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Join our first Deeptech e-pitch on 11/03 at 17:00 CET

Our first DeepTech pitch session organized by Bpifrance & EuroQuity will be held online on March the 11th at 5:00 PM CEST.
6 french deeptech companies will be presented.



Biotech - Saving lives from within, by protecting cells
Spin-off from a French laboratories of excellence, the start-up develops innovative drugs to treat severe pathologies involving regulated necrosis. The activity focuses on the development of drugs inhibiting regulated necrosis, from the selection of the molecule to the proof of efficacy in the patient. The company’s disruptive technology is based on inhibiting simultaneously two kinds of necrotic cell death. It has major therapeutic potential because simultaneous activation has been recently been implicated in acute pathologies that have limited therapeutic options and are notoriously hard to treat. In particular The startup has gotten promising in vivo preliminary results for two indications: acute renal and liver failure. The startup has built a portfolio of over 40 relevant biologically active molecules. The first molecule has demonstrated activity in in vivo “proof-of-concept” models targeting 4 different indications, out of which 2 indications are already in preclinical development. Laureat of I-Lab-2020; 2 patents USA + EU; i-Lab2020 | TRL: 3-4 | Next Step : regulatory development and clinical development | Amount sought: 4-10 M€
Cleantech/Energie – hydrogen for buildings
Spin-off from a French laboratory of excellence, the start-up has developed a reversible electrolysis and fuel cell technology, which can both create hydrogen and produce energy and heat. The modular solution packaged with batteries and driven by a multi-energy management software (storage, power generation and heat) enables building’ owners (> 1500m² floor area) to achieve their energy transition (local energy= reduced energy bills & CO2 emissions). The start-up prepares (i) an acceleration of its sales in Europe and (ii) a scale-up to address larger customer sites (campus, retail, eco-districts, industry).
IP on rSOC technology & proprietary software; 5 signed contracts for 2021 and 2022 | TRL: 7 | TAM:  20 Md€ | Next Step: industrialization | Amount sought : 4 M€

Embedded AI proprietary IIoT technology for specific high value-added data production 
The start-up owns an on-device « EDGE AI Low Power® » technology ensuring the production of high value-added IIoT data at the source. The EDGE AI allows i) processing data from embedded sensors (3D accelerometer, sound, etc.) through Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning techniques, ii) while keeping battery autonomy. The start-up is the only European player in the field of industrial IoT to provide end-to-end services, including devices / connectivity / web application, applied to specific business verticals, using embedded AI technology. Moreover, the start-up customers can exploit these data to generate new revenues (e.g. Nexans, Airbus, Nefab, ...). 3 contracts for 2020 (+8,3k connected objects) and 4 for 2021 (+20k connected objects / 50% signed March, 1st, 2021): GEDINOR, SUEZ, ARTERRIS, NEXANS, AIRBUS…  | TRL: 9| TAM:  10 Md€ | Next Step: European then Asia / USA deployments | Amount sought: 4 M€

HR Tech / - AI Based Jobs Programmatics & CV Parsing solutions 
Founded by 2 former ex-JPMorgan traders, the start-up has developed a financial based approach of HR Programmatics in order to optimize the jobs publications in any digital channel with a portfolio approach. (Digital channels: Jobs-Boards, Display Banners, Aggregators & Social Networks). The solution allows predictive acquisitions costs for any major HR segments in France and beyond with 80% accuracy rate. (Target: 95% accuracy rate). Additionally - and enabling some bricks of the advanced Programmatics above - the start-up provides the most effective CV & Job Parsing solution in French as of today and works on multilingual models for 2021. (80% accuracy effectiveness in Parsing ; any document type – Target: 95% accuracy rate). In a phase of expansion the start-up has accelerated commercial growth in 2021 in a maturing market on Performance sourcing ; especially in the post-covid environment. 12 clients ; 4 additional signed in 2021 | TRL: 7 | TAM: 4M€ Fr – 40M€ Europe | Next step: industrialization and growth sales | Amount sought: 3 M€

Deeptech/Cloud computing - Eco-responsible multi-cloud management platform 
With an innovative technology derived from more than 3 years of scientific research at the French’s National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA), the start-up has developed an end-to-end multi-cloud management platform operating across all layers and accessible to DevOps and “non-experts”. It makes any cloud, public or private, interoperable and will enable users to optimize their environmental footprint in addition to cost and cybersecurity. The MVP is being successfully tested in real environments since December 2020 and validated the technology and the value proposition. Beta testers are ready to sign contracts as soon as the V1 is commercialized in April 2021. Technology transfer acted | TRL : 7 | TAM :  3 Md€ | Next Step : commercialization | Amount sought : 750 k€

Greentech / Deeptech – Biostimulation process & prediction model for soil microbes community
Deeptech spin-off of the INRAE (National Institute for Agronomical Research) and UCA (University of the Cote d’Azur), the startup combines the latest knowledge in the life sciences and technological innovation. This start-up develops patented solutions for the implementation of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMFs) in crops in order to restore durable natural synergies with the plant roots. We targets the booming biostimulant market. Since 2017 MYCOPHYTO has described and executed the natural plant-soil fungi synergies in the Mediterranean agro-systems and sold Pilot project on 4th agricultural sectors : wine, perfume and cosmetic plants, market gardening and fruit trees and signed for 360K€ of contracts in 2020.
In 2019, we award the national contest of innovation project (iLAB Award) and realized a fundraising for 1.4M€ with investors and financial support structure like BPI France. In a phase of expansion, the startup start a second round of capital raising for an ending at the end of 2021.

Lift scientific barriers, accelerate its commercial development and industrialize its production processes with a view to selling a range of finished products; 1 patents worldwide; 2 secret Know-how; 8 news customers in 2020 | TRL : 5/6  | Next Step : industrialization | Amount sought : 7 M€

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