portugal

Pulmobiotics SL - Biotechnology
Pulmobiotics develops engineered bacteria for the treatment of respiratory diseaes through local delivery of therapeutic proteins in the lung. The company demonstrated that their bacterial expression platform is safe in pig and mice and can express proteins in vivo. They obtained a private-public collaboration project grant (from the Spanish governement) to fund development of products for the treatment of lung cancer and asthma, respectively.
TRL: 3 | B2B | TAM: 18 to 72B | Proof of concept| Serie A | EUR 10M sought - Spain

BiopSense Oy - Medical devices
BiopSense offers a revolutionizing technology for blood cell-free DNA extraction and stabilization for liquid biopsy diagnostics of cancer. The technology is based on a fluidic device combining plasma separation and DNA extraction. Their key partner in the technology development is a private hospital, to which they provide liquid biopsy service. Revenues from diagnostic services (liquid biopsy and COVID-19) have reached over 5M€ and they have gained 2.5 M€ in EIC funding.
TRL: 4 |Customers: 2 | B2B2C | TAM: 500M | Female founder | Proof of concept| Seed | EUR 5M sought - Finland

Foresee biosystems srl - Biotechnology

Foresee biosystems aims at reshaping the future of safety pharmacology and cardiotoxicity. It combines optical and electrophysiological approaches to provide novel products for toxicological assessment and safety pharmacology. The first product was launched on the market in March 2023. R&D is on-going for the second product (SiMulTox project, funded by EIC in 2021). Extensive marketing activities are run to find new potential customers.
Serie A |EUR 1,5M sought - Italy

Cambridge Raman Imaging S.r.l. -
Cambridge Raman Imaging brings together ultra-fast fibre based lasers and Coherent Raman spectroscopy to make high-speed truly chemometric label-free imaging possible. Their first application is in medical imaging and the focus is on bringing to market Raman imaging instruments capable of scanning tissues in seconds to differentiate between diseased and healthy sections, delivering better patient outcomes through faster and more accurate tumour diagnosis and treatment. They received EUR 3,1M in past funding in pre-seed, seed equity and grants. The frst commercial product is to be launched in Q2 2023.
TRL: 5 to 8 | B2B | TAM: 3,1B | Industrialisation| pre-Serie A | EUR 4,5M sought - Italy

Neutron Star Systems -
Space, Energy
The company builds disruptive electric propulsion and spacecraft systems based on enabling high temperature superconductors. They have signed several memoranda of understandings, letters of endorsment, letters of intent and of support with major players (ESA, CNES, Airbus, Microsoft...).
TRL: 4 | Customers: 25+ | Revenue 2021: EUR 220k | B2B | TAM: 56,6B in 2035| Female founder | Proof of scalability | Seed | EUR 4M sought - Germany

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