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Join the 17th Taftie High Potential E-Pitch session on June 22nd at 02:00 PM CEST

Meet eight high potential companies selected by the European Innovation Agencies on March 29th at 02:00 PM CEST

We are pleased to present the 17th edition of the Taftie High Potential e-pitching session that will be held online on June 22nd  at 02:00 PM CEST. 
This session will feature companies looking for tickets from EUR 1.0mn to 10.0mn.

Companies were selected in collaboration with innovation agencies of European countries - members of the Taftie network. This is a unique opportunity to discover, from your office, high-potential profiles from all over Europe and to ask them questions by registering here.

See you next June 22nd at 02:00 PM CEST. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Following this session, investors are invited to schedule one-to-one meetings with the companies of their preference.

Environmental and Waste management, Public Works, Construction, Special Transport.
Telematics, onboard data generator for chassis and equipment. Helping fleet owners of industrial vehicles to uniformely connect their fleet in order to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions,  improve safety, productivity and efficiency.
Rewards: Top 10 finalist of the Deloitte Rising Star Competition in 2018. Winner of the Digital Impact Award for innovation in Connecting Industrial Vehicles 2022. Top 10 finalist for Start Up of the Year 2023. Clients: signed contract with the nr.3 in Recycling in France for 3.000 vehicles.  Co-won the tender for the City of Paris to equip their new industrial cleaning machines.
Partnerships: collaboration with CLS, Simpliciti, Oxelar. Customers: 15 | TRL: 9 | TAM: EUR 40.0Bn | SAM: 4.0Bn |Turnover 2022: €540,000.00 | MRR: €63,000.00 | pre-Serie A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | B2B | EUR 3.0Mn sought - Belgium
Telekom, Communication, VR AI, VR
The world’s first Holographic Presence app requiring a smartphone, supported by leading Telcos as the premier holographic solution for 5G.
Together with Deutsche telekom and Orange, conducted the world's first transatlantic real-time holographic call. Selected by leading telcos - Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, Deutsche Telkom as the premier holographic solution. Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence Awarded by the EC for the excellent R&D. Winner SXSW 2022 Pitch Award.  Women (co)-founder | TRL: 7  | Turnover 2021: EUR 0,4Mn | Seed | Slovakia
Cybersecurity / Encryption
Security-first, open source password manager for teams
250 000 Daily Active Users; 1300 paying customers solely through words of mouth and without any marketing; Customers include: the defence industry, F500 companies, public institutions in more than 50 countries; Raised 5M+ EUR to date; Elected best cybersecurity startup in 2022 by ECSO; Part of the Google cybersecurity acceleration program Customers: 1300 | TRL: 9 | TAM: 15 Billion dollars | SAM: 3 Billion dollars | Turnover 2022: €1,000,000.00 | MRR: €92,000.00 | Serie A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | B2B | €5,0 sought - Luxembourg

Material analysis / Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.
We are provider of effective Laser Spectroscopy based solution for routine material analysis. During the four years of its existence, our company has developed instrumentation and software that can provide information about the elemental composition of the sample being tested using LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). During this period, the company has received grants for the development of key components - nanosecond and femtosecond pulsed laser - together with Crytur (a global crystal manufacturer) and HiLase (the laser development centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences). It is also implementing a development grant for a new product for analysis in a vacuum chamber (inert atmosphere, negative pressure, overpressure for simulation of space conditions) and connection to Raman technology (provides molecular information on sample composition). In addition, the Lightigo Space subsidiary managed to win a prestigious star-up competition in Luxembourg at the European Space Resource Invitation Centre, where it was selected to fund the development of LIBS technology for space applications in the exploration and settlement of celestial bodies. We have now sold 5 devices on the global market and are working to expand our distribution network. Current distributors are from Japan, China, Taiwan, DACH region, Scandinavia, Greece, South Asia region. Customers 5 | TRL: 9 | TAM/ Elemental analysis market, 5 700 million EUR |SAM: Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy market, 40 million EUR (2018) |MRR/ €430,000.00 | pre-Serie A | B2B, B2G | €3,000,000.00 sought - Czech Republic
Logistics, Transportation, Supply chain AI, IoT
Automate data entry in supply chain with AI Maersk Growth , Lanzadera Acceleration; 1.5M € raised preseed, seed; Italian, Spanish clients Customer: 20 | Turnover 2022: €300,000.00 | MRR: €35,000.00 | pre-Serie A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | €1,000,000.00 sought - Italy
Medtech IVD Diagnostic platform
CRIAM reimagined blood analysis by harnessing the power of AI/Computer Vision combined with microfluidics to create a portable lab providing reliable, fully automated, and affordable diagnostic tests. Prototype device and cartridges created during HAX acceleration program [2017]  Prototype clinical studies: technology validation using over 1000 samples (PT and US). Accuracy: 99,2% for the blood typing test, 99,79% for algorithm [2018] Onboarding of relevant VCs [2021] CRIAM is part of the SOSV Human Health 100 annual list [2022] US Patent granted (us 11,288,794 b2) protecting process of detection of blood antibodies or antigens using our unique technology (adds to the Portuguese patent protecting hardware) [2022] MoU signed large African distributor covering 15 countries + R&D support [2022] New Team and Advisory Board members, both scientific and commercial [2022-2023] TRL: 8 | TAM: USD 40 billion | SAM: USD 7,8 billion | pre-Serie A | Next step: Industralisation | B2B | €8,000,000.00 sought - Portugal
Ophthalmology, Optometry, Medical devices, Health. Optics, optical systems, tunable lenses, electronics, wearable devices.
Innovative ophthalmic solutions for presbyopia and cataracts, 2EyesVision brings advanced vision technologies to enhance eye care globally. The product's competitive advantage stems from its technology-driven approach, protected by 5 patents and supported by over 20 scientific publications describing the concept, the validation and the clinical performance. We have key partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders, universities and independent laboratories. The device has achieved early adopter sales and garnered a growing base of satisfied users who seamlessly integrate the technology into their clinical routines. With CE marking and FDA approval in place, the primary avenues for market expansion lie within the USA and Europe. We have paying customers in 10 countries in 4 continents. We have R&D collaborations with the main multinational players in the industry, and have started conversations with the Business and Strategic units of most of them. Concurrently, we are forging partnerships with distributors worldwide and fortifying our sales team to capitalize on the global potential. Women (co)-founded |Customers: 11 | TRL 9 >2B€, 145000 ophthalmology and optometry clinics >250m€, 16000 surgeons ophthalmologists €152,000.00 | Serie A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | B2B | €2,500,000.00 sought - Spain

Companies will be announced soon.

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